UK’s policing is institutionally flawed and in the dock – going down & time for fundamental change?

         Most of Britain’s population believe in the Police Force and, believe that the bobbies on the beat, believe that the constables in the streets, believe that traffic cops on the motorways, believe that the officers in the panda cars, believe that police station operatives, believe that the detectives, believe that the scene of crime […]

The United Kingdom Miner Strike 1984 – time surely for a ‘Full’ Public Enquiry?

  Some thirty years ago the British coal miners went on strike. The miners were a large group of workers admired by the general public for their courage working in dangerous conditions miles underground, their backbreaking hard work in foul gruelling environments, their contribution to our Country in providing a main source of energy, their […]

Britain’s child sexual abuse panel inquiry – heading for an Establishment cover-up?

“ANOTHER embarrassing National scandal – don’t worry we’ll have an Establishment independent inquiry and cover it all up as usual?” It’s a never ending cycle in the United Kingdom isn’t it? Something bad blows up, usually exposed by some whistleblower (who probably gets the sack as a result!), followed by strident calls from far and […]

Boris Johnson – Heir to the Throne?

You can be reliable assured that London’s current Mayor Boris Johnson has no ambition (as far as we know) to be the next King. No, the throne he is after is that of leader of the Conservative party and then a coronation in Westminster as British Prime Minister, no less. Ah but you say, how […]