The ‘European Union’ is going down the pan – so no need for a UK ‘In-Out’ Referendum, perhaps?

     There are currently two major EU items in the news, aren’t there? First and foremost there is the Greece massive debt crises and their desperate attempt to see off their creditors and halt the devastating drowning austerity that has brought their lovely country to its knees. Then there is Britain PM David Cameron’s […]

Survival of the Euro – a dire game of Jenga perhaps?

  Oh dear, perhaps you haven’t heard of Jenga? Well it’s a block-stacking, and finally a stack crashing game. A set of wooden blocks are first stacked-up in a sturdy tower, whence you then chance your arm, against the laws of gravity, by pulling out an individual block from the pile. When a critical block […]

“Capitalism” – the death-knell for us all, for mankind?

You may not have heard the church bell ring – the toll that announces death; perhaps it has simply fallen silent as it did increasingly in England from the 19th century. The cynical ones amongst us will link that will the rise of capitalism perhaps? Capitalism can be likened to a society which deems success […]