Becky Watts – the convicted duo’s legal Appeals are now in, aren’t they?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory The news on the wires last week that the evil couple convicted for the brutal killing and dismembering of 16-year-old Becky Watts, have lodged appeals, will come as no surprise to readers of these blogs – it was fully predicted at the start of this month. That prophecy didn’t […]

Possibility of appeals by the convicted duo in the Becky Watts’ Bristol murder trial

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory The trial of hateful Nathan Matthews and his evil girlfriend Shauna Hoare was a shocking and distressing exposé, which even upset the experienced Bristol High Court Judge in charge. Remorseless, cold-blooded Matthews, unsurprisingly pleading ‘not guilty’ of murder (they all do) with a ridiculous defence to boot, despite his […]

The Bristol murder trial sentences announced – are they finally justice for tragic Becky Watts?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Friday November 13 As planned, the convicted killers Nathan Matthews and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare were earlier today sentenced by the trial Judge to now hopefully conclude this horrible six week trial about the killing of innocent youngster Becky Watts. What do we think about the Judge’s decisions? Too […]

The Judge in the Becky Watts murder trial is considering sentences – what Justice will we see though?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Thursday November 12 Tomorrow is the day that killers Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare get their comeuppance for their disgusting crimes against sixteen Becky Watts. What will the Judge decide is adequate sentences, do you think? Murderer Matthews will be given a Life Sentence because that is mandatory in […]

The Jury in the Becky Watts murder trial has been out – not long to wait for Justice then?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Wednesday November 11 The verdicts are already in for the Becky Watts murder trial that shocked us all and touched our hearts. As thought yesterday, early this morning the Judge at last had finished his summing-up and instructions to the probably traumatised Jury (chosen from the original fifteen randomly […]

English justice pending for the accused at the Becky Watts murder trial – a waiting game now?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Tuesday November 10 After a traumatic six weeks of harrowing evidence, this case has continued at Bristol Crown Court with the learned Judge Dingemans continuing his summing-up, his instructions, and his legal advice to the Jury members (ten women and one man as one woman of the original twelve […]

We see Week 6 get underway of those at the center of the Becky Watts murder trial – justice soon?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Monday November 9 The substance of this trial is well and truly over now – to the relief of the majority of people (it has been a distressing experience brought about by the main defendants’ not guilty pleas – but that is British justice for you, isn’t it?). Some […]

As Week 5 ends, the Defence barristers are having their final say at Becky Watts murder trial – any truth in their responses to the evidence?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Friday November 6 You don’t really have to be a clever smart-arsed over expensive lawyer to make the closing Defence speeches in the trial of the accused in Nathan Matthews’ stepsister Becky Watts’ murder trial at Bristol Crown Court, do you? NO, we could all have done it couldn’t […]

The murder trial on Becky Watts’ killing continues (Week 5) – nearing the end game?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Thursday November 5 The Prosecutor has been giving his closing speech and indeed has now finished it, so we are close to the end of this upsetting trial, but first the defence teams will get their chance starting tomorrow to have their final say as well – then it […]

The Becky Watts murder trial trundles on in ‘Week 5’ – no new revelations then?

  Blue ribbons worn in Becky’s memory Wednesday November 4 Two non-murder defendants now have been in the witness box – will any real truth emerge though, we wonder? Unlikely? We now hear another strange story of ‘coincidence’ from his defence by James Ireland who helped move Becky Watts’ dismembered body parts in the very late […]