Labour ‘s distressing death throes – coming soon in Stoke and Copeland?

         Two of Labour’s MPs resigned their seats last month to gain more meaningful employment, as they knew that their Party and therefore themselves had been given the last rites by entrenched high priest leader Jeremy Corbyn. Consequently, that has resulted in two by-elections coming-up on the same day in a couple of weeks’ time […]

On the same day as ‘Copeland’, we will have the ‘Stoke’ by-election – just the start of Labour’s catastrophic collapse under Corbyn?

A very recent post here [A new by-election looming at Copeland – a further humiliation heading for Corbyn’s “Zero Percent Labour”?] suggested that Labour are completely ‘out of touch’ with their voters so can’t be trusted by them, so may lose that seat which they have held for over 80 years. Exactly that same judgement […]

A new by-election looming at ‘Copeland’ – a further humiliation heading for Corbyn’s “Zero Percent Labour”? UPDATED

UPDATE 24 January 2017 Labour’s candidate is ‘Remainer’ Gillian Troughton, who is both an avid supporter of open borders, and a fan of Corbyn to boot. Labour will be lucky to get even second place, don’t you think? —ooo— January 18 2017 Well, we have the situation here where Labour’s Jamie Reed MP is jacking-it-in […]

The “Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party” humiliatingly trounced in the last two by-elections – so now not “New Labour” but “Zero Percent Labour”?

The latest parliamentary election results in Richmond London and Sleaford Lincolnshire, have come as little surprise to us politics watchers, has it? No, once the hard left, orchestrated by the entryist Momentum conspiratorial organisation, got Jeremy Corbyn ‘re-elected’ as Labour leader despite the MP’s passing a vote of no competence on him, , the writing […]

Corbyn verses Smith for the Labour Party Leadership – a ‘lame duck’ verses a ‘chancer’?

‘An ineffectual or unsuccessful person’ verses ‘a person who exploits any opportunity to further their own ends’?   It is painful to watch the Labour party pulling itself apart, don’t you think? Here we have a political dynamo that emerged over a century ago through the Unions from the downtrodden working classes which has since […]

‘Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition ‘– who the bloody hell is it?

   THE RED FLAG We have a convention in the UK Parliament that the leader of the second largest political party of MPs (not if in the government though) becomes the Leader of the Opposition. This brings with it substantial power, privileges, and democratic influence, not to forget of course financial rewards and considerable patronage, […]

Labour’s NEC meeting decided Corbyn can stand without being nominated – the judgement of Solomon denied?

   THE RED FLAG The Labour Party is in turmoil and facing certain death. Like in the biblical story of a baby being fought over by two possible mothers and facing being split in half by Solomon to resolve the dispute, so it is with the Labour Party today after some hundred years plus of […]

The Labour Genie got out of the bottle – will it go back in?

Herein lies the story of the Labour Party’s internal struggle since losing the General Election in May 2015  THE RED FLAG      out of pity, a gaggle of just a few silly but well intentioned Labour MPs from the Parliamentary Labour Party unwittingly let a malevolent sleeping gene out of its bottle, and couldn’t get it […]

The killers of the UK Labour Party – exposed?

    THE RED FLAG    The scene was set in last week’s blog The Labour Party’s health is in terminal decline – “Do Not Resuscitate”? about the demise of the once great British Labour Party. There have been major players who should hang their heads in shame for bringing the Labour Party to its knees. […]

The Labour Party’s health is in terminal decline – “Do Not Resuscitate”?

 THE RED FLAG  It is a very-very sad time for British politics as the Labour Party is now in its death throes and cannot ever be saved – it can never ever win another UK General Election. It has alienated itself from those who could support it and vote for it, hasn’t it? Oh yes, […]