‘Austerity’ – has it now reached the end of the road?

Austerity is quite a new word to most of us isn’t it? We have only really got used to that term over the past half decade surely? It is supposed to mean of course the process of reducing expenditure and being frugal. In practice though it means something quite different doesn’t it, perhaps something quite […]

Barack Obama weak & ineffective – the worst US President in memory?

There is no doubt that African American Democrat Barrack Obama gained the forty-fourth Presidency of the United States six years ago on a tumultuous wave of euphoria. It was achieved through the will of the people and his supporters’ clever use of the internet for fundraising and to galvanise support countrywide. Obama’s oratory was commendable, […]

The politician barrel is said to be full of rotten apples – are there any good ones left?

Politicians are a rum lot aren’t they? They pretend to like us all, whereas they probably despise the bulk of us, tolerate a group of us, have a bit of rapport with a few of us, and certainly can count their true friends on the fingers of one hand. We ought to feel sorry for […]

Boris Johnson – Heir to the Throne?

You can be reliable assured that London’s current Mayor Boris Johnson has no ambition (as far as we know) to be the next King. No, the throne he is after is that of leader of the Conservative party and then a coronation in Westminster as British Prime Minister, no less. Ah but you say, how […]

Margaret Thatcher – Laid to Rest

Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013) Conservative MP for Finchley, Prime Minister 1979 -1990 (3 elections won  1979, 1983, 1987) Worthy of a semi-State funeral. A politician of immense stature. A Prime Minister unequalled in modern times. A Leader extraordinaire. How comes she was sacked by her Cabinet some twenty years ago? The same Ministers she had personally […]