OJ Simpson released from jail 24 years ‘EARLY’ – so yet another vile criminal’ escapes justice’, just like the others below?

The news on the wires that the despicable OJ [the ‘Juice’] Simpson will be soon released from a 33 year prison sentence, after serving just 9 years incarceration in an American jail, simply demonstrates to all and sundry that the justice systems around the World are bloody useless when dealing with famous, rich, big criminals, […]

Oscar Pistorius Blade Runner is a Killer certainly – and a Murderer as well?

The World is watching a major (part televised) murder trial in Pretoria High Court South Africa that started on 3 March 2014. Many have looked on in amazement that a man who admittedly shot his girlfriend at his home in Pretoria at night with a pistol 4 times (using disgustingly lethal & illegal ammunition) is […]