UAFA Nations League and England get ‘outplayed’ against a top side (Spain), followed by being ‘dismal’ in a friendly (Switzerland) – all preceded AGAIN with a ‘head-in-the sand’ view of the team’s abilities?

          Well, only the football focused will have known, seemingly out of the blue but actually four years ago, that a ‘third’ men’s national-team full international tournament for the 55 members of UEFA (the sport’s European governing body) had been put in place [the other two being the existing World Cup and the […]

Bangladesh Dhaka – who are the true killers?

Dhaka capital World headlines for days now have been about the total collapse of a large eight story factory building. Nobody following the news knows where its location of the Dhaka suburb of Ashulia is, or even where the country of Bangladesh is. All we know is that they are foreigners faced by a disaster […]

The FA Management knows ………blank

The Football Association is this year just celebrating its 150 year birthday – most people probably didn’t know that, or realize that it could have been going so long and is now such a mess. The imbeciles running the FA have destroyed the beautiful game of football in England. At one stage professional football was […]

Passionate Wenger for the Sack?

Arsene Wenger Arsene Wenger is the manager of Arsenal Football Club – the Gunners Arsenal are the arch rivals of Tottenham Hotspurs – the Spurs. Both football clubs are located in North London. Currently Spurs are 4th in the Premier League and the Gunners 5th. Arsenal is deemed to be one of the biggest clubs […]