Floods, floods, floods, floods and still more floods – an Act of God, or a Dereliction of Duty by our Governments?

      The Environment Agency continues to issue flood warnings galore (still about a hundred and fifty) for mostly the North West and the North East of England, but now also Southwest and Wales – they come at three different levels Severe (warning of danger to life), Warning (flood expected, so immediate action required), Alert (flooding possible, […]

UK Coastal Defences & Flood Defences – in your Dreams!

The flooding has stopped for now, and the water will gradually recede from the devastated areas. Land will recover eventually and property will be dried out, buildings will be repaired, and millions of pounds in insurance will be paid out. Sorted then? Certainly not! People have died, individuals have been injured, lives have been destroyed, […]

UK Coastal Defences – what nightmare happened to them?

Famous White Cliffs of Dover are collapsing Sea level up by only 1m Could the UK survive a tsunami? Don’t be silly – we couldn’t survive a very high tide, never mind a massive wave! Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions under the sea, massive landslides into water, or even hefty meteors from outer […]