BREXIT and other REFERENDUMS lost by the European Union – always SOLVED by running a SECOND referendum, or getting around it somehow?


Many of us don’t know it, though perhaps suspect it, but the technocratic Commission of the EU, not only distrust but actually HATE countries having Referendums – that is why the hierarchy in Brussels was absolutely aghast when our useless, cowardly British Prime Minister David Cameron allowed one in the UK for the voters to decide on BREXIT.

You see, the European Union is an organisation that only pays lip-service to ‘democracy’ for the masses under its firm control, and as a cult refuses to countenance its use in running the oppressive EU itself – the reason being because history shows that populations, and in particular voters, are always bucking the traces, being fickle and changing their minds, which culminates in rebelling against those ensconced as their lords and masters, eh? Yep, even dictators, despite holding all the levers of power have been overthrown when the mere peasants revolt against subjugation and are prepared to die in the process.

The French [Schuman] and German [Adenauer] masterminds and their follow-on architects behind the EU concept were determined to avoid that fate at all costs, weren’t they? Yep, so they made sure it was actually run by ’appointees’ and a Commission, that couldn’t be removed by any democratic means and could be self perpetuating in terms of the controlling function

Oh yes, the ‘four-stage’ process of EU metamorphosis [akin a dull moth’s lifecycle (though Europhiles would no doubt prefer to liken it to a beautiful ‘butterfly’?)] all started-out so innocently didn’t it? Yep –

  1. with the creation of the ESSC a six-country single authority to control the production of coal & steel [akin moth egg]
  2. that erupted into a trading organisation the ECC [akin the emergence from the egg of the moth larva (caterpillar) – the feeding stage when it grows]
  3. which then evolved into the EC to combine the ESSC, the EAEC, and the EEC [akin the transition within the moth pupa]
  4. before the ugly EU emerged from it in 1993 as a dominant political entity with an expansive goal exercising ultimate control over almost all aspects of its member states [akin the moth adult emerging intent on reproduction] and destroying many vulnerable communities in the process [akin the hungry moth eating its way through our wardrobe’s susceptible clothes]
  • Back in 2016 just the day before the BREXIT Referendum, Britain’s arch-enemy EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made it plain that he reviled referendums [claiming that “voters can easily be misled by sideshows” – meaning that they learn the truth?], but he warned “out is out” – oh, how he has changed his tune now as he wants us to STAY or REAPPLY if we ‘actually’ leave (well, the Remoaner Europhiles are desperate to thwart BREXIT)


In the past many such referendums have been lost:

  • Greenland voted to leave the EEC
  • Ireland voted against the ‘Nice treaty’ – so a SECOND referendum was run to get the ‘right’ answer
  • Ireland voted against the ‘Lisbon treaty’ (created to replace the abandoned constitution treaty) – so a SECOND referendum was run to get the ‘right’ answer
  • Denmark voted against joining the euro currency Sweden voted against joining the euro currency
  • Denmark voted against opting-in to EU Justice & Home Affairs
  • Denmark voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
  • Netherlands voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
  • Greece voted against the EU’s bail-out conditions – so the government simply ignored the result (and got an even worse deal – the EU thought THAT would teach ’em, eh?)
  • France and Netherlands voted against the EU Constitution treaty – so the whole ratification was abandoned by the EU (hence it simply cancelled the referendums in Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and UK) and a way-round it was found
  • UK voted to leave the EU (the first to have such a referendum and so to vote to do so)

The EU now avoids referendums like the plague, and when it loses one it always goes into top gear to try to solve that by orchestrating a second referendum, or finding a way around it somehow? A favoured ploy is to have a ‘summit’ of leaders when they can be browbeat, forced into submission, and persuaded to return home to convince just their parliaments and to avoid a people’s vote at all costs.

The consequence of all that is simply that under the surface there is deep simmering anger and resentment against the whole EU, which will doubtless explode in the not too distant future – we have seen evidence disenchantment with the EU and major unrest in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Italy, Spain, combined with significant populism demands that power held by unelected Brussels bureaucrats is returned to national parliaments

That said, BREXIT is going badly – well disastrously to be utterly blunt – and so much so that voters are losing faith, and in no uncertain terms blame the Government, don’t they? Most Leavers also blame the EU, as well as the ongoing antics of entrenched anti-BREXIT politicians. As a result of the Chequers fiasco, it’s hardly surprising then that confidence in Theresa May and the Conservatives’ handling is at rock bottom, or that nobody knows what the hell is the actually policy or vision, is it?


[Theresa May, is lacking in leadership, is increasingly isolated and her BREXIT plan is in tatters as the Tory conference gets underway today – whatever resolve she purports to have, a second disastrous performance this year in Birmingham, or failure to show a decent measure of authority and credibility, will see her quickly ditched]

Theresa May fights for her life against the EU, using her BREXIT ‘Chequers’ weapon – “Isn’t that just like a Wop? Brings a knife to a gunfight!”

[using terms of the dialogue from ‘The Untouchables’ (1987) and of award-winning Sean Connery]

Last Thursday, our besieged pig headed Prime Minister Theresa May got a taste of her own medicine when she got cruelly ambushed on BREXIT in Salzburg by the other 27 EU heads of state/government in a disastrous, humiliating, rancorous summit – exactly in the manner had she had foisted on her own BREXIT minister and the rest of her Cabinet at Chequers 2 months ago. So May got her comeuppance – WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, eh?

In a humiliating rebuff to her Chequers plan, she was told in no uncertain terms that the EU couldn’t help her because she was seeking the impossible, not least as the economic aspect of her blueprint “would NOT work” – in the words of Donald Tusk EU Council President.

[In addition to that France’s wet-behind-the-ears and failing young president ‘Emmanuel Macron’ uttered an appalling anti-British speech of extraordinary non-diplomacy calling UK political BREXITEERS blatant “LIARS” – he thinks THAT will improve his popularity ratings (you see the French hate us as we saved them in the war, eh?). “Brexit is the choice of the British people, pushed by those who predicted easy solutions,” Macron said. “Those people are liars. They left the next day so they didn’t have to manage it”].

Just yesterday, the French Economy Minister [another nobody though] pronounced that the EU accepting Chequers ‘would be suicidal’ and spell the end of Europe – so without a comprehensive agreement and further concessions, it is clearly doomed, isn’t it?

Oh yes, May had been told that about Chequers both in the UK [by ‘Remainers’ as well as ‘Leavers’] and in Brussels [by Michel Barnier & team] long before she headed-off on a fool’s errand to the Austrian meeting, but with her head firmly in the sand, she simply ignored it – just as she is resolutely ignoring the potential coup d’état she has inflicted on her Premiership and perhaps more importantly the Conservative party itself by her crass mishandling of BREXIT negotiations over the past 2 years

[Furthermore, her bizarre concept that she could go behind Barnier’s back to enlist support at Salzburg for an unacceptable plan by a ‘charm offensive’ [when she exudes zero charm?] was simply offensive to other leaders. Also, they are demanding further ‘concessions’, despite the fact that they can see how little room May has retained for political manoeuvring space at Westminster (with a fragile Commons majority of just 12 that requires NI DUP support), and indeed within her own Conservative party itself].

Back in 2016, somewhat surprisingly to many of us ‘Leavers’, Parliament and our elected MPs nevertheless had agreed to devolve the FINAL decision on BREXIT to the voters. Notwithstanding that, the people had been warned ‘in no uncertain terms’ by the Government of the day [using Project Fear] and by all of the Remainers groups mentioned below, that it was a one-off long-term decision, that would be an ‘act of national self-harm’, with dire financial and social consequences to the Country and to themselves & their families if we choose the ‘LEAVE’ option – but the voters nonetheless decided that was exactly what THEY wanted – out of the EU lock-stock-and-barrel, eh?.

As identified here before, May’s biggest mistake on taking-over as PM [instead of allowing the BREXITEERS to enact their policy] was not to treat BREXIT like a war [which it most certainly is] and not taking-on that as the Country’s sole priority at the expense of all others [instead she put her own personal interests and survival first, rather than getting us successfully through that upcoming war – she isnt a Churchill nor a Thatcher, is she?].

Not let any of us belittle the task she faced of course, because before the Referendum, the Establishment had been against BREXIT, BIG business had been against BREXIT, the Prime Minister had been against BREXIT, the Cabinet had been against BREXIT, the Chancellor had been against BREXIT, the Civil Service had been against BREXIT, the Treasury had been against BREXIT, the BoE had been against BREXIT, her Conservative party and ALL the other political parties (except tiny UKIP of course) had been against BREXIT, even SHE herself had been against BREXIT and needless to say, the EU hierarchy had been against BREXIT, together with the other 27 Members who had been against BREXIT.

What May HAD to do was to immediately pull the rug from under the feet of ALL of those who had been against BREXIT, but instead she not only stacked her Cabinet with them but gave Remainer Philip Hammond, who had been a major foghorn mouthpiece for Project Fear, the most critical job of Chancellor despite the fact that he clearly wouldn’t change tack, but would fully embark on scuppering the Referendum decision of the population– from then on he has done precisely just that, and has encouraged all others to do so to, while severely damaging the Country’s economy in the process

Now, us Leave voters just knew that the Remainers would NOT accept that they had lost the vote and they didn’t, did they? No, they were determined to ignore the will of the people, overturn the decision by any means possible, and get the referendum re-run – even some Tory MPs are in denial about the public’s right to have decided on enacting BREXIT as they claim the insight to ‘know better’ and that THEY have the right to overrule it to protect the Country – the most disgustingly vocal in defying her Party, being one Anna Soubry MP [despite her Broxtowe constituency decisively voting to Leave (54.6% of them with a 78.3% turnout), eh?

Last Friday, May got off the canvas to give an angry, stern, uncompromising retort to the EU’s totally un-flagged, and unprecedented, disrespectfully expressed, rebuff and brutal rejection of her plan – she demanded that the EU compromised as she wouldn’t.

Mind you, she was of course playing to the gallery by using the ‘strong and stable’ mantra [I WILL NOT SURRENDER] purely to appeal to the delegates for the upcoming Conservative Party annual conference starting on Sunday. The problem is that we ALL know that she is anything but a fighter, as we have seen our BREXIT negotiations go down the toilet through her repeated appeasement actions, haven’t we?

Oh yes, her lily-livered Cabinet acquiesced this week to her demand they hold-firm onto Chequers, notwithstanding the clear evidence that in doing so, they are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Theresa May, like David Cameron during his failed EU renegotiation, has long believed that other member states would defy the technocratic Commission and come to her rescue. But as was made brutally clear last week, there is still no desire in the EU to fix a problem seen as having being created by Britain. There is inbred anxiety about the integrity of the European project which discourages anything that might look like a reward for UK in ditching the Union.

May had hoped to get some support from Germany’s equally beleaguered Angela Merkel but she has now broken her silence on BREXIT to warn in public, that she also had rejected the Chequers proposals, as the UK “can’t belong to one part of EU common market but not to the other three”.

Today, the Labour Party at its Conference in Liverpool, showed its true colours which are two-fold – to force a General Election [which THEY WON’T WIN though?] and rerun the Referendum to get a Remain outcome [ which WON’T HAPPEN, will it?].


[The Conservative Party has form in being an unforgiving one to its Leaders. IF Theresa May is NOT WORRIED about events next week in Birmingham, she SHOULD BE – last year she faced her Tories having lost an unnecessary General Election; this year she faces them having just lost the BREXIT negotiations (there could be blood – HERS?)]

‘President Trump’ made agreements with ‘Leader Kim Jong-un’ – how’s that working-out do you think?

 Anyone with any nous just knew that big-talking Donald Trump was heading for a fall in thinking that he could meet-up and parley with Kim Jong-un in June and come away with an agreement on denuclearisation that would be meaningful and stick, didn’t they?

Afterwards, Trump expressed such confidence in the diplomatic process he had set in place, to declared that HE had solved the longstanding problem of a nuclear North Korea.

[The United States STILL has a plan that would lead to the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs IN A YEAR]

Now not only was a ‘head to head’ meeting with an American President an amazing diplomatic and political coup for the North Korean Supreme Leader [the first of the Kim dynasty in 3-generations (over nearly 75 years) to be given that kind of undeserved recognition], but it became a ‘negotiation’ between equals on the World stage from a North Korean perspective and its public acclaim – exactly as Kim had envisaged, eh?. Moreover, Kim won hands down as far as those in the know assess, as he only expressed aspirations, but made no ‘solid ‘agreement, no tangible, nor verifiable commitments, to give up production of nuclear material, let alone surrender the existing stockpile of it, or nuclear weapons, and furthermore it would appear that the pressing, critical and immediate danger of his long-range missile delivery capability wasn’t even discussed never mind reined-in, development stunted and facilities abandoned [ you can fully expect Kim to be urgently developing a submarine platform missile delivery system so that the US can no longer attack North Korean launch sites, can’t you].

Despite getting a zilch in return Trump also provided 2 massive ‘give-aways’ to Kim.

First, he cancelled the imminent crucial annual joint military exercises with South Korea (deterrent demonstrations of force that have been conducted for nearly 50 years) and he suspended future ones.

Second, he agreed to seek to eventually close down US military bases in South Korea and bring troops home

These two actions have enhanced Kim’s both standing and power in the region, while scaring the shit out of the South Koreans, as well as the US’s Western allies.

We mere observers all expected NOTHING of significance to result in the Singapore summit aftermath and indeed it DIDN’T, did it? No, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the man charged with responsibility by Trump to progress the North Korean expressed ‘ambition’ to progress towards denuclearisation, simply met with diplomatic stonewalling [exactly as has happened in over 25years to the previous Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush].

Furthermore, the International Atomic Energy Agency say there is evidence that strongly suggests that North Korea has continued to develop its nuclear facilities and capabilities in recent months [just as some of us had predicted, eh?] – that included major expansion of a key missile-manufacturing site as well as continuing to produce fissile material for weapons. Hardly surprisingly then, that Trump pulled the plug on such stalled progress and abruptly promptly cancelled last month’s Pompeo revisit to North Korea planned to progress matters.

Now, while Kim has successfully bought time with his move on Trump, he hasn’t yet obtained his ultimate goal of getting-in US aid and sanctions removed, but you can be certain that he will be pursuing that objective while surreptitiously retaining an ‘effective’ nuclear capability – even if he visibly gives up a proportion of his arsenal to do so.

So it’s in that vein that Kim arranged a new Inter-Korean summit meeting in Pyongyang this last week with the South’s President Moon Jae-in [who he clasped in an act of false-friendship]. That was the third such meeting this year and Moon is understandably desperately attempting to normalise relations with the North,and defuse the threat and real risk of resumption of war.

Kim has used the summit to propose to Trump a deal by which he would shut down a major nuclear site complex (Nyongbyon) IF America takes RECIPROCOL action [we can only guess what that actually means, or what North Korea actually wants – AID provision, SANCTIONS removal, TROOPS recall (30thousand), ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEM withdrawal, PEACE TREATY formally ending Korean war (1953), DIPLOMATIC RECOGNITION with liaison mission in Pyongyang, CONVENTIONAL ARMS reductions, KOREAN REUNIFICATION with Kim in control?]

You can bet your bottom dollar that naive Trump, with his unshakeable self-belief that he is a walk-on-water maker of the DEAL, will soon resurrect his diplomatic dialogue with the devious Kim, accept at face value the proposed ‘start’ to North Korean denuclearisation, and provide the quid pro quo yet-to-be demanded by Kim [likely though to include US Aid and significant sanction reduction].

Somehow Trump maintains that he and Kim have a solid relationship, but nevertheless he must have learnt a curt lesson from the latest and ongoing North Korean duplicity since Kim made commitments to him personally just 2 months ago, surely? As well, he needs to heed the examples of the North’s repeated violations of past diplomatic agreements with the US, which indeed put in place the deep-seated distrust of the North on all political sides in Washington.

Not least, Trump needs to recognise the unquestionable truth that it is solely the pressure from the current UN sanctions that has brought Kim and Pyongyang to the negotiating brink once again, isn’t it? Furthermore, as a de-facto nuclear power, North Korea and its leader will NEVER give that up voluntarily, will they? Oh yes, Kim will be prepared to deplete a bit his nuclear arsenal [perhaps he already has 50 plus nuclear bombs, eh?] but US intelligence officials know that North Korea does not intend to fully surrender its nuclear stockpile [and is already making preparations to deceive the US about the number of nuclear warheads it has as well not disclosing all its nuclear fissile material facilities]

[The Syrian military of dictator ‘Bashar al-Assad’ used banned chemical weapons against the population in 2013 – confirmed by the UN. The international outcry resulted in OPCW inspections of Syria’s declared chemical weapons arsenal and actual destruction was completed in 2014. Nevertheless, Assad had been able to hide some including nerve agents so continued to use them in his civil war – what does that tell us? International verification of and destruction of such weapons is uttery unreliable when the holder is a tyrant, eh?]

Just remember, Kim is the ‘insecure’ despot head of a secretive oppressive impoverished rogue state, and the third member of the Kim family ‘divine’ dynasty to rule North Korea by gruesome force and control through a strict personality cult.

He imposes a regime devoid of ALL human rights, radios are illegal, Western movies are banned, certain music is prohibited, and it is a country where even filming ANYTHING is treason. Unbelievably, a full 1% of the North Korean population are political prisoners. Citizens may get access only to the country’s own intranet and no mobile phones can dial into or out of the country, plus there is also no Internet connection. People not only need special permission to travel abroad (only granted to the few), but they also need special permission to travel around their own country. North Korea is one of the most militarised nations on Earth

Kim is a ruthless murderous dictator, who suppresses any ‘potential’ dissent with prison camps, and brutally eliminates any ‘perceived’ opponent to secure his position, killing at will family members [like his eldest half-brother, uncle, aunt, and two cousins], the military [like the army vice-minister], or government officials [like family who served as ambassadors to Malaysia and Cuba, deputy-prime minister, defence minister, agricultural minister, and education official]. It is estimated that up to 350 are dead already.


[Mr President, that is the kind of man ‘Kim Jong-un’ is, and is the one who you are dealing with and trusting with the World’s future –remember also that DICTATORS DON’T GIVE-UP POWER].

UAFA Nations League and England get ‘outplayed’ against a top side (Spain), followed by being ‘dismal’ in a friendly (Switzerland) – all preceded AGAIN with a ‘head-in-the sand’ view of the team’s abilities?




Well, only the football focused will have known, seemingly out of the blue but actually four years ago, that a ‘third’ men’s national-team full international tournament for the 55 members of UEFA (the sport’s European governing body) had been put in place [the other two being the existing World Cup and the Euros], didn’t they?

Well for the UEFA ‘Nations League’ inaugural season, it all started just this month [and continues until November] -– and it will then resume next June for the Finals.

Now, the process in this ‘new’ competition is quite fiendishly complex, but suffice to say that it is intended to keep international football in the frontline news, to fill the void between the other two major tournaments, and it is intended to eliminate so-called ‘meaningless’ friendlies. It is a biennial contest for the top national teams.

It can be considered have a long-term league-type structure:

*There are 4 tiers/divisions – 12 teams in League A [Top league], 12 teams in League B, 15 teams in League C, and 16 teams in League D

*In each league, four groups are formed (three or four teams in each group) and play each other both home and away

*Teams can also be promoted and relegated to a higher or lower league (tier) AFTER each tournament

*From the top league, League A, the winners of the four groups go on to play in the Nations League Finals, with two semi-finals and one final to decide which team becomes the UEFA ‘Nations League champion’

*The UEFA Nations League will be linked with the UEFA European Championship ‘qualifying’, providing teams another chance to qualify for the UEFA European Championship [a backdoor entry?]

*The Nations League may also be linked with UEFA’s future World Cup qualifications for the same purpose, possibly using the top two leagues

Well, the STARTING top rank (League A) was determined to be Group 1 France [Rank 01], Germany [Rank 15], Netherlands [Rank 17]; Group 2 Belgium [Rank 02], Switzerland [Rank 08], Iceland [Rank 32]; Group 3 Portugal [Rank 07], Poland [Rank 18], Italy [Rank 21]; Group 4 Croatia [Rank 04], England [Rank 06], Spain [Rank 09]. [So, the successful 8 of those 12 will play in the summer 2019 finals to determine the Winner, eh?].

The background to England’s first-ever Nations League match [one of four total] was the home game against Spain last Saturday and what was surprising to us casual observers, is that the England professional football pundits (coupled with the FA) have been filling the media news with unrealistic assessments of the England’s team’s prospects of success on the world stage, together with talking-up Gareth Southgate’s management abilities, lauding captain Harry Kane’s prowess as a striker [Golden boot winner – a fluke], and that coupled with presenting a gilded view of the team’s actual performance at the summer’s World Cup 2018 in Russia [won by France].

There should be no misunderstanding about that though –despite our team doing the nation proud by their achievement and gutsy performances (semi-finalists, but not richly deserved perhaps, and hardly ‘heroic’ as the headlines would have it?), nevertheless in reality that was not by their outstanding football on the pitch, but by some good fortune (though well-deserved) and by the top teams failing miserably this time round, wasn’t it?– whenever they came up against good teams they were found wanting, weren’t they? In reality England’s performances hadn’t been anything to write home about, and no player proved to be world-class.

Nevertheless, ‘on paper’ it did indeed ‘look like’ a success story and to be sure it had to be reflected in the World Rankings – England [Rank 6] are now flatteringly (?) listed higher than they have been for five years.

As recorded here at the time, the real ‘facts’ belie that outcome, because they are that in the Group Stage, England won two games [one with the team making very, very, very hard work of it all with a last-gasp goal that saved the bacon, and the other one against gamely fighting but out of their depth World Cup ‘first-timers’ with England falling asleep at the back at times, together with an unpunished pretty dire second half display], and then losing the really meaningless third match [a bizarre fake contest when both sides played a reserve eleven – and England’s second team was hopeless because it didn’t gel.

Despite another fairly disappointing performance, England then won the Round of Sixteen game on a penalty shootout [there’s a first time for everything!] when the match had ended in a draw after extra time – it can best be described as a shoddy game, a shoddy result and a bad game to play in, a bad game to watch.

In the Quarter-Final, England won, the team’s performance was its best of that World Cup and was credible for a change – though definitely on the park Kane was absent, and at times our fans had their hearts in their mouths when our defence went missing, eh?].

England got knocked-out in the Semi-Final in extra time, defeated but not crushed, while they had fought like the lions on their shirts for a win.

Then in a downbeat end to the tournament, England despite playing with passion, went-on to lose the play-off for 3rd place [so like in 1990 finished 4th], but with another lack of firepower display against a top team.

Nevertheless, this was a good tournament for England as they restored some pride back into our international team.

Well, so feet back on the ground, the bubble burst as England faced Spain [Rank 9] – who as the mighty one had suffered a shock World Cup defeat (penalties) against Russia – at Wembley in competitive football, and despite trying hard got dominated by an undoubtedly superior team, so they failed – demonstrating that in reality that they have a long way to go to match the best sides [it didn’t help that Kane isn’t firing despite his Golden Boot award]. Some might have noticed that Raheem Sterling wasn’t playing? (not yet dropped – just injured!).

Just three days later, England [well, a second string] played an international friendly against Switzerland [Rank 8] at Leicester City’s ground – now just why that meaningless dull game was scheduled, or why 30,000 wanted to watch it (apart from five or six dozen Swiss tourists), is a puzzle to many of us , isn’t it?

Well, while England were quite poor they nevertheless lodged-up a scrappy narrow win, this time with a very streaky performance, that was a far cry from what should be expected from a high ranking country’s team –though it has to be said that their opponents are a decent side [well, in a proper completive-type game, using their first-choice players].

The realization that England are NOT yet able to beat the best will come as a great disappointment to loyal fans – but many of us fear that realistically we will NEVER again reach that level. In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter how good the manager is, or the training, nor the tactics, if there isn’t world-class players in the squad, the team will continue to flounder against the top teams [the record has been abysmal over the past fifteen years, hasn’t it?].

England indeed have some GOOD players, but currently the ONLY English ‘world class player’ available is Harry Kane, and even he can’t hold a candle YET to the likes of Messi [Brazil] the top player, or Neymar [Brazil], nor Ronaldo [Portugal] who might be wilting just now.

You might wonder just why this is so, in a Country which indeed is the home of football and boasts the best league in the World, eh? The answer of course lies in the second item – the bloody FA and its ‘Premier League’, doesn’t it?

Yep, for many years now England’s top football league clubs have mostly been owned or controlled by foreigners or overseas interests [either as vanity projects, or as commercial cash cows, or money laundering, or tax evasion], and that takeover syndrome has been further leaching down even to all the other Football league clubs as well, hasn’t it? Yep, some 1/3 rd of such league clubs are substantially now in the hands of others [including in offshore tax havens], so they don’t give a damn about English football in general, nor the England team in particular, do they?

The FA has disgracefully allowed it all to happen when no other country in the whole world would have permitted it so they have destroyed their birthright and English football in the process – England will never again be a force to reckon with in the international field of football completion, will it?

The full effects of the FA’s incompetence are widespread of course. Like, our Premiership becoming awash with imported obscenely highly-paid foreign players, not only here sucking the lifeblood out of grassroots football [then sending it overseas and paying minimal tax in the process], but blocking the progress of all British talent, as it is progressively thwarted by lack of opportunity to develop, not least at the major clubs where they can’t get a game never mind being in the starting-eleven, eh?

[The apologists will say ‘if you’re good enough you will make it’ – but how do you actually get ‘good enough’ to displace from the team an established foreign international, just ‘bought-in’ this summer for £72million & £53million (Chelsea), £60million (Man City), £53million (Liverpool), £42million (West Ham), £29million & £18million (Everton), £23million (Southampton), £19million (Man Utd), £18million (Fulham), £12million (Wolves), – and when furthermore they are earning megabucks compared to you (NO manager dare ditch them, eh?)

The top 5 Premiership players are foreigners and earn from £13million a year (£250thousand a week), up to over £16million a year (£315thousand a week

England clubs don’t really bother developing our own local youth talent, but leave that to overseas clubs, and instead just buy-in their output with playing experience in their own leagues]

That situation is compounded by the owners also bringing-over foreign managers [some who can barely speak English] who know more about overseas players than they do English talent so unsurprisingly they suck-in what they know, to the expense of local players, as well as denying the prospects of English managers to get a look-in.

If you want a glaring example of just that look at the playing background of the aforementioned Harry Kane, will you? He signed professionally for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur as a 17 year old, but despite his talent he got hardly much team experienced at all, and was simply off-loaded on season-loan to lower clubs, first Leyton Orient, next to Millwall, then on to Norwich City (part) followed by Leicester City (part).

It took a full 4 years before Kane was given his first Premier League start for Tottenham [against Sunderland (when he scored his first Premiership goal)] – that was despite the fact that already he had been good enough for England’s U17, U19, U20, and U21 matches, eh? Just a year later he was actually playing for the full England Senior team as well – what does all that tell us about the dearth of ‘experience’ opportunities being given to England’s top prospects, do you think? That the rungs of the ladder up to the top of professional football have been snapped-off by our own FA, perhaps?

Then perhaps there is also the example of Jamie Vardy, who kept playing in lower leagues despite being dumped aged 16 by Sheffield Wednesday, and demonstrated that he was a prolific goal-scorer. He was then snapped-up by lowly Leicester City of the Championship, was instrumental to them winning promotion and then the Premiership title itself despite being a totally un-fancied outfit – he got his England cap, and has played for the national team in both in the last Euros and World– did the FA system play any part in any of that, do we think? NO.

Or how about 18 year old Phil Foden of Man City [been with them since a youth], now on the verge of a full England cap, but before this weekend had been played for just 8 minutes in the Premier league this season– and the club had bought an expensive foreigner @ £60million instead this year, so much for ‘opportunity’, wouldn’t you say? [Moreover, Foden has already played for England’s U16, U17, U18, and currently U19, as well?].


[In the Nations League England will now play Croatia away (12 Oct), Spain away (15 Oct), and Croatia home (18 Nov) – Croatia knocked-out England in world cup semis]

The battle FOR suppression within Labour is well underway – WILL THE PARTY SURVIVE?


Offensive” graffiti-style mural rightly removed from the streets of East End London – an action opposed by Jeremy Corbyn 

Surely there cannot be any doubt left in anyone’s mind here in the UK that Jeremy Corbyn has led the Party’s troops into the valley of death, can there? His abject failure to creditably defend himself from increasingly sound accusations of antisemitism/racism, has unnecessarily brought that once great and revered party to its very knees, because his own pollution has also contaminated the whole party with the label of it being a subversive anti-Jewish organisation, hasn’t it?

He has compounded that and brought the party into disrepute by fighting tooth & nail to prevent the internationally accepted definition on antisemitism being adopted by the Labour Party, and then he has tried desperately to caveat it, hasn’t he? He failed, but the damage has been done and is extensive in this anti-Semitism crisis.

Now, many in our population suspect that the attacks on Labour ‘itself’ is unfair as in general its members are NOT antisemitic, and such attacks are opportunist & cynical politically motivated actions, not least by those senior British Jews obliquely defending Israel’s unacceptable behaviour [and there is more than a grain of truth in all THAT, but the electorate understandably won’t accommodate that, will they?], but the same cannot be said about Corbyn, can it?

No, the revelations and emergence of Corbyn’s past dubious activities (some previously unknown) has added credence to the charges against him and in particular his indulgence of many anti-Semites in the party and their deeds, flies in the face of his previous weasel words denials of being ‘anti-Jewish’ – together with the many times that he has claimed that his words and actions were simply honest mistakes or were misinterpreted or were unfairly falsely reported or he hadn’t read things or seen things [as occurred 3 years ago, when he supported (as Leader in 2015!) a blatantly anti-Jew mural depicting a group of Jew-type, money counting businessmen and bankers, around a Monopoly-style board balanced on the backs of black men, eh?].

Oh yes, Corbyn has form when it comes to bucking the traces in the company he keeps – as the saying goes when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas, eh? Like extensively linking-up with terrorist organisations, extremists, hardline regimes, and the like [including the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah PLFP, Iranian-backed Mahdi Army militia, Interpal (banned by the US as a terrorist organisation)] – he called for British withdrawal from Northern Ireland and paid tribute to its IRA deceased terrorists [did that prolong the conflict?]; he viewed the killing of Osama bin Laden as tragedy; he opposed in general a UK Police shoot-to-kill policy for Islamic suicide terrorists (2015); he has expressed solidarity with Balkan’s Slobodan Milosevic, Libya’s former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Venezuelan autocrat Hugo Chavez, and Cuba’s Fidel Castro; he believed that North Korea was not a rogue state, that the Soviet Union was no real threat and he only just has accepted that Russia was responsible for the Salisbury attempted murders and a killing; over 3 decades or more, has proven his disdain for the West and his admiration for the people that seek to destroy our values. It makes one wonder how the heck he got to lead the Party, doesn’t it?

Well, in 2015 after Labour unexpectedly LOST the Election, Jeremy Corbyn became Leader on the rebound. He had got nominated to stand (scraped-in) by 35 other shameful MPs – mostly political nobodies it has to be said, but with four ex-ministers [Margaret Beckett, Frank Field, Andrew Smith, Gareth Thomas], plus just a few other well know names of the time [Diane Abbott, Sadiq Khan, Michael Meacher, Dennis Skinner].

However, you ought to know that some of those thirty-five who signed his nomination were innocent-type idiots at the time as they did so in an act of generosity solely to give the left a voice in the debate process, and certainly they personally had no intention of actually voting for him, nor wished him to win, but he DID – against the odds! You see our MPs are a naive lot, aren’t they eh? [That certainly included Margaret Beckett, Frank Field, and John McTernan (ex-adviser to Tony Blair)].

Yep, they let the genie out the bottle and provided exactly the opportunity that the communists, the extreme hard left, the Trotskyist entryist lot, and their fellow-travelers, had been desperately waiting for, for over thirty plus years ever since their MILITANT organisation had been banned forever from the Party.

The basic opportunity though for those, who like a virus infection were intent again on infecting the host Labour party, taking over every sinew of it (and nevertheless ultimately destroying its body) came with the crass idea of Ed Miliband to attract supporters at a derisory £3 each to registered (easily affordable by the left’s moneymen to fund individuals), but nevertheless to have an equal vote on the leadership ballot – that opened the floodgates for 200,000 ultimate -left activists to renew entryism and it was seized-upon with a vengeance to enter the fray of the leadership battle and to carry Corbyn to a landslide victory [that assemblage later evolved into a new activist group called Momentum set-up to provide backup support to Corbyn

Now, Momentum has been fighting equally hard to prevent Labour adopting the accepted definition of antisemitism and are gunning for all those in Labour who have opposed that, suppress those who disagree with them at all, denigrate those who are anti-Corbyn, silence those who speak out against the Momentum group, and ditch even those life-long socialist members who aren’t left-wing enough.

You see, intolerance is their byword and their intention is to eliminate ALL opposition to their aims, either by fair means or foul ones, including harassment, thuggery and vile language threats. You see the new organised-left of reconstituted Communists follow soundly in the footsteps of the repressors, persecutors and suppressors of old, like Hitler (also anti-Jew), Stalin (also anti-Jew), Chairman Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Hideki Tojo, to name some.

They also want drive out their ‘non-supporters’ from local government, and to ‘deselect’ moderate Labour MPs, so in a move to make it easier for rebel sitting MPs to be deselected, they want changes to the way Labour parliamentary candidates are chosen (as current rules are designed to protect incumbent Labour MPs) – just last week, Leader Corbyn endorsed those calls, eh?

It is back to the old days as Momentum has successfully infiltrated the Party – having learnt from the mistakes of Militant – and it is almost certain that it cannot be dislodged now, nor the Party regained by traditional socialists, so it is a lost cause, isn’t it? [Back in the mid-1980s Militant finally got its comeuppance (that expulsion being opposed by Corbyn, you won’t be surprised to know?) because Labour had a strong true socialist Leader in Neil Kinnock, so the alien group’s members ultimately got their marching orders (from the Party but NOT the Unions, eh?), didn’t they? That however simply CANNOT happen with Momentum of course NOW because it’s very focus is Corbyn himself, and there is no way that he will allow its demise, will he?

The antisemitism row within the Party in particular [as well as BREXIT] has provoked hard left pressure group Momentum to demonstrate its goal to deal harshly with all ‘opposers’, in a bid to purge dozens of moderates. In the past week, as a pre-cursor to future ‘deselection procedures’, three prominent (deemed rebel) Labour MPs have been targeted with local constituency Labour Party, votes of ‘no confidence’, of which 2 indeed were carried [former Minister Joan Ryan (Enfield North), and Gavin Shuker (Luton South) – with only Graham Stringer (Blackley & Broughton) emerging unscathed].

[In the Enfield situation, bizarrely and totally unacceptably, an Iranian state television station (Press TV – banned in UK 6 years ago, but Corbyn still appears on it, eh?) was allowed to film the private meeting].

Back in July BREXITEER Kate Hoey (Vauxhall), a veteran MP of 29 years, lost a dramatic no confidence vote by the members of her constituency – with zero of them voting against it

These targeted people are Labour through and through so fight for its values and THEY have not changed, but it is clear that the Labour Party has, isn’t it?

Similarly, in July another iconic MP, Frank Field (Birkenhead) suffered a no-confidence vote (oh yes, he was even deselected by local activists back in the 90s – overturned by the NEC), but he has also last week ‘resigned’ the whip to sit as an independent in protest at Corbyn’s failures on antisemitism. Because of that, he has been threatened with being thrown-out of the party, suffered a bombardment of death threats and online vitriolic abuse in a culture of intolerance, nastiness, bile and intimidation, self-evident in local parties [one troll calling him a “Tory rent boy” who should “f*** off and die”] – and yet this is a totally honourable, decent, long-serving & popular constituency MP (40 years) and a much admired socialist, who has been a classic performer in both supporting core Labour values, crusading for the poor, while being inclusive in respecting the opinions of others.

THESE INDIVIDUAL MPs ABOVE (or any others) WILL GET ABSOLUTELY NO BACKING FROM LEADER CORBYN will they as he is concluding with it all – the Labour Party has become a no-go area for ALL non-Trotskyist/Stalinist/Communist types, hasn’t it?

That is both shocking and surprising because maverick Corbyn has been treated with respect, indulgence, and understanding throughout his long 35-year parliamentary career, despite being an out-of-step renegade, who has consistently fought the official committed policy of the Party, as well as the authority of the 8 Leaders he has served under [Foot, Kinnock, Smith, Beckett, Blair, Brown, Harmon (twice), Miliband].

Respected ex-Minister Chuka Umunna (Streatham) implored Corbyn to “call off the dogs” and told him “ITS IN YOUR POWER TO STOP IT” – fat chance, don’t you think? [Umunna will be next on the to-be-chopped list, eh?].



[Labour is collapsing, the party has changed irrevocably into something else, a party split is now inevitable (keeping the Tories in office for another decade?), Corbyn WILL lead the party to defeat in the next Election, the Momentum organised crowd will retain its control.

When & how a new ‘Gang of 4’ will form to kick-start a TRUE SOCIALIST life unit, to create a new centrist, liberal and social-liberal party (aka Emmanuel Macron’s outstanding successful breakaway from the Socialist Party in France) is problematic (Chuka Umunna? Chris Leslie? Gavin Shuker? Emma Reynolds? and swallow the defunct LibDems, eh?). BUT THEY NEED A FINANCIAL BACKER – millionaire entrepreneur Simon Franks?) and to take traditional members & activists with them]

England’s Police Force is being only farcically supported – who of any common sense would want to be in it NOW?

Beat copper – disappeared now!

Over a couple of years ago a post her The UK Police ‘underfunded’ and ‘under resourced’ – what the heck has happened here?” January 16, 2016 by dadman007 outlined the downward spiral the force has suffered for nearly a decade, primarily due to our government financial cutbacks under Theresa May, it has to be said?

Well, the problems have got even worse, unbelievably worse, haven’t they? Yep, so this week for example London’s Met Police [covering 32 London boroughs], the icon of the overall force perhaps, announced that the 99th murder had occurred in their city this year [and we are only just three quarters of the way through] – some thirty percent rise in murders and just part of the dreadful upsurge in violence that is devastating our societies around Britain. That is accompanied by widespread gang crime, drug abuse, and anti-social behaviour.

Now, while our forty-five police forces in England & Wales may well be at the front-end of law enforcement around the UK, they are NOT of course the sole part of the criminal justice system here, are they?

No, nevertheless, there can be no doubt that they are failing to do the job required of them for regional law enforcement [keeping the peace and enforcing the criminal law], but on the other hand, NOR is the bulk of the justice system behind them that they rely on to actually deliver justice to those who commit crimes – and that is of course the:

  • Government & Parliament [including PM, Ministry of Justice, Lord Chancellor, Prison Minister, Attorney General]
  • Law [set by parliament, EU, ECJ]
  • Courts [Judges, Magistrates, Prosecution and Defence lawyers, Crown Prosecution Service, Appeal system, sentences & fines]
  • Prisons [containment, detention, punishment and rehabilitation(!)
  • Probation service [suspended sentences, community service, electronic tags, enforcing prohibitions & curfews]

ALL that though has become a totally dysfunctional can of worms, which has left our esteemed Police up the creek without a paddle, as the saying goes. The do-gooders have succeeded in destroying any effectiveness of the justice system in this Country, so criminals (even dangerous ones) don’t get banged-up, jails have become drug palaces, mobile phone havens, and cushy places of rest & training in criminality, whence criminals outside abound and regularly get away with their vile activities [like 9 out of 10 car thieves are NOT caught amidst increasing numbers of vehicles stolen]  – not least because the hands of the Police are often tied behind their backs, eh?

Just one example is the do-gooder’s success in discouraging Police stop & search, through their argument that knifes, weapons or guns regularly weren’t found – the silly billies missed the point that it was that very deterrent that had the desired result – when the London Police cut-back on stop & search the gangs simply tooled-up and knife crime rocketed as did drug dealing, didn’t it?

On top of that, the Force has been decimated in terms of numbers, resources, budgets, and facilities, which puts the general public at increasing risk, doesn’t it? So many crimes, even IF reported [up by some 15%], they aren’t investigated by the cash-strapped Police [two thirds of them (including burglary & break-ins)?], let alone solved, nor somebody charged, or a conviction in Court achieved [zero tolerance has gone by the board these days and the criminals are having a field-day, aren’t they?].

Not only do we no longer see uniformed beat bobbies who know their communities on our streets [a third have been axed in the past 3 years], but police station closures to save running costs are endemic [over 600 shut down in the past 8 years (100 in London alone), while many others aren’t now open to the walk-in public], whereby many many towns and even some cities simply don’t have a single police station anywhere these days. Scandalous?

In the not so distant past, any reasonably large town certainly had not only a decent police station, but it contained barred cells where the scoundrels could immediately be locked-up out of harm’s way for a little while – instead of nowadays them simply being released on police bail to carry-on their criminal behaviours unchecked.

The Police [like nurses] are one of the caring professions, so the Government can walk all over them with impunity and that is exactly what has been happening when we see Police numbers at the lowest level for three decades, despite a massively higher population ([ncluding immigrants (some convicted criminals)]), rising crime and higher terrorist threat – is it any wonder that crime is rampant?

Moreover, the Police are prevented by law from striking, so basically, they have zero power to defend themselves against the Government’s crass actions, despite themselves feeling undervalued, being overworked, and consequently failing miserably, so morale is plummeting. Pay is another debilitating factor because as public sector workers their pay since 2010 was pegged for 2 years, then rose by just 1% annual rise, then this year only 2% (with half of that a ‘one-off’ bonus payment that doesn’t continue next year and is excluded from pension – in breach of the independent review award!), so all more than wiped-out by excessive inflation [the BoE have failed to keep inflation down to 2% for 6 years of the last 9 years], so in reality their pay has been cut over 8 years – fair or not, eh?

All of that naturally will cause a problem for ‘recruitment’ because even with a lower headcount some officers will retire, while others move or leave altogether. Police work is both challenging and requires taking pride in the work of law enforcement, so the Force here needs to attract the best talent from well-educated men and women [many with higher education qualifications] and from all sections of the community as well – those who have the special talents needed to serve the public, give confidence to it, and to tackle crime at all levels in what is these days a highly technological world.

Indeed the pay for new recruits is only getting worse by going backwards, as the starting salaries for police constables has fallen in real terms every year since 2009. A new PC starting out in 2009 was earning the equivalent of £27,400 in today’s prices, and that figure dropped by £3,000 by last year – is that the best way of bringing-in the top talent, do you think?


Many of our most responsible young people are keen to contribute in full to their society, so nevertheless of cuts are minded to join the Police force – there is still time for the Government to do the right thing, turn back the clock, and give Police the resources and encouragement that’s needed].

The United Kingdom takes-on the mighty annexor European Union – the BREXIT war progresses?


The start of the world war 2 in Europe was 1 September 1939

Adolf Hitler the German’s frontline Aggressor

Neville Chamberlain ‘although brave’ the British Appeaser [then declared war and led Britain for the first 8 war months]

Winston Churchill the ‘indomitable’ British victorious wartime leader [led Britain for 5 war years in Europe]

William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) the traitorous Irish-American, who broadcast Nazi propaganda to Britain from Germany [executed]

The start of the BREXIT war in Europe was 23 June 2016

Michel Barnier the EU’s frontline Aggressor

David Cameron the ‘cowardly’ British Appeaser [led Britain for the first 3 war weeks]

Theresa May the ‘duplicitous’ British Appeaser [has led Britain for the past 25½ war months]

Philip Hammond (the face of Remain) the ‘traitorous’ Chancellor, who broadcasts anti-BREXIT propaganda from Britain to the EU and the World

Dominic Grieve MP ex-Attorney General (Queen’s Counsel, Privy Councillor), president of the Franco-British Society, lives in France, an underhand ‘subversive’ determined to thwart the people’s vote and scupper BREXIT at any cost

D-Day for the BREXIT war in Europe could be in autumn 2018

Michel Barnier the EU’s frontline Aggressor [invigorated by 2 war years of trouncing UK negotiation]

Boris Johnson ex-London Mayor, ex-Foreign Secretary, a strong possible replacement for Remainer/Appeaser May, and an ‘unbowed’ British successful BREXIT leader [BUT could he like Churchill step-up to lead Britain to victory against the EU (in the final 6 war months?)]


[Theresa May’s hopes of remaining Prime Minister by year end  is in reality simply based on numbers, and observers don’t believe she has enough supporting MPs to get her ‘non-BREXIT’ though the House of Commons – then she will be ‘forced’ to go]


The bright future offered to the next generation – vape yourself into addiction and possible death?


If there was any doubt in your mind about our MPs at Westminster being a total waste of space and a brainless bunch, they have certainly dispelled it last week with their announcement that ‘vaping’ should become the acceptable face of smoking, and indeed funded by us taxpayers.

The gaggle of village idiots who have come-up with their controversial plan [to an outcry from leading scientists] to back use of e-cigarettes in Britain, get them readily available on NHS prescriptions, destroy bans on use in public places [like hospitals, restaurants, buses, trains, tubes], and abandon rules for advertising control, are members of the House of Commons Science & Technology committee, chaired by one Norman Lamb [an ambitious second rate LibDem ex-Minister and solicitor by trade specialising in employment law – so knows sod-all about either science or technology, does he? Or another 8 of his committee crowd as only 2 others have science knowledge?]

[What you have to understand about the working-way of politics and politicians in the UK, rests on the premise that neither MPs nor indeed the most senior Ministers running the Country should actually be ‘knowledgeable-about’ or ‘experienced-in’ anything they are dealing with or responsible for – which probably is so that they can’t be held accountable for major things going pear-shaped (as it regularly does, eh?). They are generally smooth-talking eloquent bluffers (majority men – two thirds), sometimes with dubious or questionable motives, who can pretend to know a lot but in fact know virtually nothing except how to survive in the Westminster bubble You can’t even tar them with the brush ‘A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none’ because they don’t even meet that criteria, do they?]

This committee’s demand that current Ministers burn the existing (but insufficiently robust?) rulebook on e-cigs, comes in exactly the very same week as yet another scientific medical study identified the risk of lung disease posed by e-cigarettes [finding that the ‘heat-vaporised’, nicotine infused liquids, become much more potent cell killers than when cold, hamstring the immune system’s ability to clear the lungs or prevent harmful chemical buildups, a disablement of the body’s cleaning system that can cause chronic lung disease (Birmingham University researchers)].

Now, you don’t have to be a scientist nor a doctor to realise that the body’s lungs were never designed to breath-in noxious smoke, do you? Now, just why people choose to challenge their own body to a ‘do-or-die’ conundrum by infusing it with chemicals will confound psychiatrist forevermore, won’t it?

The problem with these misled MPs is that they are gullible and victims of the fraudulent guiles of the tobacco industry’s diversity into e-cigarettes and its take-over of that market – just like the politicians of half a century ago who believed the manipulated research [by buying up scientists on a spectacular scale] promoted by the industry that denied that their products caused cancer [As a consequence of that the tobacco barons were allowed to further purloin their fortunes for many many more decades, while in the process they were killing millions of people with their tobacco.

These MPs have once again fallen into the trap set by the tobacco giants by relying on ‘favourable’ research papers [just who do you thing might be behind them that champion e-cigarettes, eh?] while side-lining other evidence highlighting health risks. In addition to that latest report there is NY University medical school finding that e-cig vapour caused DNA damage to heart, lungs and liver; WHO have recommended that e-cigs should be banned indoors.

E-cig vapour contains a number of toxins which obviously WILL cause harm over time both to users and bystanders – not yet evident because it is so short a time in use (in UK since 2007). Chemicals used to flavour vaping liquids often contain aldehydes which irritate the lung lining.

The evidence is that e-cigarettes are NOT better for quitting smoking than other aids [WHO & USFDA], while NICE has decreed there is little evidence of effectiveness or safety as medicinal products, so the very idea by MPs that e-cigs are the best aid to STOP smoking is a conundrum, as not only are they designed to be pleasurable to smoke, are attractive (particularly to the young and impressionable), but they retain the innate comfort of childhood suckling as did cigarettes, and into the bargain they fully satisfy and carryon the existing addiction to nicotine, while still retaining the heavily promoted glamour of being a smoker. WHAT ADDICT IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD CHOISE TO STOP or even swap to go onto nicotine patches with a reducing dose, so that an expensively acquired habit can be finally abandoned, do you think?

[It’s far more likely for e-cigs to result in the smoking of cigarettes than not].

The general public have suffered the abuse in public places for countless years until 2007 of the billows of toxic smoke blown out by the tobacco afflicted, and now MPs want to return to that enjoyment destroying nuisance by subjecting us all again to the nuisance of smokers – those weak morons who historically have shown their complete distain for those around them (including children, even their own) and make us suffer the danger, the smell and the vapour cloud produced by vaping while we are eating our food in a restaurant, drinking in the pub, travelling on the train or other public transport, or even sitting at our office desk or in other workplace. WHY, WHY, WHY, SHOULD WE? Why do we all have to suffer to satisfy the craving of a bunch of bloody addicts who embarked on smoking when they knew full well that it was long-term addictive and a life changing debilitating choice? [only those over 60 years old have any slight excuse]

As the major tobacco companies of the likes of Gallaher, Reynolds American, Philip Morris International, Lorillard, Imperial Tobacco, RJ Reynolds, Japan Tobacco International, Altria, British American Tobacco, saw the market shrink in the risk-aware ‘knowledgeable world’, they focused on the “emerging markets” [the less-developed countries & Eastern Europe] to aggressively increase their sale of cancer sticks and retain their massive cash-cow income, but then for the last decade-and-a-half they have invested heavily in the non-cigarette nicotine products industry, so that they could revive their previous massive income here by continue to fleece smokers and to addict our own. and similar populations, to the highly addictive drug of nicotine which causes increased heart rate and blood pressure– so damn the health and human consequences, in their view.

[Once your body gets a taste for nicotine, it can quickly become a life-long addiction, with extremely fatal consequences. It’s even more dangerous for the young because they’re still growing and developing, so drug abuse during these years in particular can have a lasting impact].

Now, these influential MPs, for reasons that are incomprehensible to most of us, want to roll back the clock on the pretence of helping (un-saveable?) smokers, but to allow the tobacco lobby once again to takeover the lives of our citizens by keeping them addicted to smoking nicotine, this time via the vehicle of e-cigarettes, or alternatively by even using the snus product [why for god’s sake have these silly MPs recommend that it should now be legalised in the UK, despite it having been linked to oral cancer, eh?]

[Snus is a moist powder tobacco product originating from a variant of dry snuff and is placed in lower lip for extended periods before swallowing].

Oh yes, the vape industry is over the moon and are taking to the airways to say this was a ringing endorsement of vaping’s public health potential and reiterate their false claims about their products [like e-cigarettes being the ‘most effective’ tobacco harm-reduction product] and dismissing fully justified health concerns as mere ‘scare stories’ [exactly as the same tobacco industry had responded back in the first half of the last century, despite the ever increasing and mounting evidence then that cigarettes caused cancer, eh?]

The half-awake MPs also concluded that we hadn’t needed to worry at all about the dangers to the young of vaping or it acting as a gateway to smoking, but clearly, they hadn’t noticed the disturbingly catastrophic development with it having now become an out of control addictive craze of viral proportions in America where it is sweeping over their schools, and is now a significant public health concern, no less? [Tobacco use remains the leading preventable cause of death and disease in the United States].

For the use of e-cigarettes among youth has skyrocketed in the U.S. – from 2011 to 2015, a 900% increase among high school students. There is the ‘Juul’ (being highly promoted on social media so securing some 70% of the market), a highly addictive vape pen, (nicknamed the ‘iPhone of e-cigarettes’), already launched in the UK, looks like a USB drive, can be charged on a computer, and is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand – readily being surreptitiously smoked by schoolchildren despite it being illegal for the under 21’s [no icky cigarette smell, minimal vapour trail, innocent & innocuous appearance].

Back in 1949, medical research first established the link between lung cancer to tobacco, and by 1956 that link was scientifically incontrovertible: however, the tobacco industry’s own documents have revealed the most astonishing systematic corporate deceit of all time in their fabricated denials (which have continued unabated to this very day) as determined by their lawyers and public relations outfits, that smoking was a matter of choice, was non-additive, didn’t cause cancer, the young weren’t targeted, advertising had no influence on total consumption, cigarettes were safe, no harm was caused by second-hand smoke,

The truth tells a much different story, doesn’t it? Their own documents obtained by legal action  show they understood or knew:

  • since the 1950s, the cancer-causing nature of its product
  • since the 1960s, that the crucial selling point of its product was the chemical dependence of its customers, and that the cigarette simply was a drug delivery device [So, without nicotine addiction there would be no tobacco industry]
  • that the market of young smokers (teenagers and younger children) was of central importance to the industry [so great lengths were gone to in order to influence smoking behaviour in this age group].
  • that advertising was crucial in nurturing the motivation to smoke [so its advertising set about creating or projecting the positive values erroneously associated with the product (independence, machismo, glamour, intelligence)]
  • that they needed to abandon plans to make safer cigarettes, as that this would have exposed their existing products as ‘unsafe’ [instead they deliberately promoted ‘low-tar’ cigarettes to offer false reassurance without health benefits]
  • that their freedom to smoke excuse would fail if smoking was considered to harm people by second-hand smoke, it would limit the smokers’ freedom to smoke, and would make smoking more socially unacceptable [so the industry took major steps to deny the harm caused by second-hand smoke and thwart measures to protect the public from it


How the hell have they been allowed to get away with it scot free, stay in business, and still be peddling death around the globe, do you think? Is it because money talks, influential corporate bodies are funded, lobbyists control the media, and they have politicians in their pockets, perhaps?

Well in UK we certainly have say the Institute of Economic Affairs so funded (consistently arguing against legislation on the industry), or the likes of so-called Tory grandee Kenneth Clarke, an ex-Health secretary, ex-non-executive Deputy Chair of BAT [he admitted the company they didn’t actively prevent overseas cigarette smuggling], or perhaps the sacked International Development secretary Priti Patel, an ex-lobbyist for the tobacco industry and as being an MP still defending them (old habits die hard, eh?), or nearly fifty MPs wined and dined before voting on cigarette packaging controls (fiercely fought against by the industry).

Our society no doubt can only wish NOW that smoking (and alcohol) had never been permissible or made easily available here, as it has had (and still is having) a serious debilitating impact on society. Although, great strides have been made in the UK to halt the mayhem caused by smoking, and it has to be said not without a great deal of opposition from those with a vested interest (including the government who were raking in massive tax), as well as the tobacco companies themselves using their massive war-chests of wealth, together with every trick in the book (legal or not) to thwart the legislation setting out to save the lives and futures of smokers, passive smokers, and the inducting our next generation into smoking and addiction (without doubt the industry’s aim)


[Our legislators have to stop NOW, the pandering to and indulging of the tobacco industry with its vaping offspring. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH]

DIETS: Vegetarian, Pescatarian-vegetarian, Ova-Lacto-vegetarian, Lacto-vegetarian, Ovo-vegetarian, Vegan – the World gets increasingly madder?

The US  Impossible Burger, a plant-based imitation that bleeds and sizzles when it cooks, coated in coconut oil to give a crunchy outside, and with a pinky soft middle, that includes the characteristic taste and aroma of meat.

[The term ‘vegetarian’ should not be applied to foods that are, or are made from or with the aid of, products derived from animals that have died, have been slaughtered, or animals that die as a result of being eaten. Animals means farmed, wild or domestic animals, including for example, livestock poultry, game, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, amphibians, tunicates, echinoderms, molluscs, , and insects ( Food Standard Agency)]

There can be no doubt about it, but the British public in these more affluent times, surprisingly (?) are increasingly turning towards forms of vegetarianism – whether or not this is some kind of self-punishment, self-castigation, self-flagellation, or just penitence, is anyone’s guess, eh?

One thing is sure though, which is that many advocates of the veggie diet find it turns out to be a difficult life choice for themselves, so just like an alcoholic-drinker, they both lie extensively about doing it successfully and sometimes they  ‘fall-off the wagon’ at some point and give in to temptation to eat meat, don’t they?

[One of the strangest things about vegetarianism is that so many plant products are nevertheless presented to ‘look’ like meat food and mimic the taste – why is it necessary for people to try to fool their brain into ‘thinking’ they are eating meat, do you think?].

Because of all that, it is difficult to be precise about the actual current level of vegetarianism in the UK [not least as some people in the UK misidentify themselves as vegetarians while still eating fish], but it could be as high as 10% or more of the population (say 4 million people) though it might be less than half of that. Nevertheless, a Canadian study found that the UK has the third highest rate of vegetarianism in the European Union. Apparently, there are twice as many vegetarian women as men – they beat men at everything these days.

[One survey even reports that the number of vegans in UK has skyrocketed to 3.5 million (when the diet was a niche subculture of only around half a million followers a couple of years ago) – driven by social media so more worrying  evidence of it taking over our society?].

Now, you have to just ask yourself if this metamorphism towards a vegetarian lifestyle is a good or damaging development for our society, don’t you? Will it make our race healthier or less healthy, will it turn a large section of the population into miserly-guts [a vegan diet often can be quite joyless they say?], will it alienate our much bigger sector of meat-eaters [a wedge driven by being accused of wrong-doing by those who have come to treat extreme vegetarianism as a belief equivalent to a religion?], or will it even have other damaging impacts like on the economy?

Well for a start, we in the West are eating an unprecedented amount of meat [one in five eating meat every single day] and whatever your attitude is to vegetarianism, it would be much better from a health angle if all us meat-eaters were  to cut back to what is a much more reasonable quantity, don’t you think?

[Rationing in WW2 identified EVERY adult person’s basic need per week as being Bacon & Ham 4oz (110g), plus other meat to the value of 1shilling & 2pence ((equivalent say to 2 chops) – being a meat-avoider or using just those quantities would help to solve the UK’s obesity crisis, wouldn’t it?

There are also good environmental reasons for favouring a vegan or reduced meat consumption diet just to reduce carbon footprint, rather than only curtailing car usage, as ten percent of our total greenhouse gas emissions are indeed associated with meat consumption.

What we all should understand though at the outset, is that our earliest human ancestors were meat & fish eaters who were hunting and butchering animals at least 2 million years ago, so it is no good vegetarians nowadays trying to decry the practice as inhuman, is it?

Nor can vegans criticise really the historic use of animal products by humans, because its only more modern mankind developments that allows them these days to avoid wearing or using clothes, shoes, or furnishings made from animal skins, hair, or feathers, so no fur, leather, wool, feathers or silk – just cotton (seedpot of the plant), linen (from flax plant fibres), hemp (from the Cannabis sativa plant species), or manmade fibres, eh?

That said, it has to be appreciated that increasing numbers of the population also have serious concerns about animal welfare and simply just won’t accept the ‘behind the scenes’ modern factory farming methods that the food industry has progressively introduced and used to provide cheap meat and other animal products.

Mankind’s adaption to the world, for almost the whole time of human history, was in becoming foraging ‘hunter-gatherers’, meaning that most (if not all) food was obtained by collecting wild plants and pursuing wild animals. [Hunting and gathering societies tended to be small, (fewer than fifty members) and involved the family as its primary institution, sharing food, bringing-up children and giving protection].

That has evolved more recently into agricultural societies, with its combination of horticulture together with improving pastures for the care, tending and use of animals such as cattle, camels, goats, yaks, llamas, reindeers, horses, and sheep – so for its meat, modern society relies mainly on domesticated species.

However, many people these days are enjoying a flexitarian diet, a part-vegetarian diet and one that is plant-based but with the occasional inclusion of meat. That certainly carries a lot of appeal to the bulk of the British consumers, doesn’t it? Yep, so nowadays nearly a third of us will identify themselves as ‘meat reducers’ and that certainly is a good thing that we ALL should be set on?.


[However, Vegans seem to be on a mission to coerce the rest of society to “go vegan” (so no cheese either,  NOR pets – the children will be mortified ) and adopt their eating preferences, and that is a BIG mistake as attraction is a more powerful force than promotion, isn’t it?]


Vegetarian: someone who abstains from the consumption of meat, and may also include abstention from by-products of animal slaughter

Pescatarian-vegetarian: someone whose diet includes fish or other seafood, but not the flesh of other animals.

Ova-Lacto-vegetarian: consumes some animal products, such as eggs and dairy, but does not eat fish or other seafood

Lacto-vegetarian: has a vegetables diet but includes as well dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ghee, cream, and kefir, but excludes eggs

Ovo-vegetarian: a vegetarian who eats of eggs but not dairy products

Vegan: abstains from the use of animal products, particularly in the diet, and rejects the commodity status of animals

Arsène Wenger HAD to ‘GO’ to save Arsenal (2017-18) – Arsène Wenger HAS to ‘COME BACK’ to save Arsenal (2018-19)?


Last season 2017-18, a large disgustingly vocal anti-Arsène Wenger destructive gang finally got their wish and had their manager of 22 years given the push, didn’t they? He was driven out by ‘so called’ Arsenal supporters who achieved it by abusive chanting from the stands and holding-up their anti-Wenger banners which undermined and completely demoralised their team on the field ?

Yep, they had decided some seasons previous that the sole reason that Arsenal hadn’t won the Premier League since 2004 was because Frenchman Wenger wouldn’t buy decent players (too tight) AND he wasn’t up to the job anymore. [Note that Wenger paid a Club record fee in signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund for £55million last January].

The very fact that London’s Arsenal football Club owed its substantial success, awesome achievements and high standing in the football world, as well as its financial stability [in spite of building the massive 60thousand capacity new Emirates stadium and moving out of iconic Highbury], to that very man, counted for nothing, did it?

Oh yes, the Arsenal, the ‘supposed’ failures, still finished in 6th place [above the likes of Burnley, Everton and Leicester] to qualify for Europe AGAIN [the Europa League group stage again this season], and indeed last season winning 8 games to reached the semi-final of that Europa cup competition, and they played in the final of the EFL cup here, to boot?

Well, well, well, the bully boys of the terraces, have now got their brand-new manager in place, Spaniard Unai Emery (reportedly the ‘safe’ choice), who has had the full summer to work with his squad [which he claims is complete], so basically the title is in the bag, as one would say, isn’t it?

Oh dear, well not quite it would seem, as Arsenal [position 17] have lost both of their matches so far this season (with dire performances) and consequently are languishing at the very BOTTOM of the Premiership on zero points, with the likes of Fulham, West Ham and Huddersfield.

So, Emery’s new-dawn squad overhaul doesn’t seem to had had much of a ‘beneficial’ impact so far, does it? While he has ditched a shed load of players [half a dozen, including 20 year old English striker Stephy Mavididi (who has represented England at U17, U18, U19 and U20 level], the five or so fresh new faces through the door, to the utter surprise of the professional pundits, seem to be of only average talent – hardly the positive way to build-up an all-conquering Arsenal team, similar to that which took their last Premiership title by storm under Wenger back in 2004 (without losing a single match), eh?

New manager Emery has named five Arsenal players he has appointed as captains for this season (with Laurent Koscielny as his main one) – that’s decisive management for you, isn’t it?

The BIG-MONEY transfers-in, sought-after by the over-ambitious anti-Wenger crowd, don’t seem to have materialised yet, do they? No, they saw Lucas Torreira [midfielder at 26.5m], free signing Stephan Lichtsteiner [right back], Sokratis Papastathopoulos [centre back at £17.7m], Bernd Leno [goalkeeper (not first-choice for Germany) at £19.2m] and Mattéo Guendouzi [19-year-old French midfielder at £7m] – that’s hardly being competitive in the current football marketplace, is it?

[Despite already having spent obscene amounts of money on players and the summer transfer window closing three weeks earlier than normal, the big boys dipped-in once more – like Chelsea £71m [Kepa Arrizabalaga], or Liverpool £67m [Alisson] and £48m [Naby Keita] and £39m [Fabinho], or Manchester City £60m [Riyad], or Manchester United £47m [Fred] and £19m [Diogo Dalot]

Of course, things should get better for Arsenal with improved results against mid-table teams, and we could expect that to happen as early as this coming weekend when they play at home and face fellow strugglers West Ham [position 19].

The 5 following-on opportunities to gain some points, are games against Cardiff [position 16 (away)], Newcastle [position 12, (away)], Everton [position 6 (home)], Watford [position 3 (home), Fulham [position 18 (away)], of which of course Cardiff and Fulham should be the easiest – but who knows, eh?


[The ‘Wenger Out’ brigade weren’t very careful of what they wished for, so perhaps replacement Emery will be similarly targeted if Arsenal finish the season with no honours and lower than 6th in the Premiership (as is likely?), don’t you think?]