More results in the US Presidential nominations race – have the winners really emerged?

REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS The Presidential candidate nomination jousting continued yesterday in another five American States and the front runners of the two Parties continued to take the spoils. For the Democrats Hillary Clinton again significantly upstaged her rival Bernie Sanders by securing the biggest tranche of delegates while on the Republican side […]

Donald Trump seeks the ‘Republican’ Candidate nomination – can he ever be US President though?

REPUBLICAN NOMINATION     Observers outside of the USA are asking themselves can Donald Trump really become the next President of the United States later this year, aren’t they? There can be no doubt that Trump has galvanised untold interest far and wide around the world in the oncoming election – unfortunately not in a […]

US Presidential nominations 2016 – result in New York meaningless?

REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS The media are out there again with headlines that mislead the gullible public, aren’t they? They blare out the news that Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have both amazingly suddenly become ‘unstoppable’ as the Presidential candidate for their respective parties. Whether or not they are actually in […]

US Presidential nominations 2016 – was Wisconsin Primary a pointer?

  REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS   Well, well, well the Wisconsin Primary has proven to be just as interesting as we had hoped, both on the Democrat and the Republican sides, hasn’t it? For the Democrats Bernie Sanders needed to show his mettle in Wisconsin and carry through in this Primary on his […]

The US Presidential Primaries’ contestants 2016 soldier on – bigger battles ahead?

  REPUBLICAN     verses    DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIONS There might seem to be a bit of a lull in the American Presidential nomination schedules, but they all are still motoring along, with continuing false headlines about the winners and losers (and some underhand ones to boot), coupled with obscene millions’ of dollars squandered in the process […]

Unbelievable, Interesting, Useless and Amazing Facts – True or False?

Sometimes we are told things that we simply cannot believe – but our world is a strange place isn’t it! Some, but not all, of these items have been verified by this blogger!   There are more atoms in a teaspoon of water than teaspoons of water in all the oceans The World’s oldest creature, […]

United States BIG?

NY Hilton titter time! An Englishman was going to the States and all his friends warned him about how BIG everything was there. He travelled to New York on Delta Airlines and on board the Captain welcomed passengers telling them that they were on the biggest airline in the world, flying in a 747 Jumbo, […]