General Election ‘Manifestos’ – just Promises. Promises, Promises?

      Well, well, well, some parties so called Manifestos are out this week. Should we have expected them to be jammed full of surprises? No, not really, the only real surprise is that they didn’t appear at the start of the campaign nor even earlier, don’t you think? [MANIFESTO:-     Plaid Cymru (TWO WEEKS […]

United Kingdom General Elections – WHO is ‘really’ controlling them?

    There are strict rules governing elections in Britain designed to prevent corruption and undue influence over voters – so no intimidation, bribery, coercion, conflicts of interests or other illegal practices. There are also stringent limits as to how much money can be spent on “political campaigns” (and the electorate can’t be given food!). […]

UK General Election 2015 – Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics?

    Oh dear, the political war has started in earnest, hasn’t it? The big boys are out there already on the front line firing their bazookas. The problem we have got in Britain is that this is only the first week in January and the General Election isn’t until May, some 17 weeks away, […]

The ‘next’ Prime Minister of Britain – ‘Cameron’, ‘Miliband,’ or ‘Someone-Else’?

Next May the public will have their say again, and a General Election will determine who governs the United Kingdom for a while – whether it will be for a full five years is in the melting pot, don’t you think? The two main political parties, Conservatives and Labour are both in the doldrums with […]

Is the BIGGIST crises facing England the ‘Economy’, ‘Europe’, ‘Immigration’, ‘NHS’, ‘Education’ – or the ‘JUSTICE’ system?

We are rapidly approaching a General Election, aren’t we? It is only six months away indeed. The main political parties are girding their loins for the fight, filling their coffers with the cash for the campaign, recruiting and g-ing up their activists, identifying their potential supporters, preparing their strategy, identifying their ‘winnable’ seats, and above […]

British General Election getting closer – be afraid everyone?

  Oh yes the next Election is now just seven months off. The Chinese have a thing about the number 7 don’t they – it’s a ‘lucky’ number you see (auspicious), but it isn’t looking so lucky now though for the three main political British Parties is it? Seven months to go and all three […]

UK General Election coming up – a right bonanza in the offing?

It is standard practice in Britain for the ruling government to start buttering up the voting public just before the Election. This is traditionally all done surreptitiously (but not quietly) of course, because the Prime Minister was the only one who controlled & knew the date of the election! The general public had no idea […]

A sad tale, a journey ending – a tragedy unfolding?

Scott was a very healthy youngster. Oh yes, he was a strong little blighter, full of energy and mischief. That is what got him into trouble really. He was just like many developing young lads, over aggressive and objectionable at times, but others thought that he needed to be brought under control, be disciplined and […]

British Newspapers – a plague on all your houses!

The British national Newspapers are squealing like stuck pigs! Why? Because they claim that the freedom of the Press has been destroyed by bringing in a Royal Charter, which is designed to reign in some of their excesses of bad behaviour. There is a saying that’ if you abuse freedom you will lose it’! That […]