British Justice “NOT Guilty as charged” – can they REALLY leave the Court without a stain on their character?

The British public often react with troubled amazement when high profile cases result in a NOT Guilty verdict. Of course none of those individuals have actually been in the Courtroom to hear the real evidence themselves, let alone in the Jury Room to listen to their deliberations. Oh no, Joe Public gets his/her information on […]

Rapists galore – why the hell do we let them get away with it?

Rape of women and sexual assault is the one crime that is totally out of control, in the UK certainly and possibly in many other countries as well (undoubtedly America). Practically all rapist get away with it – the rape might not get reported, the police might not bother to deal with it, the CPS […]

“Guilty! “or ” Innocent!“ – the British Justice system is a joke? Not fit for purpose?

Has the British criminal trial system ever been any good? Unfortunately we have transported it round the World already whatever the answer to that is! In a Court case we work here on an ‘adversarial’ system – that means that it is a giant ‘fight’ between combatants, and the strongest or cleverest person wins (doesn’t […]