Consumer Protection in the UK – they must be having a laugh, surely?

In years gone by (decades now) the British authorities saw an essential need to protect the ordinary working person from the sharks of the world that set out to rip them off, cheat them, defraud them, or sell them inferior, dangerous or shoddy goods. It all used to work quite well here didn’t it? Consumers […]

Horsemeat Not Fit For Human Consumption

The ongoing publicity about contamination of beef products with horsemeat is becoming increasingly annoying. The major issue is not that the consumer is being fleeced and defrauded, nor that the food is mislabelled, nor that it is horsemeat, it is that material is entering the food chain that is uncontrolled and uncertified as passed ‘fit […]

Full of Salt & Fat NOT

The horsemeat scandal has highlighted the value of cooking your own food and avoiding processed food meals. Many people are busy and think that cooking is difficult and time consuming – it doesn’t have to be. You can cook a simple nutritious meal while totally avoiding a complicated cordon bleu recipe. One of the best […]

Pig’s Ear – or just horsemeat masquerading as beef?

The government are making a pig’s ear of dealing with the horsemeat crisis. Their response has been abysmal – slow and inadequate, too little action too late. This is while the scale of the contamination of beef is proving to be quite astounding. The Conservatives have got a appalling history of dealing with food crisis’s […]

Horses for courses………

For days the newspapers have been full of reports of horsemeat being substituted for beef in processed food. The nation is shocked. We don’t eat horses. The real disgrace is that this has been brought about by the never ending quest for cheaper food, driven by the supermarkets, and the dreadful increasing dependency on processed […]