Unbelievable, Interesting, Useless and Amazing Facts – True or False?

Sometimes we are told things that we simply cannot believe – but our world is a strange place isn’t it! Some, but not all, of these items have been verified by this blogger!   There are more atoms in a teaspoon of water than teaspoons of water in all the oceans The World’s oldest creature, […]

‘Save the Children’ – what about ‘Stop the Childen’?

Where they work A major TV advertising campaign is underway in some regions of the UK on behalf of the charity ‘Save the Children’ – it is showing graphically upsetting heart breaking pictures of emaciated children who are suffering from starvation & illness, and the charity is asking people to donate £2 a month to […]

The Scandal of Cheap Clothes – Exposed at Last!

In the UK we enjoy the luxury of ‘cheap’ clothes. Almost all of them are not made here however – our manufacturing costs are too high compared with those of Asia! We enforce rigorous standards of safety and worker welfare here including hours worked and pay. Do we ever think about this when we buy […]

Poetry ‘Word Music’

In long-gone days (but not soo long ago) children used to learn their favourite poems in front of a coal fire and later recite them at family gatherings – their ‘party piece’. But that was in a time when there was no TV or iPads or Game Boxes or Facebook to spoil their growing-up lives! […]