Jerusalem’ is an ancient City certainly – but how comes the Israelis are there?

Most people of whatever religious faith, or even none, has heard of the old & historic city of Jerusalem haven’t we? It is revered as one of the holiest places in the World – whatever that means of course (it is something to do with Christians, Muslims & Jews all having history there isn’t it?). […]

You’ve Got to Believe it!

violence? Many peoples of the World believe in a God. Indeed there are over forty acknowledged faiths around so there are plenty to choose from. That being said, Atheism also embraces billions of peoples of all races and creeds and has done so for some three thousand years (the third largest group in the world). […]


Cartoon? 29 January 2013 It beggars belief that a major newspaper like the Sunday Times doesn’t understand and conform to the accepted rules. Publishing a critical cartoon about Israel was unforgivable. The Jews suffered the Holocaust during the Second World War. This means that the created Jewish state of Israel’s behaviour must always be excused […]