There can be no doubt about it can there, as for some people alcohol is a life destroyer, isn’t it? Yes, but many of those though whose lives are wrecked are not actually the ones drinking the stuff at all, are they? Nop, but often they are the ones inside the bubble as being in […]

There are Drinkers – there are Drunks – then there are Alcoholics!

Many people in this Country drink alcohol. Some drink very occasionally, some drink regularly, some drink too much at times. We have developed a society where drinking is an accepted culture unfortunately – but people lie about their alcohol intake and only admit to about half of the true figure! It used to be that […]

Serial Killer Escapes Justice

THE CIGARETTE The Cigarette with its accomplice in crime the Tobacco Industry has killed and killed and killed. There is nobody in the dock. The Tobacco Industry have lied and lied and lied. There is nobody in the dock. When you see a hearse or a grieving family you can bet your bottom dollar that […]