The 2019 UK General Election polls predict the result – DON’T BELIEVE IT?

Well, the Election is finally upon in the morning except of course those that have already postal voted – many fraudulently, perhaps?

Recently, every day or other day recently a contradictory election poll was published, wasn’t it? Why was that, and were they worth reading anyway, eh?

Well for start, there is a inherent error in polling, as there is even in any ‘scientific’ measurement and furthermore polling doesn’t even pass that critical test of repeatability by others, does it?

Moreover, people lie, misinterpreted the possibly loaded question, or understandably, quite simply change their mind at the actual time they cast their vote, don’t you think?

Do any of us actually care anymore? Aren’t we sick to the back teeth with politics, politicians, lying people and parties, BREXIT machinations, and General Elections in general, perhaps? Rather than suffer it, wouldn’t we all rather be ‘dead in a ditch’ as someone previously soundbite’d (i.e. lied)

The polls got in wrong in the 2015 election with a systematic overstatement of the Labour share and an equally systematic understatement of the Conservative one so failed to predict the Conservative overall majority, and for 2016 EU referendum when they failed to detect the ongoing swing and predict a Leave vote, and in 2017 election when they were uniformly wrong on Labour and also overestimated UKIP and the SNP.

This time round the polls have an impossible task not only because the minor parties have given-up trying to attract voters in favour of a Remain tactical voting ploy, but Labour’s Leader with an astounding head in the sand strategy pretends BREXIT isn’t an election issue when it is de facto centre stage, eh?

Increasingly the population and many politicians are recognising that our long standing British voting system is crap and not fit for purpose – the UK general elections are decided using the first past the post system, which singularly fails to reflect and take into account the wishes of large sections of our voters, who are now being pressurised into so called tactical voting which means voting for a political group they don’t agree with to block a different group they also don’t agree with. This is a mad idea and fraught with unexpected consequences, wouldn’t you say?

What the UK needs is a new modern world voting process – one that has been denied us by Tory and Labour parties jointly over decades, but one which retains the traditional constituency member principle where MPs have a strong local link with their voters – that would be a simple form of proportional representation known as the single transferable vote. This here would be one where voters have one vote but number their choice of candidates – their favourite as number one, their second favourite number two, and so on, and voters can put numbers next to as many or as few candidates as they like. Any candidate needs 50%+1 of the votes to be elected and if not achieved in any round, the candidate coming bottom is eliminated and their votes are reassigned in accordance with their voters’ preference

A shamed and out of touch past Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and an equally discredited and public mood challenged past Conservative one, John Major, have both crawled out from under their slimy stones, to wade into the election debate to make interjections urging voters to do just that and vote tactically, to vote against their own party of which they are still a member, and to instead back any bloody undemocratic extremist person prepared to block BREXIT.

Major has to be the most self-serving and scurrilous of the two though, as he is the one person most responsible for the massive chaos that has beset the Country for the past 5 years over the European union. Yep, it was he that took the UK from a Common Market organisation into the political union of the EU in 1993, without any referendum or approval of the British people, and indeed against the expressed will of Parliament, which had rejected the proposal. He signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty that made the shift from a Community towards a Union and laid-out the foundation for life changing key political and economic changes, including integration of an economic and monetary union and introduced a single currency, the euro, as standard for most members.

After suffering defeat, he finally forced ratification of the treaty through the Commons the very next day, abusing his Conservative MPs by making it a vote of confidence in the government, so if they thwarted him, they faced certain removal of the whip, a General Election and if the confidence vote was lost and hence immediate political oblivion for them – one eurosceptic MP left the country to be deliberately absent and indeed had the whip withdrawn. Ex-PM Thatcher roasted Major on Maastricht saying that he had ‘put his head in the fire’ by signing the treaty, as he knew the EU could not be trusted on insurances it had issued him. Is it any surprise then that Major is desperate to justify his treachery by joining the airwaves to assert to the British public that leaving the European Union is the worst foreign policy in his lifetime?

Major’s other most memorable outrage was the botched privatisation of the railways, in which ownership and operation of the British Rail of Great Britain passed from government control into private hands [the Railways Act 1993], beginning in 1994 completed by 1997. Oh yes, that deregulation of the industry was initiated by an EU Directive of course – just another consequence of the Maastricht Treaty. It was opposed by Margaret Thatcher at the time and now even ardent capitalists want it renationalised. It was screwed-up because it was a rushed job as he feared being thrown out of Downing street in the 1992 election

The thing is that ex-PMs should be given two options when they go – voluntary euthanasia, or old fashioned banishment, but these days to a uninhabited desert island, one without communications or media access, and with plenty of paper and writing materials so they can spend the rest of their lives writing misleading memoirs of their imagined political successes, which we can then pulp unread.


[VOTE FOR THE PARTY ‘YOU’ BELIEVE IN, which has policies you favour, and don’t ‘lend’ your vote to a political group whose values you don’t hold and who can’t get the support of enough voters who do believe in them, and who can’t win the argument]


The polls close on Thursday at 10pm for the 2019 UK General Election – when though will you get the result in your constituency?

It would seem that some authorities take an excessive time to obtain and count our votes in the UK General Elections, don’t you think? How comes it takes only an hour or so in some places and some twelve hours in others, eh?

Logic makes one suspect that it is down to the diverse size of the constituency and or the number of voters, but in practice it doesn’t seem to be, does it? No, it seems much more to be down to a will, detailed planning, a clear setting of objectives, use of tools, experience, continuity, and contingencies arrangement?

That is why we find that Houghton and Sunderland South constituency and its predecessor seat of Sunderland South was the first one to declare its result, in the four general elections from 1992-2005, plus in 2010 and in 2015, and was scheduled to in 2017 but apparently was pipped to the post by Newcastle upon Tyne Central.

In this Country we don’t thank goodness have a computer machine voting result, but by the actual counting of paper slips and that takes organisation, people, and time – but at least it is exciting if you are around. Sometimes, if the result is extremely close there has to be one or more ‘recounts’ and that naturally delays the matter of a declaration – but increases the thrill of election events, wouldn’t you say?



16 bellwether constituencies are highlighted

[In general elections, where the local result has a habit of matching the national result they are known as “bellwethers”]


Aberavon,                                            3am

Aberconwy,                                         3am

Aberdeen North,                                4am

Aberdeen South,                                4am

Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine,      4am

Airdrie & Shotts,                                3am

Aldershot,                                            3.30am

Aldridge-Brownhills,                          4am

Altrincham & Sale West,                  5am

Alyn & Deeside,                                  3am

Amber Valley,                                    3am

Angus,                                                  2am

Antrim East,                                        2am

Antrim North                                      1am

Antrim South,                                     2.30am

Arfon,                                                   2.30am

Argyll & Bute,                                     4.30am

Arundel & South Downs,                  6am

Ashfield,                                               5am

Ashford,                                               5am

Ashton Under Lyne,                           7am

Aylesbury,                                           5.30am

Ayr Carrick & Cumnock,                    4am

Ayrshire Central,                                4am

Ayrshire North & Arran,                   3am

Banbury,                                              5am

Banff & Buchan,                                 4am

Barking,                                                3am

Barnsley Central,                                3am

Barnsley East,                                     3am

Barrow & Furness,                             4am

Basildon & Billericay,                         3am

Basildon South & Thurrock East,    3am

Basingstoke,                                        5am

Bassetlaw, Bath,                                4am

Batley & Spen,                                    5am

Battersea                                             1am

Beaconsfield,                                      5am

Beckenham,                                        4am

Bedford,                                               5am

Bedfordshire Mid,                              5am

Bedfordshire North East,                  6am

Bedfordshire South West,                6am

Belfast East,                                        2am

Belfast North,                                     3am

Belfast South,                                     3am

Belfast West,                                      3am

Bermondsey & Old Southwark,       4am

Berwickshire,                                      5.30am

Berwick-upon-Tweed,                       12pm

Bethnal Green & Bow,                      4am

Beverley & Holderness,                    4am

Bexhill & Battle,                                 5am

Bexleyheath & Crayford,                  3am

Birkenhead,                                         4am

Birmingham Edgbaston,                   5.30am

Birmingham Erdington,                    4.30am

Birmingham Hall Green,                   6am

Birmingham Hodge Hill,                    5am

Birmingham Ladywood,                    5am

Birmingham Northfield,                    4am

Birmingham Perry Barr,                    6am

Birmingham Selly Oak,                      5am

Birmingham Yardley,                         5am

Bishop Auckland,                               3am

Blackburn,                                           3am

Blackley & Broughton,                      4am

Blackpool North & Cleveleys,          4.30am

Blackpool South,                                4.30am

Blaenau Gwent,                                  2am

Blaydon,                                               3.30am

Blyth Valley,                                        12pm

Bognor Regis & Littlehampton,       6am

Bolsover,                                             4.30am

Bolton North East,                             3am

Bolton South East,                             3am

Bolton West, Bosworth,                   4am

Bootle,                                                 3am

Boston & Skegness,                           5am

Bournemouth East,                           3am

Bournemouth West,                         3am

Bracknell,                                             4am

Bradford East,                                     5am

Bradford South,                                  6am

Bradford West,                                   5am

Braintree,                                            5am

Brecon & Radnorshire,                     3am

Brent Central,                                     3am

Brent North,                                        3am

Brentford & Isleworth,                      5am

Brentwood & Ongar,                         4am

Bridgend,                                             5am

Bridgwater & Somerset West,         6am

Brigg & Goole,                                    5am

Brighton Kemptown,                         6am

Brighton Pavilion,                              6am

Bristol East,                                         5am

Bristol North West,                            3am

Bristol South,                                      5am

Bristol West,                                       5am

Broadland,                                           6.30am

Bromley & Chislehurst,                     4am

Bromsgrove,                                       6am

Broxbourne,                                        1.30am

Broxtowe,                                            4am

Buckingham,                                       5.30am

Burnley,                                               2.30am

Burton,                                                3am

Bury North,                                         2am

Bury South,                                         2am

Bury St Edmunds,                              4.30am

Caerphilly,                                           2.30am

Caithness Sutherland & Easter Ross,   5am

Calder Valley,                                      5am

Camberwell & Peckham,                  4am

Camborne & Redruth,                       6am

Cambridge,                                          5am

Cambridgeshire North East,             6am

Cambridgeshire North West,           2am

Cambridgeshire South East,            5.30am

Cambridgeshire South,                     3.30am

Cannock Chase,                                  4am

Canterbury,                                         3am

Cardiff Central,                                   4am

Cardiff North,                                     4am

Cardiff South & Penarth,                  4am

Cardiff West,                                       4am

Carlisle,                                                3am

Carmarthen East & Dinefwr,            2am

Carmarthen West & Pembrokeshire South, 4am

Carshalton & Wallington,                 4am

Castle Point,                                        2.30am

Ceredigion,                                          2am

Charnwood,                                        5am

Chatham & Aylesford,                       6am

Cheadle, Chester,                               5am

Chelmsford,                                        4am

Chelsea & Fulham,                             4am

Cheltenham,                                       4am

Chesham & Amersham,                   4am

Chesterfield,                                       4am

Chingford & Woodford Green,        4am

Chippenham,                                      7am

Chipping Barnet,                                4.30am

Chorley,                                               3am

Christchurch,                                      3am

Chryston & Bellshill,                          3am

Cities of London & Westminster,    3.30am

City of, Chichester,                            5am

Clacton,                                                3.30am

Cleethorpes,                                       3am

Clwyd South,                                       2am

Clwyd West,                                        3am

Clydesdale & Tweeddale,                 3.30am

Coatbridge,                                         3am

Colchester,                                          4am

Colne Valley,                                       5am

Congleton,                                           7am

Copeland,                                            4am

Corby,                                                  4.30am

Cornwall North,                                  6.30am

Cornwall South East                          9am

Cotswolds The,                                   7am

Coventry North East,                         3am

Coventry North West,                       3am

Coventry South, Crawley,                 3am

Crewe & Nantwich,                           7am

Croydon Central,                                4am

Croydon North,                                  4am

Croydon South,                                  4am

Cumbernauld Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East,    4am

Cynon Valley,                                      3am

Dagenham & Rainham,                     3am

Darlington,                                          1.30am

Dartford,                                             5am

Daventry,                                             5am

Delyn                                                    3am

Denton & Reddish,                            6.30am

Derby North,                                       6am

Derby South,                                       3am

Derbyshire Dales,                               5am

Derbyshire Mid,                                 4am

Derbyshire North East,                     6am

Derbyshire South,                              3am

Devizes,                                               6.30am

Devon Central                                     7.30am

Devon East,                                         6am

Devon North,                                      5am

Devon South West,                            6am

Devon West & Torridge                    8am

Dewsbury,                                           5am

Don Valley,                                          4am

Doncaster Central,                             5am

Doncaster North,                               5am

Dorset Mid & Poole North,              6am

Dorset North,                                     6am

Dorset South,                                      5am

Dorset West,                                       5am

Dover,                                                  3.30am

Down North,                                       2am

Down South,                                       5am

Dudley North,                                     4am

Dudley South,                                    4am

Dulwich & West Norwood,              3.30am

Dumfries & Galloway,                       3.30am

Dumfriesshire,                                    3.30am

Dunbartonshire East,                        3am

Dunbartonshire West,                      3am

Dundee East,                                      2.30am

Dundee West,                                     2.30am

Dunfermline & Fife West,                3am

Durham City of,                                  3.30am

Durham North West,                         3.30am

Durham North,                                   3.30am

Dwyfor Meirionnydd,                        3am

Ealing Central & Acton,                     3am

Ealing North,                                       3am

Ealing Southall,                                   3am

Easington,                                           3am

East Ham,                                            4am

East Kilbride,                                       2am

East Lothian,                                       3am

Eastbourne,                                         4.30am

Eastleigh,                                             3am

Eddisbury,                                           4.30am

Edinburgh East,                                  4am

Edinburgh North & Leith,                 4am

Edinburgh South West,                     4am

Edinburgh South,                               4am

Edinburgh West,                                4am

Edmonton,                                          3.30am

Ellesmere Port & Neston,                 5am

Elmet & Rothwell,                              5.30am

Eltham,                                                4am

Enfield North,                                     3.30am

Enfield Southgate,                             3am

Epping Forest,                                    2am

Epsom & Ewell,                                  5am

Erewash,                                              3am

Erith & Thamesmead,                       4am

Esher & Walton,                                 4am

ewkesbury,                                          6am

Exeter,                                                  3am

Falkirk,                                                 2am

Fareham,                                             2am

Faversham & Kent Mid,                    5am

Feltham & Heston,                            4am

Fermanagh & South Tyrone,            5am

Fife North East,                                  2am

Filton & Bradley Stoke,                     4.30am

Finchley & Golders Green,               5am

Folkestone & Hythe,                          4am

Forest of Dean,                                   6am

Foyle                                                     1am

Fylde,                                                    4am

Gainsborough,                                    6am

Garston & Halewood,                       4am

Gateshead,                                          4am

Gedling,                                               4am

Gillingham & Rainham,                     6am

Glasgow Central,                                3am

Glasgow East,                                     3am

Glasgow North East,                          3am

Glasgow North West,                        3am

Glasgow North,                                  3am

Glasgow South West,                        3am

Glasgow South,                                  3am

Glenrothes,                                         2am

Gloucester,                                         4am

Gordon,                                               4am

Gosport,                                               3am

Gower,                                                 4am

Grantham & Stamford,                     5am

Gravesham,                                         5.30am

Great Grimsby,                                   3.30am

Great Yarmouth,                               5.30am

Greenwich & Woolwich,                   4am

Guildford,                                            5am

Hackney North & Stoke Newington,     4am

Hackney South & Shoreditch,          6am

Halesowen & Rowley Regis,             4am

Halifax,                                                 5am

Haltemprice & Howden,                   4am

Halton,                                                 2am

Hammersmith,                                   3am

Hampshire East,                                 4.30am

Hampshire North East,                     5am

Hampshire North West,                    4am

Hampstead & Kilburn,                       3am

Harborough,                                       7am

Harlow,                                                3.30am

Harrogate & Knaresborough,          3am

Harrow East,                                       5am

Harrow West,                                     5am

Hartlepool,                                          2.30am

Harwich & Essex North,                    4am

Hastings & Rye,                                  2am

Havant,                                                3am

Hayes & Harlington,                          4am

Hazel Grove,                                       5am

Hemel Hempstead,                            5.30am

Hemsworth,                                        5am

Hendon,                                               4am

Henley,                                                 6am

Hereford & Herefordshire South,   5am

Herefordshire North,                        4am

Hertford & Stortford,                        4am

Hertfordshire North East,                 3am

Hertfordshire South West,               4am

Hertsmere,                                          4am

Hexham,                                              5am

Heywood & Middleton,                    3.30am

High Peak,                                           4am

Hitchin & Harpenden,                       5am

Holborn & St Pancras,                       3am

Hornchurch & Upminster,                4am

Hornsey & Wood Green,                  3am

Horsham,                                             5.30am

Houghton & Sunderland South       11pm

Hove,                                                    5.30am

Huddersfield,                                      7am

Hull East, Hull North,                         3am

Hull West & Hessle,                           3am

Huntingdon,                                        3am

Hyndburn,                                           3am

Ilford North,                                        3.30am

Ilford South,                                        3.30am

Inverclyde,                                          2.30am

Inverness,                                            5am

Ipswich,                                                4am

Isle of Wight,                                      3am

Islington North,                                  2.30am

Islington South & Finsbury,              2.30am

Islwyn,                                                  3am

Jarrow,                                                 3am

Keighley,                                              6am

Kenilworth & Southam,                    2am

Kensington,                                         4am

Kettering                                              12.30am

Kilmarnock & Loudoun,                    2am

Kingston & Surbiton,                         5am

Kingswood,                                         5am

Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath,               2am

Knowsley,                                            3am

Lagan Valley,                                      1.30am

Lanark & Hamilton East,                   3am

Lancashire West,                                4am

Lancaster & Fleetwood,                    6am

Leeds Central,                                     4.30am

Leeds East,                                          4.30am

Leeds North East,                               5.30am

Leeds North West,                             5.30am

Leeds West,                                        5am

Leicester East,                                    7am

Leicester South,                                 6am

Leicester West,                                   7am

Leicestershire North West,              4am

Leicestershire South,                         6am

Leigh,                                                    2.30am

Lewes,                                                  5am

Lewisham Deptford,                          4.30am

Lewisham East,                                   4am

Lewisham West & Penge,                4am

Leyton & Wanstead,                         4am

Lichfield,                                              4am

Lincoln,                                                3.30am

Linlithgow & Falkirk East,                 3.30am

Liverpool Riverside,                           4am

Liverpool Walton,                              5am

Liverpool Wavertree,                        4am

Liverpool West Derby,                     4am

Livingston,                                           3.30am

Llanelli,                                                 2am

Londonderry East,                             4am

Loughborough,                                  5am

Louth & Horncastle,                          5am

Ludlow,                                                2.30am

Luton North,                                       7am

Luton South,                                       7am

Macclesfield,                                       7am

Maidenhead,                                      4.30am

Maidstone & The Weald, Manchester Central,      5am

Makerfield,                                         3am

Maldon,                                               3.30am

Manchester Gorton,                          5am

Manchester Withington,                  5am

Mansfield, Newbury,                         3.30am

Meon Valley,                                       7am

Meriden,                                              4am

Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney,             3am

Middlesbrough South & Cleveland East,       5am

Middlesbrough,                                  3am

Midlothian,                                         3am

Milton Keynes North,                        7am

Milton Keynes South,                        6.30am

Mitcham & Morden,                         2.30am

Mole Valley,                                        4.30am

Monmouth,                                         4am

Montgomeryshire,                            2.30am

Moray,                                                 3am

Morecambe & Lunesdale,                6am

Morley & Outwood,                          7am

Motherwell & Wishaw,                     2.30am

Na h-Eileanan an Iar,                         2am

Nairn Badenoch & Strathspey,       5am

Neath,                                                  3am

New Forest East,                                5am

New Forest West,                              5am

Newark,                                               5am

Newcastle upon Tyne Central         1am

Newcastle upon Tyne East               1am

Newcastle upon Tyne North,           2am

Newcastle-under-Lyme,                   4am

Newport East,                                    3am

Newport West,                                   3am

Newry & Armagh,                              4.30am

Newton Abbot,                                   4.30am

Norfolk Mid,                                       4am

Norfolk North,                                    5am

Norfolk North West,                          6am

Norfolk South West,                          6am

Norfolk South,                                    4am

Normanton,                                        5am

Northampton North,                        3am

Northampton South,                         3am

Northamptonshire South,                5am

Norwich North,                                  5.30am

Norwich South,                                  4am

Nottingham East,                               5am

Nottingham North,                            5am

Nottingham South,                            5am

Nuneaton                                            1am

Ochil & Perthshire South,                 3am

Ogmore,                                              4am

Old Bexley & Sidcup,                         4am

Oldham East & Saddleworth,          6am

Oldham West & Royton,                  5am

Orkney & Shetland,                           5am

Orpington,                                           4am

Oxford East,                                       2am

Oxford West & Abingdon,                6am

Paisley & Renfrewshire North,        3am

Paisley & Renfrewshire South,        2.30am

Pendle,                                                 4am

Penistone & Stocksbridge,               5am

Penrith & The Border,                       3.30am

Perth & Perthshire North,                3am

Peterborough,                                    2am

Plymouth Moor View,                       4am

Plymouth Sutton & Devonport,      4am

Pontefract & Castleford,                  5am

Pontypridd,                                         4am

Poole,                                                   5am

Poplar & Limehouse,                         4am

Portsmouth North,                           6am

Portsmouth South,                            6am

Preseli Pembrokeshire,                     4am

Preston,                                               3.30am

Pudsey,                                                5am

Putney                                                  1am

Rayleigh & Wickford,                        4am

Reading East,                                      6am

Reading West, ,                                 6am

Redcar,                                                 3.30am

Redditch,                                             4.30am

Reigate,                                                3.30am

Renfrewshire East,                            3am

Rhondda,                                             3am

Ribble Valley,                                      2am

Richmond (Yorks),                             5am

Richmond Park,                                  4am

Rochdale,                                            3.30am

Rochester & Strood                           6aM

Rochford & Southend East,             3am

Romford,                                             4am

Romsey & Southampton North,      4.30am

Ross, Skye & Lochaber,                     5am

Rossendale & Darwen,                     4am

Rother Valley,                                     3am

Rotherham,                                         3am

Roxburgh & Selkirk,                           5.30am

Rugby,                                                  5am

Ruislip Northwood & Pinner,           4am

Runnymede & Weybridge,               4am

Rushcliffe,                                           5am

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tba                                                        tba

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[Here’s hoping you gat the MP you voted for]


The Millennials indeed have the vote and will doubtless skew Britain’s December General Election – pity they know & understand nothing about the world of politics though?

A post here in April outlined some worries by Baby Boomers about the British millennials cohort, age from about twenty to forty, and their scant knowledge of the past and their abject unappreciation of our Country’s democracy and the sacrifices made by their ancestors to establish it, eh?

Well, the UK now faces ANOTHER General Election next week, which will be the third in just fifty-four months, which means an average of just 1½ years apiece for each government, when nowadays we are ‘supposed’ to have 5 years free of such national upheavals, aren’t we?

Nevertheless, that means we all, including millennials, need to caste our votes on 12 December, whatever our knowledge or political leanings, doesn’t it? Yes, but unfortunately, obviously with some exceptions to this overgeneralization, the millennials group of people have now only ONE WEEK to reeducate themselves on the major aspects of political doctrines, individual past records, and endemic economic success or failure, to avoid making silly errors when they vote, don’t you think?

For a start, do they know anything about communism (Marxism-Leninism), what it is, and what is its history and outcomes, when that ideology is actually implemented in society?

Well, communism/Marxism is a theory and method conceived by Karl Marx during the 19th century and is the total replacement of market capitalism by the establishment of a socioeconomic order structured society, with a utopian concept whereby social classes are eliminated, everyone is equal, nobody owns property nor anything else, the State alone makes the decisions in all matters and it governs the whole shebang and totally plans the economy, it itself controls the means of all production and services, everything is nationalised, and of course all religion is abolished – as then the State is the sole god eh?

It is a telling fact just how state communism was brought about, isn’t it? Yep, it resulted during the final phase of World War I from a 1917 revolution that included the assassination of Rasputin, but didn’t just end with the abolishment of monarchy but with the wholesale slaughter in a mansion cellar of the Romanovs family, even their doctor and servants– thereby commenced the communist tyranny that lasted there and in its ‘acquired’ republics for over half a century until the disintegration of soviet union in 1991

[Shocking wanton massacre:       ex-tsar Nicholas II, ex-tsarina Alexandra, their five children Olga [daughter 22], Tatiana [daughter 21], Maria [daughter 19], Anastasia [daughter 17], Tsarevich Alexei [son 13], family doctor Eugene Botkin, and their four remaining servants]

Unfortunately, the corpse of Russian communist tyranny has had new life blown into its lungs by Vladimir Putin who has circumvented its constitution to completely run the show for 20 years and has succeeded in exporting its vile influence around the World, and has established cold war2, while the forces of good appear transfixed, eh?

It only took half a dozen years for Stalin to grab total power in the Soviet Union and become one of the vilest murderous dictators the world has ever seen, as his regime was first estimated to have killed 20 million or higher, and later archival revelations detailed a minimum of eight thousand executions, over one and three quarter million in prison camps, nearly a million in forced resettlements, and at least six and a half million by famine, You see mass killing has always been the way of communists doing their business

There is a basic problem with communism in that despite its good intensions it delivers bad outcomes, and that’s primarily because it goes against the grain of entrenched animal behaviour and clashes confrontationally with basic human instincts and inescapable desire for freedom.

That means that whenever and wherever communism has been introduced, it has to be ‘imposed’ by force and violence, so it becomes a system with a police state, military control, firing squads, informers, punishment crews, jailed dissidents, labour camps, repression, one party state, political persecution, and socialist revolution, all inevitably accompanied by misery, poverty, and oppression

One wonders if the millennials have ever heard of the Berlin Wall or even understand the significance of its very existence or demise. That monstrosity delivers a very clear message and a telling example of just how communism fails its population, doesn’t it? Yes, because there we have there a very real comparison site result of the Marxist type of modern communism verses established democratic capitalism.

You see, at the end of WWII Germany was split in two – so twins by analogy if you like. So, we all have had an opportunity to witness one answer to the the nature versus nurture debate – one of the oldest issues in psychology. Half of Germany was acceded to the Soviets and became communist East Germany DGR, while the other half was retained by the Allies and was therefore a democratic Federal Republic FRG, plus that the city of Berlin, although located in the east half, was also divided and became East Berlin and West Berlin respectively

Well, the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 by the communists simply to stop their citizens escaping to the western sector – in a dozen years 15% of the East German population had absconded to the W est. The large concrete Berlin Wall was the world’s deadliest border, with guard towers manned by shoot to kill sentries together with its with dog runs, and accompanied by a wide area (later known as the “death strip”) that contained mines, anti-vehicle trenches, wooden fakir beds of nails, and other defences against ‘non-prisoner’ potential escapees.

However, after 30 years the people started smashing it down in November 1989 as their oppressors finally gave up when the East German communist system had suffered utter collapse as the country was bankrupt.

By then, the GDR ‘twin’ was both grimy and wretched, housing was without developed facilities, food was basic and sparse, and the scared people were poor, deprived, and without even the common things prevalent in normal society, and certainly most of them could only dream of owning even a ramshackle motorcar – well at least the roads were empty, eh?

That contrasts of course with the affluent FRG ‘twin’, with its people living in a relative paradise with their upmarket fast luxury cars and a Western lifestyle to match. Within a year Belin was unified, and it became the capital as East Germany was absorbed, and Germany became a single country once again.

If you need another example of twins’ different development, perhaps you could consider north and south Korea? They share a border and were once united but their system outcomes are as different as chalk and cheese

North Korea is now a communist country, one of the most isolated economies in the world today, reliant on Chinese support and led by dynasty politics, it operates under a command economy and suffers from economic mismanagement, applies a doctrine of songun (military-first), poverty is extensive with forty percent of the population living below the poverty line, food is problematic and there have been periods of mass starvation, pervasive censorship prevails and there is extensive media manipulation. Human rights are non-existent, as demonstrated by prison camps, torture and inhuman treatment, arbitrary detention, discrimination, absence of freedom of expression, violations of the right to life, no freedom of movement, and enforced disappearances, 200,000 prisoners incarcerated in camps that are dedicated to political crimes, and subjected to forced labor, physical abuse, and execution

Whereas neighbouring South Korea has gradually stabilised into a liberal democracy of a multi-party system with a President as head of state, executive power exercised by the government, and substantial development in education, economy, and culture. It is a mixed economy, combining free market principles with central planning by the government. It is a country that generally respects basic civil and political liberties, although however it reportedly maintains unreasonable restrictions on freedom of expression, association, and assembly. Because of the Korean war the South was one of the poorest countries in the world for over a decade, but all that was changed through growth of the industrial sector and its transformation into a successful exporter of everything from consumer electronics and smartphones to kimchi food and K-Pop music, and now that tiny Asian nation it has even surpassed India on several socio-economic parameters

Then we have China, the world’s third largest country after Russia and Canada, which has established a major foothold of communism in Southeast Asia, and has followed the normal pattern of communist society with oppression of the population by military force, as exampled by power being preserved with tanks against student democracy demonstrators in the Tiananmen square of Beijing, the capital of China, in in the same year as the Berlin Wall came down. It was a tragic showdown with death toll possibly of several hundred to thousands and as many as 10,000 people were arrested – a disgraceful national episode that is still hidden by its government from its people by widespread rigid censorship.

As most recently exposed, leaked classified documents confirmed prevalent claims that China operates a vast prison camp network chain, which is used to detain at least a million people from the nation’s Muslim minorities. As you would expect from such a regime, it said they had been fabricated when we know well that the documents are consistent with mounting evidence that the country runs detention camps that are secret, involuntary and used for ideological “education transformation, eh?

Chairman Mao, a Chinese communist revolutionary, of ‘red book’ infamy, was the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, established through civil war of course, which he ruled with an iron fist from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976. He has been blamed for a famine that cost up to 45million lives in China during the communists’ ‘Great Leap Forward’ between 1958 and 1962

[Today, other than Russia, the existing Communist states in the world are in China, Cuba, Laos and Vietnam]

Then of course there is Socialism, which shouldn’t normally be confused with communism, except that in Britain the socialist Labour party has been taken-over by the Marxists and its leader Jeremy Corbyn is are of that ilk. Six years ago second in command and now Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said on camera ‘Look, I’m straight, I’m honest with people: I’m a Marxist’, as well as at the same time he celebrated the global financial crisis that all but destroyed our lives, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, plunged our economy into a recession and forced our taxpayers to bail out the banks with his triumphant words ‘I waited all my life for banking crisis’

Socialism is at its core an economic philosophy, whereas communism is economic but overrulingly political, while extreme socialism verges on Marxism. Here in the UK, the socialists are intent of delivering the latter, and have been vocal advocates for the regime in Venezuela, which they have described as being socialism in action, but what has been the outcome for that country, eh?

Well, in Venezuela there is an ongoing, uncontrolled, and growing crisis, brought about by a extreme socialist regime that embarked on a disastrous social-justice escapade to redistribute wealth from business to the State with nationalisation, and well-off to poor, implementing a revolutionary ultra-left-wing ideology (Chavismo), which was enacted with brutal suppression and simply destroyed the former Venezuelan democracy, eliminated independent media, and controlled justice and the courts – implementing social policies that resulted in government uncontrolled overspending, which caused shortages, and allowed the inflation rate to grow like Topsy. So, while twenty years ago, it was the richest economy in South America due to its oil, with substantial production and massive reserves, today their democracy and freedom is in the gutter, there is hyperinflation of 10 million % the highest in the world, the community is largely poverty-stricken, and water, sanitation, electricity, medicine, money, and even food, are all either rationed or unavailable, the health system has buckled as there are no medicines, and the oppressed population have been on the streets demonstrating for 2 years, but in a premeditated policy of the authorities, they face illegitimate force, with violent and lethal acts [over 160 people have been killed].

On the other hand, free market capitalism brings its own problems, not least of which is that some get obscenely mega rich and indeed the wealth gap between rich and poor widens, but don’t believe a word of the crap propaganda that the poor get poorer, will you? The fact is that global extreme poverty has dramatically declined by half over 30 years so we are well on the way to reaching the UN goal of eradicating poverty by 2030, aren’t we? Market forces and commerce have not only significantly helped in that, but has fostered equality and health as well.

[Capitalism becomes more palatable when accompanied with a reasonable dose of socialism]


An essential guide to the UKs 2019 General Election – a brand new Christmas ‘Panto Day’ production?


It’s probably many years since most British voters attended a traditional Christmas pantomime, but most will remember the excitement as children watching and vocally participating, singing along, booing and shouting, “he’s behind you” as the baddies came on stage

Unfortunately, in this latest panto there simply are no goodies, but only the acts of the supervillains, eh? So, before Christmas we have to face-down the villainous living legends of complicity, deceit, lies, and unrealistic outcomes in the political fairy tales of the likes of:

Aladdin with Boris Johnson’, who from childhood wanted to be world king, is a loveable buffoon, and a smooth-talking serial philanderer, but in character is looking villainous while masquerading as Jafar the crown’s most trusted advisor, although also perhaps an evil sorcerer clearly plotting to rule, and a slick, deceptive, manipulative, and malicious advisor trying to bamboozle and influence a confused, politically exhausted by BREXIT, electorate, eh? Well, also he is a leader, who like his two predecessors, is adept at living the bare-faced lie that he has negotiated a DIFFERENT ‘good deal’ for the UK, but uniquely is now offering riches to the nation in terms of public spending, when the glaring truth is that the current party machine is doing nothing more than ‘proposing’ to restore some of what it has purloined from those least able to give, since 2010, eh? Furthermore, he has already reinstated 10 of the blocker MPs who halted his commitment “NO IF’S OR BUT’S” to leave the EU on 31st October, so four of them can now re-enter the Commons after the Election to replicate such actions. He not only promised something he couldn’t deliver, so excuses that by blaming parliament, but now he is claiming ‘You can do free trade deals based on zero tariffs, zero quotas, and most importantly the whole of the UK comes out, England, Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland come out together, and what it means you take back control as a country, your money, your borders, your laws”. Sound like what he previously offered the population, eh? He has now even abdicated responsibility to the Brexit party for getting re-elected and “getting BREXIT done“ by demanding that they don’t field their parliamentary candidates so he can unfairly win more seats, eh? Risking getting a majority is MORE important to him than delivering the BREXIT we voted for

Dick Whittington, staring the principal antagonist bad guy ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ as the Demon King who enters from extreme stage left, because left is traditionally associated with the devil, to terrify the voters in the street with a vision of social-justice socialism for Britain akin to that of ‘Venezuela’, eh? In a wealth redistribution escapade of just 20 years, a democratic oil-rich affluent country with the richest economy in South America, with its mostly urban and educated population having access to clean drinking water, sanitation facilities and electricity, has been transformed into a corrupt poverty stricken undemocratic land with no imports, £70billion in outstanding debt of which the bulk is in default so access is lost to international capital markets, featuring a ruinously crashed moribund economy with most businesses collapsed, an impoverished community facing water, sanitation, electricity, medicine, money, and even food, all either rationed or unavailable, a people unsupported by a buckled health system. [By contrast in this panto version there is no Good Fairy appearing from the right, eh?]

Cinderella, originally a mythical story of unjust oppression and triumphant reward, but here it’s a non- dazzling comedy with a cast of nobodies headed not by the title character, who doesn’t appear nor does the magical fairy godmother, but by an ‘uncanny’, wet-behind-the-ears, youngish Scot and apparent socialist liberalist ‘Jo Swinson’ as wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine together with the pair of truly Ugly Stepsisters in supporting cast. In standard panto the latter are played by men in frocks pretending to be ladies, who wear silly outfits and have lots of make-up on their faces and silly wigs on their heads but in this production however they are genuine females nevertheless with equally silly images, while their pretence is all about having any long-term relevance to UK politics – these are convincingly played though by its supposedly green committed, solidary MP Caroline Lucas, with her ‘ex-Eurosceptic’ party’s dubious aims to create a just, equitable and sustainable society, but is now linked with Liz Saville Roberts an MP who seemingly seeks independence on behalf of the Welsh whist instead remaining under control of the EU, but nevertheless leader of a party in the Commons that is so unpopular that it holds only 4 of the 40 Welsh seats there. So, these are three supposed parliamentarians who decry democracy because they disagree with the voters, and hence cynically have formed a ‘Remain’ alliance, albeit to the anger of many of their grassroots members, to try to thwart the population’s BREXIT decision

Peter Pan with ex-City trader and long standing brexiteer Nigel Farage MEP performing in the flamboyant villainous bad boy character of Captain Hook, swaggering about the country ship and sneering in an unmatchable way at all others, while strutting about and amply proving his unrequited ambition to be in charge of politics. He formed a new party that would be honest, controlled by its supporters, and unlike the existing ones could be trusted to do what it said. However, having already been rejected 7 times, he himself daren’t stand for parliament again, he demanded a clean break BREXIT and that the tory withdrawal agreement was ditched but then HE accepted it would indeed stand, then HE let his supporters and the general public down when he promised to field candidates in every constituency but reneged on that by standing down 317 being half of them at the twelfth hour when his bluff was called – today it is reported that he will stand down a further 43 candidates. Moreover, his character is tainted by his close friendship with and approval of sleezebag Donald Trump, instead of just appropriate, respectful, acquiescence, acceptance of the ‘current’ continuance of his US presidency, eh?

Robin Hood at some unfortunate places featuring the independent villains playing the evil Prince John and the even eviller Sheriff of Nottingham or just an outrageous Dame. These of course include MPs thrown out of parliamentary parties as untrustworthy and reneging on commitments made to their constituencies and who gutlessly refused to face their electorate until a General Election was forced on them, eh? Amongst them you will find euroman and ‘pretend’ Briton Dominic Grieve, a Tory ex-Attorney General, best known for over years opposing and scuppering BREXIT. He partly lives in France, and is of course as you might expect, the president of the ‘Franco-British Society’, a holder no less of France’s ‘Legion of Honour’, and broadcasts not in the UK but in French on French radio and television. He was deselected by his constituency party 3 months ago, but he as an independent now has the pledged support of the Beaconsfield LibDems who have withdrawn their candidate Rob Castell as they are grateful for his clandestine backing as a Conservative MP for their ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ campaign – don’t worry Grieve will simply be spending more time with his family and friends in his beloved France, eh?

Ask yourself this “Can you actually trust ANY of our political parties or our politicians”. Do you BELIEVE that the massive spending promises that are being made before the 12th December will actually be delivered in practice when power is achieved for 5 years, eh?

Perhaps you have pondered why in the UK we put a ‘cross’ ✖ in a box to vote for our chosen candidate in an Election, and not a ‘tick’✔ which is the normal checkmark of approval or yes, as opposed to that of the cross for non-approval or no, eh? Well, back as early as the 9th century, scribes validated documents using the sign of the cross, and in more recent ancient times a cross was written on documents as a proof of a person’s identity and intent when they were uneducated and couldn’t write. What does it tell us about imitation democracy in Britain when our elite politicians still put us voters in that category of being inferior beings? You see, the political classes resent and rue the reforms that brought about general voting rights and universal suffrage with voting rights for women – they hanker for the days when only the elite land owners and rich had any say in running the Country, and when MPs answered to nobody, as we voters don’t understand what we vote for, they say?


[It is imperative that ALL us voters exercise the right that others have died to give us, as otherwise it will be lost. But what do we do when placed in the predicament created by the current lot of politicians? Let your voice he heard – write on the ballot paper “NONE OF THE ABOVE”]


Remember, remember, the fifth of November – in truth ‘Guy Fawkes’ came to be toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”

The ancient Palace of Westminster was in 1605 a jumble of medieval buildings [this drawing is of the foundation plan]


Today 5th November is of course Britain’s day of celebration of an event of 414 years ago, when a group of English plotters’ attempt to blow up the then house of Lords and its members with gunpowder, was foiled at the twelfth hour, so to speak, before the opening of the British so-called parliament of the times.

As you might guess, it was all about religion and involved about a dozen Catholics intent on overthrowing the Protestant King James 1, killing him and his lords, while intent on restoring a Catholic monarch to the throne.

Guy Fawkes also known as Guido Fawkes, is the one most associated with the plot as he was the only one actually caught, which was when in control of the gunpowder, as it was he who was set to detonate it in a ground floor storeroom [NOT a cellar as is widely recounted!]. Torture was ordered by the King and used to break him on the rack and so confess and implicate the others involved.

Fawkes was a convert to Catholicism and as we know only too well from Islamic jihadi terrorism, it is converts that make the most violent individuals in a faith. The plot wasn’t actually discovered by the authorities but came to light because a plotter tipped-off a Catholic peer to save his life, so the King found out that way and had a search conducted

Following the thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot and execution of its ‘high treason’ participants, an annual ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ bonfire festivity by Londoners was stimulated by parliament [as ‘the joyful day of deliverance’], and indeed and this has evolved into a widespread bonfire and extravagant firework displays event, throughout the UK to this very day, and even to overseas colonies, including some in America

[Later in the 17th century bonfires were accompanied by fireworks and it also became the custom to burn an effigy of the pope, while in modern times it is a guy effigy, often created by children from old clothes, newspapers, and a mask]

However, it was a learned professor of history who recorded that Fawkes came to be toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”. Many of us these days who have followed the disgraceful behaviour over many many years of MPs in the Commons and Peers in the Lords, would agree with that. Obliviously there was no democratically elected lower parliament in Fawkes’ day, as it wasn’t founded until over 200 years later

[The House of Commons, officially the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled, is the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Like the upper house, the House of Lords, it meets in the Palace of Westminster rebuilt after a fire some 150 years ago]

Certainly many MPs seem to hold the attitude whereby the general population aren’t clever enough or well educated enough to dictate to them about how the Country should be run, so they will overrule the voters if they consider we have made a mistake or are misinformed – as we have seen over the past 3 years with their blatant refusal to implement the result of the 2016 EU Referendum, as they consider it bad for the UK – that would include the Scottish SNP who failed to persuade Scotland to leave the Union, but nevertheless believe they have the right to defy decisions of that very Union.

You see the elite and our MPs think they have the innate and divine right to rule and they hanker back to the old days without the binding inconvenience of democracy, and when ordinary people were serfs with no power nor say. Well, at least back to the time when only a few percent of the population had the vote and the British electoral system was totally unrepresentative – before 1800 probably only a quarter of a million people were entitled to vote and even large industrial cities like Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester did not have a single MP between them – and certainly not women [universal suffrage, with voting rights for women, though NOT for those under 30, only arrived here in 1918, didn’t it?

Certainly, Britain needs a completely new set of none self-serving, honest MPs who the people can trust, and ones who will implement the long-overdue changes that our parliamentary system requires. That would include getting shot of the ridiculous, non-elected, unaccountable,  over-populated, useless, expensive House of Lords – though that will take more than a couple of thirty-eight barrels of gunpowder that Fawkes intended to use, eh?


[A general election is upon us next month and hopefully the Country will get at least some of the right MPs this time]




Boris’ BREXIT Halloween Trick or Treat – TRICK?

   Tories still unreliable to deliver proper BREXIT



Three successive British Prime Ministers [Cameron, May, Johnson] have told the Country they had succeeded with EU negotiations – LIARS?


It isn’t just in this century that our Prime Ministers have tried to hoodwink the British public over Europe, is it? No, but probably the most disastrous example in memory is back in the 1930s when Germany embarked on a power grab of other European countries to create its first version of the European Union, eh?

The elite then in Westminster kept the British population in the dark about the dire goings on, the government’s ostrich style head-in-the sand dealings, the cowardly concessions, and the futile appeasement until the shit hit the fan in 1938. That was when things were laid bare but Tory PM Neville Chamberlain nevertheless assured the British public that through appeasement he had secured “peace in our time” – it proved to be a lie and only a year later the Country was embroiled in the worst war ever.

[World War II was the most destructive conflict in history. It cost more money, damaged more property, killed more people, and caused more far-reaching changes than any other war in history]

Well, that experience of our citizens perhaps is uncannily similar and parallels with the EU situation over the past half-century, wouldn’t you say?

For a start, the voters via a 1975 referendum, which was the first ever in the UK, and was an election promise of the Labour party, had misguidedly acceded to the UK ‘staying’ IN a European trading association – the EEC, known as the Common Market – which Tory PM Edward Heath had taken the Britain into two years beforehand without any public consultation [different from Norway whose people had been allowed to vote and had rejected membership].

Labour PM Harold Wilson had gone to Brussels to ‘renegotiated’ our membership conditions and returned to claim to the public that he had indeed succeeded in getting a better deal for Britain – so he led the ‘Inners’ campaign, didn’t he?


Oh yes, the UK Inners clearly won that time round, but the mass of the public, though warned otherwise, were undoubtably conned, in an era when they were told that Britain could no longer go it alone in the modern world, into thinking that they were voting for a simple trading arrangement when it was anything of the kind –it was instead commencement of a seditious massive control mechanism, wasn’t it?

Yep, and while the ‘Outers’ knew full well and warned that the EEC was simply the thin edge of the wedge so voted against it, the majority had been falsely reassured that lives in the UK wouldn’t be affected and that it wouldn’t lead to general Community-wide laws and Britain would not be giving up the power to determine our laws – how has that worked-out, do you think?

In reality, it was also an unfair debate, driven by the Inners’ biased fervent Conservatives and backed-up by a controlling influential press, and railroaded through despite the fact that the Outers had undoubtably exposed the severe unavoidable risks facing the Country that such a decision would involve – which included they said Britain becoming in stages a mere province in a future single nation of Europe, eh?

You see, it was already clear that the EEC was unmistakably a club designed to enrich capitalists and benefit BIG business at the expense of ordinary people and democracy, while furthermore that it would decimate our traditional industries and destroy the jobs of its workers through increased competition at a time when our industry was already in a parlous state.

The Outers warned that continuing membership would drive-up further already high food prices, and anyway by then those who had experienced the war were upset that we had been forced to abandon our import of cheap butter from New Zealand, a loyal ally that had kept us going in those difficult times. It was predicted by Outers that the price of butter would almost double in three years if we ‘stayed in’ but they were WRONG – the price of butter QUADRUPLED

Of course, many current citizens won’t remember, or have been around, to know of the numerous wasteful fiascos of the Common market, much of it brought about by the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and its reckless market interventions using subsidies, ensuring guaranteed prices to farmers, leading to a surge in dairy products in particular, so production exceeded demand which then created enormous stored surpluses of unwanted food with an associated massive cost. It also equally blocked cheap imports from the rest of the world and forced its countries to buy expensive food from other member states.

[Until reform, the CAP rewarded farmers for every ton of grain or head of livestock or gallon of wine they produced, guaranteeing them minimum prices irrespective of market conditions or how much was overproduced – France and Ireland raked it in while Britain bore the brunt of the astonishing cost]

So, we had the butter mountain that first built up some fifty years ago, but that is no longer just a perceived ‘relic’ of Europe’s EEC past, since milk lakes and butter mountains still persist today due to the renewed glut caused by continuing Brussels’ euro billion massive intervention in the dairy market over the recent half-decade – that leading to extraordinary stockpiling in the silos and warehouses of France, Germany and Belgium. That is likely though to be counterproductive as temporarily bailing-out the farmers and creating excess stock, could simply implode on a devastating market crisis and drive market prices down even further, as well as causing mayhem by dumping in developing countries with fragile dairy markets

Four years ago, unwanted dairy produce of another thirty thousand tons of butter as well as a hundred-and-ten thousand tons of skimmed milk powder, joined the over three hundred thousand tons of unwanted sugar, over fifteen thousand tons of unwanted maize and wheat and millions of gallons of unwanted wine in long-term storage.

Reportedly, at times CAP subsidies to farmers resulted in a million-and-a-half-ton mountain of unwanted beef stockpiled in cold stores, close to a million tons of cereals, fifty thousand tons of sugar and two and a half million hectoliters of wine – all proof that the British Outers were only too right about the EEC’s impending waste of money, eh?

The reason the Common market, was so badly and undemocratically set up, is in reality part down to Labour, because PM Clement Attlee, deposer of Conservative Winston Churchill in the 1945 post-war election, as it was he, suspicious and hostile , who refused to even attend the 1950 talks on the Schuman Plan which resulted in the creation of the embryonic form of the EEC – that lack of British sound council and assistance left it in the hands of democratically inept France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg to incompetently cobble together the critical brand new organisation which has evolved into the disastrously unaccountable current European Union

In more recent times, we have of course had a consecutive trio of Tory British Prime Ministers who all have led the public up the path when it came to Europe and rode roughshod the groundswell of opinion in the Country that identified with the eurosceptic opinions those opposed to the EU.

That view was down to the EUs’ structure that allowed power without responsibility, its inconceivable level of financial waste, its policies that enriched undeserving uneconomic producers, its unbridled wealth redistribution from the performers to the underachievers, its determination to expand and include those who didn’t qualify to its agreed membership criteria, its prime objective to remove all counties’ sovereignty and subject its membership to increasing EU political and legal control, and of course its ridiculous ambition of further and further integration to become the bloody parody of the united states of America – there are many other populations, increasing in numbers, that want shot of the EU’s idiotic ambitions – they are looking to the UK to make a successful exit so they can follow suit, and that is why the Brussels hierarchy are determined to punish and humiliate the UK in its decision to do so

In the summer four years ago PM David Cameron embarked on a quest to renegotiate the UK’s membership of European Union and other changes to EU rules and Treaties. He needed the changes to make the EU more palatable to the British public prior to our 2016 IN/OUT Referendum

Well, his words in Brussels fell on stony ground and his pleas on key sovereignty changes were inexplicably dropped despite being a Tory manifesto commitment, while he also gave-in on those on migrants, welfare benefits, and eurozone protectionism. The only thing he seemed to have achieved was an empty promise that the EU would try to cut red tape, eh?

Nevertheless, Cameron returned to the UK claiming success as the EU would change it ways, and indeed saying that the proposals achieved gave the UK special status within the European Union.

He immediately declared that he would campaign for a Remain vote in the referendum within what he claimed was a ‘reformed’ European Union. No such reforms occurred, did they?

He then proceeded to head-up a government that unfairly used its resources and public money to support the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ remain group to thwart the ‘Vote Leave’ group, and he orchestrated Project Fear that enlisted the Treasury and the Bank of England to produce a pack of fabricated financial forecasts predicting economic meltdown if Britain voted leave, all intended to scare-off leave voters. The voters on a national turnout of 72% chose Leave without such consequences, eh?

He told the Country that in the event of a Leave decision by the voters, that he would accept it and would lead the way in implementing the Referendum outcome. He promptly resigned the very next day


Cameron was superseded by Theresa May another Remainer, though one less visible as a Referendum campaigner, but one less charismatic certainly, and one equally incompetent to be Prime Minister, and one who suffered from a weakness of purpose except that of personal survival which she has delivered in spades throughout her political life.

She reassured the public that the public’s vote had ‘converted’ her from a Remainer into a staunch Leaver. Nevertheless, she stacked all her Cabinets with other Remainers even though she knew that many of them were fifth columnists for the BREXIT saboteurs.

Oh yes, she fully appreciated what was her duty as PM, and that was to deliver BREXIT as had been promised by the Conservative party. She understood exactly what that meant, recorded it in speeches delivered over two years and moreover spelt it out clearly in her Mansion House on March 2 2018, as well as making a series of assertions and promises about the Brexit deal.

Well, just like Cameron, May found Brussels and its appointed chief negotiator Michel Barnier, a tough nut to crack, and that wasn’t help by herself being a crap negotiator, nor by her choosing a civil servant to lead on our side who was a known advocate of a federal Europe, was it? The objective of such negotiations was to agree a free-trade deal but the EU avoided that at every turn. May gave-in at successive sessions in the naive belief that each new concession conceded would get Britain such a deal – Barnier simply lapped it up and moved to the next issue, didn’t he?

May set-out with promises:

to put an end to the UK making vast annual payments to the EU, but then agreed to pay a fortune of perhaps more than £50bn, and potentially £15bn annually if Britain stays linked;

while also the customs partnership arrangement was ditched and was substituted by a single customs territory controlled by the EU, which does not allow the UK to set its own tariffs on goods so is anything but a free trade area;

or regarding the Irish border, it was to remain open with no customs border enacted and no trade barriers between NI and the rest of the UK, but instead she agreed to include a disastrous so-called ‘backstop’ which effectively kept NI in the EU, while the rest of Britain stayed in the Customs Union though not follow single market rules – that situation would remain FOREVER unless the EU gave the UK a free-trade deal (unlikely?);

involvement of the European Court of Justice was to end as May had said that we will not have truly left the European Union if we are not in control of our own laws, nevertheless we have ended-up with a EU and UK unprecedented legal model for all aspects of the Withdrawal Agreement (WA);

there was to be a ‘transition period’ of approximately two years or more if needed to secure a trade deal, but that ended-up as the UK being ruled by the EU but with no representation nor say, and required to continue its payments to the European budget as long as we stay and having ongoing “rule-taker” status;

although we were promised an end to free movement and its consequences, it will continue as long as the transition period goes on, and we will allow three million EU nationals living in Britain to stay and retain rights even if they move away from the UK for 5 years, that including family reunion rights, right to bring foreign spouses to the UK, as well as claiming benefits for children living abroad – all this coming under the auspices of the European Court of Justice for 8 years AFTER the end of the UK’s transition;

we had merely expected to maintain high regulatory standards, but then we get an actual legal commitment to apply EU regulatory standards, plus an agreement that stops the UK from altering environmental standards as well as state aid rules barring government backing for any troubled industries;

we needed to take back our UK fishing waters as currently the EU now grabs 70-80% of our fish, but nothing changes during transition and the EU’s game plan is to make that the same afterwards as the political declaration says.

Does any of that sound like leaving the EU and taking back control, eh?

However, May just like Cameron returned to the UK after two-and-a-half years claiming success as she had negotiated a ‘good deal’ with the EU (unalterable to boot) – even though it was NOT in fact ‘a Deal’, but simply one of withdrawal and the prospect of a further two years of [failed?] negotiations on a trade deal


Now we have got her replacement in Boris Johnson, who has done what was said to be ‘impossible’ and renegotiated the withdrawal agreement with the EU. He had got the Tory PM job after winning the Conservative leadership by a landslide by promising May’s deal was dead, that the Halloween BREXIT day of 31 October would be met with either a new type deal with no backstop, or a clean-break exit, no ifs or buts.

Indeed, his proposed ‘deal’ was presented to Parliament last Saturday for a meaningful vote, that obtained approval in principle, although his legislative timetable of 3 days was rejected. But what DID he actually deliver?

Well, an ‘escape-blocked’ new European Treaty which was a 95% warmed-up copy May’s deal with the old backstop substituted by a customs border in the Irish Sea – an alternative previously offered by Brussels and rejected by May as it would threaten the constitutional integrity of the Country and ‘NO’ UK Prime Minister could every agree to it. [by signing-up to that unacceptable substitute Boris abandoned his allies in the Democratic Unionist Party]

Johnson had said he would rather be dead in a ditch than ask the EU for a BREXIT extension, but nevertheless he has asked for such an extension, and is awaiting the result BEFORE attempting to proceed and put his WA version through the full parliamentary process – we will NOT be leaving the EU anytime soon, will we?


To sum up Johnson’s proposed ‘non-deal’ and associated political declaration see what Brexit party Leader Nigel Farage says

  • Britain remains under EU rules but with no vote, no voice, no veto
  • EU judges can still override our laws
  • We won’t control our fishing
  • We still won’t be free to trade as we see fit
  • We won’t have control of our tax or state aid policies
  • Britain can’t pursue an independent foreign policy
  • Britain can’t pursue an independent defence policy
  • The United Kingdom will be divided
  • We pay the EU billions and get nothing in return
  • And we’ll be trapped by the Political Declaration


[The successful operation of a parliamentary democracy in Britain demands that MPs enact the will of the people rather than override it with their own views and prejudices. That hasn’t happened under the two latest Prime Ministers. The Country must have a General Election immediately to right that wrong]



Can we expect Boris Johnson to deliver BREXIT – probably NOT [at best it’s BRINO]?

When Boris Johnson stood for the Tory leadership in June, he did so on a platform of ‘Theresa May’s deal is dead and the UK would leave the EU on 31 October’, didn’t he?

Yep, it may have secured him a landslide victory, but the news on the wires is that to all intents and purposes, his negotiations with the EU on his ‘do or die pledge to leave on time, involve nothing more than a reheated dish of May’s totally unacceptable Withdrawal agreement that has been rejected in Parliament three times.

[Remember it was the same Boris Johnson who resigned in July last year as Foreign Secretary, the 3rd highest Office of State. saying Theresa May’s plan ‘sticks in the throat ‘and that the UK was headed “for the status of a colony”]

His vehement demand that “our friends (?) in Ireland, and in Brussels and around the EU” completely ditch the anti-democratic backstop [which would forever keep the UK in the same customs territory as the EU, and Northern Ireland closely tied to EU regulations] and “do a deal without checks at the Irish border” has been replaced by yet another dire concession of replacing all that by isolating and marooning Norther Ireland in the EU Single Market ad infinitum – resulting in the need for new customs checks of being in a different custom’s union. Oh yes, the obtuse EU won’t accept just that, so you can expect, just like May’s, Johnson’s further capitulations, can’t you?

Apart from NOT having a genuine bottom line, May’s biggest negotiating mistake was allowing the EU to make the Irish border an issue and one which indeed eventually caused the negotiations to founder – surely she knew the obvious truth that the rest of Europe didn’t give a shit about the Irish, just as the Irish Republic don’t give a damn about the Good Friday agreement which was just a vehicle to get them a long way to an United Ireland

A supposed strong PM Johnson replacing an undoubtable weak one of May, would seem to have achieved little since Boris, whether by his own mistakes or not, has got himself in exactly the same set of circumstances as Theresa, hasn’t he? As feared, the electorate have indeed got a Theresa May mark2 Prime Minister, eh?

Yes, his proposals mean though we would have legally left the cartel, Britain is kept locked in the EU for ANOTHER 2 years, making a total of over 5 years total since we voted Leave, we then pay them a king’s ransom of dozens of billions in return, and when they unilaterally can change the rules we have to follow in ways that harm us without any say from us whatsoever, plus we will not be able to strike new trade agreements to gain the benefits of being outside the EU, either?

We will still have no ongoing trade deal with Brussels and there is no way that they will give us an acceptable one as they hold all the cards while they are in control – France and Spain will demand the continuing right to steal our fish, Spain is determined to make the UK handover Gibraltar to them without the consent of its people, the Republic of Ireland [that already gets away with calling itself simply Ireland] will succeed in its quest to take over NI without the agreement of its Protestant population [declining as the Catholics breed], and doubtless others will insist the continuation of free movement, all as just part of the price? The only way the UK can get a fair-trade deal with the EU is a ‘clean break’ BREXIT followed by negotiations as an independent country with ‘currently’ common standards, surely?

Moreover, Johnson equally is heading a government that doesn’t control parliament and doesn’t command a majority – only more so. His authority as Prime Minister is undermined by a Commons Speaker intent on thwarting BREXIT and using his controlling role to alter operational procedures to sideline the Executive, avoid parliament working normally, and permit the diehard Remainers to control the Order paper. Once more a PM has failed to stop parliament passing a law forcing them to ask the EU for an extension – this time even worse as it is the EU that is allowed to decide on the length, eh? Once again due to that folly the UK sat naked at the table, allowing the EU the inestimable advantage of knowing we could not walk away and would have to accept any crumbs offered – the Benn surrender bill was fully intended to have such an impact with an ultimate objective of getting BREXIT cancelled altogether

As any diplomate will tell you, Britain’s negotiations with Brussels have been nothing short of a shambles since June 23 2016

Like May, Johnson is in the same position of being corralled into an inescapable public commitment to exiting the EU on a certain date, so has to abandon all principles and agree to anything the EU proposes in order to get a deal on the table, doesn’t he? Even if he achieves such a result, he then has to get ‘immediate’ parliamentary approval which means he has to employ the same strategy as his predecessor by standing at the Dispatch box threatening MPs with the same phraseology as May ‘this is the only deal in town and if you don’t take it NOW then there will be no BREXIT!’

Now, Johnson may well get away with it because prominent Eurosceptics and leading figures of the ERG are on-board – like Jacob Rees-Mogg, seduced into government as Commons leader, who now claims MPs will back a deal to get it through parliament even though the PM is yet to secure any agreement from Brussels

Because of his full-blooded vows, Johnson knows full well that his political career is finished if Britain doesn’t leave the EU on time this Halloween. Equally, the Conservative Party recognises that it electorally is a dead duck in the water and will be for a decade if it doesn’t meet its EU Referendum obligation before the next election – that’s why there’s such desperation to take any path however unacceptable, towards the destination of a so called ‘deal’, which isn’t one as it only deals with withdrawal and not a trade deal – that is the only basis for an ongoing relationship, isn’t it?.

It is extremely difficult for us outsiders to comprehend what hand Johnson is playing because he and his cabinet continue to claim the Country WILL leave on this October AND will obey the law – two things that would seem to be mutually exclusive if there is no agreement with the EU, eh?

Do the Government have a Houdini type escape plan for the Benn bill extension straightjacket, do you think?

The other non-congruity is the fact that the dominant government force of Johnson’s Chief of Staff Dominic Cummings, who ran the official  Leave campaign in the Referendum, is an ultra-committed BREXITEER so it is difficult to see how he could stomach the deal that is being mooted, isn’t it?


[If ‘Boris Johnson’ dishes-up BRINO (BRexit In Name Only) he can forget about winning a General Election for the Conservatives, as Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party will cut massive swathes from the Tory vote as well as scupper Labour in their heartlands]



‘If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas’ – yet ‘Mo Farah’ claims he is being victimised?


For scholars, the equivalent quote to ‘if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas’ in Latin would be qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent, both of which provide the sound advice of being cautious of the company you keep, as associating with those of low reputation may not only lower your own but also lead you astray by the faulty assumptions, premises and data of the unscrupulous.

You see Mo Farah blatantly and publicly flaunted such proverb advice by his close association with Alberto Salazar – his athletics coach for some half a dozen years.

Salazar from Cuban was a child immigrant to the US, who became a world-class Marathon runner and subsequently an American track coach. He headed up the ‘Oregon Project’, a Nike secretive hideaway elite training group for long-distance runners established nearly 20 years ago, primarily for the benefit of American athletes. It has now folded because Salazar, its long-term head coach, together with the project’s doctor Jeffrey Brown, are disgraced by a 4-year violations ban from all athletics involvement – imposed early this month by the US anti-doping agency for their trafficking of testosterone, the prohibited use of L-carnitine, and tampering with doping controls.

Somalian born Farah, himself is a renowned and revered British distance runner [1500 m, 3000 m, 5000 m, 10,000 m, Half marathon, and Marathon] with 19 Gold medals, plus 4 European and 1 World record to his credit. His wealth is accrued from his athletics performances and results, but even more so from lucrative commercial deals, and is probably in the region of £4 million. He was honoured with a knighthood two years ago

It is an unfortunate truth that in modern times the sporting world, including athletics, is blighted by the fact of too many competitors are willing to deviously cheat their ‘clean’ opponents, by taking performance-enhancing drugs or treatments which secures their ongoing success, and hence enormous financial reward.

Unmasking of the cheats can be a problem because sportspeople can only be tested for the substances ‘known’ to be in use as performance enhancers and efforts are constantly being made by the charlatans to find and use substances that aren’t on the banned list

The whole problem is compounded by the complicity of the sports’ authorities in regularity covering-up drug misuse to ‘protect’ their sport’s public image, as well as them handing out totally inadequate punishments that do not deter offenders nor keep them sidelined for long (exampled by the 2015 Beijing World Athletics Championships, where four of the supposedly top eight athletes in the 100 meters men’s final were reinstated drug cheats and in the 200 meters final there were two –all these athletes finally caught-out but who have been allowed by the IAAF to get away with it, eh?)

[Major sports suffering from drug cheating include: cycling, football, baseball, weightlifting, volleyball, judo, wrestling, rowing, equestrian, gymnastics, field hockey, athletics track & field, rugby league, basketball, snooker, boxing, cricket]

Now, the point is that Farah, due to his close links with Salazar, has now needlessly got himself embroiled in the sewer of athletes’ widespread drug cheating controversy, yet he clearly has been misadvised in again using the world’s media to loudly proclaim total innocence of wrongdoing. You see, that doesn’t aid him because like all criminals, even those with previous convictions, sport druggies always deny ‘everything’ even when they are ‘banged to rights’, as the old saying goes, eh?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks” Hamlet

Mo made a major mistake in not immediately severing his training relationship with coach Salazar when a female two-time Olympian whistle-blower went public about Salazar’s non-clean principles and his programme on a BBC Panorama exposé documentary in 2015.

Instead, he made a bad call by staying-on for another 2 years, although that didn’t mean of course that he himself was implicated in any transgressions, did it? No, but nevertheless however unfairly, people unfortunately will have doubts about the past performances of ALL the athletes who have been involved in Nike’s Oregon programme, and more so the ones who hung around during and after the four-year anti-doping investigation and two-year court battle behind closed doors over Salazar’s Oregon set-up, eh?

Last week, Mo Farah made claims that he is being victimised and naively said that his reputation has not been tarnished at all by his involvement with Salazar’s programme. He disturbingly even played the race card by claiming the scrutiny he is naturally under was motivated by a racist media agenda – yes, it is true that there are still vile pockets of racism in sport, but that is a worrying attitude coming from a man who has been taken close into the hearts of the British public over many many years, isn’t it?

The basic truth is that it is Farah who has put himself in the firing line by constantly being confrontational and aggressive in interviews, while he has for years defended Salazar and their relationship – he has never voiced any criticism whatsoever of the coach and even now he talks about ‘they are only allegations’, notwithstanding that millions had to be spent by Nike providing legal defence council, despite finally the guilty verdict, or the imposition of a ban, nor the closure of the project, plus the banning of the project’s medical consultant, and indeed Mo’s personal physiotherapist being sacked as UK Athletics’ head of performance for his woeful refusal to acknowledge the legitimate concerns about Farah’s relationship with Salazar and the project. Why has Farah personally risked his personal credibility in that way, one wonders?

In this day and age, when big money is readily available to clean competitors through athletics meeting organisers worldwide, conglomerate sponsors galore, untold commercial businesses, and indeed an enthralled paying public, the elite professional athletes would be wise to maintain a squeaky-clean image, wouldn’t they?

Farah hasn’t done that with his inclusive relationship with the Nike Oregon Project and its coach has he? No, it may have brought him greater success, but that has come with a price of greater scrutiny and public distrust, hasn’t it?

Yep, all these elite athletes are up for it in pushing the regulations to the wire to gain a competitive advantage over their opponents, and Nike’s programme is a case in point isn’t it?

Too true, as it has examined devious ways of endurance athletes’ performance enhancement like intravenous treatments, and it has in particular actually implemented an accommodation system for its residents that simulate high altitude living conditions. The point is that the oxygen in the air is less there so those athletes who live at altitude develop more red blood cells, increasing their athletic performance when performing at a lower level. That poses the serious question of is it ethical and fair for the athletes from low countries, who are sufficiently rich and famous, to gain a special advantage over ordinary opponents by using such special conditioning, solely designed to improve their race results and steal records, eh?

Over a decade ago, the World Anti-Doping Agency was even minded to ban use of such high-altitude houses, claiming that ‘altitude doping’ was an equivalent to blood doping, but it backed-off – probably because there was no realistic way of policing a ban, nor preventing athletes training at altitude, eh?

These days, elite athletes need to be especially careful to distance themselves from the cheats who use banned substances, if they are themselves to avoid any potential suspicion of their own use of non-legal means to achieving high performance.

Regrettably, Farad hasn’t been all that successful in that quest, has he? No, so doping allegations have surfaced a number of times during his track career and that’s the root of his current problems. resulting in his unjustified lambasting the British press. He has maintained he has never used banned substances and he has been frequently tested with no recorded failures, which of course helps to build public confidence that he is indeed clean

However, his current abject failure to support the authorities and their dealings with the Salazar issue, typifies his head-in-the-sand attitude to the reasons for the intense scrutiny he vehemently complains about.

Nearly a decade ago he missed compulsory random drug tests – two in a twelve-month period when three would have resulted in an anti-doping rule violation. That inevitably raised questions, didn’t it?

Four years back, at the time of the doping allegations first being raised against coach Salazar and distance runner Galen Rupp, pictures were published of Mo training in the company of Hamza Driouch, a banned athlete guilty of doping violations, who the year before had been officially banned from attending training sessions in any capacity for two years. If Farah puts himself in situations like that, mixing with low-life cheats, he was hardly justified at the time to hold a press conference to voice anger that his name was “being dragged through mud”, was he?

Also, some two or three years ago some official athletics database information was a leaked, which had recorded that an expert had deemed some of Farah’s blood values suspicious regarding doping, and though Farah was cleared of wrongdoing when his records were flagged as having become normal, that kind of controversy is inevitably damaging to any athlete, isn’t it?


[A couple of years ago Farah issued a statement in which he recorded that he was a “clean athlete” and while the wider UK public are prepared to fully accept his word, he has to be more circumspect about doping in his sport if he is to protect his substantive reputation]




The unelected and unaccountable UK Supreme Court’s outrageous constitutional decision – Boris Johnson is ‘GUILTY’ of breaking a law it has only just invented?

ABANDONED (but only ‘temporarily’) the longest sitting parliament for 400 years

We ordinary laymen don’t know much about the machinations of the law, and indeed our interests are generally restricted to avoiding any infringement, however minor, on the criminal side of it, but it is becoming increasingly evident to us that the judiciary here are secretly intent on increasing their power and influence to gain unwarranted control and advantage in British society.

That latter matter has become self-evident with the latest radical interference by the law in parliamentary affairs in the form of the Supreme Court acting as a constitutional court. It is a further incursion into the world of high politics, when on a judicial review application it pontificated and passed judgement on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to advise the Queen to prorogate parliament, over the annual conference season when traditionally it is suspended anyway. Its intervention to extend the law’s influence and power over parliamentary processes has caused untold damage to the British modus operandi that operates in the absence of a written constitution, as indeed has its mind-blowing arrogance in declaring that it had the right to overrule the Monarch’s prorogation, although already de facto in place, so consequently it was simply a mirage that hadn’t happened at all – an act that allowed self-omnipotent, villain, Speaker John Bercow, to order the falsification of Hansard records, the official verbatim report of proceedings of the House of Commons, and to totally erase the event of prorogation

Partisan Bercow will go down in history as the anti-BREXIT, 5 foot 6 bully-boy Speaker, of spending scandals, relentless grandstanding and pontificating on all matters, and one who has turned a role of studied neutrality into one of being an active participant, one who has repeatedly made unprecedented rulings, ripped up the Commons rulebook to discard and upend centuries of precedent against the advice of his parliamentary experts, and unilaterally changed the rules – a totally destructive meddling when the smooth operation of Westminster is critically dependent on everyone understanding and adhering to unwritten conventions, eh?

[Most modern states have a codified constitution, whereas Britain ‘does not’, but instead the system here relies on an informal one, heavily dependent on precedent, plus convention, Acts of Parliament, and court judgments]

We already have a situation where our Judges get appointed and promoted, all the way up to the Supreme Court, by their elite cronies behind closed doors without any public scrutiny, while they remain in-post notwithstanding crass mistakes, manifest misjudgments, and when even reprimands or law breaking is swept under the carpet. All that will have to change now, won’t it? It is a system that needs urgent reform and that will include judges being selected and vetted by proper open means

In past times, the political persuasion of judges haven’t normally been relevant, or been seen to be so, but when they stray into the political arena which they are increasingly eager and being encouraged to do, it becomes highly pertinent, wouldn’t you say? The days are numbered for judges to avoid public examination and critical judgement on their attitudes and performances – they will live to regret not keeping their heads down, and enjoying their relative untouchability while avoiding political controversy, won’t they?

The wheel has turned full circle, the public’s acceptance of courts’ impartiality has been crushed, and ongoing respect for judges will now depend on our right to know what are the private opinions, racial attitudes, religious beliefs, political leanings, and voting intentions of the current judiciary and BEFORE the new ones get appointed to their highly paid lofty positions.

When one considers the 11 Judges of Supreme Court sitting on the prorogation issue 2 weeks ago, you will know that they are a central part of the Establishment and are reportedly politically ‘anti-BREXIT’, and that together then with their ruling that the PM broke a law that never previously existed but was retrospectively implement by the eleven though they have tried to obscure that truth, their published judgement becomes perhaps less surprising, but nevertheless it amply demonstrates the rise of the courts’ intrusions that are linked to the demise of politics, don’t you think?

What is shocking though to us non-legal eagles is the sheer hypocrisy of its unprecedented, unanimously fishy ruling, in saying that the pros and cons of BREXIT were nothing to do with the Court, when the issue was ALL to do with BREXIT, wasn’t it? Moreover, the gall of giving a written judgement that asserted in one paragraph that the Court was not concerned with the PM’s ‘motives’ for the prorogation, only to contradict that just three paragraphs later when it decided it was in fact illegal because there was ‘no good reason’ for the PM to do it – do the Justices really think that we are all uneducated serfs that can’t read or don’t know that the synonym for ‘motives’ is ‘reasons’ or understand that their conclusion depended on them having assessing Johnson’s motives/ reasons/ grounds/ etc, and having failed to even second-guess them, eh?

[Judgement Para 58 “We are not concerned with the Prime Minister’s motive in doing what he did.”

[Judgement Para 61 “It is impossible for us to conclude…..that there was any reason – let alone a good reason – to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament…… It follows that the decision was unlawful.”]

There has previously been no control exercised over prorogation of any parliament anywhere!

Do not believe the assertion of the anti-BREXIT others who say that prorogation in the UK is usually routine and is never used for political ends, eh? Just take the case close at hand when ridiculous ex-PM John Major also joined in on the Supreme Court prorogation action to blisteringly assert that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament for 5 weeks was unjustified and so unlawful. That contribution was nothing short of bare-faced cheek, considering that not only was HE the PM that committed the UK to a binding international Treaty that passed political control of our Country to the EU without any consultation WHATSOEVER with the people, by him, by the government, by the MPs, or by ANYONE else, but HE was the person who himself prorogated parliament in 1997 immediately before an impending General Election simply to avoid parliamentary debate and public disclosure on a report into the Tories’ cash-for-questions scandal and that prorogation resulted in a parliamentary shut down of 6 WEEKS, the longest since 1924 – however he still lost the Election in one of the largest electoral defeats since the Great Reform Act of 1832!

We have the former Supreme Court Justice Jonathan Sumption, previously lecturing about his lamenting on the rise of the courts and the decline of politics, but then demonstrating his personal bias on TV just a month or so ago by claiming that Johnson’s prorogation was ‘outrageous’, while nevertheless he arguing that it was actually lawful, but he now says that the Supreme Court was right to change the law – that’s typically judges closing ranks, isn’t it?

Or regarding the successful Miller UK constitutional law case of 2017 against the Brexit secretary, in a dissenting judgment from the majority of the justices, Lord Reed recorded that the legalisation of political issues was not always appropriate and may be fraught with risk, not least for the judiciary, yet he switched horses and supported this latest Miller Supreme Court escapade against the Prime Minister – WHY? Legalised skullduggery?

This Supreme Court came up with their shockingly ‘non-dissented’ judgement that overruled the esteemed High Court’s ruling to throw out Miller’s bid to block the suspension of parliament when it judged that Johnson had been within his rights to prorogue parliament for 5 weeks.

The High Court application was heard by the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, the Master of the Rolls and the President of the Queen’s Bench Division.

(Note: The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales is the Head of the Judiciary of England and Wales and the President of the Courts of England and Wales

[High Court Judgement Para 1 (part): We concluded that the decision of the Prime Minister was not justiciable. It is not a matter for the courts]

This particular controversy needed to be settled politically without any intervention of the courts, as it was a matter solely for parliament, which is perfectly capable and empowered to deal with it, isn’t it? Yes, and since all ministers including the Prime Minister, are accountable to parliament, it could have halted any prorogation in its tracks by tabling a motion of no confidence in the PM and government

In our country Article 9 of the Bill of Rights 1689, forbids judicial intervention in the domain of parliament but bizarrely the justices decreed however that the prorogation was ‘nothing’ to do with parliament, eh?

[The ‘prerogative’ powers of dissolution, foreign affairs, defence of the realm, and surely indeed ‘prorogation’, are not matters that lend themselves to outrageous rise of the unconstrained judicial review]

There is current unprecedented chaos in politics, by which democracy cannot operate and whereby Britain has a ‘minority’ government under siege that’s not in control of its parliament, it cannot run the Country, it cannot legislate, it cannot conduct foreign affairs, it is in limbo and is blocked from getting a mandate from the electorate, and all that is compounded by a parliament suffering an opposition that is led by someone that its own MPs won’t stomach as their PM, and it daren’t bring-down the government because it will get trounced in a General Election, plus a House of Commons infected with a debilitating virus of parties and rogue MPs unfazed by manifesto promises, who can’t accept that Remain lost the EU Referendum, so are intent on overturning the result at any constitutional and democratic cost to their Country.

How has this come about you may wonder? Well, there are some easily identifiable individuals who should be chained in the stocks.

Well, John Major is complicit in it all and belongs in a pillory rather than the lesser punishment device of the stocks, as his crimes against British democracy as outlined above were even greater than the others.

David Cameron cannot escape the public humiliation of the stocks, not because he called an EU In/Out referendum but because he didn’t enshrine into law the outcome, deliberately didn’t make any preparations for a Leave outcome, and then scurried away like a rat when the electorate sussed out his Project Fear lies

Take Tony Blair who was responsible for many misdemeanors apart from the most disastrous one of taking the UK into an illegal war with Iraq – he was also responsible for controversially sweeping aside of 1,400 years of history by replacing the frugally funded but effective Law Lords, who knew their legal place was to stay out of politics, with the failed 2009 experiment of an ultra-expensive [x5?] Supreme Court operation.

The Court instead of just undertaking the traditional tinkering with laws made by parliament, it in the absence of existing statute, now makes new law without any heed of parliament. It is a totally inappropriate legislative body for a country that doesn’t have a defined constitution for it to police

Our Supreme Court has been shown to be the prerogative primarily for benefit of the mega-rich using surprisingly unfettered Judicial Review and is not accessible by us normal mortals, is it?

Unfortunately our unwritten constitution, though prized for its flexibility, has nevertheless helped political Luddite types to created a chaotic situation at Westminster

Blair’s contribution to the Country’s political demise is further secured by his traitorous behaviour in becoming the modern day William Joyce voice of the EU in the UK as well as its adviser in chief on keeping us trapped in its institutions. As well as that, he surrendered to the IRA with the Good Friday agreement that has empowered the Republic of Ireland to pursue jurisdiction over the whole island against the will of the Northern Ireland people – and furthermore it has provided a block to BREXIT as Blair, aided and abetted by the republic’s Taoiseach, counselled Brussels to make it a sticking point. [Conversely, it has been a long-standing Unionist position that it is the EU’s backstop protocol that would wreck the Good Friday agreement]

Then there is Nick Clegg ex-LibDem leader, who as deputy-PM in the coalition government got his pieces of silver in the form of a 5 year fixed-term parliament, which he wanted from David Cameron as a quid pro quo for him and his MPs abandoning their principles and entering into government in support of the Tories. Clegg needed the guarantee of time because he didn’t trust Cameron and feared being ditched after a couple of years when the Conservatives could call a snap Election and get an absolute majority so not need the LibDems.

The disastrous effect of the act is evidenced by the comatose state of the UK government which resembles more like that of a banana republic than an advanced nation with the mother of parliaments and a country renowned for its democracy. This has come about by the unforeseen consequences of the significant transfer of power from the PM and Executive to the Commons, which has coincided with its infestation of a not so secret cabal of renegade MPs whose noses were put out of joint by their power being usurped by the public voting in a referendum in a way they didn’t agree with. The fallout of that is the population’s trust in politicians is at an all time low in a belief that they are self-serving, while there is no longer any confidence in the legitimacy of parliament itself

The Act also has allowed MPs elected for a particular party to defy the policies that they got elected on and then skip-off to join a different party of totally different ideals and policies without any reference to their electorate while enjoying the comfort of a full 5 years of power and position as a highly paid and expenses supported MP – plus racking-up a gold-plated pension to boot

It is an act that needs to be repealed immediately by the next government

Furthermore, Clegg and the LibDems fought in the first place to have a EU referendum but when the result was ‘Leave’, the followers- on declared “Bollocks to Brexit”, didn’t they?

On gender equality ground, we really shouldn’t leave out of the stocks, one Nicola Sturgeon leader of the SNP and first minister of the Scottish Assembly, who although not in Westminster in person, still pulls the strings of her party there. She has helped fire-up the furnace of chaos in the Commons in her quest to overturn the TWO referendums the SNP lost – that on Scottish Independence and that on the EU, eh?


[TODAY parliament will indeed be ‘prorogated’ and that uncontentious suspension comes ahead of a Queen’s Speech scheduled for next Monday. What did the Supreme Court’s unprecedented prorogation intervention and parliament recall achieve and what critical matters were dealt with in the Commons over the extra 2 weeks’ sitting, then? Answer: NOTHING and NONE respectively?]