Despite ‘BREXIT’ looming, the Bank of England is on the verge of increasing ‘Bank rate’ – screwing-up the British economy?

                Now the Bank of England (BoE) is the central bank of the United Kingdom, founded in 1694, and its mission is promoting the good of the people of Britain by maintaining monetary and financial stability, isn’t it? Yep, but it would appear to many of us that instead of diligently performing that […]

Scottish Nationalists & EU membership‏

The dirty tricks in the campaign against the Scots voting for Independence is ramping up rapidly as expected. We are now in the exciting phase of scaremongering– the initial  battle segment of simply ‘pouring scorn’ on the idea and concept of a separate existence ended finally when the Scots published a comprehensive document outlining their […]

Illusionists Extraordinaire – Sensational Newcomer?

‘Dynamo’ an amazing celebrity illusionist (who’s tricks have included ‘walking on the London Thames’) has his reputation as one of the World’s best, under serious threat from David Cameron’s and his Tory led Government’s claims about the British flooding calamity. We are given a statement by the Prime Minister claiming that in dealing with flood […]

Scottish Independence – now reliant on keeping the British Pound?

a href=””>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ryalstandard o Scotland (Scots) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Motto: “In My Defens God Me Defend (Scots) The screws are steadily turning on the Scot’s ‘soon to be blighted’ ambition to run their own country. Chancellor George Osborne now says that if they want to break away from the Union, that he will take his ball away – […]

New Governor of the Bank of England!

Mervin King<Mark Carney Mervin King a Cambridge trained economist, has been in charge of the Bank of England for 10 years (after a distinguished spell as it’s Deputy and before their Chief Economist over a period of 12 years). He leaves today unfortunately to become a Lord. Of course personally in his job he rightly […]