Celebrity Criminal Sex Trials in Britain

There have now been a number of celebrity trials involving rape, sexual abuse and sex assaults, involving accusations about events many years ago. Following acquittals, there has been a raft of criticism that charges had been preceded with, and such matters put before the Courts. This is a disingenuous denigration of the process of our […]

The Plebgate Affair – should we be dreadfully worried?

Only the saddos amongst us in the UK will know much about the plebgate affair! It is one of those events and topics which send the bulk of the sane population into a self induced coma. But should we really be a bit more concerned? Perhaps so!  The so called plebgate affair is a newspaper […]

Driving with a foreign registration number – illegally

There is a serious problem with the owners of foreign registered vehicles, who flout the UK law by not registering and taxing their vehicles here. If you live in the UK, if you work in the UK, you must immediately have a UK registration on your vehicle; the only exceptions are if you: work in […]

Budget Box Leaks!

Budget box or Gladstone box, c. 1860 Will austerity force Osborne to sell the new Box and revert to the original? THERE IS NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER IN THE FOLLOWING RUMOURS! LeaksGeorge Osborne got so emotional while he was working on next week’s budget (Wed 20 Mar), because of the misery his austerity measures are and […]

What the heck have the politicians done to us and our Country? Creation of a Welfare State [1]

Beer Street and Gin Lane (1751) There are biblical verses that seem to predict that the poor will always be amongst us and yet there are other promptings there to always give aid to the poor and needy. The logical interpretation of this is that society should give help to the poor & vulnerable, but […]

Short code mobile phone telephone number 41117

Alas, one of the family has started to receive text news alerts on a mobile, despite not having subscribed to any such (or other) service. It isn’t clear yet what charges are being made to the phone account, but they will not be accepted! It appears to be some sort of scam, but if so […]

The Truth & Lies

Criminals get away with murder – literally! The reason is that the police cannot find out the truth, prosecutors cannot establish the truth, and juries cannot work out the truth. Murderers are not the only ones that get away with it in the criminal justice system – so do muggers, burglars, fraudsters, thieves, rapists, robbers, […]