‘Rip-off Britain’ has been obvious and around 50 years – why is it still with us?

The British people have an unfortunate trait in that sometimes it takes them a long time to catch-on when they are being conned – we are too trusting you see. The population finally woke-up a bit in the 1990s and realised that they were widely, constantly and consistently being ripped-off with exorbitant charges on products, […]

Passionate Wenger for the Sack?

Arsene Wenger Arsene Wenger is the manager of Arsenal Football Club – the Gunners Arsenal are the arch rivals of Tottenham Hotspurs – the Spurs. Both football clubs are located in North London. Currently Spurs are 4th in the Premier League and the Gunners 5th. Arsenal is deemed to be one of the biggest clubs […]