You may WELL have voted for BREXIT [et vous ne regrette rien], but your vote will count for NOTHING – no ‘PEOPLE’S democracy here in Britain nowadays?

        BIG FIBS, BIGGER FIBS, MASSIVE FIBS The powers that be and the Establishment in the UK were flummoxed when the people voted in June 2016 to openly defied them in favour of BREXIT. However, when they had overcome their bewilderment, they simply concluded that with time, because they knew best [mainly for themselves, their class, and their commercial interests), that […]

Michael Gove’s declaration on the United Kingdom and European Union – surprised?

To the surprise of most casual observers and many media professionals to boot, Justice Secretary Michael Gove suddenly publically announced on Friday that he was backing the OUT campaign for the forthcoming 23 June ‘In-Out’ referendum on UK membership of the EU. This was a massive outturn since Gove is PM David Cameron’s best mate […]