Newark by-Election Analysis – Success or Failure?

Well the decisions of the Newark public came in last Thursday, the votes got counted during the night, and a MP got elected so after the partying & a celebration is now off to Westminster. So is that it then? Not quite perhaps?  The politicians and pollists will be rummaging through all the figures to […]

Newark By-Election 2014 RESULTS – Surprise surprise?

Well well, the result is ‘just’ IN. Friday 6th June 3.35am As any of us with any sense knew beforehand, the Tories have held the seat (though only 45% of the vote – too close for comfort?) in the ‘unexpected’ Nottinghamshire market town of Newark By-Election – it would have taken a UKIP supervolcanic scale […]

Elections to the European Parliament – a Fiasco or a Triump in the making?

The mild start to the election campaign for the 2014 European Parliament elections may have largely passed you by if you live in the UK? Why is that? Perhaps it is because our main political party players are running scared? Scared of getting a trouncing that is. Keeping things low key perhaps? It’s all going […]

National Unity Government – time for one again in the UK?

In the UK it is the Sovereign who ultimately decides when governments go & come – you see, it is only the Sovereign who can accept a government’s resignation, and is also the person who appoints the next Prime Minister after a general election. Conventions guide the hand of the Sovereign in such decisions of […]

Lords will Die!

Reform of the House of Lords is a dead duck. It was long overdue, but fell by the wayside last year when the Tories backtracked at the twelfth hour on their written coalition agreement with the LibDems to deal with it. It was gratifying to see the LibDems getting a taste of their own medicine […]

LibDems – Clegg sacked replaced by Cable?

There can be no ‘good result’ for the LibDems over allegations of sexual misdemeanours by Lord Rennard. Irrespective of the outturn of the affair, the fact that such claims have been made against such a senior personality in the party are scandal generating. The handling in the past week of such a toxic issue has […]