European Elections – Shocking Result Prediction?

Well Postal votes have been cast! Voting at the Polls starts in the morning throughout the UK! Soon after the polls close here we will have the ‘experts’ predicted result! (Publication of ‘exit Polls’ are NOT allowed until ALL 28 Member States finish voting, and actual results won’t be known until Sunday though – after […]

Political Party Conferences – they’re having a laugh aren’t they? Update!

Well, we are in the period when all the major political parties are holding their conferences – their constituency delegates from all round the country swan – off to some seaside resort or other important centre to air their, sometimes obscure, views of what the party should do: the Greens –who pretend to be a […]

Destruction of the Unions – Who Did It?

The power of the Unions is not what it was 50 years ago. How did that happen? Well, a number of factors played a part. Mostly because the Unions screwed-up. Also though because Conservative governments targeted them and rightly or wrongly introduced legislation to curb their power. The Unite Union is currently in the national […]

Nigel Farage? WHO?

NIGEL FARAGE UKIP who will vote for them? It was somewhat shocking to read on his website that Nigel Farage seems to think that Thatcher would have been the country’s saviour regarding Europe! He seems to forget that it was Thatcher who was inconsistent on Europe and despite her ongoing legacy of getting the so […]

i Newspaper – you read it on the Blog before 1/4 million others!

[DADMAN007 Post published April 17 2013 “Margaret Thatcher – Laid to Rest” i Newspaper (UK Newspaper of the Year circulation 250K) letter published April 18 2013 “They came to bury Thatcher”]

Hacked-Off – NOT ENOUGH!

WHY NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE to sign up? Most of us haven’t had their phones hacked. Not only are we disappointed at not being important or newsworthy enough to have had this done to us, but we are also p’d off at being excluded from getting substantial sums of compensation money from the […]

Budget Box Leaks!

Budget box or Gladstone box, c. 1860 Will austerity force Osborne to sell the new Box and revert to the original? THERE IS NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER IN THE FOLLOWING RUMOURS! LeaksGeorge Osborne got so emotional while he was working on next week’s budget (Wed 20 Mar), because of the misery his austerity measures are and […]

Eastleigh Voters make History?

The by-election is upon the voters in Eastleigh – Thursday 28th February 2013. They can’t make history just by electing one of the candidates (however bizarre the choice). They will though be in the papers, on the TV & Radio, and make history if they either turn out in droves to vote, or don’t turn […]

Horsemeat Not Fit For Human Consumption

The ongoing publicity about contamination of beef products with horsemeat is becoming increasingly annoying. The major issue is not that the consumer is being fleeced and defrauded, nor that the food is mislabelled, nor that it is horsemeat, it is that material is entering the food chain that is uncontrolled and uncertified as passed ‘fit […]

The Courts Rule Supreme

Some headmasters are reportedly bitterly disappointed that the High Court has decided to reject the bid to overturn certain of last year’s GCSE exam grades. Hundreds were involved in an alliance, including local authorities, schools, teachers, and unions, in going to law in support of pupils who did not get the grades they wanted last […]