Scottish Independence ‘its all over now’ – OR is it?

  Anyone who thinks that the turmoil of the past month on Scottish Independence was over on Friday 19th September 2014, has another think coming, surely? The fallout (in more than one sense of the word!) from the Referendum campaign, we can dread, is going to be felt far and wide for a considerable time? […]

The scaredy-cat Scots have flunked it – GOOD or BAD?

  Well at last the cat is out of the bag, as the saying goes. And it turns out to be a big scaredy-cat at that, doesn’t it? The timid Scottish nation (well the ‘stay-at-homers’, the ones without the nous to flee the nest like the majority of Scots), plus the foreign de-campers and squatters, […]

‘Scottish Independence’ – the Sands of Time have run out haven’t they?

  NO VOTERS YOU will vote NO if you think an Independent Scotland: makes you frightened or fearful, and you are constrained by benefits or loses, and Scotland  is irresponsibly turning its back on England and Union is economically vulnerable and unable to fully pay its way, so can expect economic ruin can’t make it […]

Independence – how to Destroy or Revive a Football Team?

The Chief Exec of a Group of four Football teams [one premiership outfit and three satellites] was totally fed up with a massive assertive groups of players causing them difficulties (by asking for better wages and bonuses treatment), and cleverly set out to bring them to heel and indeed destroy them completely. There was a […]

If Scotland votes to go ‘INDEPENDENT’, some people are culpable surely –what names are in the frame?

    There can be no doubt now that the question of Scottish Independence has been handled abysmally by both those in charge of the UK’s Union destiny and by some others who will carry onerous responsibility for the outcome. The opinion polls have shown that the YESs and NOs are sharing the same ground […]

Scots Independence YES campaign ‘On the Ropes’ – misinformation peddled by the NOs?

    The Polls are providing ‘wobbling’ results for the Referendum. Why is that? It is because the ‘don’t knows’ are unaccounted for, different polls always give disparaging results and critically also both sides are running neck & neck so the differences are well within the normal margins of error – the vote is too […]

Scottish Independence ‘Better Together’s’ crash – who’s Fault?

    The Better Together campaign is stumbling towards failure and could be more accurately renamed as Better Apart. The latest news from Scotland is that their ‘No thanks’ message has been translated by the SNP into ‘Yes please’. To casual observers from outside Scotland, that is an astounding topsy-turvy world. How the heck has […]

Scotland yearning for Independence – or is it?

    The latest survey by pollsters YouGov may show the YES vote now in front and clearly Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has done an excellent job in heading his independence campaign. However, UK PM David Cameron’s ‘hands-off’ disinterested approach could be disastrous for his person political future if the Scots do go for […]

Scotland Independence ‘heading for another’ Disaster – YES? NO?

Nearly sixty countries and territories formerly ruled or administered by the United Kingdom, or part of the British Empire, have gained their independence – but not always without bloodshed was it? Many places you have never heard off of course, many tiny as well, but they have paddled their own canoe – sometimes successfully, sometimes […]

The Scottish Independence Fiasco – an open letter to the Scottish People!

The Scots are the rightful slaves of us English, because you are a spineless & gutless lot. At a time of destiny, when around the World people are dying to get free, you as a race are even using faulty scales to weigh the silly question of will you be ‘better off’ – at least […]