Assad attacks his people ‘once again’ with chemical weapons – Syria, a hell on Earth?

Well, it was back in August 2013 that PM David Cameron recalled the British parliament from its summer break over the Syrian crisis of the Bashar al-Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons there. It was Cameron’s intention that MPs voted to take part, together-with the U.S., in limited military action then, in response to the […]

Jerusalem’ is an ancient City certainly – but how comes the Israelis are there?

Most people of whatever religious faith, or even none, has heard of the old & historic city of Jerusalem haven’t we? It is revered as one of the holiest places in the World – whatever that means of course (it is something to do with Christians, Muslims & Jews all having history there isn’t it?). […]

Syrian Fiasco‏!

  The United States previously said very publically that it was ‘essential’ that the Bashar al-Assad regime was punished for their continuing use of chemical weapons. It was very clear they claimed that their use had been by the Syrian Government and that they had compelling intelligence evidence to this effect on the latest incident […]