Funding the UK State Pension is a historically nightmare – but now the ghosts of the dead are coming to haunt and destroy us?


Halloween may be nearly here again but the real frightening ghouls and spooks that Britain faces these days really arise from the past and the iconic universal State Pension that was introduced back in 1946 by the national insurance act, doesn’t it?

Yep, the problem is that these days the cost of funding the present ‘old-age pension’ coupled with the rest of the benefits system is crippling the Country to such an extent that things just can’t go-on like it much longer, can they?

Now, that is NOT to say the state pension [SP] is far too generous – far from it, the UK’s SP languishes at the bottom of the table amongst the world’s 35 developed economies, but it is just that it is inadequately funded not least because the population is skewing towards the non-working elderly who are living increasingly longer. [Turkey, Portugal and the Netherlands rank top for their far superior pension schemes, with Britain having a less than generous pension – however that is offset somewhat by many here having an additional top-up private pension, so that system definitely warrants further government encouragement]

[Back some 70 years ago male life expectancy was about just 63 years and this has progressively increased to around 80 years today, as childhood survival increased and adult improvement in lifestyles, working conditions, and health care has been delivered – women do better with a gap of 2 extra years life expectancy].

The underlying consequence of this all is that basically the national insurance paid by current workers and employers of each generation is actually in reality paying the SP for those of the previous generation who have already retired – that’s not sustainable, surely? You see, last year pensioners were supported by a massive 60% share of the £217bn welfare spend with over £90bn [over 40%] of that going on their pensions.

Of course, when the pension was first introduced nobody had made any prior contributions by way of national insurance so the costs were covered by general taxation and the non-retired payers into the new fund, but then thereafter national insurance contributions were just playing catch-up. That hasn’t been helped from a financial point of view by all the enhancements since then that have included the likes of pension equality and reduction of years paying-in or inclusion of those who haven’t paid-in at all [the running balance on the fund is less than a quarter of the actual annual expenditure].

Despite the fact that the government has tried to offset the problem of increased pensions cost due to the greater longevity of pensioners, by gradually extending the state pension age [now equalised this year at age65 for women and for both men and women moves to age66 in 2020/26 then to age67 by 2028, and provisionally age68 between 2044 & 2046], that’s nowhere near enough to solve the increasing financial crisis for the national insurance fund, is it?

No, other dramatic things will have to happen in the next 14 years before the ring-fenced fund for Pensions [and some benefits] is finally exhausted and hits the big zero. It’s grimly simplistic really, either substantially more money has to got to go in, OR significantly less money has to go out, and you don’t have to be an accountant to work that one out, do you?

National Insurance payments go towards the NHS (well under £25bn last year) and mainly the ring-fenced state benefits and services of State Pension, unemployment benefits, sickness and disability allowances, and bereavement benefits

Therein comes the bleeding problem of course – how the heck do you do whichever in a way that is acceptable to the workers, the employers, the current pensioners, the future pensioners, and indeed the whole Country, eh?

Oh yes, the government of the day could do a short-term fix by stuffing in other taxpayers money but at say a £100bn a year that would indeed have to be very very short-term, wouldn’t it?

Boosting the fund’s income certainly would present a big problem for any government hoping to survive, as substantially increasing national insurance contributions [say from 12% to 17%] would be widely resisted and unpopular, not least because it wouldn’t be primarily for the benefit of those paying- in long-term, would it? Perhaps all workers even those of pension age even should in future continue to pay contributions?

The harsh and most clinical way of reducing expenditure would be of course to means-test the state pension as many other benefits are, but that could cause uproar as those who have paid-in all their working life would feel utterly cheated – though possibly means testing could apply to just those who have paid-in least? However, the Achilles heel of that solution is the disincentive it would create for people to save or make other provision for their old age, wouldn’t it?

There can be no doubt that a significant reduction in the pension award paid would drive many old people into poverty and require other welfare funding – but if the cupboard is bare what else can be done, eh?

People need to be weaned-off the comforting expectation that the state pension alone will meet their needs in old age and instead plan to substantially supplement that possibly reduced income by other means including savings.


[It is an utter disgrace that successive government with their head in the sand approach have allowed this known situation to feaster until it has become almost terminal. It has to tacked now and that needs to be on a cross-party basis to avoid political turmoil or further inaction]


Talk of transgender, transsexual and gender self-identification – what a load of cobblers?

A major debate is raging in England just now over ‘proposed reforms’ to the gender recognition act (GRA) of 2004, while most of us have no idea what the hell that is all about nor what is going on now, do we? Well, what we ought to know though is that the blood-sucking lawyers are loving it all, as they are expecting to make a killing whenever there is legal controversy, don’t they?

Nothing against lawyers in general of course, but they just feel the need to hitch themselves to any passing wagon to make as many fast bucks as possible while the gravy train lasts, eh?

Just to set the scene, it has to be said that it is an accepted medical fact that male and female gender is set at the time of conception, so 9 months before a baby’s birth. At birth the gender is determined normally without ambiguity purely by the genitalia and that sex is recorded on the birth certificate as Male or Female.

However, in adulthood certain people find that they are not as the norm attracted to those of the opposite sex but instead to others of the same sex as themselves, so they self-determine as male homosexual or female lesbian. Well, for many centuries that was outlawed in this Country and sexual participation between same-sex couples was deemed to be unlawful and punishable.

It was only fifty years ago that homosexuality was decriminalised here and even then, for decades thereafter homophobia was rife in the UK and there are still pockets of that around particular amongst immigrant communities, aren’t there?

The unconscious bias in British psyche that has that has adversely coloured attitudes to homosexually and lesbianism has most definitely abated, though it does appear nevertheless to some of us that they seem to get undue prominence these days in the world of drama entertainment for some reason?

While most of the population might well be aware of the lesbian and gay scenario and these days are likely not only to have come in contact with many individuals, but will have had family experience, or know them well, or have friends of that sexuality, it is less likely that they have personally come across transgender people, as there are just say ten thousand or so of them in England?

Now those people are ones who have developed a ‘gender identity’ that differs from their assigned sex, which in practice means that they feel to be in the wrong type of sexual body to express their desired gender. Sometimes they deeply desire medical assistance to transition from their physical sex to the other, in which case they are known as transsexual.

The situation is further complicated by other individuals who don’t feel themselves to be of either male or female sex so are of a ‘third’ gender often termed ‘non-binary’.

Now apart from the fact that hordes of us don’t give a hoot about what any of these people do in their private life, it does become a problem in society when people want to change the ‘recorded’ gender on their birth certificate and ‘legally’ operate as a member of the opposite sex. You see gender affects a great number of things in the way an individual operates within the community, doesn’t it?

Yep, it can affect the safeguarding of children, women and vulnerable adults, the types of jobs people are employed-in like roles normally reserved to women, access to women-only spaces like women’s centres, Girl Guides, ladies’ swimming facilities, rights to women-only services, the age a state pension becomes payable, access to female-only services protected by exemptions to the equality act, participation in competitive sport, parental status, religious constraints needs, and much more.

Furthermore we cannot allow a situation developing whereby for example women-only shortlists, schemes that boost women’s representation, or woman specific awards, that have come about to redress historic male dominance in certain arenas, can now be hijacked by the transgender in what might be seen as a less competitive environment

‘Biological sex’ must remain a protected distinguishing attribute in law, and continue to be treated as a separate category from ‘gender identity’, which cannot be allowed to assume the equivalent status as the lobby is seeking, can it?

So, why has all this become topical all of a sudden?

Well, for a start the GRA was kicked-off over a decade ago when an male by birth transsexual activist argued that the government failed in law to fully recognise her as a woman in breach of Human Rights, and the European Court upheld the complaint, so Parliament changed the law but that regarding cases of fully achieved and post-operative transsexuals.

However, there has been a long-running campaign to change that new law because it is claimed that trans people are forced to endure a lengthy, highly medicalised, bureaucratic and ‘demeaning’ process to acquire gender recognition [to obtain a gender recognition certificate that changed their birth certificate’s biological sex).

Reforms are being demanded that include that non-binary people are included in future law, that even that each and everyone should be allowed to legally choose their own gender i.e. allowing anyone to self-identify their sex themselves without any diagnostic confirmation of having gender identity issues, meaning for example that even ‘self-identify’ trans people should be legally entitled to use single-sex spaces [where currently they rightly get turned away?]. As the idiom goes, what a crock of shxx these ideas are, surely?

While some level of law reform to protect affected individuals against victimisation or exclusion, is certainly appropriate, such proposals for expansion of the definition of transgender in this way to include those who are NOT transsexual, or whether or not individuals intend to make permanent physical changes, is a step too far, surely?

Now while most of us would accept that being trans is not an illness and certainly wouldn’t want to unnecessarily discriminate against those in that category, we certainly don’t expect their needs or desires to rule the roost over the rest of us heterosexuals or create risks or conflict, do we?

The existing equality legislation ensures all trans people are protected regarding employment and also against discrimination, except where appropriate specific sex-based exceptions exist so can be invoked.

What we cannot allow are changes that say allow male sexual predators, or paedophiles and the like, to self-identify themselves as women to gain easier access to their prey and we know well that such people as persistent sex offenders are skilled manipulators prepared to go to any length in their constant search for any kind of devious way to gain trust and obtain contact opportunities with potential targets.

Regardless of gender ‘identity’, we must maintain sex-segregation to defend women, girls and their female-only services, whenever that is appropriate and reasonable, particularly wherever women need protection from male-bodied persons, like say at abused women refuges, rape crisis centres, and of course prisons.

Despite the fact that provision already exists in prisons to exclude certain women whether trans or not, based on their record, from the female estate if they are deemed a danger to other inmates, the authorities have already been mesmerised by the aggressive transgender lobby and pre-any legislation changes, have allowed a multi-sex offender and multi-rapist, a male self-identified transgender women, into a woman’s prison to commit further sexual attacks on females [convicted two weeks ago and jailed for life] – there is a lesson there to be learnt, surely? Yes, and it is that any male with a retained penis cannot be allowed in any future law amendment simply to transgender to obtain a female certificate that gains them access to female only spaces or jobs or situations. [note that in fact almost half of trans women prisoners are sex offenders and a quarter have convictions for sexual offences relating to children – so none of them should EVER be banged-up in a woman’s prison]

There are rightly genuine concerns over those convicted of male violence against women, subsequently self-identifying as women, and those sexual predators should most certainly be excluded from acquiring a new gender without being post-operative transsexuals .

There is a massive problem lurking under the surface however and that is the one concerning minors with gender identity issues, as these certainly are not included in current legislation and are unlikely to be included in any changes.

It is particularly worrying to those of us who have come across it that children as young as six years-of-age are somehow being encouraged to desire to be of the opposite sex and while it is not clear how this is happening [as there is an explosive over 4,000% increase in girls wanting to be boys and over 1,200% increase in boys wanting to transgender, there has to be a BIG question WHY], nevertheless it is certainly being indulged rather than being tackled. We need to be clear that this is a totally different phenomena from what has always happened with girls being tomboys and boys dressing-up in their sister’s dresses when they are experimenting with their gender, which is perfectly normal and healthy, isn’t it?


[Much of the concern about proposed change in the gender law has to be about those born male, and that is because it has to be taken into account that the overwhelming majority of sex offenders are indeed male so risk assessment becomes a crucial factor in the decision]

‘Philip Hammond’ a BREXIT terrorist and now International Law expert– the new Dynamo who can walk on water as well?



Well, well, well, we’ve now heard the latest outrage from mega-loudspeaker broadcaster of ‘project fear’ announcements, Essex boy Philip Hammond, the supposed Chancellor of the Exchequer so charged with protecting the financial interests of the Country in accordance with the electorate’s mandate, but when has spent his 2 years in the job doing exactly the opposite, hasn’t he?

Why as an ardent Remainer he was given that crucial job which essentially required someone to accept and progress BREXIT to the best possible outcome, which required him to turn-around a Treasury one hundred percent committed to staying in the EU no matter what and whatever their employer’s electorate voted for in the Referendum, is anybody’s guess – but then again his job was the gift of promotion from a Remainer, herself shiny-new PM Theresa May, eh?

Predictably, his Treasury has simply continued under his direction then to determinedly undermine the UK’s BREXIT negotiations with its dire forecasts, manipulated by putting negative assumptions into their financial models – ‘rubbish-in’ means ‘rubbish-out’, you see?

It is a fact that research published this year by economists at one of the world’s top business schools [the CBR of the University of Cambridge, top ranked by Bloomberg, the Financial Times, BusinessInsider, US News & World Report, and Forbes Magazine] identified that Treasury’s economic modelling reports on the impact of Brexit, issued during and AFTER the Brexit referendum, were fatally flawed – they say that the BREXIT decision will only have a small negative impact on economic growth over the coming years, and is likely to have a minor impact on living standards, and NOT the large negative impacts being predicted.

Now, the latest scaremongering intervention by Hammond is to warn-off the Cabinet from accepting a NO Deal outcome to EU negotiations and saving a £45bn so-called BREXIT divorce bill for maintenance, as he has determined that Britain is legally required to pay the bulk [£36bn] of it ANYWAY.

This of course is just a ‘rework’ of his crass utterances last December when he pontificated that the EU’s spurious financial settlement bill would have to be paid in full irrespective of a trade deal being struck or not [as if it was a High Court judgement, eh?]. He was immediately within the hour slapped down by May for that original assertion when he claimed that ‘not paying’ was “inconceivable” [May had unilaterally made the massive financial commitment to the EU without the authority of Cabinet or Parliament – her commitment to the Country is “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed”].

Just exactly what qualifies Europe-loving Hammond to counsel Cabinet on the legality of the issue is anyone’s guess as he seems to have no training or qualifications in European or International law or Treaty obligations, does he? No, he only has an Oxbridge degree in Philosophy, Politics, & Economics and on reaching Parliament twenty odd years ago he has worked his ticket in assigned roles for work & pensions, treasury, transport, defence, foreign office – so perhaps a jack of all trades and master of none, eh?

So, Hammond’s ability is not equivalent in any which way say to the Attorney General’s, who is the chief legal adviser to the Crown, and oversees the legal department department and the CPS, and SFO, as well of course as acting as principal legal adviser on questions of EU and international law, and the legal aspects of all major international and domestic litigation involving the government.

Hammond once again strives to pull the rug from under the feet of BREXIT, cause further divisive turmoil in the Cabinet and even more disconcertingly, give succour to the EU enemy in Brussels. May hasn’t done anything about it though, has she? No, because she can no longer keep him under any measure of control as he has become untouchable – May a strong and stable Prime Minister, do you think?

Just recall that BREXIT was the clear-cut decision of the Country’s Referendum and that was followed by a General Election won with a Tory manifesto commitment to implement leaving the Single market and the Customs union, won’t you?


[Britain’s politicians hold senior government appointments as amateurs without any real qualifications and that undoubtably gives the likes of Philip Hammond to the sad delusional false belief that they can do just anything however miraculous – even walk on water?]

RUSSIA is a ‘disgusting’ country under Putin – AMERICA is a ‘disgusting’ country under Trump

Putin                   Trump  

There is an idiom truism saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but nevertheless that certainly doesn’t apply when it comes to the ‘elected’ leaders of certain countries does it, eh? No, and that applies in modern times to both Russia and unfortunately, now the United States of America as well, doesn’t it?

While it might have taken Vladimir Putin, a former head of the Russian intelligence service, nearly a full 20 years of without question running his country, either as either President or Prime Minister [thwarting its constitution in the process], to revert his nation’s recovering country into a disgusting and despicable one, it has taken Donald Trump only 2 years to achieve a somewhat similar disgusting fate for his, hasn’t it?

[President Putin has the evil look about him and President Trump can equally match him, can’t he?]

Some would say that a county’s people shouldn’t he judged on the actions of their leader, but that criteria cannot be applied when the leader has been elected rather than having seized power, surely? [Oh yes, Putin is deemed to have ‘stolen’ all his victories, but certainly the US punters got exactly what they had voted for, didn’t they?].

Well, of course President Putin has done the most so far to drag his already corrupt country into the gutter as he had had more time to do so, hasn’t he? Yep, and its descent into the abys was inevitable the moment Boris Yeltsin selected Putin to be his chosen successor.

Here are just some of the evil things that Vladimir Putin has perpetrated in the name of his country:

  • with short shrift all Putin’s potential enemies were eliminated, others’ assets were purloined, the press was neutralised with suspect journalists done-away-with, and indeed that has been since the fate the political opposition in Russia, to boot?
  • used the power of draconian anti-democratic laws, arrests and assassinations to lose the democratic reforms of predecessor Boris Yeltsin
  • Putin befriends the elite criminals, in mutually profitable relationships mixes with criminals, and exercises power by using criminal gangsters
  • disgustingly, state agents exploit their own criminal opportunities in an increasingly controlled way and Putin has allowed organised crime to prosper, it goes with the grain of his system, you see?
  • Putin has orchestrated riots to destabilise neighbouring states and ongoingly has conducted mass state sponsored cyber-attacks around the globe
  • he ordered the invasion and continuing occupation of parts of neighbouring Georgia in 2008
  • back-in 2006, British naturalised Russian defector and Putin critic Alexander Litvinenko was murdered in London with State radioactive polonium 210, and the perpetrator given a parliamentary seat by Putin as his get-out-of-jail-card
  • in 2014 he oversaw the most corrupt games in Olympic antiquity with the worst doping scandal in history
  • Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine and illegally annex Crimea in 2014, so stole a massive swath of Ukrainian territory, and continues to destabilise Eastern Ukraine, where fighting rages on, all with some 10,000 dead
  • the disgusting downing over eastern Ukraine of a civilian Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 with the loss of 298 innocent civilian lives, using a Russian missile occurred in 2014.
  • the Russian military was dispatched to Syria in 2015, shored up the regime of Bashar Assad and committed countless atrocities, still conducting devastating airstrikes, even bombing a United Nations aid convoy and targeting hospitals [ some ¼ million civilians murdered & 5M refugees, 6M displaced, 14M requiring humanitarian assistance (the whole nation?)]
  • without much doubt Putin ordered a cyber and propaganda attack to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election to undermine public faith in the American democratic process, while false stories were posted on Facebook reaching 140 million Americans, and his hackers stole thousands of emails from Democratic leaders and leaked them. (Similar attacks have since occurred in Germany, France and the Netherlands)
  • he is selling weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan and banned oil to North Korea, while providing sanctuary to a rogue’s gallery of cyber criminals, dispatches fighter aircraft that harass U.S. military jets in Syria and NATO aircraft over the Baltic, and sends submarines to prowl threatening close to crucial Atlantic undersea cables carrying 97% of global communications
  • just this summer Putin sent his GRU military team of assassins to eliminate, using an illegal military grade nerve agent poison, British citizen and Russian ex-double agent spy Sergei Skripal together with his daughter Julia in Salisbury – they were saved but another innocent woman became an unintended victim and died horribly
  • his vile actions have resulted in the Western response of massive sanctions that are crippling the poor of his country – but with his own stolen untold riches why should he give a damn, eh?


Don’t be in any doubt will you, but Trump has taken a leaf out of Putin’s book when taking over the levers of power in America.

Trump has aggressively set about to:

  • neutralise and discredit the press, disclaiming every exposure as fake news, destroying as best he can journalists’ established reputations, and side-lining any political opponents and even being at war with members of his own party.
  • by-pass the checks and balances inherent in the American constitutional, ignoring the need to consult Congress about laws and issuing Presidential decrees in its place, abusing his power and ignoring the law, and of course terminating those who get in his way [like the Secretary of State, FBI director, FBI deputy director, the first, then second national security advisor, Chief strategist, Chief economic adviser, US ambassador], though not by Putin’s means – but doubtless he would if he thought he could get away with it, eh?
  • Trump appoints criminals to high office [first national security advisor (guilty)], employs criminals to hide his dirty exploits [personal attorney & fixer (guilty)], run things [former campaign manager (guilty), campaign foreign policy adviser (guilty), campaign aide (guilty), aides’ Dutch lawyer (guilty)], or support him [member of the House of Representatives (indicted), a second member of the House of Representatives (arrested)]. Then there are 12 Russian intelligence officers indicted for information warfare against the U.S [now back in Russia]
  • his charitable (?) foundation [directors — himself, sons Eric and Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka] is being sued by the NY attorney general for violation over a decade of state and federal charities law
  • encourage violence [2016 campaign rallies] and he has even been accused in federal court of incitement to riot (didn’t stick of course). Trump public utterings include “I’d like to punch him in the face” [in front of a crowd of supporters, after a protester was removed]; “Maybe he should have been roughed up” [regarding a protester who indeed was ejected by a jostling, kicking and punching Trump mob]; “Part of the problem is no one wants to hurt each other anymore” [complaining that protesters are ejected easily as they realize that there are no consequences to protesting anymore[; “I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will” [on giving way to a protestor]; “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a little bit more of” [about a protestor he accused of violent behaviour]; “If you do (hurt him), I’ll defend you in court, don’t worry about it” [about a protestor he wanted out]; “I’ll beat the crap out of you” [about someone had rushed toward the stage in an aggressive manner]; “Knock the crap out of him, would you? I promise you, I will pay your legal fees” [how to deal with a tomato throwing protestor]
  • failed to condemn the alt-right racist white supremacist riots in Charlottesville


One can always predict the inevitable degeneration of a country with a system sliding towards shabby oblivion, when its regime enables itself to take control of the judiciary, can’t one? Well Trump showed his colours on that front with his latest despicable act played-out last week, when he had forced through the lifetime appointment of a Supreme Court judge whose suitability and candidature had been seriously called into question. Trump now has firmly under his limitless control a most influential judge in the highest court in the land – a man who now owes him BIG TIME and Trump is exactly the kind of man to make sure the man does his bidding, isn’t he?

Trump not only has sworn-in his new selection but has had the audacity to ‘apologise on behalf of the entire Nation to him and his family for their terrible pain and suffering in his selection validation’ and furthermore Trump claimed that those accusing the man were liars and that he has been “proved innocent under scrutiny” – A MASSIVE UNTRUTH on both counts that is worthy of the Adolf Hitler propaganda technique of THE BIG LIE [use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone ‘could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously’]. The credible respected woman who blew the whistle on this all, passed a lie detector test but the learned judge didn’t take one, eh?

Now, this judge was accused of drunken sexual assault by three women in his youth, so just the kind of man that Trump, a self-admitted sexual abuser of women, would want as a top line judge, eh?

This appointment has become a major divisive political issue with seemingly even Republican women in acceptance of allowing men’s sexual disrespect of their ‘gender’, eh?

Not only that, but this follows-on in the footsteps of Trump’s full-throated endorsement last year of an alleged serial sexual predator [that included a 14-year-old girl victim] in a Senate race (he lost), which sent a clear message to women everywhere that he doesn’t believe that credible allegations of molesting women are ‘disqualifying’.

Apart from the above, Trump can’t yet match Putin’s most extreme destructive exploits, but what other things has he been up to since January 20, 2017?

  • issues noxious tweets that undermines the power and grandeur of the presidency
  • immediately signed an executive order halting all refugee arrivals, banned travel to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries [Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen], and refugees from Syria barred indefinitely [order successfully challenged in court (partial)]
  • acted in isolation in granting a undeserved pardon to a former Arizona sheriff for a criminal contempt conviction in a racial-profiling case
  • announced the end of the DACA program that gave protection to some ¾ million young undocumented immigrants [stalled by legal actions but now requires Congress intervention to survive]
  • has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, with relocation of the US Embassy there – provoking worldwide condemnation as that country is in breach of international law in the sequestration and occupancy of others’ land
  • withdrawn the US from the Paris climate accord, showing that the USA doesn’t give a fig about the future of the planet and the human race if business can make a quick buck
  • installing conservative judges who will preside for decades
  • empowered al-Qaida in Syria, by forging a de facto alliance with Russia and Iran to defeat the Islamic State, Trump is driving Sunni Arabs into the waiting arms of al-Qaida – which is preparing to replace the Islamic State and is much more dangerous
  • fired the FBI director for investigating Russia links, leading directly to the ongoing Special counsel probe, now hanging over the Trump presidency like the Sword of Damocles
  • attacked and undermined the FBI and the intelligence community when those in the FBI, the Justice Department and the CIA are good, decent and honourable patriots deserving of respect
  • risked nuclear war in making dire threats against rogue state North Korea but then negotiated directly with its despot leader (and lost)
  • stands suspect of being complicit in Russian interference in the presidential campaign, and of subsequent appeasing Putin, saying that he believes Putin and not his own intelligence operations
  • his administration has ‘slow-walked’ implementation of tough, new sanctions against Russia passed overwhelmingly by Congress last summer.
  • . shamed the US worldwide in issuing an executive order enacting FORCED separation of immigrant children from their families at the border and jailing the adults, then face with protests he changed it to detain them ALL instead
  • Trump has lately started an ‘unwinnable’ but potentially devastating trade war with China, Canada, Mexico and EU


THERE YOU GO – HARDLY A WORTHY RECORD FOR AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, that makes America great, do you think?


[While authoritarian, oppressive, punitive and expansionist ‘Vladimir Putin’ doesn’t need to give a damn about public support or polls or image in other countries, ‘Donald Trump’ most certainly does and his administration is haemorrhaging support, with his approval dropping to 35 percent, and internationally his confidence rating is rock bottom (7% Spain, 9% France, 10% Germany)]

In Britain we have created a society addicted to or dependant on Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Food – and worse of all ‘BENEFITS’?


Addiction and dependency [often linked to mental health] is rife in Britain these days and that applies not just to the general population but even to revered professions like (stressed?) doctors, who should know better eh?

It is estimated that there are about ½ million dependent drinkers in England and ALCOHOL the fifth biggest risk factor across all age groups [while alcohol is actually now 60% more affordable than it was in 1980, eh?].

As well, around 3 million people in England & Wales are estimated to be on DRUGS, a third of them on Class A drugs, but for the others its mostly cannabis

Furthermore, in the UK, some ½ million people have a serious GAMBLING habit while another 1½ million are at risk of developing an addiction to gambling [The outrageous racket of betting terminals allowing customers to spend up to £100 every 20 seconds doesn’t help, does it?].

Some 26% of men and 27% of women in England have been classified as suffering from OBESITY [the sixth highest adult obesity level in the World, but over ten percentage points lower than USA at No1], and at a time also when obesity was a factor in about 650 thousand hospital admissions

Now, that basic information on those four sets of dependences don’t make good reading, do they? No, but even they pale into insignificance when compared to BENEFITS addiction in Britain, don’t they?

In reality the only people who should be actually reliant on benefits, other than in the short-term, are those disabled through no fault of their own, plus those entitled to and have an earned the right to a State Pension – all the rest of society should be standing on their own two feet, with families being self-sufficient and living within their means, which ought to be possible in an advanced Country with adequate employment opportunities, surely? [UK job vacancies have risen to nearly ¾ of a million this summer].

Notwithstanding that, and despite benefit cutbacks in recent years, more than half of Britons are still net dependent on the State, which means that their households receive more in benefits than they pay in taxes – that has got to be ridiculous, surely? Yep, and it is a situation in which the Labour government under PM Tony Blair has a lot to answer for, it would seem? [Particularly as it was not the poorest but the middle quintile households that moved from being ‘givers’ to ‘takers’ in that period of government, eh?].

Oh yes, the facts about the liberal benefits in Britain are more than quite disturbing, aren’t they?

Well, the out-of-control Welfare State has bewitched British family life, and a few years ago research showed that well over 20million families or 65% were in receipt of some kind of benefits, and half of them relied on benefits to make up more than half of their income. Unsustainable, or what?

Too many households include a generation that has ‘never’ worked, and in some few it is two generations (perhaps under 20 thousand though), but benefits to the unemployed are problematic because they continue to be a major drain on the public purse, not least when you take account of the fact that when the dole was introduced starting back in 1911 and enhanced after the War, it was most definitely intended as a short-term fix and NOT a permeant way of life for the workshy – recipients are supposed to be forced into accepting employment, but they can still get away with NOT doing just that.

The basic problem with the UK welfare state is that government paid benefits that superseded the inadequate private charity of the 1800s, has become a legal entitlement for any Tom, Dick, and Harry who arrives on these shores legally or otherwise. [For example, refugees can claim when applicable, benefits such as Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit, Universal Credit, as well as a refugee integration loan].

UK benefits have expanded like Topsy since the 40s and now stands at £115BILLION; nowadays state pensions are overwhelmingly the largest governmental welfare expense, followed by disability, unemployment benefit, housing benefit, payments to people on low income, funding of tax credits, and personal social services – benefits remain a magnet for poor countries’ immigrants as they are almost double as much say as the Czech Republic?

Indeed, there are some ‘very large’ families that are raking it in, and are heavily dependent on benefits, but they often are exposed in newspapers [probably just a few hundred of them] – you see, the problem with the current welfare state is that there is no room for official discretion, hence those ‘milking’ the system, or even the ‘undeserving’, or the ‘unworthy’, don’t get rooted-out [only a ‘portion’ of the criminal classes and fraudsters who illegal claim benefits do get sorted-out (and there are blinking thousands of them at it, at a cost of £1½ billion?)]. Some half a dozen housing benefit claimants are EVEN pulling in £100,000 a year, but surely that ought to be zero?

If anybody needs any indication of how bad and serious the benefits addiction is now in Britain, they only need to consider the chaotic agitation expressed in the media over the universal credit flagship welfare reform – outrage is expressed almost daily that the State is failing to provide people with the money on time that they RELY ON to survive, but never any thought is given as to just WHY all these individuals have got themselves into such a position and just WHY we as a society have allowed that to develop, eh?

Now, the concept behind universal credit was certainly desirable and credible, as it was, with reasonably generous reform, to reduce British people’s dependence on welfare payments while providing ‘encouragement’ of low-earners into employment, but you see the liberal do-gooders apparently intent on destroying our society’s need for personal responsibility, seem intent on the majority relying on the taxes paid by others to keep them afloat – its only the disabled that society should be really charitable towards, surely?

[That said, the Government have made an unbelievable pig’s ear of introducing this pretty essential reform to replace the means-tested benefits paid to working-age households of jobseeker’s allowance, income support, housing benefit, employment and support allowance, working-tax credit and child-tax credit].

What has happened because of the welfare state is that masses of people are on zero hours contracts (a million workers and a third of them want to work more hours than granted) , or on such low pay, that their families cannot survive financially, requiring the State [meaning the rest of us] to subsidise them in their lifestyles which simply allows their devious and dodgy employers to lodge massive profits which are then often spirited abroad without paying tax, aren’t they?


[Don’t forget everybody that the larger the welfare state, the greater the need to be financed by equally large tax revenues, will you].


England organ donation ‘DEEMED CONSENT’ is likely to FAIL in practice and thousands more will needlessly die – our Government needs to fix it NOW?


Those of us who actually care about saving the lives of those blighted people in our midst who are desperately waiting for an organ transplant had our spirits lifted a year ago at the Tory Conference when our Prime Minister Theresa May backed the change in the Law to introduce organ donation in England by deemed consent (known also as ‘opt-out law’) – she admitted that 500 people had died in 2016 while waiting for a heart, lungs, kidney or liver transplants.

Now, some 24 enlightened European countries already have some form of presumed consent system including Spain, Belgium, Austria, France, and Wales, [with that yielding high donor rates in the first three].

The previous attempt here for presumed consent ten years ago by a Private Members bill, failed as it was without government support, but this time round the new bill has that essential backing and it should go through ‘eventually’ {barring another General Election, eh?].

The only upset is that it won’t clear the Commons procedures until the end of this month (October) with its Report & 3rd Reading stages and even then, it has to go through the similar long procedure in the Lords before return to MPs.

Realistically, we are looking at Spring 2020 before any new law is enacted – in all that time during its three years gestation more thousands of men, women, and children will have unnecessarily died because no organ was available or the right donor was not found

However, it is an initiative that will doubtlessly fail unless the government act NOW to solve the existing inherent problems with organ availability, don’t you think?

Make no mistake about it, this law change will not only better ‘reflect’ the views of the general public and give ‘hope’ to those currently waiting for a transplant they so desperately need, but it could be the breakthrough that ‘saves’ countless innocent lives, while ‘knowing’ that a loved-one’s organ will be living-on in another person giving them life, can offer some future ‘comfort’ in their loss for the parents, spouses, partners and families of a child or adult lost before their time.

The point is that there are 6,000 or more people in England on the transplant waiting list awaiting an organ transplant, while that figure is rising at a faster rate than the numbers of people who either receive a transplant or die waiting – although since April this year only some 2000 people in the UK received donated organs, but while the vast majority of the public backs organ donation, only 35% have actually recorded their wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register.

The major problem that organ donation has faced is not solely related to getting names on the register, is it? No, the first problem is that the current law does NOT allow the person’s wishes regarding the transplant of their organs to be heeded, so a person’s specific enrolment on the Register or carrying of a Donor Card doesn’t constitute a legal binding document, so there is no legal standing or impact for of a person making that decision, is there?

You see, being a registered donor is not treated like a person’s Will, which of course can and will be enforced, so what happens in reality is that distressed next-of-kin in a time of immediate personal turmoil when their loved one is dying or just dead, are allowed to ‘overrule’ a person’s commitment to allow transplants and so they reverse the decision of their deceased relative, hence when emotions having taken-over, they refuse permission for organs to be taken. If people were actually ‘thinking straight’ at the time they would agree to donate organs, if that was the declared wish of the deceased, surely?

The removal of a healthy organ for transplant is time critical, so there is no second chance opportunity for measured reflection the next day, is there?

That means that LESS THAN HALF of the organs that ‘ought’ to be available for transfer in accordance with a person wishes, ‘actually’ become available – simply because consent is unreasonably withheld through misplaced emotion.

This basic problem is NOT going to go away with the new law, is it? No, so it HAS to be solved by the Government in the new law, considering that the evidence so far in Wales, which already has such a law as of December 2015, is that the hoped-for spike in organ availability just didn’t happen as the consent-veto issue prevailed. The simplest way of dealing with the problem is to include a clause in the new Bill to remove the right of relatives to overturn the decision of somebody who has either put their name on the Register or carries a Donor Card and allow a veto only when deemed consent is involved.

Some people of the ‘do-gooder’ liberal brigade are of course railing against the opt-out law, like for example an over-educated village idiot columnist of the Sunday Telegraph, who in one of his diatribes some months ago, denigrated it on the basis that organ donation should always be a ‘gift’ – ignoring the indisputable fact that the deceased isn’t in any position to make such a gift (and when the relatives can and do scotch it anyway), while the only person who ’can’ actually make such an organ gift is a living person [and each year in the UK more than 1000 of these generous brave healthy people do so – most commonly a kidney (as we have two), but sometimes liver (‘part’) as it can regenerate itself within 6 months in both the donor and the recipient.

In the UK it is a punishable legal requirement for ALL individuals to register to vote as well as for every householder to also to annually respond to a household enquiry form that checks the right people are registered to vote. Surely it should therefore be quite simple for the law to be changed so that ALL competent adult individuals register their decision on organ transplant (Opt-In, Opt-Out, Deemed-Consent), and that to be legally enforceable to prevent it being overridden by well-meaning but misguided relatives, wouldn’t you think?

It is worth remembering that while relatives may be over-sensitive about invasion of the body, no one has any say if a Coroner decides on the need for an autopsy because that is the law – and you can’t get more invasive than that, can you? Also, it is the law that the dead person must be buried or cremated – either way, their reusable organs will simply rot away or be incinerated – what a waste when these organs can save someone’s life and where is human compassion here?


[The first answer to organ donation has to be that the deceased person’s wishes should be respected and not overridden by their next of kin – that is what the law need to be NOW, and as the population become more accustomed to transplants, they will gain widespread acceptance as a common-sense ‘normal’ event]



A natural disaster has CERTAINLY struck-down Sulawesi – BUT the Indonesian government have a case to answer?

You will have seen over the past few days the newspapers’ advertisements by the likes of ‘Save the Children’, Oxfam, Red Cross and others, highlighting last Friday’s devastating Sulawesi Tsunami, with their heart rendering pleas for public donations to help the enormous number of victims. As normally happens we can indeed expect the British people to generously dig deep into their pockets to help foreign people in need and fund international humanitarian relief operations on this Indonesian island.

That massive incoming aid will though simply been seen cynically by many in the Indonesian elite as a god-sent opportunity to feather their nests, so just how much of that much needed relief will be creamed-off by the corrupt is anybody’s guess.

The utter devastation we have seen on our TV screens resulted from a massive earthquake under the north of the island that also triggered the 250mph apocalyptic tsunami in the narrow deep Palu bay which has levelled Donggala and Palu city as well as many other places – the resulting death toll is rising rapidly and is certainly going to be in the thousands while most infrastructure is simply wiped-out across a wide area.

From the outside, this tragedy looked to have been an ‘unavoidable’ calamity where the malign forces of nature had conspired to enact unimaginable death and destruction on a vulnerable population. But take a look below the surface and that simplistic explanation may prove inadequate, perhaps?

First, it is important to recall that Indonesia is one of world’s most earthquake and tsunami-prone countries, and that they can even provoke the volcanoes that dominate the local geography into erupting [Sinabung dormant since the 1600s erupting in 2010 is a possible example] – a combination that massively increases risk to life and limb

[Volcanoes in Indonesia are part of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ and the country itself has 127 active volcanoes with about 5 million people living within their danger zones – notable eruptions: Tambora 1815 (the most violent eruption in recorded history), Krakatoa 1883 (so violent it had global effects); within Java island Merapi (last eruption 5 months ago – the most active), Semeru (last eruption 3 years ago – been in almost continuous eruption since since 1967) and Kelud (last eruption 4 years ago – more than 30 eruptions in a thousand years),]

After a 2004 tsunami killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries, more than half of them in the Indonesian province of Aceh, a concerted international effort was launched to improve tsunami warning capabilities, particularly in the Indian Ocean and for Indonesia.

There’s a large and well-documented ‘fault system’ that’s been very rapidly slipping for years that runs through Palu, which is very straight and very long [about 200km]. There were events there in the early 1900s and an event like this in 1937. Moreover, in 2013 it was identified that the Palu fault, specifically had the potential for causing a ‘very destructive’ earthquake and tsunami. The current occurrence in exactly that circumstance cannot have been entirely unexpected then, surely?

A sizeable earthquake off Sumatra island just two years ago causing panic in the coastal city capital of Padang revealed that the tsunami early warning system involving sea buoys costing hundreds of thousands of dollars hadn’t even been serviced for six years, so NOT ONE of them were actually working.

Everyone knows that because of Indonesia’s location, that tsunamis will come again and again, and that they will come in other cities around its many coasts. That is compounded by the absolutely shoddy failure of the Indonesian authorities to require buildings to be built to withstand even minor earthquakes or moreover enforce use of even proper strength concrete in construction or have proper structures for accommodation and business – that is why we see pictures of EVERYTHING FLATTENED in Palu, isn’t it

All that being so then, all of us would assume Indonesia to be indeed a country where the population would know all about the impending risks that they lived under, and would have been adequately informed in how best to save themselves when the danger emerged, wouldn’t you? Moreover, one would be shocked if the Jakarta government hadn’t fully assessed those major risks and taken all possible necessary actions to protect their distant widespread communities from them, wouldn’t you?

However, when this tsunami hit Palu without warning last week, there were some there who instead of running for the hills, watched it or filmed it, or even lost their lives trying to save prized possessions instead – does that sound like them being properly informed of the risks, eh?

The big question being asked now, is did the Indonesian authorities learn anything at all from all those past incidents and warnings? Well, it certainly appears that the answer is NO, doesn’t it?

That is why it comes as a dreadful insight for us outsiders to find that the two basic requirements of the Indonesian government were failed miserably with such dreadful consequences as has resulted in such a catastrophe which is down to neglect of a disgustingly negligent, if not criminal, extent?

A well-designed cutting-edge tsunami sensor network for Indonesia that should provide critical information and an early warning system has been stalled in the testing phase for years due to local disputes, wrangling and delays in getting just £55,000 to complete the project – meaning that the system hasn’t moved beyond a prototype developed with aid funding from Germany (£47M), U.S. (£2.5M) and Malaysia.

While there was certainly the fiasco of failed tsunami warning technology, the real failure was one of education and ignorance, as this was a localised tsunami resulting from an earthquake close to the coast. The tsunami waves will have hit Palu only 30 minutes after the quake so the people on the beach and in the city should have had and heeded the early warning of the earthquake to move instantly to seek high ground immediately – clearly, they didn’t, so not knowing what to do is in reality what killed so many people, isn’t it?

To understand properly just how the hell this situation can have come about, you need to know that the fundamental problem with Indonesia is that corruption is so endemic that like a virulent cancer, it skews and destroys its whole economy.

Indonesia is most unlike its neighbour Singapore (an ex-British colony, but now extremely independent) which acted without compromise to defeat and eradicate similar corruption, hence turned a poor state with no natural resources into one of leading economies in the world in less than 40 years under its long-serving Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

[In the 1950s in Singapore Lee Kuan Yew’s party ‘People’s Action’ won power in an election, and became the symbol of the fight against corruption, with the slogan “You want to fight corruption? Then, be ready to send to jail your friends and relatives”].

Indonesia after three decades of totalitarianism, is now well established as a democratic republic, whereby the elected President is both head of state and head of a government that exercises executive power.

However, it is a poverty-stricken country blighted with excessive bureaucracy and re-tape, which coupled with low wages and high unemployment, has simply leached previous solely centralized corruption downstream to the lowest elements, and it is openly tolerated so there is nothing that enforces any concept of business code of ethics. Very low salaries of the government bureaucrats, means that they invariably demand bribes from any company that needs government approvals for any purpose

Those amongst us who have had experience of wider Indonesia and Sulawesi itself [not just Bali) together with its wonderful ordinary people, have seen at first hand the poverty living cheek-by-jowl with affluence. The evidence of low-level corruption faces you when you even have your passport checked on entry and are invited to give the official 10 dollars, or when bringing-in goods that are duty free $100 bribe to avoid being them being held in customs for weeks before release.

In any business transaction a bribe has to be paid by somebody to somebody, either to an official or intermediary, while all government department supervised local work, including aid-funded work, is pre-allocated to a specific company who must be invited to provide the bid price as the department senior official is receiving a substantial fee from them

Is it any wonder then that in an environment where foreign firms regularly suffer prolonged wait times, and have to pay bribes, that the international efforts to activate a fully working tsunami warning system floundered, was overspent and hit the buffers of bureaucracy and budget shortfall, do you think?


[Nothing is going to get any better in Indonesia unless corruption is fully eradicated and it seems highly unlikely that its leaders have any commitment to such a course of action as that would destabilise the system by which they themselves gained their immense riches are power, wouldn’t it?]

Will any Indonesia saviour step-up to the pate to replicate what Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore?

  • establishment of a strong independent service for the fight against corruption backed by harsh laws, denying major bribe-taking officials’ in the higher echelons of power and their families’ immunity, rights to check bank accounts, property, belonging to officials, their children, wives, relatives and friends, including checks on them living beyond their means, the abolition of permits and licensing in less important areas of public life, the court given the right to confiscate automatically any income derived from corrupt actions
  • presumption of guilt against any government agent not living within their means or having under their disposal property which they could not have acquired on their income, as an evidence for a bribe – shifting the burden of proving one’s innocence to the governmental official who has to convince the court that a fee (bribe) has not been received.
  • increase the salaries of civil servants as they should be paid the highest wages because they deserve it, representing a decent and honest government. High salary attracts the best and acts as a guarantee of integrity when the low pay and short skills of underpaid officials is the foundation of corruption. Salaries of ministers, judges and senior civil servants automatically tied to the amount of income taxes paid by the private sector
  • the formation of an independent, objective media, covering all found cases of corruption to shame those caught-out in excessive costs & bribes, whence the authorities exposing them immediately becomes the “hero” of the front page

Here is one of the examples Singapore authorities urged justice on its high-ranking officials. Wee Toon Boon was the Minister of the of Environment in 1975, when he made a trip to Indonesia with his family. The trip was paid by the contractor who was building houses and whose interests he represented to public servants. He also received a house worth 500 thousand Singapore dollars, and two loans in the name of his father, totalling 300,000 Singapore dollars which were issued under the guarantee of this exact contractor. Given this all, Wee Toon was charged, convicted and sentenced to four years and six months in prison.

BREXIT and other REFERENDUMS lost by the European Union – always SOLVED by running a SECOND referendum, or getting around it somehow?


Many of us don’t know it, though perhaps suspect it, but the technocratic Commission of the EU, not only distrust but actually HATE countries having Referendums – that is why the hierarchy in Brussels was absolutely aghast when our useless, cowardly British Prime Minister David Cameron allowed one in the UK for the voters to decide on BREXIT.

You see, the European Union is an organisation that only pays lip-service to ‘democracy’ for the masses under its firm control, and as a cult refuses to countenance its use in running the oppressive EU itself – the reason being because history shows that populations, and in particular voters, are always bucking the traces, being fickle and changing their minds, which culminates in rebelling against those ensconced as their lords and masters, eh? Yep, even dictators, despite holding all the levers of power have been overthrown when the mere peasants revolt against subjugation and are prepared to die in the process.

The French [Schuman] and German [Adenauer] masterminds and their follow-on architects behind the EU concept were determined to avoid that fate at all costs, weren’t they? Yep, so they made sure it was actually run by ’appointees’ and a Commission, that couldn’t be removed by any democratic means and could be self perpetuating in terms of the controlling function

Oh yes, the ‘four-stage’ process of EU metamorphosis [akin a dull moth’s lifecycle (though Europhiles would no doubt prefer to liken it to a beautiful ‘butterfly’?)] all started-out so innocently didn’t it? Yep –

  1. with the creation of the ESSC a six-country single authority to control the production of coal & steel [akin moth egg]
  2. that erupted into a trading organisation the ECC [akin the emergence from the egg of the moth larva (caterpillar) – the feeding stage when it grows]
  3. which then evolved into the EC to combine the ESSC, the EAEC, and the EEC [akin the transition within the moth pupa]
  4. before the ugly EU emerged from it in 1993 as a dominant political entity with an expansive goal exercising ultimate control over almost all aspects of its member states [akin the moth adult emerging intent on reproduction] and destroying many vulnerable communities in the process [akin the hungry moth eating its way through our wardrobe’s susceptible clothes]
  • Back in 2016 just the day before the BREXIT Referendum, Britain’s arch-enemy EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made it plain that he reviled referendums [claiming that “voters can easily be misled by sideshows” – meaning that they learn the truth?], but he warned “out is out” – oh, how he has changed his tune now as he wants us to STAY or REAPPLY if we ‘actually’ leave (well, the Remoaner Europhiles are desperate to thwart BREXIT)


In the past many such referendums have been lost:

  • Greenland voted to leave the EEC
  • Ireland voted against the ‘Nice treaty’ – so a SECOND referendum was run to get the ‘right’ answer
  • Ireland voted against the ‘Lisbon treaty’ (created to replace the abandoned constitution treaty) – so a SECOND referendum was run to get the ‘right’ answer
  • Denmark voted against joining the euro currency Sweden voted against joining the euro currency
  • Denmark voted against opting-in to EU Justice & Home Affairs
  • Denmark voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
  • Netherlands voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
  • Greece voted against the EU’s bail-out conditions – so the government simply ignored the result (and got an even worse deal – the EU thought THAT would teach ’em, eh?)
  • France and Netherlands voted against the EU Constitution treaty – so the whole ratification was abandoned by the EU (hence it simply cancelled the referendums in Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, and UK) and a way-round it was found
  • UK voted to leave the EU (the first to have such a referendum and so to vote to do so)

The EU now avoids referendums like the plague, and when it loses one it always goes into top gear to try to solve that by orchestrating a second referendum, or finding a way around it somehow? A favoured ploy is to have a ‘summit’ of leaders when they can be browbeat, forced into submission, and persuaded to return home to convince just their parliaments and to avoid a people’s vote at all costs.

The consequence of all that is simply that under the surface there is deep simmering anger and resentment against the whole EU, which will doubtless explode in the not too distant future – we have seen evidence disenchantment with the EU and major unrest in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungry, Italy, Spain, combined with significant populism demands that power held by unelected Brussels bureaucrats is returned to national parliaments

That said, BREXIT is going badly – well disastrously to be utterly blunt – and so much so that voters are losing faith, and in no uncertain terms blame the Government, don’t they? Most Leavers also blame the EU, as well as the ongoing antics of entrenched anti-BREXIT politicians. As a result of the Chequers fiasco, it’s hardly surprising then that confidence in Theresa May and the Conservatives’ handling is at rock bottom, or that nobody knows what the hell is the actually policy or vision, is it?


[Theresa May, is lacking in leadership, is increasingly isolated and her BREXIT plan is in tatters as the Tory conference gets underway today – whatever resolve she purports to have, a second disastrous performance this year in Birmingham, or failure to show a decent measure of authority and credibility, will see her quickly ditched]

Theresa May fights for her life against the EU, using her BREXIT ‘Chequers’ weapon – “Isn’t that just like a Wop? Brings a knife to a gunfight!”

[using terms of the dialogue from ‘The Untouchables’ (1987) and of award-winning Sean Connery]

Last Thursday, our besieged pig headed Prime Minister Theresa May got a taste of her own medicine when she got cruelly ambushed on BREXIT in Salzburg by the other 27 EU heads of state/government in a disastrous, humiliating, rancorous summit – exactly in the manner had she had foisted on her own BREXIT minister and the rest of her Cabinet at Chequers 2 months ago. So May got her comeuppance – WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, eh?

In a humiliating rebuff to her Chequers plan, she was told in no uncertain terms that the EU couldn’t help her because she was seeking the impossible, not least as the economic aspect of her blueprint “would NOT work” – in the words of Donald Tusk EU Council President.

[In addition to that France’s wet-behind-the-ears and failing young president ‘Emmanuel Macron’ uttered an appalling anti-British speech of extraordinary non-diplomacy calling UK political BREXITEERS blatant “LIARS” – he thinks THAT will improve his popularity ratings (you see the French hate us as we saved them in the war, eh?). “Brexit is the choice of the British people, pushed by those who predicted easy solutions,” Macron said. “Those people are liars. They left the next day so they didn’t have to manage it”].

Just yesterday, the French Economy Minister [another nobody though] pronounced that the EU accepting Chequers ‘would be suicidal’ and spell the end of Europe – so without a comprehensive agreement and further concessions, it is clearly doomed, isn’t it?

Oh yes, May had been told that about Chequers both in the UK [by ‘Remainers’ as well as ‘Leavers’] and in Brussels [by Michel Barnier & team] long before she headed-off on a fool’s errand to the Austrian meeting, but with her head firmly in the sand, she simply ignored it – just as she is resolutely ignoring the potential coup d’état she has inflicted on her Premiership and perhaps more importantly the Conservative party itself by her crass mishandling of BREXIT negotiations over the past 2 years

[Furthermore, her bizarre concept that she could go behind Barnier’s back to enlist support at Salzburg for an unacceptable plan by a ‘charm offensive’ [when she exudes zero charm?] was simply offensive to other leaders. Also, they are demanding further ‘concessions’, despite the fact that they can see how little room May has retained for political manoeuvring space at Westminster (with a fragile Commons majority of just 12 that requires NI DUP support), and indeed within her own Conservative party itself].

Back in 2016, somewhat surprisingly to many of us ‘Leavers’, Parliament and our elected MPs nevertheless had agreed to devolve the FINAL decision on BREXIT to the voters. Notwithstanding that, the people had been warned ‘in no uncertain terms’ by the Government of the day [using Project Fear] and by all of the Remainers groups mentioned below, that it was a one-off long-term decision, that would be an ‘act of national self-harm’, with dire financial and social consequences to the Country and to themselves & their families if we choose the ‘LEAVE’ option – but the voters nonetheless decided that was exactly what THEY wanted – out of the EU lock-stock-and-barrel, eh?.

As identified here before, May’s biggest mistake on taking-over as PM [instead of allowing the BREXITEERS to enact their policy] was not to treat BREXIT like a war [which it most certainly is] and not taking-on that as the Country’s sole priority at the expense of all others [instead she put her own personal interests and survival first, rather than getting us successfully through that upcoming war – she isnt a Churchill nor a Thatcher, is she?].

Not let any of us belittle the task she faced of course, because before the Referendum, the Establishment had been against BREXIT, BIG business had been against BREXIT, the Prime Minister had been against BREXIT, the Cabinet had been against BREXIT, the Chancellor had been against BREXIT, the Civil Service had been against BREXIT, the Treasury had been against BREXIT, the BoE had been against BREXIT, her Conservative party and ALL the other political parties (except tiny UKIP of course) had been against BREXIT, even SHE herself had been against BREXIT and needless to say, the EU hierarchy had been against BREXIT, together with the other 27 Members who had been against BREXIT.

What May HAD to do was to immediately pull the rug from under the feet of ALL of those who had been against BREXIT, but instead she not only stacked her Cabinet with them but gave Remainer Philip Hammond, who had been a major foghorn mouthpiece for Project Fear, the most critical job of Chancellor despite the fact that he clearly wouldn’t change tack, but would fully embark on scuppering the Referendum decision of the population– from then on he has done precisely just that, and has encouraged all others to do so to, while severely damaging the Country’s economy in the process

Now, us Leave voters just knew that the Remainers would NOT accept that they had lost the vote and they didn’t, did they? No, they were determined to ignore the will of the people, overturn the decision by any means possible, and get the referendum re-run – even some Tory MPs are in denial about the public’s right to have decided on enacting BREXIT as they claim the insight to ‘know better’ and that THEY have the right to overrule it to protect the Country – the most disgustingly vocal in defying her Party, being one Anna Soubry MP [despite her Broxtowe constituency decisively voting to Leave (54.6% of them with a 78.3% turnout), eh?

Last Friday, May got off the canvas to give an angry, stern, uncompromising retort to the EU’s totally un-flagged, and unprecedented, disrespectfully expressed, rebuff and brutal rejection of her plan – she demanded that the EU compromised as she wouldn’t.

Mind you, she was of course playing to the gallery by using the ‘strong and stable’ mantra [I WILL NOT SURRENDER] purely to appeal to the delegates for the upcoming Conservative Party annual conference starting on Sunday. The problem is that we ALL know that she is anything but a fighter, as we have seen our BREXIT negotiations go down the toilet through her repeated appeasement actions, haven’t we?

Oh yes, her lily-livered Cabinet acquiesced this week to her demand they hold-firm onto Chequers, notwithstanding the clear evidence that in doing so, they are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Theresa May, like David Cameron during his failed EU renegotiation, has long believed that other member states would defy the technocratic Commission and come to her rescue. But as was made brutally clear last week, there is still no desire in the EU to fix a problem seen as having being created by Britain. There is inbred anxiety about the integrity of the European project which discourages anything that might look like a reward for UK in ditching the Union.

May had hoped to get some support from Germany’s equally beleaguered Angela Merkel but she has now broken her silence on BREXIT to warn in public, that she also had rejected the Chequers proposals, as the UK “can’t belong to one part of EU common market but not to the other three”.

Today, the Labour Party at its Conference in Liverpool, showed its true colours which are two-fold – to force a General Election [which THEY WON’T WIN though?] and rerun the Referendum to get a Remain outcome [ which WON’T HAPPEN, will it?].


[The Conservative Party has form in being an unforgiving one to its Leaders. IF Theresa May is NOT WORRIED about events next week in Birmingham, she SHOULD BE – last year she faced her Tories having lost an unnecessary General Election; this year she faces them having just lost the BREXIT negotiations (there could be blood – HERS?)]

‘President Trump’ made agreements with ‘Leader Kim Jong-un’ – how’s that working-out do you think?

 Anyone with any nous just knew that big-talking Donald Trump was heading for a fall in thinking that he could meet-up and parley with Kim Jong-un in June and come away with an agreement on denuclearisation that would be meaningful and stick, didn’t they?

Afterwards, Trump expressed such confidence in the diplomatic process he had set in place, to declared that HE had solved the longstanding problem of a nuclear North Korea.

[The United States STILL has a plan that would lead to the dismantling of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs IN A YEAR]

Now not only was a ‘head to head’ meeting with an American President an amazing diplomatic and political coup for the North Korean Supreme Leader [the first of the Kim dynasty in 3-generations (over nearly 75 years) to be given that kind of undeserved recognition], but it became a ‘negotiation’ between equals on the World stage from a North Korean perspective and its public acclaim – exactly as Kim had envisaged, eh?. Moreover, Kim won hands down as far as those in the know assess, as he only expressed aspirations, but made no ‘solid ‘agreement, no tangible, nor verifiable commitments, to give up production of nuclear material, let alone surrender the existing stockpile of it, or nuclear weapons, and furthermore it would appear that the pressing, critical and immediate danger of his long-range missile delivery capability wasn’t even discussed never mind reined-in, development stunted and facilities abandoned [ you can fully expect Kim to be urgently developing a submarine platform missile delivery system so that the US can no longer attack North Korean launch sites, can’t you].

Despite getting a zilch in return Trump also provided 2 massive ‘give-aways’ to Kim.

First, he cancelled the imminent crucial annual joint military exercises with South Korea (deterrent demonstrations of force that have been conducted for nearly 50 years) and he suspended future ones.

Second, he agreed to seek to eventually close down US military bases in South Korea and bring troops home

These two actions have enhanced Kim’s both standing and power in the region, while scaring the shit out of the South Koreans, as well as the US’s Western allies.

We mere observers all expected NOTHING of significance to result in the Singapore summit aftermath and indeed it DIDN’T, did it? No, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the man charged with responsibility by Trump to progress the North Korean expressed ‘ambition’ to progress towards denuclearisation, simply met with diplomatic stonewalling [exactly as has happened in over 25years to the previous Presidents Carter, Clinton, and Bush].

Furthermore, the International Atomic Energy Agency say there is evidence that strongly suggests that North Korea has continued to develop its nuclear facilities and capabilities in recent months [just as some of us had predicted, eh?] – that included major expansion of a key missile-manufacturing site as well as continuing to produce fissile material for weapons. Hardly surprisingly then, that Trump pulled the plug on such stalled progress and abruptly promptly cancelled last month’s Pompeo revisit to North Korea planned to progress matters.

Now, while Kim has successfully bought time with his move on Trump, he hasn’t yet obtained his ultimate goal of getting-in US aid and sanctions removed, but you can be certain that he will be pursuing that objective while surreptitiously retaining an ‘effective’ nuclear capability – even if he visibly gives up a proportion of his arsenal to do so.

So it’s in that vein that Kim arranged a new Inter-Korean summit meeting in Pyongyang this last week with the South’s President Moon Jae-in [who he clasped in an act of false-friendship]. That was the third such meeting this year and Moon is understandably desperately attempting to normalise relations with the North,and defuse the threat and real risk of resumption of war.

Kim has used the summit to propose to Trump a deal by which he would shut down a major nuclear site complex (Nyongbyon) IF America takes RECIPROCOL action [we can only guess what that actually means, or what North Korea actually wants – AID provision, SANCTIONS removal, TROOPS recall (30thousand), ANTI-MISSILE SYSTEM withdrawal, PEACE TREATY formally ending Korean war (1953), DIPLOMATIC RECOGNITION with liaison mission in Pyongyang, CONVENTIONAL ARMS reductions, KOREAN REUNIFICATION with Kim in control?]

You can bet your bottom dollar that naive Trump, with his unshakeable self-belief that he is a walk-on-water maker of the DEAL, will soon resurrect his diplomatic dialogue with the devious Kim, accept at face value the proposed ‘start’ to North Korean denuclearisation, and provide the quid pro quo yet-to-be demanded by Kim [likely though to include US Aid and significant sanction reduction].

Somehow Trump maintains that he and Kim have a solid relationship, but nevertheless he must have learnt a curt lesson from the latest and ongoing North Korean duplicity since Kim made commitments to him personally just 2 months ago, surely? As well, he needs to heed the examples of the North’s repeated violations of past diplomatic agreements with the US, which indeed put in place the deep-seated distrust of the North on all political sides in Washington.

Not least, Trump needs to recognise the unquestionable truth that it is solely the pressure from the current UN sanctions that has brought Kim and Pyongyang to the negotiating brink once again, isn’t it? Furthermore, as a de-facto nuclear power, North Korea and its leader will NEVER give that up voluntarily, will they? Oh yes, Kim will be prepared to deplete a bit his nuclear arsenal [perhaps he already has 50 plus nuclear bombs, eh?] but US intelligence officials know that North Korea does not intend to fully surrender its nuclear stockpile [and is already making preparations to deceive the US about the number of nuclear warheads it has as well not disclosing all its nuclear fissile material facilities]

[The Syrian military of dictator ‘Bashar al-Assad’ used banned chemical weapons against the population in 2013 – confirmed by the UN. The international outcry resulted in OPCW inspections of Syria’s declared chemical weapons arsenal and actual destruction was completed in 2014. Nevertheless, Assad had been able to hide some including nerve agents so continued to use them in his civil war – what does that tell us? International verification of and destruction of such weapons is uttery unreliable when the holder is a tyrant, eh?]

Just remember, Kim is the ‘insecure’ despot head of a secretive oppressive impoverished rogue state, and the third member of the Kim family ‘divine’ dynasty to rule North Korea by gruesome force and control through a strict personality cult.

He imposes a regime devoid of ALL human rights, radios are illegal, Western movies are banned, certain music is prohibited, and it is a country where even filming ANYTHING is treason. Unbelievably, a full 1% of the North Korean population are political prisoners. Citizens may get access only to the country’s own intranet and no mobile phones can dial into or out of the country, plus there is also no Internet connection. People not only need special permission to travel abroad (only granted to the few), but they also need special permission to travel around their own country. North Korea is one of the most militarised nations on Earth

Kim is a ruthless murderous dictator, who suppresses any ‘potential’ dissent with prison camps, and brutally eliminates any ‘perceived’ opponent to secure his position, killing at will family members [like his eldest half-brother, uncle, aunt, and two cousins], the military [like the army vice-minister], or government officials [like family who served as ambassadors to Malaysia and Cuba, deputy-prime minister, defence minister, agricultural minister, and education official]. It is estimated that up to 350 are dead already.


[Mr President, that is the kind of man ‘Kim Jong-un’ is, and is the one who you are dealing with and trusting with the World’s future –remember also that DICTATORS DON’T GIVE-UP POWER].