Arsenal ditched Arsène Wenger, and got a new manager – anywhere near ‘winning the Premier League’ now?

   When over a number of years of a long-standing destructive campaign by a group of moronic so-called Gunners supporters’ campaign undermined the position of Arsène Wenger, Arsenal’s iconic manager of 22 years, the gang finally got their wish and he was driven out last season by disgusting abusive chanting from the stands and the […]

Another one may bite the dust as Louis van Gaal faces saying goodbye as Manager at Manchester United – is he now on borrowed time? “UPDATED”

 Man U manager  ex Chelsea manager UPDATED Monday 28 December 2015 News following Christmas Bank Holiday football It has been one of those years for top flight managers getting the sack in English football, so there are new (if not fresh) faces around the patch and in charge at some quarter of the twenty premiership clubs. […]

The demise of a top football manager – good riddance ‘Jose Mourinho’?

 ex Chelsea manager  Man U manager Many people not interested in soccer football were very annoyed last week to find the English national news being dominated by the story of manager Jose Mourinho getting the preverbal boot by London’s Chelsea Football Club. It is the second time he got it there, but he is quite […]

‘Rip-off Britain’ has been obvious and around 50 years – why is it still with us?

The British people have an unfortunate trait in that sometimes it takes them a long time to catch-on when they are being conned – we are too trusting you see. The population finally woke-up a bit in the 1990s and realised that they were widely, constantly and consistently being ripped-off with exorbitant charges on products, […]

Some abject National failures are hitting home now – will they skew the UK General Election in May 2015?

You may not believe it, but sometimes performance in sport actually influences what people think about politics and that can then even determine the government’s survival. Ridiculous though it may sound, such events that government had nothing to do with, can affect the decisions made on election day and boost vote share either way – […]

English Football’s ‘Transfers’ & ‘Loans’ – criminal manipulations?

Scot Willie Groves [1893 West Brom to Aston Villa £100] Welshman Gareth Bale [2013 Spurs to Real Madrid £85m] Football’s transfer market is a bit like the old slave trading bazaars isn’t it? Players are bought and sold like sides of meat, but the prices are in millions here. It is a scandalous business really […]

English Football – now a carbuncle on an historic sport ‘The Beautiful Game’?

England’s Glory Days – World Cup 1966It is often said that Football is a life or death industry – perhaps in England it has become that these days? The nickname ‘The Beautiful Game’, assigned to association football, has been much used by many pundits, but is often attributed to Pele – the brilliant Brazilian footballer.  […]

Passionate Wenger for the Sack?

Arsene Wenger Arsene Wenger is the manager of Arsenal Football Club – the Gunners Arsenal are the arch rivals of Tottenham Hotspurs – the Spurs. Both football clubs are located in North London. Currently Spurs are 4th in the Premier League and the Gunners 5th. Arsenal is deemed to be one of the biggest clubs […]