‘Morals’ – where the hell did it all go wrong?

Our lovely Britain is gone forever, hasn’t it? Yep, modern Britain, though it remains one of the richest countries in the world (indeed in terms of total wealth it has been certainly classified 5th richest behind the US, China, Japan and Germany), it just isn’t a patch on what it used to be, unfortunately? It […]

Oscar Pistorius Blade Runner is a Killer certainly – and a Murderer as well?

The World is watching a major (part televised) murder trial in Pretoria High Court South Africa that started on 3 March 2014. Many have looked on in amazement that a man who admittedly shot his girlfriend at his home in Pretoria at night with a pistol 4 times (using disgustingly lethal & illegal ammunition) is […]

Promiscuous Men and Women – they are Destroying our Society!

In the history of the human race (homo sapiens) it has been important that men and women join together in a single relationship (monogamy). Why is that? It is so they can support each other, live together, have children, and jointly support, nurture, and successfully bring up their family to adulthood. Many other creatures are […]

The Courts Rule Supreme

Some headmasters are reportedly bitterly disappointed that the High Court has decided to reject the bid to overturn certain of last year’s GCSE exam grades. Hundreds were involved in an alliance, including local authorities, schools, teachers, and unions, in going to law in support of pupils who did not get the grades they wanted last […]