Young woman ‘Jodie Willsher’ slaughtered in Aldi supermarket – time for reintroduction of the death penalty in March 2019?

  Just 2 weeks ago, many of us woke up four days before Christmas [21 dec] to face the dreadful fact, plastered all over our daily newspapers and bared on our TV screens and widely reported in other media, that late the previous afternoon Jodie Willsher, a young mother of just 30 years of age, […]

After BREXIT bring back hanging – enact ‘another’ will of the British people?

  Well, it took us forty years to have our say on the European Union and be able to vote to get the hell out, hasn’t it? Yes, and apart from BREXIT, the other major matter where the will of the people has previously been totally ignored and constantly denied a voice by our elected […]

American Amanda Knox NOT guilty of Murder – Italian Justice in turmoil?

THE REAL VICTIM   Well, well, well, in one of the most bizarre twists one could imagine in any criminal trial, Amanda Knox has now been acquitted of involvement in the murder in Italy eight years ago of her flatmate Meredith Kercher (a twenty-one year old Londoner)  – this judgment squashing the conviction, came in […]

Meredith Kercher murder trial after 7 long years– Italian justice?

THE REAL VICTIM   Nobody knows the name of Meredith Kercher do they? She was a twenty-one year old Londoner shockingly  murdered in Italy seven years ago. Mention though the name of another similar aged young woman at the time Amanda Knox, an American, and people will recall it well. She is one of those […]

Pistorius Prosecutor’s appeal – will justice be done?

Reeva Steenkamp shot dead by Pistorius   In South Africa the director of public prosecutions has this week filed papers with the Pretoria court to seek leave to appeal Judge Masipa decisions in Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial. That was not unexpected was it? Even to a non-legally trained observer there were some seemingly crass decisions […]

Justice South Africa style – is it up for it?‏

The problem in South Africa is that the justice system reportedly  lacks resources – sufficient money, modern  facilities, and competent skilled people. Because in the modern developed World major all investigations have become a state of art event and things like forensics play a major part but have moved-on to an incredibly high level of scientific capability – there […]

Amanda Knox convicted murderer – Innocent Victim or Guilty Manipulator?

THE REAL VICTIM The name Amanda Knox is widely known in America, is familiar in England, and rubbished in Italy. She, along with two men, was convicted of a 2007 murder in Italy. The name Meredith Kercher however is hardly recognised anywhere. This was the young 21 year old exchange student from London who was […]

Bring Back Hanging?

Everybody has an opinion on the death penalty, so you are either in the mob to restore the death penalty or you are in the camp of being opposed to doing so – no ‘don’t knows’ on this one! Every now and again the smouldering embers of the death penalty fire are poked and the […]