Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Tony Blair – who do you despise the Most?

Our Labour ex PM Tony Blair (ten years from 1997) is in the news again – pontificating on the current crisis in Iraq. What he has to say may well be valuable and right – but who wants to listen to him these days? Do you? Can any of us trust a word that comes […]

The UK’s Bedroom Tax – Justice at Last?

obtained privately by dadman007</p>

The Chinese Money Toad – what every household needs?

Many of us have now after 20 years become totally disillusioned with the UK lotteries [Lotto, euro Millions, Health Lottery, Postcode Lottery – not only are they expensive and never deliver the big money we are hoping for, but they are taking massive amounts of money out of the British economy (some seventy billion pounds […]

Unbelievable, Interesting, Useless and Amazing Facts – True or False?

Sometimes we are told things that we simply cannot believe – but our world is a strange place isn’t it! Some, but not all, of these items have been verified by this blogger!   There are more atoms in a teaspoon of water than teaspoons of water in all the oceans The World’s oldest creature, […]