Pistorius awaits the Appeal Court judgement – nearing a chapter end?

Reeva Steenkamp killed   The peoples of South Africa are looking to restore their faith in their state’s justice system, so with many others around the World they are impatiently awaiting the outcome of the Prosecution’s appeal hearing on Oscar Pistorius’ lack of conviction, at trial earlier this year, on the murder charge of his […]

Oscar Pistorius wins and swaps a cushy prison hospital with special privileges for luxury house arrest – Justice?

Reeva Steenkamp killed     Most people have not been surprised or shocked by yesterday’s news that a South African parole board has reinstated its previous decision to free Pistorius from prison to house arrest (next Tuesday) –many may be disappointed though, eh? There had been an outside chance that he would be kept inside […]

The killing of Reeva Steenkamp and the punishment saga continues in South Africa – Oscar Pistorius verses Justice?

Reeva Steenkamp killed     In August an under pressure SA Justice Minister Michael Masutha cancelled at the twelfth hour Pistorius’ planned release from custody on license. A review parole board has now looked at his application and the latest decision is that Pistorius should stay (semi) incarcerated pending another consideration by the original parole […]

Pistorius stays in jail for now – perhaps justice in South African will prevail after all? UPDATED

Reeva Steenkamp killed   UPDATE 20 SEPTEMBER Well, well , well Pistorius hasn’t had his Durban parole board application reheard there as yet – so must spend a couple of more weeks in jail at least. His hearing is on the list but he hasn’t been favoured and prioritised this time, so has to wait […]

Pistorius stays in jail for now – perhaps justice in South African will prevail after all

Reeva Steenkamp killed   The last news on the bloody shooting dead of Reeva Steenkamp in Joburg is that to the relief of most casual observers, her killer Oscar Pistorius was not released from jail a couple of weeks ago as scheduled. No, he has been kept banged up for now – all-be-it most of […]

Oscar Pistorius’s convictions & the State’s Appeal – Justice?

Reeva Steenkamp killed   Oscar Pistorius’ smart-arsed lawyers have actually ‘failed’ in their bid last week to get Judge Masipa to accept their Application to ‘supposedly’ block the State’s appeal to the Supreme Court in Bloemfontein, on her acquittal of him last September on murder charges. All indications are that it was just another ploy […]

Oscar Pistorius fights-on for early release – a justice system in turmoil?

Reeva Steenkamp killed   It will come as no surprise to those who have followed the excessively long running fiasco of the Pistorius murder trial in Pretoria to have now heard the latest news, will it? This killer, and rich dysfunctional white South African celebrity, world renowned disabled athlete, is able and now about to […]

Pistorius’ Trial Prosecutor gets his Appeal – will it bring justice?

Reeva Steenkamp killed The judgements of Judge Masipa in her handling of Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial have been widely criticised by some South African legal eagles– most of us outside observers were confounded and amazed at her decisions. There also has been incomprehension around the World on how a white rich South African self-confessed killer […]

Pistorius trial Prosecution’s appeal – but will he ever serve really seriously time? [UPDATE Nov 10]

Reeva Steenkamp killed Monday 10 November The State applied last week  to Judge Masipa for ‘leave to appeal’ her judgements. Pistorius’ Defence have legally  opposed such an appeal (no surprise there then?) so there now has to be a High  court  ‘hearing’ of the request – just a month’s further delay until December 9 (SA […]

Pistorius trial Prosecution’s appeal – but will he ever serve really seriously time?

Reeva Steenkamp killed By giving Pistorius a lenient sentence of only five years, Judge Masipa has probably screwed him up. The Prosecution (like the rest of the world?) had certainly not accepted the verdict of ‘not guilty to murder’. The Prosecution had had a month to dwell on that, before asking for a minimum ten […]