‘Austerity’ – has it now reached the end of the road?

Austerity is quite a new word to most of us isn’t it? We have only really got used to that term over the past half decade surely? It is supposed to mean of course the process of reducing expenditure and being frugal. In practice though it means something quite different doesn’t it, perhaps something quite […]

English Football – now a carbuncle on an historic sport ‘The Beautiful Game’?

England’s Glory Days – World Cup 1966It is often said that Football is a life or death industry – perhaps in England it has become that these days? The nickname ‘The Beautiful Game’, assigned to association football, has been much used by many pundits, but is often attributed to Pele – the brilliant Brazilian footballer.  […]

Sportsmen – when exactly did ‘they’ become extinct?

A short while ago saw the passing away of an English footballer. His name is Tom Finney and he had played for Preston North End and England. He was a renowned forward, a prolific goal scorer, with a reputation of one of the greatest players of his era – it is said that he would […]

The Chinese Money Toad – what every household needs?

Many of us have now after 20 years become totally disillusioned with the UK lotteries [Lotto, euro Millions, Health Lottery, Postcode Lottery – not only are they expensive and never deliver the big money we are hoping for, but they are taking massive amounts of money out of the British economy (some seventy billion pounds […]

Old wives’ tales – what would we do without them?

The term old wives’ tale is a critical and disparaging tag applied to traditional old fashioned stories handed down orally by word of mouth from generation to generation – from grandparent to grandchildren, from relative to relative, from sibling to sibling, from neighbour to neighbour (in this context wives [Middle English wiven, from Old English […]

RICH or FAMOUS? Who cares?

Are You rich? ……………………………………………………………………………………..Are You famous? OK that’s good. What does being rich do for people? It means they don’t have to worry about money OK? Wrong! Rich people DO have to worry about money – how do they invest it, how should they spend it, how do they keep it, how do they avoid […]

What the heck have the politicians done to us and our Country? Bus Deregulation [2]

Buses – 1980s – North East [Darlington] Once upon a time there was a triumphant age of public transport. It was a time when buses used to go everywhere, at all kinds of time, in all kinds of weather, and all days of the week. Buses were quaint vehicles compared to buses in the modern […]