Labour cannot be trusted to run the British economy, so say the Tories – how about the Conservatives themselves then?

  Tory Norman Lamont is often trotted out to pontificate on a national financial matter – which is a massive surprise to many older people. Some twenty or more years ago the UK was hit by a crippling financial crisis, brought about by sterling currency speculators – it has been one of the biggest economic […]

Inheritance of Titles, Lands, Wealth, Businesses, Jobs, Influence, Education – time for it all to be trounced in the United Kingdom surely?

In many countries it is the offspring or relatives of the rich & powerful who inherit the role when the incumbent dies – and that is what it has been like in the UK for a thousand years or more. British people are aghast to realise that in Syria the so called President Assad simply […]

Royal Mail – the ‘Sell-off’ was a ‘Sell-out’ by the latest Conservative bigots

Nadine Dorries Conservative MP, said the PM Cameron and his Chancellor Osborn were “two arrogant posh boys” who don’t know the price of milk and who show no remorse for their policies, no contrition and no passion to want to understand the lives of others – two public school boys who don’t care either. The […]

Political Party Conferences – they’re having a laugh aren’t they? Update!

Well, we are in the period when all the major political parties are holding their conferences – their constituency delegates from all round the country swan – off to some seaside resort or other important centre to air their, sometimes obscure, views of what the party should do: the Greens –who pretend to be a […]

National Health Service (NHS)- How’s It Going?

“The Health Service is safe in our hands”     [Margaret Thatcher Conservative Party Conference 1983] [David Cameron Conservative Party Conference 2006] “No top down reorganisation”                                    [Conservative Manifesto 2010 “We will maintain funding – we will increase health spending every year” (Conservative Manifesto 2010] “We will ensure waiting times are kept low”[David Cameron House of                                                                                     Commons […]

‘PayDay Lending’ (so called) – Wonga in the frame

Once again the British coalition government are reportedly threatening to do something about Wonga and the other rip-off loan sharks, who prey on the poor and vulnerable. Vince Cable has pronounced! These are always empty threats – strong words and no action! Oh yes the regulators plan to ban their advertising – when? Later of […]

Nick Clegg – past his sell by date?

A straightforward message to Nick Clegg, Leader Liberal Democratic Party. What can be said? Goodbye seems inadequate. To be sure he is a good hearted man, but we fear that he is neither a Liberal nor a Social Democrat, so it is surprising that he managed to get elected leader of the LibDems in 2007 […]

Hacked-Off – NOT ENOUGH!

WHY NOT GO TO THEIR WEBSITE to sign up? Most of us haven’t had their phones hacked. Not only are we disappointed at not being important or newsworthy enough to have had this done to us, but we are also p’d off at being excluded from getting substantial sums of compensation money from the […]

Eastleigh Gladiators – start the Games

Finally then the Eastleigh By Election is over? It was a short whirlwind campaign, finally won of course by the discredited LibDems. But the real question remaining is not about the main four candidates, but how well did the Party Leader Gladiators do, and how have they come out of it – fit or injured? […]

LibDems – Clegg sacked replaced by Cable?

There can be no ‘good result’ for the LibDems over allegations of sexual misdemeanours by Lord Rennard. Irrespective of the outturn of the affair, the fact that such claims have been made against such a senior personality in the party are scandal generating. The handling in the past week of such a toxic issue has […]