‘You don’t have to be Disabled to be Different – Everyone’s Different’ aren’t they? REPUBLISHED

Someone two days ago read this post I had published 5 years ago and I thought it might be worth others reading it and thinking about it as well?

different2American Kim Peek was quite a ‘different’ personality indeed in the flesh. He had both amazing ability and commendable insight about life.

He had a strange capacity to read two book pages separately with each eye, and had probably the most astoundingly powerful memory ever encountered. Mr Peek could speed read & memorise books (some twelve thousand of them at least), and they say could recall the day of the week for any birth-date together with the newspaper headlines for that day.

We might, in this divisive world of ours dwell on his advice that ‘recognising and respecting differences in others, and treating everyone like you want them to treat you will help make our world better for everyone’. He also observed that ‘no battle is ever won… the field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools’.

The subject heading of this post was also a thought provoking quote from Kim Peek

Oh yes, Kim was a very special person, a very unique person, a person of immense abilities. Oh yes, we should mention that he was severely disabled, severely handicapped, severely congenitally brain damaged.

[He was of course the inspiration behind the eighties film ‘Rain Man’ with Dustin Hoffman playing his character].

Society is strangely ignorant about the disabled and astoundingly discriminately about them as well isn’t it? Why is that? Well it emanates, like most prejudices, from being badly informed of course. You see it is not something that we are all taught about in the home as we grow up, or at school when we are educated, nor even as we subsequently go about our normal life later, in work and recreation, is it? Like sex it is a topic that is not openly talked about, explored, or understood – brushed under the carpet no less.

It would be very strange though if any of us actually could go through life without personally encountering the disabled (after all there are at least ten million in Britain) – so then often we are ill-equipped to deal with situations arising aren’t we? Distressingly, some of us will have a Partner who suffers a heart attack, a son or daughter who suffers a brain haemorrhage, a child who gets a cancer, a brother or sister injured in a road accident, a cousin who suffers a traumatic sports injury, a family member who becomes severely mentally ill – all though still loved, cared for, worried about, fussed over, but then different, disabled.

Disability however comes about in different circumstances for different people. Some of us are born with a disability – either because of a genetic variation, or complications in development (due to impact of disease or drugs for example), some of us suffer an acquired disability in life (through accident of illness perhaps), and some of us will become disabled due to the aging process (dementia becoming more prevalent these days as people live longer). So-called ‘able bodied’ folks need to be aware that they themselves, or their loved ones, can easily cross the divide and join the ranks of the ‘disabled’.

An astounding change in respect for the disabled came about during the 2012 London Paralympics. The watching British nation, like many others, was enthralled and spellbound with the impressive physical & mental competitive exploits of the nearly five thousands athletes, taking part in a mega multi sport event, from over one hundred and fifty countries– many competitors with quite debilitating conditions.

We often forget don’t we that the successful development of life itself has been based on ongoing generations un-expectantly throwing up ‘variations’ in new generations? This natural technique allows creatures to adapt to new circumstances and new environments. We know for instance that mankind has changed considerably over millions of years. Even in our own lifetime we can witness the dramatic changes that occur in other species that have an extremely short reproductive cycle – like say bacteria that develop to become resistant to antibiotics that we have developed to eradicate them. We shouldn’t be surprised therefore that we sometimes come across differences in human developments- what we chose to judge as ‘damaged’ because it isn’t the ‘norm’.

We tend to be wary and afraid of anything that isn’t the norm don’t we? Oh, and we are particularly uneasy about anyone with a mental issue aren’t we, so we react accordingly? A charity has recently warned that adults with autism are the victims of abuse, even by those they trusted, and as a consequence simply ‘stay at home’ – are we proud of that?

One of the saddest areas of life is children ‘unborn’ with the genetic condition (disorder?) of Downs’s syndrome. These days the hospitals can detect the condition, or risk, in the womb. It has become an increasingly common condition as women pursue other interests and delay having their children (three times the likelihood of a Downs baby in the mid-thirties compared to the mid-twenties). Fear results in nearly up to a thousand terminations a year in the UK. The stories of those that are born though can be heart-wrenching – parents who say that their Downs child is the most loving and rewarding gift they could ever imagine; the mother who says she could not have known what a good life her Downs son could lead. It is nevertheless clear that having, caring for and bringing up a Downs child is extremely hard work – perhaps which is why the rewards can be so great?

The problem with society’s tagged as ‘disabled’ people, is that they can’t fit into society and have a life, can they? Blind people can’t play football can they? YES. People with no legs can run and race can they? YES. People with no arms can’t swim can they? YES. People disabled can’t become public figures can they? YES, because we all know about – blind as a bat David Blunkett an ex-Foreign Secretary et al & Sheffield MP (and a bit of a naughty one on the side), or crunched-up wheelchair bound with no speech, world renowned Cambridge scientist Steven Hawkins, gaining worldwide awards galore, but with motor-neuron decease, or deaf as a post (following an operation) Jack Ashley MP & Lord a tireless disability campaigner, or countless others making their contribution, as best they can, to society and making their way through life with mixed success – like the rest of us surely?

In history we have the psychiatrically mentally ill depressive but possibly the greatest painter Van Gogh (whose disability did for him – he shot himself), or deaf Beethoven who arguably produced his greatest musical works despite having lost his hearing, or physically deformed Joseph (John) Merrick known as Elephant Man who became a high society celebrity but died trying to sleep like other people lying down.

In our household in times of trials and tabulations someone ends it all by saying remember “No arms and legs” which stops us all off short. It is a sobering thought when one is feeling hard done-by isn’t it?

[Joanne: extraordinary, awe-inspiring, humbling, born with no arms or legs… but with the heart of a lion, and now grown up]MoS2 Template Master

‘Theresa May’ Prime Minister 2019 in an attempted abuse of Parliamentary Practice is stuffed by ‘Erskine May’ Clerk of the House of Commons 1844 – it took the Government by surprise, eh?


PM Theresa May has brought her “meaningful vote” motion to the floor of the House of Commons three times:

  • first last year on 11 December but then pulled the vote when she accepted that she would lose massively,
  • she prevaricated for a month and brought it back on 15 January, only for it to get the most massive defeat in history [FIRST DEFEAT]
  • last week on 12 March, so over 3 months of running-down the clock, and after getting some meaningless changes from the EU, she tried again and it was thrown out once more by substantial majority (149 votes) [SECOND DEFEAT]
  • her obtuse answer was to ‘try’ to bring it to the floor AGAIN this week for the 4th time and 3rd vote – when if passed she would delay BREXIT by two months; if defeated again she would delay BREXIT for 2 years or even longer and bring it to the floor AGAIN later for the 5th time and 4rd vote

Now, ‘apparently’ Speaker John Bercow has upset the apple cart by making a statement yesterday and ruling that the present, clear, and published parliamentary proceedings, prevent blackmailing confidence trickster May from presenting the same proposition again and again – if something is voted down an identical motion can’t be voted on again until the next parliament.

Erskine May: ‘Treatise upon the Law, Privileges, Proceedings and Usage of Parliament’ [first publication in 1844]; the book is the definitive guide to parliamentary procedure and constitutional conventions, so has frequently been updated – the 24th edition was published on 30 June 2011 [the 25th edition, to be published on 28 May 2019, will even be freely available online (indeed this work has been influential elsewhere and particularly in countries using a Westminster type system)]

Well you see, May has only been an MP for 22 years, including serving as a shadow minister for 11 years (7 posts), a government minister for 6 years (4 posts), and prime minister for 2 years – so she, like the rest of the disloyal Cabinet and her Remainer ministers just didn’t know about the basic rules, eh?

However, both she and the other proven incompetent ministers, were in the Chamber last Thursday when an opposition single MP tabled a motion to prevent her presenting her meaningful vote again – because it was against the ‘Erskine May’ rules. As Bercow responded by saying that he WOULD be making a ruling concerning that matter later, the motion was withdrawn

So, it would seem that not only is the May Government very ignorant, but it is completely deaf as well – or are its MPs just stupid believers in myths, so are a bunch of frightened ostriches burying their heads in the sand in the hope that trouble will pass them by?

Oh yes, No10 have disingenuous announced that it had had NO warning of this move to deny May another chance of tabling her motion, and that everyone there had been caught by surprise – claiming ambush it seems, despite the clarity of the rules, the pre-warning of precedent, the impending judgement of the Speaker, and the glaring fact that the pitfall was widely exposed in the media over the weekend

As is delusional May’s normal modus operandi, she simply ignored everything going-on, brushed aside all BIG setbacks, and ploughed-forward regardless – in her usual way secretly plotting in the bowels of Downing Street to replace BREXIT with BRINO (Brexit in name only) and find ways of coercing MPs to vote for her despicable Withdrawal ‘deal’.

The Government troops are on the march to transfer to Bercow, May’s totally wretched blame for the fiasco of her devious new plans lying in tatters. Anger is directed at Bercow describing him as arrogant and hypocritical simply because he has done his duty – that is NOT to say that he isn’t a biased bugger, both against BREXIT [he is a committed Remainer after all], and also anti the May Government [well its derisory treatment of parliament has been despicable]

May has as political scorched earth policy of targeting anything that might be used to cower those who oppose her will. She like the dictators of old is DETERMINED to unilaterally control people and events – just as evil disputed Venezuelan President Maduro does, and she is also one who doesn’t give shit about the devastation policies inflicted on the Country and its peoples, does she?

Regarding BREXIT with typical isolationism, May insists that it is her way or no way. So far she has failed in her quest to achieve her way, and a solution is nowhere near evident

The so-called deal is not any kind of deal, as the deal that has been the subject of abject negotiation and May’s unwarranted concessions over the past 2 years, was to agree a ‘trade deal’ – that failed utterly, and no such deal will EVER be secured over the next 2 years, except by giving-in to the unacceptable demands that the EU will make if we now accept the Withdrawal agreement. The UK will HAVE to accept whatever the EU decides to include as the government [whoever led by] will have no choice as it has to escape the Backstop [that is precisely why the EU put it there and won’t remove it]

Even previously committed Remainers now say that they not only support BREXIT but want us to Leave on a ‘No Deal’ basis – they have seen what the EU is like, you see? Those who want a second referendum should be carefully for what they wish for – the result would be an even GREATER vote to LEAVE.

The PM has abused the ministerial power she has to derail BREXIT, and to threaten BREXITEERS to do just that very thing, if they refused to vote her way – indeed she has already embarked on that mission, in betrayal of the British people, and will on Thursday seek at the EU to cancel leaving on 29 March and delay the UK’s departure until June, but only then if the MPs who describe her Withdrawal deal as rubbish, surrender and vote for it next time round – otherwise she says she will kick BREXIT into the long grass so that the Establishment, BIG business,  and the Remainers achieve the holy grail of staying in the EU

[Valentine’s Day 2019: Commons motion to extend article 50 (a move intended to avoid parliament from taking steps to prevent a ‘no-deal Brexit’ by extending any re-negotiating period with the EU) – DEFEATED by 315 to 93

14 March 2019: Commons motion PROPOSED BY MAY HERSELF to extend article 50 (a move intended to force parliament to accept her deal) – APPROVED by 412 to 202


A large number of committed Leaver MPs have been bullied and suffered coercion, blackmailed, bribed, and feel cornered, so say that they will hold their nose but will have to capitulate and vote for this disastrous unbreakable Treaty – history will show them no understanding nor kindness, will it? Accepting May’s proposal sells the UK down the river and belittles our world status, and her despicable use of blackmail and running the clock down for over 3 months since 11 December is disgusting. Politics is in the gutter and the Tory party is heading the way of the LibDems once BREXIT is over – and there’s no way that Corbyn is going to be voted into power, but the Conservatives will be punished when he and his fellow Marxists are gone from the scene

While May is intent on playing the blame game and putting Leaver MPs in the frame for BREXIT not going forward, it is ONLY she alone that can be or WILL ever BE held accountable for such an outcome – and it is one that will utterly destroy any semblance of a peoples’ democracy in the UK. ONLY the PM can by her own deliberate despicable actions halt BREXIT with now just 10 days to go – DOES SHE REALLY WANT THAT LEGACY?

The Government has no legal obligation to ditch ‘No Deal’ and only May can actually implement such backtracking which will smash the BREXIT the public voted for.

Therefore, the UK can and should leave the EU completely at 11.00pm  on 29 March, with a clean No Deal departure. May cannot get away with saying that such an outcome denies the will of Parliament, since that No Deal upshot was precisely what our Parliament voted for only a year ago [European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018: failing obtaining an acceptable deal, no deal would result as the legal default outcome in UK and EU law].

Nevertheless, with May’s connivance last week the House of Commons voted to reject leaving the EU without a deal, but that vote is neither binding on the Government, nor has it any legal standing, and anyway should Remainer MPs [or a Remainer PM for that matter] really be allowed to overrule the democratic decision to disembark from the EU in the BIGGEST vote EVER?


[Ordinarily British people believe in our democracy, so voted for that in the Referendum and to successfully escape the EU’s controlling role and its destination of a federal Europe, which is indeed is something that doesn’t satisfy the British population but only the undemocratic elite]

The Country is in Turmoil, the Government is Incompetent, the Prime Minister is Delusional, the Cabinet is Defunct of collective responsibility, Tory MPs’ rebellious behaviour is Anti-democratic – any wonder BREXIT has been torpedoed by Remainers?

Three times now PM Theresa May has brought her dreadful Withdrawal Agreement to the House of Commons, and twice she has asked Parliament to vote for it and each time she has left with a flea in the ear – told in no uncertain terms that it was totally unacceptable to both Remainers and Leavers, and moreover that it did NOT deliver the EU Referendum’s decision to Leave the EU as she repeatedly claims in ‘the lie of the decade’.

She has been thwarted from foisting on the UK a so-called ‘Deal’ that isn’t even that, but just the ‘prospect’ of one if we stay under the control of the EU for a further 2 years (making 4 in all) without a voice, pay through the nose for the privilege, and abandon our sovereignty FOREVER.

What us ordinary voters just cannot comprehend is why Parliament has not called the Prime Minister to account for PERSONALLY negotiating an International Treaty that not only doesn’t pass muster, but is so lacking in merit that it suffered the BIGGEST voting defeat EVER experienced in our parliament. By failing to get her to explain herself, the Commons has simply allowed her to bring it back to the floor multiple times, hasn’t it?

Last night, May’s incompetence and lack of authority showed-up in spades, didn’t it?

Yep, she lost any semblance of being in charge as Prime Minister of our once great Country, when 4 members of her personally selected Cabinet put-up two fingers to her, and by abstaining, disgracefully mutinying, together with 9 other of her personally selected Ministers, and a further 17 Tory MPs also abstaining, inevitably brought the Governments house of cards crashing down

The Tory immoveable Remainer block has succeeded in exclusion of the ‘No-Deal’ BREXIT that was desperately needed to leave the all-conquering EU powered by Germany, with 27 enemy counties populating Brussels, that offers us only capitulation and lifetime servitude, while PM May has the backing of a parliament of despair, irresolution and self-interest, the backstabbing many, and that combined with powerlessness and a personal unwavering determination to relinquish the Country’s independence to the EU

[Back in July 1940, all-conquering Germany’s Hitler, with two thousand invasion barges stacked off the Dutch coast, that offered us only surrender or unending suffering, while PM Churchill had the backing of a parliament of hope, courage and self-sacrifice, the RAF few, and that combined with leadership and a personal unwavering determination to save the Country’s independence]

Conservative’s manifesto 2017 read “We continue to believe no deal is better than a bad deal for the UK” and that phrase was repeated another twice, whence 314 MPs were elected on that commitment, so how comes 17 Tory MPs vote against that and another 30 Tory MPs abstained, making it inevitable that their Government’s authority got trashed, eh?

One of the ‘Foul Four’ was Business Secretary Greg Clark and on Wednesday night he was on Preston, the weekly political discussion show, and he repetitively offered the lying and lame excuse for his despicable backstabbing, that “the Government NEVER intended to leave the EU with a No Deal” – so not only is he a bloody scoundrel, but he is a bleeding Cabinet minister who doesn’t know the Manifesto that got him elected, nor that his boss had repeatedly said ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ [well that was until she had cobbled-up a really-really BAD deal, eh?]

We see fifteen percent of May’s MPs openly rebelling, including senior ones in government showing utter distain of the principle of ‘collective responsibility’ which is an essential element of government, yet gutless May is so witless and weak that she dare not do what is the normal outcome and sack the bastards

Oh yes, the Conservatives ‘committed BREXIT’ was finally given the last rights tonight, when our parliament threw British democracy onto the funeral pyre and voted overwhelmingly to seek a BREXIT delay from March 29 to at least June 30. She has relentlessly continued with her vile blackmail plot to force MPs to vote for her rejected Withdrawal Agreement. She will bring that back for the fourth time and third vote, next week with the further threat that the UK will remain in the EU for ANOTHER 2 YEARS at least – exactly what the Remainers have been working for since 23rd June 2016 in their quest to completely reverse the public’s decision to ditch the bloody EU

[Those in the EU are laughing their cotton socks off at us in Britain, and it is a time for us all to hang our heads in shame]

What do UK Prime Ministers tell the British people when it comes to the European Union – a pack of bloody lies?

There can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that British politics has indeed been dragged into the gutter, surely? Now, its demise is not simply at the hand of one political party [though Conservative, Labour and LibDems have certainly played a substantive role, eh?], nor is it down to an individual nor even a group of them nor any particular organisation or social media platform [though all those have contributed in varying degrees, haven’t they?]

The overpowering stink though from the politics’ gutter comes from the barefaced lies that our politicians perpetrate on the unsuspecting voting public, isn’t it? There has always been a problem in that politicians cannot be trusted and should never ever be given the given the benefit of the doubt – such advice has been around for two-and-a-half centuries [from wise man Thomas Jefferson author of the US Declaration of Independence who amongst other things warned that in the question of power “bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution”.

Jefferson also noted both that ‘honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom’, and ‘he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it the second time’. Those two idioms would explain precisely why when it comes to the European Union, our past and recent Prime Ministers have clearly been lacking in wisdom and are accomplished liars, wouldn’t you say?

Our insurmountable problem is that in Britain we have no chains with which to bind-down these compulsive liars.

Oh yes, Tory PM Theresa May our current lacklustre premier, fits the bill comfortably, and she indeed holds her own on both the aspects with those who have preceded her. Her cruel lie that she (a vicar’s daughter), had experience a miraculous Paul the Apostle type conversion on the road to Downing Street, from being a Remainer to a true believer in BREXIT, was so convincing that it can’t have been her very first lie in politics, can it?. Well, she has followed-up that with such a torrent of lies that it is difficult to know if she has ever told the truth, eh?

[You see there is a massive problem with our Westminster Parliament in that just no-one is allowed to call-out even a blatant liar (if they do they get barred) – the rule is probably there because lying is seen as a ‘human-right’ of MPs (well within the building certainly)]

After 2 years and 4 months of behind the scenes skullduggery and public deceptions, May concluded ‘HER’ so-called Deal for the UK to leave the EU. The first problem was that it was another BIG lie because it was anything BUT a deal to leave that dreaded club – there was no trade deal whatsoever, so it was in fact just to leave-in-name-only, and STAY-on for another 2 years without representation but paying-in another £40billion, with only the ‘prospect’ of actually getting a DEAL later-on that covered future trade.

Secondly, what she arrived back with was a ‘Withdrawal Agreement’, which with the customary deceit we now have come to expect, she assured all and sundry that it ‘fully delivered’ on the BREXIT the Country had voted for, and moreover it delivered on the Tory manifesto that she and her fellow MPs had been elected-on just the year before – of course that was not a lie, it was not a big lie, because it was a MASSIVE lie, wasn’t it? Everybody knows that HER agreement [even she calls it that!] will mean that the UK will be trapped in the EU’s mechanisms with no escape from the cage that it has carefully built for us – she is asking Parliament to sign-up to a legal Treaty from which there is no exit clause EVER.

It is to some extent surprising that May expects the people of Britain to cleanly swallow her suicide pill, seeing that her immediate predecessor Tory PM David Cameron pulled a similar stunt and returned from his quest to get the EU to reform and to obtain essential concessions for the UK, to claim ‘mission accomplished’ – he had got nothing and the savvy electorate though saw through his pack of lies, determined that the EU was a crock of shit, and voted Leave. [but then again, May has demonstrated that she’s delusional, hasn’t she?].

[The problem BREXIT faces is that the city and big business are full of people more interested in making money than in Britain’s democracy or freedom. (“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” Jefferson)]

Before Cameron we had Labour PM Gordon Brown and many will think that the dour Scot had fully sussed-out the EU because it was he alone that stopped Britain abandoning sterling and being dragged into the disastrous Euro currency – so was HE a liar too like the rest? Yep, when it comes to Europe they ALL are liars, it seems? You see, it was Brown who controversially sneaked-off to Portugal to sign the EU Treaty of Lisbon, despite the fact that he had no mandate to ratify that treaty without public consent – Labour’s manifesto had pledged to give the British public a referendum on the original EU Constitution, so he said it was far too complex to be understood and decided upon by us idiots in a referendum and he plainly lied through his back teeth that it wasn’t really a constitutional change, when in fact it contained many of the changes the ‘rejected’constitution attempted to introduce, and was part of the EU’s federalist agenda to destroy national sovereignty

Of course, Labour PM Tony Blair had preceded Brown, though seemingly just yet another one of the liars about the ‘EU project’, except possibly that he was the most accomplished at it, eh? He may be most remembered and besmirched for conning the British people about the need for our troops’ loss of life in the disgusting, murderous Iraq war, but he was equally adept at lying over the EU, wasn’t he? Yep, despite the Nice treaty representing a big push forward to further political integration [on top of the earlier Maastricht treaty], he signed it nevertheless. By gifted lying he made-out to the British people that everything was just going to be government to government and he even got it through parliament hardly without a murmur by his smooth talking deceit– if Britain had opposed then that treaty with its huge implications, and caused it to fail, the EU would have been knocked off balance, possibly never to have recovered [a massive missed opportunity, eh?]. Subsequently, he has proved to be the biggest traitor in living memory as one who has spent his time since 2016 talking to the EU leadership, identifying UK’s negotiating vulnerability or weaknesses and encouraging the EU to shit all over the UK and not give us any kind of deal, while undermining the UK’s commitment to BREXIT – being in the EU means that treason is no longer punishable by death here, but we could change all that on 30th March, so Blair might be wise to apply for asylum in Brussels, eh?

We suffered Tory PM John Major, before the Blair ten years of ‘New Labour’, who as an ex-banker might have been expected to have had a truth gene somewhere, but no he was just as big a liar as the others, wasn’t he? Yep, he was the village idiot who allowed the EU to be established when he signed-up Britain to the Maastricht Treaty, which was the foundation for economic and monetary union with a single currency at its heart and new rules on inflation, debt and interest rate regulations and saw the European Community evolve into the European Union with 12 member states initially [now 28]. He hid the facts from the public, surreptitiously lied about the seriousness and validity of the Danish objections, and mislead the country about the impact of Maastricht, claiming that the EC was simply “getting back on the path” no less, when it actually created an ‘undemocratic’ European superstate, with amongst other things, its own defence policy, new EU citizenship, and a joint policy on immigration and crime, and no room for the small countries [as the Greece fiasco has fully demonstrate]. He hoodwinked the public into thinking that the European federalism chicken’s neck had been well and truly wrung

The Premier’s baton was handed to Major by marmite character Conservative PM Margaret Thatcher, but she was a much different kettle of fish when it came to Europe, wasn’t she? Well, she fought the bastards there tooth and nail and likened our involvement with it to getting our fingers burnt, so she fiercely opposed Major’s signing of this EU creation treaty and described her successor’s action as ‘putting our head in the fire’ – noting that the Nation’s trust in him was not well-founded

Jumping further down the Premier list then to PM Edward Heath, who most certainly joins the ranks of the PM Liars about Europe Club, doesn’t he? He lied to MPs and gave them false information about EEC entry, when the ‘making money’ incentivised Europhiles, saw the trade incentives of joining, while all others resented the loss of sovereignty or rightly saw the EEC simply as a capitalist club. Secret papers show that he knowingly bartered away the UK fishing fleet and gave the kiss of death to much of our manufacturing industry. He lyingly dismissed the understandable concerns that there would be a significant loss of independence & sovereignty, or that we were starting a process that would lead to a federal Europe, or a process that would lead to a situation where we would have no control over foreign policy et al – denying that it could happen, and he lied that the EEC was purely about trade, working together and cooperating. It appears that he had decided two years beforehand that the Government should keep the British public ‘in the dark’ about what EEC membership really meant, while estimating that it would take at least 30 years for voters to realise what was happening, by which time it would be too late for Britain to leave it – true enough, 45 years before we caught-on and got out.


[The British Prime Ministers of the past fifty years have been exposed as being a despicable gang of liars who have sold our Country down the river in all their dealings with the European cartel intent on creating a federal entity. Entrusting power and passing-over increasing control to an unaccountable, moronic, elite in Brussels has undoubtedly transformed that organisation into a feared tyrannical unstoppable force which must be escaped from]

The British people need to face-up to the fact that we now live in a lawless society – but whose fault is it?

Over three years ago, a post here identified the problem of our police forces’ downward spiral caused by cutbacks [The UK Police ‘underfunded’ and ‘under resourced’….], and six months ago another post here covered the fact that the problems had got unbelievably worse, that knife crime was out-of-control, and it suggested the background reasons [England’s Police Force is being only farcically supported….]

For some unfathomable reason, those in power and accountable, have suddenly woken from their self-invoked states of extreme lethargy or sleepiness, to announce that there seems to be a problem with knife crime – well done, eh? This has all come about though only because the national news is currently full of reports of teenage victims and teenage killers – so it seems that many young people have to die before the Establishment listens, doesn’t it? Yep, but how many other people will die before anything effective is done about it – 300 victims a year for another 5 years, perhaps?

The problem we face now in the UK is that our once renowned UK Criminal Justice System has been shattered in every aspect and in every element that is needed for it to work and to keep our communities safe. What the System SHOULD do but now FAILS to do, is to determine what society will hold as a crime, deter potential criminals, catch those who are not deterred so commit crimes, and deliver due justice to those who are found to have committed crimes.

The reason for that abject failure though is glaringly obvious and very simple – it all has been starved to near death by lack of money and resources – the entire system is simply operating in a shutdown survival mode. Our whole society has been let down by those entrusted with the job of parliamentary governance. It is they who represent the population in the Westminster Parliament which is not only the supreme law-making body [or will be if BREXIT ever happens], but it allocates the money and resources to run the UK Justice System – which these days has become such low priority that drastic cuts have brought us to this crisis.

Oh yes, while the rule of law demands that justice be separated from politics, not only does that not operate rigorously, but it is the bloody politicians that tightly hold the purse strings which allows them to exercise overall control over the operation of the Criminal Justice system, and indeed it’s direction of travel.

The UK’s Criminal Justice System may have taken centuries to evolve but has taken only a decade to shatter. Who is to blame, what names are in the frame, then?

Well, we might as well start with ‘arch survivor’ Theresa May, don’t you think? If people imagine that the only things that she has cocked-up are BREXIT, the Government, the Conservative Party, and Parliament, dream-on everybody. Her fingerprints and DNA are all over the assorted crimes of the Home Office, where she lorded it for a 6 full years with instinctive secrecy and showed her preparedness for evading responsibility at every turn and delegating whenever things went awry [that allowed her to be one of Britain’s longest serving home secretaries], which indeed has been good experience to survive as a failing Prime Minister, eh?

Oh yes, she is proud of her success in ‘taking on the police’ and thoroughly undermining them [bet she won’t boast about that now that she has helped to make them ineffective, eh?]. It was under her watch that the Police suffered an unsustainable 20% cut in Whitehall budget funding, resulting in some 21 bloody thousand fewer police officers – any surprise in that having the smallest police force in decades, it has lost control of the streets, then? No, but in response to the violent wave of fatal stabbings, she lies that “there is no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers” [In open rebuttal, Met Commissioner Cressida Dick the UK’s top police officer, said there WAS a link between falling police numbers and a rise in violent crime (police recorded violent crime has doubled since 2010)]

It is said that the Police cuts reduce “very significantly” the country’s ability to respond to a Paris-style terrorist attack

She won on scaling back the use of ‘stop and search’, which was so blatantly successful in deterring the carrying of knives that the liberal ‘do-gooders’ said it was useless as NO ONE dared carry them, but now EVERYBODY carries them without compunction, don’t they? Yep, and they actually use them as well – 40 THOUSAND knife offences a year, no less? Will she remind the people about that as she laments the knife killings and crimes, do you think

She has just announced that there will now be a summit meeting of agencies at Number 10 about knife crime – the phrase “shutting the stable door…” comes to mind, doesn’t it?

Of course it was her expensive, unwarranted, and intended personal legacy reform of having elected police and crime commissioners, which has proved both divisive as well as demoralising senior police officers

No doubt she is probably equally proud she saw-off the American justice system to stop the deportation of a computer hacker to face trial there for the “biggest military computer hack of all time” – in a pretence that she believed in human rights, she decided he shouldn’t face justice as she didn’t trust our greatest ally’s justice system to keep him safe

Despite the Country facing its greatest threat from terrorism, she abjectly failed to get an indispensable counter-extremism bill on the statute book – that was purely because she is a pig-headed ‘non-listener’, who demanded it was her way or no way (just like she has done on BREXIT). Also, she caved-in to pressure from the do-gooder brigade, so scrapped existing plans to have a national identity card scheme, which would have stopped people using multiple identities and would have disrupted terrorists’ activities and boosted the fight against terrorism and organised crime.

She ‘correctly’ saw the EU Referendum as a political tightrope and death-trap so before it, she hinted that she was a Leaver who even was a potential leader of that campaign, but then with due loyally became a ‘reluctant’ Remainer, hence played a minimalistic part, but rode both horses by empathising how committed she was to withdraw from the European convention on human rights. Since becoming PM she has without warning continued to jump from the BREXIT thoroughbred to the Remainer nag and that is precisely why the Britain is up-the-creek-without-a-paddle at the EU

In 2012, she was the one that decided “to create a hostile environment” for illegal migrants that culminated in last year’s political exposure of the Windrush scandal concerning people who were wrongly detained, denied legal rights, and deported or threatened with deportation – she allowed Amber Rudd to carry the can for that disaster even though she was never even anywhere near let alone in the Home Office.

Despite reduction of net migration being a crucial government commitment, she completely botched it, blamed all and sundry for the repeative failures, and persistently got underlings to face the music in Parliament

Notwithstanding the verdicts delivered at Hillsborough inquest making an overwhelming case for similar public inquiry into 1984-85 miners’ strike, she pretended to support it but instead parked any decision and left it to her successor to announce there wouldn’t be one.

The other perpetrator of subliminal criminal acts against our Criminal Justice System is of course ‘King of Austerity’ George Osborne with his importation from ancient China of the cruel torture and execution of ‘death by a thousand cuts’, isn’t it?

With the connivance of May he cut twenty-five percent from the Home office funds used to run the Police, and when it came to the Justice budget he slashed it again and again, cutting even things like prison places which were already inadequate, and closed nearly a hundred courts and tribunals while integrating or merging over thirty more.

[Osborne’s Cuts: Rank1- Local Government 51%; Rank2-Work and Pensions 36%; Rank3-Justice 34%; Rank4-Culture, Media and Sport 31%; Rank5-Environment, Food & Rural Affairs 30%; Rank6-Treasury 30%; Rank7-Home Office 25%; Rank8-Foreign Office 22%; Rank9-Business 18%; Rank10-Defence 14%; Rank11-Transport 13%; Rank12-Northern Ireland 9%; Rank13-Wales 9%; Rank14-Scotland 9%; Rank15-Education 6%; Rank16-Cabinet Office increase +5%; Rank17-Health increase +7%; Rank18-Energy & Climate Change increase +14%; Rank19-International development increase +24%]

The main elements of our Justice System, as previously reported and repeated here now, are then: the Government & Parliament [including PM, Ministry of Justice, Lord Chancellor, Prison Minister, Attorney General]; the Law [set by parliament, EU, ECJ]; the Police [law enforcement with 45 territorial police forces and 3 special police forces]; the Courts [Judges, Magistrates, Prosecution and Defence lawyers, Crown Prosecution Service, Appeal system, sentences & fines]; the Prisons [containment, detention, punishment and rehabilitation(!); Probation service [suspended sentences, community service, electronic tags, enforcing prohibitions & curfews]

Well, the under-resourced Police are naturally now the front-line cannon fodder for what is happening on our streets with knife crime, but we know that those poor beggars are anything BUT to blame for anything, don’t we? Yep, and that is because the basic essential foundation the Force rests on has crumbled like a house of cards at its feet. While the Police (Territorial & Metropolitan) is indeed the central part of law enforcement in the UK (the function also includes the likes of the national crime agency and other national specialist units), without the effective operation of the Courts and effectiveness of the Prisons & Probation Service, law enforcement is up the creak without a paddle, isn’t it?

All the three interlinked elements of the Justice System have been brought to their knees and the crises at the end of the line have a totally debilitating impact at the front line, you see?

Starting at the backend then with the Probation service, what has happened is that swinging cuts with 30% staff cuts, have been compounded by a controversial and now devastatingly failed 70% part-privatisation, with the result it has become totally inadequate, so that that instead of criminals under supervision going straight, they are back at it – just serious crimes alone committed by offenders on parole have soared by 50% – rapes, murders and other serious offences like grievous bodily harm, sexual attacks, robbery, burglary, forgery.

Such failure not only increases violent and other crime but puts additional unmanageable pressure on the police, the courts, the prisons, and full circle back to the probation service, doesn’t it?

The Prisons are in crisis, have been part-privatised with dire results, and have also experienced years of under-investment with large spending cuts and cuts to staff numbers [7,000 prison officers less], resulting in prison safety deteriorating sharply, violence rates and drug use unacceptably soaring, smuggled drugs & weapons & illegal contraband including mobile phones rising steeply and being undetected, with consequently and disgustingly ten thousand assaults on prison officers, so we now have the most disturbing conditions ever seen in our jails.

Spending on prisons was cut by 20%, so is it any wonder then that they are unsafe or that experienced prison offices are resigning in droves or that prisoners are not being rehabilitated, is it? Moreover, we have more offenders than we can accommodate in prison and that is the sole reason that they are allowed out to reoffend when they have only served half or less of the sentence that the judge decided was their correct punishment and would act as a deterrent – it is now being proposing to stop prison sentences of up to 6 months NOT because that is RIGHT, but simply to cut numbers, eh? The impact of prison failures on the police, the courts, and the probation service, is obvious, isn’t it?

Then there is the dumbing-down of the Courts and consequently their essential support elements, which has meant that criminals are out on bail instead of standing trial

[England and Wales: 1,551 offenders convicted of an offence while on bail had committed a burglary and 291 offenders were found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm while on bail in the year to June 2017, with at least six offenders found guilty of manslaughter while on bail Jul 2018]

The criminal justice system is so overloaded that each year it deals with fewer and fewer offenders [down 25% since 2010]


[The UK’s Criminal Justice is in freefall and it seems entirely unlikely that that it can be fixed short-term, and unless the government scrap the bankrupting idiot projects like Trident replacement and HS2, as well as ditching EU payments and foreign aid donations which we don’t control, IT WILL NOT BE AFFORDABLE, will it?]

The willful destruction of some of the loveliest places in the Lake District – aided and abetted by the Authorities?

Lake District


Machu Picchu, Peru

Great Wall of China The Taj Mahal

Most British people will know of the Lake District in Cumbria, even if they have never actually been able to visit it – or perhaps they might know it better by its other titles of ‘The Lakes’ or ‘Lakeland’?

Whatever, it is undoubtedly a beautiful scenic mountainous region in North West England, and indeed while two years ago it gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status, don’t hold your breath anyone – because it’s in the verge of losing that very award which equates it with the likes of Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal.

Why would that be you might wonder, eh? Well, it is because those charged with looking after it [the Lake District National Park Association (LDNPA)], seemingly is either too unconcerned or lazy or commercially driven, so couldn’t give a toss about performing that duty, and only pays lip-service to its priority task of preservation and conservation eh?

Well, the shit has well and truly hit the fan now, because World Heritage Watch has just issued last month a damning report on the current crass management of this heritage site, and have brought it to the attention of the World Heritage Committee, calling for it to intercede – that could well spell the end of the Lake District’s world status, couldn’t it?

You see, that status requires a site to remain an OUV, and the evidence is that the Lakes authorities are not only in violation of that requirement now, but are intent on making further breaches. It is noted that regulatory measures to protect beauty and tranquillity have been used by UK’s other National Park Authorities and it deplores the refusal of the Lake District National Park Authority to fulfil its statutory duty.

[OUV: Outstanding universal value, means cultural and/or natural significance which is so exceptional as to transcend national boundaries and to be of common importance for present and future generations of all humanity. As such, the permanent protection of this heritage is of the highest importance to the international community as a whole]

Now, the Lake Distract of three centuries ago, attracted as its early visitors only those who travelled for the education and pleasure of the journey, but since those distant times, it has become our most popular national park and holiday destination, famous for its finest scenery, greenest countryside, valleys, woodlands, fells and it’s grandest views with lakes, forests and mountains – so one of the best places in Britain, no less?

Oh yes, some 15 million visitors hit the Lake District each year, and while most of them do so to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, peace and quiet, or walking on gentle amble or an adventurous hike, or summiting world famous peaks like Scafell Pike (people come from all over the world come just to walk), others do so to visit specific attractions or take part in an outdoor activity, while there is a minority that have more destructive intents.

These latter are the rogue rider morons of the recreational off-road motor vehicle groups, who drive their large mud-churning 4×4 cars or ride their carving-up scrambler motorbikes and quad bikes on the unsealed roads in the Little Langdale area, devastating tracks and causing untold physical site damage and destruction of this landscape, in continuing violation of its World Heritage Status. The noise of these vehicles can be heard for miles in the valley, ruining the peace and tranquillity that brought it that status.

Green Laning – a gang of 4x4s abusive weekend use of a fell road

This activity impacts negatively on the authenticity of the site by damaging sheep farming, one of the key attributes of the OUV, and by degrading the spirit and feeling of tranquillity and remoteness. The off-road traffic also has a detrimental impact on the integrity of the World Heritage Site as it removes crucial elements necessary to express OUV. The perceptible visual and aural effects of motorised off-road vehicles make it difficult to experience the special qualities of the Lake District.

Restore these lanes to their pre-2000 condition as quiet, beautiful fell tracks

Why is this being tolerated by the LDNPA and why have they taken no effective action, we all wonder? Surely, the whole board can’t all be stupid, so whose pocket are they in then?

[The LDNPA has a clear remit:

        1. To conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage
        2. To promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of national parks by the public

To enhance their powers of conservation, they were enabled 19 years ago to ban recreational motor vehicles from green lanes by imposing Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) – and when there is a conflict between access for special groups and conservation, then greater weight must be given to conservation – yet LDNPA still seems desperate to protect the interests of off-roaders and last September it excused the ongoing protection of 4×4 drivers and motorcyclists by falsely implying they had an overriding RIGHT as road users]

It has utterly failed to fulfil this remit and has inexplicably refused to issue any TRO whatsoever since 2004 (and even that was volume non-limiting), and bizarrely it thinks that now enacting surface repairs is some kind of perverse magical solution, when it is the very presence of motor vehicles with their noise and pollution that diminishes the beauty and tranquillity of this place – surely a better track will just attract even more vehicles, won’t it? [Indeed, the Tilberthwaite track has now been completely relaid (without any local consultation) and according to Richard Leafe CEO of the National Park, it will be easier to also drive on – was THAT the real purpose, eh?].

Lake District: 0 TROs since 2004       Peak District: 6 TROs since 2014   Yorkshire Dales: 12 TROs since 2006

Sixteen years ago the LDNPA’s Corporate Operations Director described the intrusion of 4x4s on green lanes as “nearer to low-flying jets, and it really jars with the experience you’re having…”, and the draft Management Plan said: “recreational motor vehicle driving on green lanes, unsealed roads and byways is inappropriate in the Lake District National Park and should be prohibited”. WHAT THE BLOODY WELL HAPPENED TO CHANGE THAT VIEW?

Last September the Authority published a spuriously claim on their website that the Tilberthwaite Track route is in fact a ROAD – no doubt to justify giving 4x4s free reign?

Moreover, the Tilberthwaite track has only assumed, not proven vehicular rights. Such rural tracks, were built for horse drawn vehicles and walkers, and though then used for agricultural and early quarry activities, they have never been suitable for motor vehicles – especially those that absolutely blight the beauty of the surrounding area, and for example cause vehicle erosion down to bedrock and erosion over a meter deep, motorbike damage to grass verges, broken cross drains, as well as air pollution,etc  [Tilberthwaite Gill is alpine in character] – yet despite that the LDNPA deems just to sit on its hands, eh?

Furthermore, without doubt the LDNP’s aggressive pursuit of technology-based developments to attract more thrill-seeking tourists is mistaken and likely to lead to the erosion of the Lake District’s OUV and special character

Plans include a zip wire at the Honister Slate mine [a kilometre-long aerial runway is to be erected on remote mountain pass between Borrowdale and Buttermere], and for a Gondola cable car at Whinlatter [installing Swiss-style cable cars to turn honeypot tourist traps into transport hubs both at Honister Mine and another stretching across Thirlmere lake], which are viewed as wholly incompatible with the Lake District’s World Heritage Status. The visual and aural impact these projects would have on the landscape would be in direct conflict with the Lake District’s OUV and the stated purposes of the National Park. [the LDNPA also include in their schemes a new leisure pool sited next to the Theatre By The Lake in Keswick (it is said it is also planning to site a new hotel in the town as well as a leisure centre) – so no sign yet of any intention of protecting beautiful landscapes, is there?]

Then of course the Authority thinks that it is a law unto itself, so has failed to comply with guidelines that stipulate involvement of the World Heritage Centre in such plans. Last year when faced with a campaign to act on rampaging destruction and to issue TROs, it refused to even release the raw traffic data it held and had to be forced to do so by the Information Commissioner who upheld the complaint against the National Park. That meant that in January it got caught-out publishing massively reduced figures (up to 40%) in a disingenuous briefing note. Then it unbelievably equates the rights of walkers with those of 4×4 drivers and motorcyclists, and suggests that banning walkers is an option, no less? WHO EXACTLY IS PULLING THEIR STRINGS AT THE LDNPA, so that it is so bloody obstructive to issuing a TRO, eh?

The LDNPA’s briefing note, in trying to defend the indefensible of not issuing a TRO, omits to mention its obligations under crucial DEFRA guidance on TROs, which says: “Partly because of their often challenging terrain, some National Parks have seemed to attract considerable numbers of recreational vehicle users. The Government considers that in many cases a level of recreational vehicular use that may be acceptable in other areas will be inappropriate within National Parks and incompatible with their purposes.

That has been ignored, as has concentration on beauty and amenity, so the real usage figures showed that between 2004 and 2018, there had been an over 5-fold increase in the number of 4x4s on the Tilberthwaite track, and that is despite the fact that the square mile between Tilberthwaite Gill and the Brathay is said to be scenically one of the loveliest in Lakeland, yet the off-roaders have been given a free run of it for two decades and are still – why for goodness sake?

Some ninety-five percent of the Lake District National Park is not owned of course by the Authority, as it has only acquired small elements over the past seventy years or so, but it doesn’t need ownership to fulfil its duty to ensure people can access the land and make sure it cares-for the environment.


[The Lake District National Park Authority’s power is enshrined in law and that requires it to safeguard the National Park now and for future generations, but it appears that it is allowing its partners of other private landowners, stakeholders, vested interests, and commercial operations to dictate that it DOESN’T do so].


“England is the ‘mother’ of parliaments” [1865) or “England is the ‘witch’ of parliaments” [2019] – courteously of BREXIT?

SPITTING IMAGE [John Major the real culprit]

Britain was once renowned worldwide for its representative parliamentary democracy, but no longer – that guiding beam which has shone-out from our Westminster lighthouse for more than 150 years, has been well and truly extinguished, hasn’t it?

In Britain we now have a Prime Minister who is arrogant, delusional, lacking authority, untrustworthy, and a blackmailer; a divided Cabinet openly defiant of its Leader; a Government that’s utterly incompetent; a Parliament full of self-serving MPs who don’t believe in democracy; an Opposition led by an implausible, deceptive, fringe politician utterly despised by the majority of his own troops but kept in place by an infiltrated Marxist cancer; a House of Commons’ previously effective but now fractured political party structure, where disloyalty has become a badge of honour and defections endemic; with all that conjoined with an unqualified, massively overcrowded, expensive, un-reformed House of Lords stuffed with unelected, undeserving, destructive, moronic nobodies – a debacle cruelly exposed of course by the perceptive British public’s decisive vote for BREXIT, wouldn’t you say?

Have no doubt about it, but we live in an era of unprecedented turmoil in world politics, but here in UK we certainly haven’t lost our ability to outdo all others, so with what used to be seen as a Country doing a credible job in running a peoples’ democracy, we have converted that into a laughing-stock government operation, that makes a banana republic look like a class act.

Oh yes, just like such a derided republic of a century ago, we are now a Country exploited and controlled by an external agency [the not-to-be-denied EU], have become a politically unstable country, where apparently survival of our economy is now utterly dependent upon trade in a restricted single market, while our community is extremely stratified by social class, where we have a substantial oppressed living in abject poverty, an expanding but powerless middle class, and a ruling class incorporating the undeserving land and asset holding aristocracy from old, the couldn’t-care-less modern rich, the controlling elite, the political hierarchy, big business and international corporations – all employing the system of capitalism, using an imbalanced economic model by which the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise purloining national resources for the exclusive profit of the ruling class.

While democracy is all about government of the people, by the people, for the people [President Lincoln 1863], that has been turned on its head here with a supposedly democratic parliament, but much more attuned to the practices of witchery with its belief in magical skills and abilities exercised by solitary practitioners and groups – with their casting of spells on others to gain control over them by some kind of magic, as we now operate a parliament in name only, as it is cantankerous one, without dignity, and no longer capable of taking a decision or implementing action on the Country’s future.

How he hell has this unbelievable state of affairs come about, you may ask yourself? Well, as you would expect there are a number of interlocking factors involved, aren’t there? For instance, we live in times when the imminent threat of war in our land has become a hazy memory of the most elderly, and the new generation know nothing and moreover care nothing about defending the freedom and the democracy that so many of our ancestors have suffered and died for, eh?

In the now murky world of politics, we in the UK have in the last twenty-five years had to endure the unforgettable experienced of three disastrous Prime Ministers – that would be Tony Blair masquerading as a Socialist with ideology suppressed in favour of focus-group popularism, the most manipulative and wicked prime minister in living memory; David Cameron a power hungry, smart-arsed, smooth-talking con man abjectly using the cover of the Conservative party for personal fortune, the worst prime minister known in modern times; and Theresa May an egoistic survivor of continuous failure, offset with glaring unwarranted self-esteem, the most incompetent prime minister in British history without doubt. Oh yes, this sad trio will leave their legacy but ones of all the wrong kind, wouldn’t you say?

However, the catalyst that brought our whole political house of cards tumbling down has been Europe, and surprisingly (?) to many the guilty one here is butter-wouldn’t-melt-in his-mouth PM John Major the grey man. He was shoed-in as PM some thirty-years ago by vindictive Tories to thwart Michael Heseltine because he had just unseated Maggie Thatcher. He was a banker and good accountant but a mediator rather than a leader, also weak and ideas challenged, and despite that and being a dull man to boot, he was generally respected by the people, as unfortunately for the Nation he had the image of a proper gent, a lovely man and someone to be looked-up to, no less?

When you see Major spouting drivel now about the current BREXIT saga, you would never guess that it was indeed HE that actually caused the problem, would you? Yep, it was HE that acceded to the actual creation of the bloody EU in the first place and took Britain into that disastrous operation back in 1992 [Maastricht Treaty]. That indeed resulted in internecine Conservative party feuding that lasted more than a year, when he had to see-off challenges by William Rees-Mogg and other parliamentary Eurosceptic rebels, but he eventually managed to face down his critics by the gamble of tabling an explicit confidence motion in the Commons [he won by just 6%].

[So, last December May wasn’t the first to survive via that route, eh? (BUT 37% of her Tory MPs voted no confidence in her)].

Back six years ago, the Europhiles were aghast when snowflake Cameron, to take the heat off himself it has to be said, when he feared being ousted with UKIP on the march, committed to an EU Referendum, so handed the right to the grass-roots people of the UK to make the critical decision to ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’. The European brigade termed it a ‘disastrously misguided decision’ to remove that right from elected MPs, and that was because they knew there was a groundswell of anger in our Country at it being controlled and dictated to from afar.

Now, some might wonder why it is that the bulk of our elected MPs and indeed our successive governments, have been more than happy for our Country to remain in the EU. You see, NO-ONE in the EU, not any person, not any individual, not any function, nothing, is actually accountable for ANYTHING, so irrespective of any disastrous outcomes, maladministration or whatever else, no one’s head is on the block so to speak, is it?

OK then, also when it comes back to the London environment, our MPs are power kings (and queens) here in the Westminster bubble, who are paid handsomely to instruct the Executive and to enact laws to run this Country – but THEY bloody-well don’t, because the EU has the greater rights and it is the EU that determines exactly what the controlling laws will be, and it is its court that is the legal force that overrules even our Supreme Court – Britain’s system of representative parliamentary democracy is a farce where MPs become pawns and irrelevant on the significant matters, so they sleep soundly at night knowing full-well that they don’t really have a job to do – other than swindle their expensed, bank their winnings, travel the world free to get informed, and relentlessly promote their image in the media.

Oh yes, Government Ministers themselves just couldn’t do without the UK being in the EU and governed by its laws and regulations, because when they fail and regularly the shit-hits-the-fan, they can simply fall back on the un-dissectible excuse that ‘our hands are tied on this matter by EU regulations’, eh?

When the Referendum was actually held two-and-a half years ago, the Government was against BREXIT, the civil service was against BREXIT, and EVERY bleeding single party in the House of Commons was against BREXIT – not a single MP has EVER been elected to Westminster from UKIP, so the die was well and truly cast against BREXIT wasn’t it?

The Government abusively used the levers of power, substantial taxpayers’ money, and its instruments of control in an attempt to batter the voting public senseless, to vote ‘Remain’. Project Fear was orchestrated by the Treasury and its illegally acquired lacky the Bank of England, and the powerhouses of big business joined-in to cower the people into submission. The whole population was warned that a ‘Leave’ result would result in the abject destruction of the economy, a massive loss of jobs, substantial loss of income to every single UK household, and basically the end of life as we knew it, eh? We were threatened with immediate destructive events, including an emergency harsh budget, that would befall us all if we dared to defy the demand of the powers-that-be and vote for BREXIT – but WE DID!’

Only then did it become clear how vile had been the catalogue of government poisonous lies that the public had been force-fed. However, the Establishment elite nevertheless closed ranks and decided that the will of the people would have to be ignored, so that things could carry-on as normal, but the public would be assured that their decision would be ‘respected’ – the Remainers then embarked in no uncertain terms on action to ensure that the Referendum decision would be overturned “for the good of the Country”, you see?

May got to be Prime Minister by lying through her back teeth about her complete commitment to delivering the BREXIT people had voted for – which meant leaving the EU completely and all its institutions and controls. She lied about having the skills and experience to negotiate our departure to achieve that objective. Nevertheless, it was enough to terminate UKIP who seemingly then had no future purpose or role.

Her duplicity is what has driven the UK into a crisis which is probably now unresolvable. She stuffed her Cabinet with Remainers and gave the top jobs to the most ‘immovable’ ones – that included the Chancellor Philip Hammond who consequently has steadfastly refused to release the necessary funds to prepare for a ‘no-deal’ exit as he is determined to keep the UK in the EU.

The bulk of the MPs at Westminster are demonstrably without honour. All the Conservatives were elected on a manifesto to implement the BREXIT voted for – but now they won’t; all the Labour ones were elected on a commitment to accept the referendum result – but now they won’t. Parliament voted overwhelmingly to simply leave the EU if there was no acceptable deal offered – but now it won’t

Even our renowned major national newspapers, with a voice for over a century’s, have been side-lined with their voices muted so have had zero ability to prevent the out-of-control Establishment from abusing their privileged position – so much then for the so-called power of the press, wouldn’t you say?

Since last December, May’s desperate strategy has been to run the clock down until the last knockings, so that she can then face Parliament with the blackmail of agreeing her ‘unacceptable’ arrangements for BREXIT or cancelling it for 29th March as scheduled. You see because the House’s MPs are fundamentally AGAINST the public’s BREXIT anyway, the last thing they want is for Britain to implement the ‘so-called’ No-Deal, when we just walk away, which is in fact the best possible outcome. She has just delayed matters a further 2 weeks so that a decision comes just 17 days before we are scheduled to leave the EU – utterly disgraceful.

British business is robust and adaptable and all it asked for at the outset was a clear idea of what it was faced with, but instead of that May has given it two-and-a-half years of torturous uncertainty, culminating in allowing just a two-week period to deal with the fallout, and practically zero government preparation for leaving the EU.

The game plan of the Remainers is remove the option of no deal so that the EU has no incentive to renegotiate May’s crap arrangements, whence this will almost certainly lead to a delay in Britain’s departure from the EU, with a ‘temporary’ extension of our membership – which will inevitable become ‘permanent’ as we will then doubtlessly become involved in this May’s new MEP elections and the EU political agreement on the planned new budget this Spring.

[The BREXIT fiasco has simply exposed whole façade that democracy has ever existed in Britain. True power has remained, as always, in the hands of the elite and ordinary souls are allowed to just tinker at the edges to keep them quiet]


As a democratic nation we value a free press, but not an irresponsible one – like their rash reporting of Jihadist terrorists, their atrocities, and their duplicitous supporters?


A a free press, not controlled or restricted by government censorship in political or moral or religious or other matters, which unrestrainedly publishes news, books and provides media facilities, remains a fundamental right of us in a free democratic nation, doesn’t it?

Now, such journalistic freedom doesn’t come without a price unfortunately as it comes with “power without responsibility — the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages “, as British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin famously decried Beaverbrook and Rothermere the rich press barons, of nearly ninety years ago. Mind you this was not in fact a denigration of a free press, as is often perpetrated, but was directed at those controlling it at a time when for personal reasons they wanted Baldwin ousted [his repost found favour with the public and he continued for another half dozen years as the most powerful politician in the UK, eh?].

Oh yes, our press is defined by that important aspect of lacking responsibility, whence they needn’t pull their punches, don’t have to compromise, never worry about being fair, can break confidences, don’t regret generating inconvenience, revel in causing embarrassment – but they do have to tell the truth, no less.

This means that journalists can write things that others can’t even dare to say, but that is not to suggest that the press is irresponsible or operates without standards or ethics – though it is a bone of contention whether or not they always adhere to their self-imposed control, isn’t it?

However our general laws, meaning those ones not specifically restricting the press as such, can prevent publication of certain stories, if they are affected by the likes of defamation laws, or non-disclosure agreements (which has recently hit the headlines in the UK) – so some would have it that the free-press in the UK is only ‘relatively’ free

That all being so, it is disturbing when the media allows their level of irresponsibility to rise to dangerous levels and heights which indeed not only threatens its own freedom, but the freedom that our democratic society enjoys and relies-on.

In that context it has been operating in such a crass way for nearly some twenty years and that results from their reckless ‘over-detailed-reporting’ of Islamist terrorist attacks and providing a unprecedented platform for extremists. One has to understand the single major fact about Jihadist terrorism, and that is that its ultimate objective is NOT really simply to kill a crowd of innocent men, women, and children, but it IS to create a climate of utter irrational fear over a whole population and more wherever possible. The more disgusting, the more debased, the more extreme, the more blood & guts, the more innocents, the more pregnant women, the more children, the more babes in arms, the more the devastation, the more spectacular, and the more vile the atrocity, the more that ISIS objective is achieved, isn’t it?

Well, you don’t have to be all that bright to see that the final objective can only be truly attained, if dreadful news of the atrocity travels far and wide, so that even those thousands of miles away, will be shit-scared and live their lives forever in abject fear.

Is it then that the worldwide media is so less bright, that they deliver throughout the globe exactly what the terrorists need for meeting their objective at absolutely no cost – substantial repetitive publication on expensive television channels, newspapers, magazines radio, and of course the devastatingly powerful invasive internet, of their image-grabbing carnages, would you say? No, perhaps not, you might think?

You see, the coverage sucks-in the hypnotised astounded public and as a result the media make a killing (pun intended) – but then of course they are also shit-scared and disgusted, but nevertheless spread fear and trepidation wherever they go and that reinforces the panic developing everywhere, so it becomes endemic. That situation is well worth dying for as far as the follow-on indoctrinated suicide bombers are concerned, isn’t it?

This fecklessness of the media and press towards Islamic terrorism probably emanates from the 9/11 mind-boggling aircraft impact destruction of the New York Twin Towers in the United States in 2001. That’s what brought home to those operations involved in news gathering and dissemination, just how attention-grabbing and so reputational and financial rewarding reporting of such atrocities could be, eh? So, they have unacceptably continued relentlessly, and moreover even eagerly await the certain next major killing event that will swell their coffers further, while being in denial that they themselves, without playing an active part, will actually have caused it– while they get away with it unpunished here in this life, but like the Jihadists, they will have to answer to their maker at the end, wouldn’t you say?

[9/11 was a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda (the pre-cursor of ISIS involving the hijacking and crashing of passenger jet airliners that killed 2,996 people, injured over 6,000 others, and caused at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage]

The latest example of newspaper and media mindless behaviour was perpetrated by the London Times last week when it announced with an air of some false triumph, that it had tracked-down an unrepentant traitorous British Jihadi bride to a teeming refugee camp of 39,000 people in Syria.

What though was the bloody purpose of this iconic national newspaper’s expensive quest, do you think? Was it to help this Country in its ongoing battle against the murderous ISIS jihadists in our midst, those who are determined to destroy our way of life in Britain, to undo our successful fight over past centuries for personal choice and freedom, to reinforce inequality and abuse of women, to rewrite our standards of decency, to remove democracy, and to bring death and destruction to every single one of us not of the Muslim faith, do you reason? Oh no, we think not, don’t we?

Oh yes, as prayed-for by the Times, it was a major media scoop that put the Times organisation in pole position in UK and overseas news bulletins, but it was all done with absolutely zero regard to the consequences, wasn’t it? Yep, and those consequences have been both the fillip to ISIS at a time of its lowest ebb, when the jihadist terror group faces the indignity of defeat in Syria and annihilation of their self-proclaimed “caliphate”, which recently ruled over nearly eight million people across Syria and Iraq, and that combined with the massive publicly for their cause, which is the life blood of their bloodthirsty quest to rule the World

Now, many amongst us might think that after nearly five years and overwhelming cost and dreadful loss of life, we now have the fight in the bag so the defeat of Islamic terrorism is complete, eh? Well dream-on those people, because the ISIS terrorist threat is ongoing, and that is why the crass action of the Times and other media continues to put our community’s safety in continuing jeopardy.

There will be some twenty or thirty THOUSAND Jihadist fighters that travelled from other counties to facilitate ISIS atrocities ,who unfortunately have avoided death – they will remain the same ideological murderous maniacs as before capture, but now they will return to their own countries to seek further opportunities for terrorist attacks, or they will roam as bold attackers wherever there is weakness to exploit, as it did with great success before

The female the Times unearthed is one, 19-year-old Shamima Begum, who was heavily pregnant at that time but two days ago gave birth to a boy. She has said she wants to return to Britain, so has been given unwarranted media and political attention, with press and TV coverage, which has given her an unexpected and astoundingly important platform on the world stage to publicise jihadist support and as its poster girl to progress the ISIS cause. This inevitably resulted in sustained pressure from her family, ISIS fellow travellers, and the usual human rights do-gooders, to bring this evil woman and her baby back to the UK – so that they can be given free accommodation and live on benefits for life, to which not a penny has been contributed. Throughout we would spend a fortune and allocate untold security resources to monitor her activities to ‘try’ to prevent her [and later her son when grown-up] from undertaking terrorist attacks in Britain. We would not be able of course to prevent her from peddling Islamic hate and poisoning the minds of others who are off the radar, so would be better able to undertake murderous attacks on innocent men, women, and children. You see, she even now in trying to return here, believes that terrorist attacks by ISIS in the UK are perfectly justified as retaliation for destroying jihadists terrorists overseas

She is being portrayed of course as a ‘victim’ and ‘a very damaged young woman’, because she threw-in her lot with the enemy a few months before her 16th birthday. You can be bloody-well certain that she is nothing of the kind, can’t you?

She was a streetwise young female who was motivated by Islamic jihadism and was desperate to escape from the straightjacket of the dull life of a woman in a devote Muslim family and religious community, so she craved the mind-blowing excitement of life and camaraderie in a far-off country war zone, which would probably not actually include using a weapon or fighting, nor participating in atrocities. She knew exactly what she was getting into, and that she was cruelly betraying the Country that had given safe haven to her extended family from Bangladesh. She understood exactly the full nature of the ISIL army she was heading for. She recognised that it would immediately involve marriage to a selected stranger, so that she could provide sexual comfort and children to a fighter, and that simply increased the attractive aura of it all, not least in the knowledge that being a jihadi bride gave her an important and powerful role (compared to being insignificant within her London environment).

Oh yes, even the Times itself accepts that ISIS bride Begum is no innocent but nevertheless insists that her place is in Britain [the Times’ banner line is ‘Britain’s most trusted national newspaper’ – doesn’t look that way, does it?]

Well, the Times and the rest of the crowd intent in bringing a dangerous terrorist lover back to the UK can get lost, because Home Secretary Sajid Javid has already blocked that by revoking her British Citizenship. That action was previously assumed to be unavailable, as the UK will not make someone ‘stateless’. However, because Begum as well as our citizenship automatically (and equally her son) has Bangladeshi citizenship, that restriction falls. [Those that are born to at least one Bangladeshi parent acquire its citizenship at birth]

Javid’s decision can of course can be fought in the UK courts (and doubtless will be), but overturning this would take many years

 [The only ISIS fighter repatriations that Britain needs are the ones that arrive in body bags]



England’s ridiculous so-called High-Speed Rail (HS2) – time to finally put it out of its misery?

A post here over five years ago outlined exactly why the rubbish coalition government of David Cameron needed to scrap immediately the stupid idea of building the vanity project of a high speed West side rail line with 330 miles of track [High Speed Rail (HS2) – Another Sick Joke by a Sick ‘Out Of Touch’ Government August 24, 2013 by dadman007]

[High Speed 1, legally the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, is of course the mere 70-mile high-speed railway between central London and the UK end of the Channel Tunnel, commissioned between 2002 and 2007]

Well, the good news on the wires is that beleaguered Theresa May’s incompetent government is belatedly “thinking of” euthanizing this mad money-guzzling, planned but irrelevant, inappropriate, new railway.

Oh yes, over the years there have been a torrent of media criticisms and exposés from many sources of this ‘out-of-control’ project and the latest of these has apparently just been transmitted on UK television [“HS2: The Great Train Robbery” Dispatches, Chanel 4, Monday Feb 11, 8pm]. No doubt this is well worth watching in catchup by those of us who unfortunately missed it, if just to get a glimpse of just how bad things have turned out so far, eh?

HS2 is the bastard offspring of big business and the lobbying power of engineering conglomerates linked with property developers.

However, the chickens are coming home to roost now, on what was warned-of and posted here that a full half decade ago, aren’t they? Yep, while the very original conception was of a rail system with electric trains travelling at 250mph, but the truth is that there are actually no plans to operate at this speed and the track, control systems and trains being purchased will not be physically capable of it.

So in fact top speed will be 225mph max (even that probably is very optimistic, as say in comparison China’s high speed network is 5mph less), but that will actually be reduced to not exceed 200mph in normal operation (the accepted top-speed world ‘norm’, and that achieved in France – although the top speed in Germany, Italy and Spain is just 185mph per hour),and that in parts HS2 speeds will often shrink to 170 mph, and on some existing track-sections used now will only manage 125 mph [as this is achievable by our ‘normal’ trains]. That was not what we were led to believe and certainly not the fastest bullet train [that is China’s 2004 Shanghai Maglev 267 mph magnetic levitation train on its 19-mile track], eh?

Japan has already test-run a new magnetic levitation bullet train, which reached an incredible 375mph – a new world record.

The original case for HS2 was basically about speed and reduced travel time, but not only has that fallen short, but it has become much less relevant to commuters from the Midlands and the North using in-train WIFI to take the strain

The biggest bugbear of HS2 has always been the massive cost of what has now amorphized into Europe’s biggest infrastructure project – although the conceptual budget cost was actually just around £16 billion in 2009 [an enormous amount of money], but for some reason many sources these days just record the 2011 estimated cost which was double that at £33billion. Nevertheless, the duplicitous ‘official’ estimate is now at an eye-watering £56billion, so an astounding 70% increase. Even running this proposed ‘energy inefficient’ new rail service has now officially escalated 40% to an annual £6bn

In that previous post here, it noted that ‘those in the know’ reported that it would really cost some £80billion and not the £33billion estimated– however, even all that has escalated and close sources and independent industry experts are now realistically estimating £100+billion to deliver the project [HS2 is destined to be the most expensive railway ever built ANYWHERE – Britain will have achieved an unwelcome world record, making us a laughing stock in the world, wouldn’t you say?]

With at least 7000 are working on it (including massively paid executives as well are mere agency staff, as well as unaffordable consultants,  £5.5. billion [10% of the total budget, no less] spent as of a year ago so probably nearer £10billion by now, demolition work is underway in London and Birmingham, but construction has hardly started, but spending will now crank up to £4.2 billion (or much more?) every year for a decade, but not a piece of track laid, nor a bloody  train in sight or built nor designed or specified in any detail or a contract for it awarded yet, eh?

[We all well know though that historically British juggernaut government projects invariable get out of control and run monumentally over budget, so it isn’t outside the bounds of possibility that in the end HS2 will cost £160 billion as predicted here all those years ago, is it? No, and for example the original Trident cost went up by 50%, Wembley Stadium 80%, Millennium Dome 80%, Jubilee Line extension 85%, Edinburgh Trams 165%, Channel Tunnel 145%, London Olympics 250%, and the Scottish Parliament building 1000%].

To put those staggering HS2 costs in perspective, the money committed to running and improving the rest of the whole of the creaking UK blinking railway network is just only 6billion a year.

Moreover, this disastrous HS2 project of building a single new railway route will suck the very life out of all other much need rail investment and comes at the very time that the performance of the exiting network is nothing short of calamitous – meaning that customer satisfaction is at its lowest level for a decade, while passenger costs are astronomical [over the past decade rail fares have risen twice as fast as salaries], with the latest fares hike being the greatest in five years, and with fares 5 times higher than in Europe, yet travelers are crammed in carriages to such an extent that it would be illegal to transport livestock in such conditions. [UK’s most consistently overcrowded trains were those into Manchester, and the worst performing train companies served the North and for one operator only half its trains arrived on time – ‘up north’ so of little concern to the London’s powers, you see?].

It is said by experts that bad planning with completely inept decisions have wasted money to the extent that our HS2 project is around six times more expensive per mile than France’s LGV high-speed line of 2001. To boot, the National Audit Office said there was only a 60 per cent chance that the first phase of the HS2 would be completed on time.

Should we really be running high speed trains direct into major city centers with all the high cost and disruption that causes [as in London and Birmingham] or should they have a more out-of-town terminus, like airports do?

HS2 socks the UK with a double whammy as it comes together with the equally disastrous ‘Trident Replacement’ programme, that is setting out to build new submarines to carry life-extended Trident nuclear missiles.

They said at the outset this was just going to cost about £20bn and that included £15bn for submarines. That’s the tip of the iceberg though, because the reality check has to be the ‘total cost’ of the project over a potential forty-years lifespan, so that adds running and servicing costs, upgrading missiles and renewing warheads, adding infrastructure, all in addition to submarine construction – so ‘others’ had estimated the total actually to be some £100bn. Well, the current build cost for the subs rose by £1bn in one year alone and seems to have more than doubled at over £40bn – so you can expect the reality check to double also, making it over £200bn, can’t you?

The current impact of this madcap project to continue to provide a nuclear weapon worldwide deliverable capability, means basically that the Country can no longer afford the conventional military forces it requires. The ultimate consequence of that, is that we will have the ability to strike back in the event of a nuclear attack, and so help bring about the destruction of planet Earth, but if we or our allies are attacked with conventual military power, we cannot respond effectively, nor actually defend ourselves or anybody else – well done Parliament and military planners, eh?

The National Audit Office considers that the MOD department’s equipment plans for the period until 2027 is basically not affordable, while the Public Accounts Committee considers that there isn’t enough money to buy all the equipment the military says it needs, and that Defence is facing a possible affordability gap of nearly £21bn. [Britain no longer has the necessary forces to reclaim the Falklands if Argentina invades, as it was actually able to do nearly 37 years ago – is that what any of us would bloody well expect?]

To really appreciate the magnitude and impact of those overwhelming costs of the new Trident programme [perhaps £200bn], we need to compare that with the latest annual Defence budget of £48.3bn in total (the highest this century)

That cost has to cover everything from staffing & running the Army, Navy and Airforce to buying and maintaining their Tanks & Guns/Weapons & Equipment, Ships & Submarines & Armaments, Fighters, Bombers, Helicopters, Aircraft, Missiles, and all other things including Intelligence, and Surveillance & Reconnaissance, etc. It desperately needs the billions being poured into Trident so we can defend ourselves against modern threats like cyber attacks, wouldn’t you say?

Returning to the matter of HS2, it has to be pointed out that this project is anything but to do with the claimed intent of improving rail facilities in the North of England, as that is all poppycock, isn’t it? The northern cities of Manchester and Leeds are already connected to London, so where does a marginally quicker service come into it all, do you think?

Anybody can see that simply from the fact that the line is to be built in a “Y” configuration, with London underpinning it at the bottom of the “Y”, serving Birmingham at the centre, then Leeds at the top right and Manchester at the top left .It starts with a link from London to Birmingham – a route already with more than adequate train facilities, as it is currently running on average at under half of its existing passenger capacity – why should we spend a king’s ransom increasing it, blighting lives and destroying the environment, incurring massive disruption, and with precious little to show in return?

Rail transport political responsible Chris Grayling has admitted that the Government may well in fact ditch the Northern half of HS2, [the phase 2 route has yet to get parliamentary assent], and that is no great surprise really in light of the mounting costs – it demonstrates though that servicing the North was never ever the focus, doesn’t it?

This rail link is both a naively vain attempt to emulate other countries with state-of-the-art high-speed rail links, married with an unsatisfiable desire to reinforce London as the central focus of the of the UK’s economic future. To put that in context, we need to remember also, that no major rail route has been built north of London for over a century, eh? What does that tell you – the chronic north-south divide going back to Viking times still persists, so stuff anything north of Watford Gap, or what?

“Scrap HS2”

What is really needed is urgent improvements to local rail routes into major cities, which are used by millions of suffering commuters each day – that is a worthwhile use of taxpayers’ money, surely? Even more importantly perhaps, in conjunction with that, is the creation of a new growth center in the North with a new conventional rail network with east-west lines linking northern cities directly, and so allow expansion capability outside and beyond the confines of London and the south east – these cities could then compete together as one large single economy, rather than competing against one another.

Oh yes, that was previously formulated as ‘Northern Powerhouse Rail’ {nicknamed HS3], but it has simply been wilting away as it has never been adequately funded – hubs were to include Liverpool, Manchester, Manchester Airport, Leeds, Bradford, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Newcastle, and Hull


[Both trophy projects of HS2 and new Trident, need to be squashed NOW before any more billions are flushed down the toilet: regarding the fools who have supported these cash guzzlers “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” as Shakespeare eloquently put it]

The scientific community’s naive attempts to contact alien life in the Universe continues unabated – a gaggle of idiots intent on destroying mankind?

The giant Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is the second-largest radio telescope of its kind on Earth

Darth Vader  Daleks Flying saucer

You probably have heard that various scientists have been trying to communicate with aliens for over half a century now – it is likely that it first started with a space experiment by the USSR using the Crimea massive radio telescope to send Morse code messages to any intelligent extraterrestrial life that might be there on Venus. Other radio transmitted messages from Earth, in various locations by both official and maverick sources, have followed-on – known to have happened certainly two decades ago, a decade ago, and a few times even in this decade, and which have included encoded examples of human scientific discover here, described our solar system, the compounds important for life, and the structure of DNA (to prove we are a clever lot, eh?).

You probably have not heard though that the spendthrift element of our scientific community is intent of having another go this year at interacting with mythical, intelligent civilisations outside of our own solar system – this time they are going to publish via those deep space radio transmissions the periodic table of elements (as we know it), which no doubt is expected to show the aliens that we are an intellectual, sharing, diligent, friendly, and peaceful species to be trusted. Will that sufficiently pull the wool over their eyes to the extend that they won’t suspect that in reality we are something much less attractive?

Will they establish from remote that we are in fact a species in a state of perpetual war between countries and groups, that our communities are ‘dog eat dog’ orientated, that we have gained supremacy on our Earth over all other species by a maxim of ‘survival of the fittest’ enhanced by significantly lucky breaks, that we have embarked on a course of eliminating all other species on our planet that we can’t usefully subjugate or consume, that we are unbelievably cruel even to our own kind as well as other species which we also kill as a pleasure pastime, that we kill or enslave others for personal gain or desire, that we eliminate those that get in our way, that we have used our great knowledge and scientific discovery to manufacture massive quantities of firearms and produce explosives of dreadful destruction like gunpowder, TNT, dynamite, Nitroglycerin, ammonium nitrate, and the ultimate global destructor of nuclear explosive. The well off irresponsibly have both squandered the Earth’s natural resources and have practically destroyed our habitat and climate, not least by polluting the land and oceans with poisonous rubbish and plastic. Moreover, as a species we are utterly untrustworthy, wouldn’t you say?

However, as yet as far as the stupid, still alien searching astronomists are concerned, we have heard nothing back from space – what a stroke of luck, don’t you think?

You see, a decade ago renowned visionary theoretical physicist and space cosmologist Stephen Hawking (sadly deceased last year) had cautioned against trying to actively hail any alien civilisations that might be out there. The clear warned is that inviting alien civilisations that may be more advanced than ours, to be in contact with Earth is clearly a risk – and an unquantifiable one at that, isn’t it?

It seems that some village idiots amongst us seem to think that any other intelligent life would be so wise and so knowledgeable and so sophisticated that also they would be ‘peaceful’. Well, you certainly cannot and should not assume that, should you?

No, and we have plenty of examples from our past history to know that the arrival even of a more developed group of the same species can spell disaster for the existing population, eh?

Take the arrival of us armed Europeans on the continent of America – how did that turn out for the Indian native population, would you say? Or say the colonisation of Australia back in the 1700s – the indigenous Australians, Aboriginal or those of Torres Strait Islander origin, have had their culture destroyed, and the Aboriginal has been ‘written out’ of Australian history – they now number a mere three percent of the population. Even before that of course there was the arrival of the Europeans in Africa resulting the disgusting slave trade that commenced in the 15th century and peaked in the late 18th century, when the largest number of slaves were captured on raiding expeditions into the interior of West Africa – subsequent colonization befell Africa in the1800s with European imperialist aggression, military invasions, and ultimately conquest.

If ‘super-advanced’ aliens ever did visit our little ‘comparatively backward’ planet, what would you expect the outcome to be? Would they really come here to help us, to freely share their superior knowledge with us, or might they instead simply raid Earth for any useful resources (if we actually have any left) and then move on, or perhaps just eliminate us [in the way that we would crush with our shoe an insignificant beetle scurrying across the floor, even though it is of no danger to us]?

Oh yes, science fiction has for a long time held a compelling fascination for the public and has been so since the start of technology – possibly because of its implausibility? It allows us to compare humanity against other potential species and intelligences, knowing that we seem to have gained supremacy on Earth over other impressive species by seemingly significantly luck breaks – or by divine design? That is why we simply love the American epic space saga Star Wars, that started some 40 years ago no less, and the battles of us humans against its iconic characters such as Darth Vader, Greedo, Boba Fett, Supreme Leader Snoke, Jabba the Hutt, etc. [but in fiction we always win, don’t we?].

In the UK for over 50 years we have had our own bespoke science fiction television series (and film) namely Doctor Who, which portrays an eccentric, compassionate, extraterrestrial Time Lord who can crisscross the universe through time and space to do battle against injustice and evil forces, and he/she regenerates (twelve times so far), and travels using a TARDIS spaceship in the form of a magical blue police phone box of 1920s ilk. The fiction has its extraterrestrial villains of Daleks, Yartek and Voord Warriors, Cybermen, Davros, Zygons, Weeping Angels, The Beast, and The Silence.

Undoubtably because of science fiction, many in the World still understandably believe in UFOs (like flying saucers) carrying aliens visiting our planet to suss out our species. That is not just down to farfetched human imagination and hallucination, or interpretations of events that can be the trick of light or mirages, or puzzling natural phenomenon with flashes high in the atmosphere triggered by thunderstorms, but sightings are more likely to have been mind-boggling technologies involved in top secret activities, since much of the alleged alien activity of the past 80 years has ultimately been revealed as top-secret government projects like testing spy planes and the like (indeed back in the 1950s the U.S. Air Force really was working on building a supersonic saucer, but the prototypes flopped).

Anyway, even if it was actually true, do you think that aliens would have found the human race to be a good bedfellow? Do you think aliens would think of the human race as being benevolent or malevolent? If we humans ever encounter real aliens, things might turn out very different to our winning science fiction accounts, surely?

Well, there’s also the matter that if we don’t blow-up this planet with our nuclear arsenal (which seems the increasingly most likely outcome for our species), there is a near certainty chance of a life wipe out disaster occurring to planet Earth from outer space within the next ten thousand years [like a large Asteroid impact against which we are quite helpless and could wipe out humanity by causing enormous tsunamis, fires and other natural disasters, or a high energy solar flare from the Sun that would leave us with no electricity, heating, air conditioning, GPS or internet and with food and medicines going bad, or three or four other things also feared]

The very fact that humanity has never been better equipped to find life beyond Earth and despite the sterling efforts of gaggles of professional and amateur scientists and renowned research institutes have grinding away over countless years all looking for life beyond Earth in a massive Universe, but without success, the probability has to be that we are alone in the universe in terms of intelligent life (though there may well be microbial life around but yet to be discovered)

Many astronomers think that we need to be more careful about radio use in our attempts to encounter aliens. Others say that any super-advanced aliens out there will know about us already, so it’s too late to try to conceal ourselves in the universe. Well, if the latter is true, we might well really have something to worry about that should keep us awake at night, eh? We cannot of course know what kind of culture aliens might have, nor comprehend the technology they may use, but if these far-off (say 50 light-years) scientifically enhanced creatures have assessed us as a bad egg, they may well have already decided to evaporate our planet.

It could well be that they have developed a super-devastating directed-energy weapon ray that like electromagnetic radio waves can travel freely through space towards Earth at the speed of light – if its on its way already we simply won’t wake up one morning as our planet will have been completely pulverised

[Our experience of all types of life on Earth is that the survival instinct is paramount and stress response falls into three main categories – Hide, Flight, and Fight. That is what we might reasonably expect to show towards aliens and indeed them towards us, so caution needs to be our byword]