English Education – ruined by ideological dogma?

England used to have a very good and efficient state funded secondary school educational system. It was a selective in nature and attempted to stream children according to their ability, determined at aged eleven. Those deemed to be the most intellectually able and have strong academic skills went to Grammar Schools and those with a […]

Should Men beware – are you on the way out?

The way most life species work is that there are two components to life itself and also in the creation of new life. Basically it is with male & female types involved, and each playing a different but significant separate role. It is true that in some forms of life that doesn’t apply – so […]

YMCA – that’s a song isn’t it?

We have all heard of the YMCA haven’t we? But if challenged do we really know what it is? What it is about? Where it is? What it does? How big it is? Well, not really. Yes, we all do know about the song though –  YMCA the essential song for the crowds at the […]

The game of ‘Fives’ – never heard of it?

There is a sports game called ‘Fives’ if you can believe it. It came up in as a question in a UK TV quiz game and the quizmaster had no idea what it was – but the Contestant immediately knew! He must have been an ex-Public School boy surely? You see ‘Fives’ has nothing to […]

Islam is under serious threat – from Muslims?‏

intolerance is what destroys and kills things in the end (particularly religious intolerance). You just have too look at past history to get a flavour of that!  So called ‘radical’ Muslims for some decades have embarked of a campaign in the UK and  around the World to alter their and other societies;  not by argument, […]

British Education – Problem that’s solved then?

A previous post here (Programme for International Student Assessment) recounted the demise of education in Britain, as demonstrated by the UK’s sorry performance in OECD’s PISA latest survey on the state of global education – Asian counties topped the pile, while we have dropped down to the mid twenties (fifteen years ago we were in […]

Some ‘Home Truths’ about Life – things our Kids don’t know, or ever learn in School

Bill Gates reportedly gave a speech in a school about things that aren’t taught, and how ‘feel good’ and overboard ‘non-offending’ teachings have created a generation of children with no concept of reality, which then sets them up for failure in the real world ahead! These rules hit the nail on the head for many […]