The demise of the Arts in British Education – who cares?

  It is a strange thing how we behave in this Country, isn’t it? Responsible caring parents see the development of their children in the early days to be through arty type activities. Out of the cupboard comes the paper, the coloured pencils, crayons, felt tip pens, paint & paintbrushes, colouring books, fuzzy felt, puzzles, […]

‘Save the Children’ – what about ‘Stop the Childen’?

Where they work A major TV advertising campaign is underway in some regions of the UK on behalf of the charity ‘Save the Children’ – it is showing graphically upsetting heart breaking pictures of emaciated children who are suffering from starvation & illness, and the charity is asking people to donate £2 a month to […]

Resurrection of the Test Card

Older people will know that in years gone by there was a golden age of television. In the 1950s there were only 2 channels (BBC & ITV), rising to 4 in 1982, all analogue of course, but every programme was magic. There was no such thing though as Breakfast Television or All Day & Night […]