The British Honours System IS active NEW YEAR’S DAY again – does it ‘STILL’ stink?

 “Companions of Honour” [The order consists of the Sovereign plus no more than 65 members. Additionally, foreigners from outside the realms may be added as honorary members. Membership confers no title or precedence, but those inducted into the single-class order are entitled to use the post-nominal letters CH]. A couple of years ago, there was […]

The British ‘Honours System’ – does it stink?

Sir Savile The New Year honours list was officially released today [it was partially leaked before of course – with a few wrong names inserted in an attempt to cover the perpetrators’ tracks]. Over another one thousand people have received an award – is that overkill or not? It contains a shed load of names […]

Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTs – are we all being conned?

Many countries (about thirty) have by all accounts prestigious groups and organisations providing so called awards annually, supposedly to recognise the best of the newly released wonderful films. The United States provide probably the best known around the World with the ‘Oscar’ statuettes presented by the Hollywood Academy Awards, at a glittering ceremony broadcast to […]