Political Party Conferences – they’re having a laugh aren’t they? Update!

Well, we are in the period when all the major political parties are holding their conferences – their constituency delegates from all round the country swan – off to some seaside resort or other important centre to air their, sometimes obscure, views of what the party should do: the Greens –who pretend to be a […]

Bankers aren’t Bonkers – We Are!

BONUS Have you ever asked yourself why are Bankers able to pay themselves massive salaries and award themselves enormous bonuses? Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs is said to grab $21 million – poor old John Stump (Wells Fargo) had to manage on only $18 million. Britain itself has some two and a half thousand Bankers […]

Overseas Aid – A government out of Touch?

When this Tory led government got into power 3 years ago, rightly or wrongly it embarked on a strategy of austerity and massive cuts in expenditure. This unfortunately has driven national growth into the ground and the standard of living massively down – particularly affecting the poorest people in our society. However David Cameron the […]

New Governor of the Bank of England!

Mervin King<Mark Carney Mervin King a Cambridge trained economist, has been in charge of the Bank of England for 10 years (after a distinguished spell as it’s Deputy and before their Chief Economist over a period of 12 years). He leaves today unfortunately to become a Lord. Of course personally in his job he rightly […]

UK house-building FIASCO

George Osborne’s latest budget includes some changes on house buying schemes and pumps £mult-millions of taxpayers’ money into the market – what will be the effect of all this then? Well for a start the wealthy will see this as a god sent opportunity to increase their wealth! Offering government help to buy expensive property […]

Budget 2013 SURPRISES?

down the plughole If George Osborn wasn’t such an unlovable unmoveable wet fish we would feel sorry for him today as he rises in the House of Commons to deliver his 4th  budget speech (lets ignore all the other rubbish financial statements he has made in the past 3 years!) [sorry someone loves him; he […]

New British Battle [2015]

Grand Master: “Sire the news from the field is good. The enemy are in disarray. King David is unpopular with the people and his large army is now demoralised and in fear of defeat in the battle.” Monarch Pretender: “Yes Grand Master, the battle will be won!” Chancellor Pretender: “SireEd, their Champion George is running […]

Hacked-Off – NOT ENOUGH!

WHY NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE http://hackinginquiry.org/ to sign up? Most of us haven’t had their phones hacked. Not only are we disappointed at not being important or newsworthy enough to have had this done to us, but we are also p’d off at being excluded from getting substantial sums of compensation money from the […]

Budget Box Leaks!

Budget box or Gladstone box, c. 1860 Will austerity force Osborne to sell the new Box and revert to the original? THERE IS NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER IN THE FOLLOWING RUMOURS! LeaksGeorge Osborne got so emotional while he was working on next week’s budget (Wed 20 Mar), because of the misery his austerity measures are and […]

What the heck have the politicians done to us and our Country? Creation of a Welfare State [1]

Beer Street and Gin Lane (1751) There are biblical verses that seem to predict that the poor will always be amongst us and yet there are other promptings there to always give aid to the poor and needy. The logical interpretation of this is that society should give help to the poor & vulnerable, but […]