The French now admit that the European Union is going down the khasi – does the United Kingdom still want to vote to stay in?

 EU flag British prominent pro-Europeans won’t have it that there is a life outside of the European Union, will they? Some people however can still remember when we weren’t actually in even  the Common Market, or to be more precise EEC (the baby form of the European Union), because we didn’t want to join in […]

British membership of the European Union – time to give notice?

Most British people have no idea how we got into the European Union, or what it means, but know only that there is big support for us to cancel our membership and leave (and that the United Kingdom Independence Party are pressing for us to do just that). The United Kingdom is supposed to be […]

Newark By-Election 2014 – are you prepared to be shocked?

  Well the news that there would be an unexpected by-election in Newark, within ‘God’s county of Nottinghamshire’, probably didn’t initially interest most of us – we don’t live there do we? The need for a new MP came about because the Conservative MP Patrick Mercer was caught out (BBC Panorama) surreptitiously taking money for […]

Elections to the European Parliament – a Fiasco or a Triump in the making?

The mild start to the election campaign for the 2014 European Parliament elections may have largely passed you by if you live in the UK? Why is that? Perhaps it is because our main political party players are running scared? Scared of getting a trouncing that is. Keeping things low key perhaps? It’s all going […]

Eastleigh Gladiators – start the Games

Finally then the Eastleigh By Election is over? It was a short whirlwind campaign, finally won of course by the discredited LibDems. But the real question remaining is not about the main four candidates, but how well did the Party Leader Gladiators do, and how have they come out of it – fit or injured? […]

Eastleigh by-Election Shock Result!

SILVER <WINNER LibDems WIN UKIP SECOND Conservatives THIRD Labour FOURTH The turnout on the postal votes was always going to be high one (and critical on the total electorate of 79 thousand) and LibDems were confident of getting a top share, which won them the seat. Turnout was 53 % which is quite respectable (compared […]