A Dummy’s Guide to the World Cup – can YOU blag your way through it? STOP PRESS edition 13 July DAY 32

James Rodriguez Colombia Top Goalscorer (6 goals – scored in EVERY game) Messi Argentina (Captain) – greatest player of all time? A joint third highest scorer at 2014 WC (4 goals) & top MoM awards (4) STOP PRESS: the World Cup games to keep all us Dummy’s aware, and able to hold out own against the […]

Red Wine at Christmas – get the best out of it!

In past times, even say 40 years ago, glass wine bottle closures were made of natural cork (preferred), but occasionally a synthetic cork (cheaper) came into use, and the really rubbish bottles of wine by a screw cap – the latter was a sign that the wine had been treated/sterilised to prevent the possibility of a […]