A Dummy’s Guide to the World Cup – can YOU blag your way through it? STOP PRESS edition 13 July DAY 32

James Rodriguez Colombia Top Goalscorer (6 goals – scored in EVERY game) Messi Argentina (Captain) – greatest player of all time? A joint third highest scorer at 2014 WC (4 goals) & top MoM awards (4) STOP PRESS: the World Cup games to keep all us Dummy’s aware, and able to hold out own against the […]

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Tony Blair – who do you despise the Most?

Our Labour ex PM Tony Blair (ten years from 1997) is in the news again – pontificating on the current crisis in Iraq. What he has to say may well be valuable and right – but who wants to listen to him these days? Do you? Can any of us trust a word that comes […]

England’s World Cup football squad announced – a team of losers led by a loser?

The FIFA  World Cup kicks off with 31 teams in ‘Rio de Janeiro’ Brazil in a month’s time – 4 years after England’s last dismal showing on the World stage in South Africa (in the last 16 we got knocked out and blitzed 4-1 by the Germans – Spain beat Netherlands in the Final). What […]

Red Wine at Christmas – get the best out of it!

In past times, even say 40 years ago, glass wine bottle closures were made of natural cork (preferred), but occasionally a synthetic cork (cheaper) came into use, and the really rubbish bottles of wine by a screw cap – the latter was a sign that the wine had been treated/sterilised to prevent the possibility of a […]

Margaret Thatcher – THE WITCH?

William Pitt the Elder House of Lords in 1770:”Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” The voting public of the UK really are a bit of a joke. The anti-Thatcher’s have bought a 75 year old song from The Wizard of Oz in order to impel it into the […]

Margret Thatcher – Heroine or Antiheroine?

>>>>>>>>a> SINCERE CONDOLENCES TO HER FAMILY ON A SAD DAY FOR THEM This person who died today was the first and only female Prime Minister of the UK. She turned out to also be the longest serving PM of all time. She unquestionably was a very powerful lady, but did she really have the admirable […]

Prime Ministers NOT up to the job?

In the UK the Prime Minister doesn’t run the Country. He or she is not some sort of dictator, controlling all the levers of power including the Military. No, he or she is only the Leader of the government for as long as their particular party determine, or the House of Commons decide otherwise (by […]