The modern British Broadcasting Corporation is in decline – well past its ‘sell-by’ date?

Many of us never thought we would see the day when our deep-felt commitment to the iconic BBC would wane, but unfortunately for many it now has, wouldn’t you say?

The BBC is of course nearly 100 years old now and during those years it has been a beacon of excellence in the world of broadcasting, and has beaten all other broadcasters into a cocked-hat, not only in the diversity and memorability of the output it has created, but in the way it has been run.

It all began of course with radio and following on from that the BBC was there at the birth of television in the 1930s, played a crucial role in the nation during WWII, brought TV to the masses in the 50s, and a decade later provided colour TV.

Now, the BBC has been successful primarily because some very talented men [sorry no women so far, eh?] have been appointed as Director-General in a role that combines ‘chief executive’ with ‘editor-in-chief’ of the BBC.

The very first bloke and founder of the BBC was powerhouse John Reith and it was indeed he who created the successful operational framework for public service broadcasting in Britain that delivered programmes to educate, inform and entertain, but he had to fight tooth and nail to prevent the politicians of the day get their fingers in the pie – others since have been much less effective on that front, perhaps?

One has to appreciate that in the early days the only radio programmes were transmitted by the BBC and the only television pictures came via an aerial and from the public service provider BBC or Independent television – in modern times that has all dramatically changed particularly in the case of TV when there is a plethora of choice with hundreds of channels provided by subscription service cable and satellite providers, eh?

The millstone that has been round the neck of the BBC for many many decades now is its source of funding. The income of the corporation to run the television, radio and online services comes primarily from the government’s TV licence fee [i.e. a government TAX] paid by ALL users of live broadcast TV [fees totaling £3.83 BILLION in 2017/18 – representing ¾ qtrs. of the BBC’s income].

The major problem that the BBC always faces is that it has to regularly go cap-in-hand to the government of the day to get the fee increased as inflation rises and costs go up – the government actually ‘froze’ the licence fee in cash terms from 2010 until 2016 and since then it only goes up in line with inflation until 2022. That all means of course that government has a stranglehold influence over the BBC, doesn’t it?

Yep, and that is now having major consequences for the corporation, caused by of an issue with the social concession of universal free-of-charge TV licences for the over-75s – which has operated since the year 2000 and is received by around 4.55 million households

You see, back in 2015 when the government had its last licence fee negotiation with the BBC, intended it was said to finally provide “financial stability” for the corporation, austerity obsessed chancellor George Osborne decreed that the Treasury would no longer be responsible for providing financial cover for those free TV licences and instead that the BBC would be expected to pick-up the substantial bill itself from 2020. The beleaguered BBC was far too weak to put up any strong resistance to that ultimatum and that has been its undoing, hasn’t it?

Mind you, there should be no doubt that the government’s strategy on this matter was outrageous, since the BBC is neither a government department to be controlled by Treasury diktat, nor is it part of the Country’s welfare system that functions to deliver social benefits, is it? The government should have been told to piss off, whatever the consequences – where could that kind of transfer of welfare responsibility end, eh?

Well, the shit really hit the fan on the issue just 2 weeks ago when the incumbent Director-General of six years Tony Hall (Lord Hall) brutally announced that the BBC are going to scrap free TV licences for almost four million over-75s – it will only continue for those on benefit.

There has been widespread condemnation of the BBC for its crass decision, not least because it is not just reneging on an agreement made with government four years ago, but it is also smashing a committed promise made to 3.7 million over-75s – indeed that copper-bottomed assurance to pensioners was made by the Tories in their 2017 manifesto that got them reelected. The disturbing latter fact shows just how ineffective the current government has become when we see an institution like the BBC taking it on and giving the finger to its spending decisions, eh?

Now, all this has come about at a very bad time for the previously much loved and respected BBC, as there is now much deep dissatisfaction with both its current funding arrangement through tax, and moreover with its recent lacklustre performance.

The licence fee has been an increasing bone of contention as many viewers have other alternative ‘paid-for’ service providers, or they stream television to computers, tablets, or mobiles, so they don’t really see why they should have to pay ‘a tax’ to contribute to BBC channels and services they don’t necessarily use nor like. Enforcing the licence fee system is also problematic and large fines of £1000 are widely resented – besides much of the public and more to the point many politicians, no longer accept that licence non-payment should be a ‘criminal offence’ – it is at most a civil matter, surely?

Moreover, increasing numbers of people are dissatisfied with the BBC’s somewhat staid and slanted service output, which is targeted at quite a restricted audience, and some would say that for a supposedly neutral public service broadcaster, that at times it lacks objectivity and seems very biased in its approach to controversial topics [that would specifically include BREXIT where it has clearly been supportive of the government’s Remain line]. Also, these days one can find much better programmes elsewhere, and often its output lacks quality of thought and professionalism [the insensitive format, the debate bias, and the series of appalling blunders the BBC exhibited in its ‘gate-crash’ Tory leadership broadcast last Tuesday is a glaring case in point], while in general its output descends to the lowest common denominator in its quest to match the dross of the crap commercial channels.

The BBC seems to inexplicably believe that its viewers of predominately intelligent, discerning people, want a never-ending programme diet of cookery, house hunting & relocation, bric-à-brac & antique sales, outdated & irrelevant chat shows, incomprehensible & meaningless game shows, medical dramas and soaps seemingly used solely to promote relationship & diversity issues, repeats & re-runs of past quality items galore, low-interest sports events & with just post-time reviews of major sport goings-on, etc, eh?

That is coupled with the BBC scandalously enabling personal tax reduction by secretly paying TWO THIRDS of its highest-paid presenters and actors [freelancers] “off the books” so to speak, by channelling their earnings though ‘personal service companies’ [£74million in payments dished out over 4 years], a practice which allows both the BBC and the worker to pay less tax – that is despite the corporation pledging to stop the practice 7 years ago, eh? (The BBC had refused requests made under the Freedom of Information Act to disclose information about the practice)

[Payment via a company allows the BBC to avoid national insurance while the performer avoids income tax at source of up to 45% and instead pays corporate tax of 19%]

The BBC’s blatant sex inequality on pay has been exposed – showing that the top four male presenters across the BBC were collectively paid almost four times the total amount of the top four female presenters. That is coupled with unwarranted enormous salaries of the so-called stars, which when uncovered over a year ago, the majority of the viewing population couldn’t comprehend why [which apparently resulted in some pay-cuts – guilt & embarrassment?]

[The BBC has been  forced to publish a list of those earning above £150,000 a year but we don’t know anything about the biggest earners paid through their personal service companies, and payments made through BBC Studios etc are also hidden – LAST YEAR ALONE:

    • £1.75million to a football presenter of matches already played (was £1.8million the year before) & he also is supported by highly paid analysts including one on £420thousand (was £550thousand the year before)
    • £1.7million to a radio presenter (was £2.5million the year before when he did a TV show as well)
    • £610thousand to a radio presenter and TV chat show host (was £900thousand the year before)
    • £560thousand to a radio presenter
    • £530thousand to a newsreader and elections presenter (was £600thousand the year before but reportedly he took a pay cut)
    • £450thousand to a radio and TV presenter (was £750thousand the year before but reportedly he took a pay cut)
    • £420thousand to a radio presenter (was £450thousand the year before but reportedly he took a pay cut)
    • £410thousand to a radio presenter
    • £410thousand to a radio presenter with some TV work (was £650thousand the year before)
    • £410thousand to a TV presenter was £650thousand the year before
    • £410thousand to a radio presenter was £650thousand the year before)
    • £380thousand to a female radio presenter and TV host ( was £500thousand the year before)
    • £359thousand to a radio presenter (was £400thousand the year before)
    • £340thousand to a female radio presenter
    • £340thousand to a radio presenter (was £350thousand the year before)
    • £310thousand to a radio presenter
    • and others who have also been pulling in £300thousand or so

Radio presenters seem to be the BBC’s high paid elite – WHY? Where does the competition for their services come from that necessitates big bucks, eh?


    • Radio listeners DON’T actually pay ANY licence fee to use that service
    • The BBC Director General not only ALREADY draws BBC pension but ALSO gets a BBC salary AS WELL – so is on £530thousand
    • The PM gets just £149thousand TOTAL salary
    • The average salary of UK FULL TIME workers is only £35thousand]

While the BBC should not have been expected to fund free TV licences, it has nevertheless got itself embroiled in the betrayal of millions of over-75s [1.8 million over-75s live completely ALONE and TV provides a lifeline], and it will doubtless pay a high price for that, won’t it?

Why Hall thinks that the BBC will get away with biting the hand that feeds it, is anyone’s guess, but crossing the Treasury and embarrassing the government in breaking its manifesto pledge is pretty non-recoverable, don’t you think?

The most likely outcome now is that the licence fee will shortly be scrapped, the BBC will have its feet held to the fire and it will be challenged to get its future income from subscription services – then the value and quality of its output will be put to the ultimate test of consumer satisfaction. Its cosy little isolated world of the luxury of not having to perform to obtain massive unearned income will have gone – will subscriptions to Radio1, Radio2, Radio3, Radio4, Radio Five live, Radio London, really pull-in the many millions of pounds needed to support the BBC’s loaded radio presenters, do you think?


[Will creativity and excellence become the byword the BBC again, will talented programme makers be attracted back to the new model BBC, and will presenters start to get paid only what they are worth, do you think?]

Falsely accusing someone of being ‘racist’ is commonplace – time to make it illegal?

It is 50 years since Britain’s first Race Relations Act was passed, banning racial discrimination in public places, but it has become a common and effective ploy to denigrate with impunity, someone’s character by labelling them as a “racist”, hasn’t it?

Yes, while in this Country people cannot get away with making damaging tenuous accusations against others of criminality without dire consequences, so why when it comes to tagging targets with racism assertions, is it open house, eh? Just try a tweet to say a non-convicted person is a burglar, or a rapist, or a murderer, etc, and your feet won’t touch the ground on your way to a cell will they, eh?

Now, such casual charges of racialism are intentionally personally injurious to those under attack and are used to create a hostile environment for them, and is one that cannot be escaped from because a person cannot show they aren’t racist – it is a known logical fact that it is impossible to prove a negative assertion, isn’t it?

Yep, the burden of proof must always be on the person making an assertion, yet in the case of racism, they try shifting the burden of proof onto the person who denies it –the assumption that something is true unless proven otherwise is an unacceptable fallacy

There should be no doubt in people’s minds that indeed there are pockets of racists remaining in Britain, but that has to be put in the context that when gauging the level of racism here compared to other countries, metrics show that the UK is actually one of the least racist countries in the world – things have come a long way since the old days of the post WW1 seaport race riots of 1919, in which white crowds attacked Black and Minority workers, their families and communities. [It is however a well reiterated “myth” that in the 1960’s it was standard to see signs for digs saying ‘No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish’ (simply invented by Irish activists in the 1980s!)]

[In 1968 Mahesh Upadhyaya from south Yemen became the first person in the UK to bring a racial discrimination case to court using the then recently introduced Race Relations Act 1968]

The greatest use in history of this tactic of denigration of others as being racists, surely has to apply to the BREXIT situation, as the Remainers after losing the EU Referendum in 2016, immediately explained the situation, without an iota of proof, as one where Leavers were clearly just vile racists who were Empire fantasists who hated or were antagonistic towards immigrants – at a stroke 17,410,742 people, over half the voters no less, were deemed to be prejudiced, and discriminatory against someone of a different race, eh?

And so it has gone on with those allegations for the past three years, despite the very fact that evidence shows that prejudice against immigrants in this Country is amongst the lowest in Europe.

People in the UK cannot these days make any reasonable bleeding comment or voice any responsible opinion on anything involving race, religion, or other counties without the destructive slagging brigade denouncing them as racists, can they?

For example we currently have, as part of the Conservative leadership campaign, the usual crowd of Remainers, political activists, terrorist apologists and the like, MPs, and even supposedly renowned TV presenters & interviewers giving credence to totally unfounded claims that Tory Boris Johnson is an Islamophobic racist because he has made some pointed but valid remarks about women wearing the niqab and the burka, the Muslim body and head-gear that obscure the female face.

Well, those who attempt to denounce Johnson with their wild xenophobia claims are so shit ignorant about it, that they have idea of the circumstances, context, or even tone of his comments, do they? No, because if they did they wouldn’t malign him at all – they don’t appreciate that what Johnson in reality DID was write a thousand word newspaper article last year, DEFENDING the right of Muslim women to actually wear such clothing, and in it he clearly denounced Denmark, with a reputation as a easy-going country, but nevertheless one that like some other European countries, had strangely just introduced a legal ban against the burka.

[A fine of 1000 kroner (about £120) had been imposed on a 28-year-old woman seen wearing a niqab in a shopping centre in the north eastern town of Horsholm (a scuffle had broken-out as someone tried to rip it off her head)]

Yes, indeed he wrote that if a constituent came to his MP’s surgery with her face obscured, he should feel fully entitled to ask her to remove it so that he could talk to her properly, or if a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber then that also applied, as those in authority should be allowed to converse openly with those that they are being asked to instruct, but equally he determined that while in certain circumstances such as those, human beings must be able to see each other’s faces and read their expressions, it is a different matter telling a free-born adult woman what she may or may not wear, in a public place, when she is simply minding her own business.

So when most ordinary people here would simply agree with all of that, why do the human rights and Muslim organisations’ idiots cause an uproar and get away with a claim that such analytic comments are “offensive”, or that the article was “anti-Muslim” and would “whip up hatred of women who wear the niqab and burka”, do you think?

Does any of that Johnson comment sound in any way like a man who is in fear of, has hatred for, or is prejudiced against, the Islamic religion or Muslims generally, would you say? [Indeed his great-grandfather was a Muslim]

[Counties currently with a ‘full’ burka and niqab ban: France [2004], Belgium [2011], Chad [2015], Cameroon five provinces [2015], Diffa Niger [2015], Brazzaville Congo [2015], Tessin Switzerland [2016], Denmark [2018]

Included in Johnson’s comments were:

Denmark has got it wrong. Yes, the burka is oppressive and ridiculous – but that’s still no reason to ban it”

“I am against a total ban because it is inevitably construed – rightly or wrongly – as being intended to make some point about Islam”

“If you tell me that the burka is oppressive, then I am with you. If you say that it is weird and bullying to expect women to cover their faces, then I totally agree”

“it is absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes.”

In fact, most ordinary British people who know the specifics, actually agree with ‘straight speaking’ Johnson’s opinions on this topic, not least when the reality is that very few (immeasurable) Muslim women in the UK actually wear the full face veil attire, yet the man is repeatedly required to express regret for ‘causing offence’ when not only was none intended but none should have been caused – that so-called offence has all be manufactured by extremists and troublemakers, hasn’t it?

[The current British scenario clearly demonstrates that the time has come to balance the scales of justice, so that our effective laws that make racial and religious discrimination illegal in the UK, are buttressed by making it an offence to make unwarranted or unproved public allegations against others of being discriminatory]

Obesity ‘sucks’, so time for ‘effective’ action – shut the fast-food shops?


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what is the root cause of obesity, do you? No, it is self evident because being overweight, being fat, being obese, just results from eating too much for your body’s particular energy needs. This has become a major health problem even in less populous places, when around the World overall some five per cent of all children and 12 per cent of all adults are now obese.

Now, that is a troubling issue here in Britain also, although we are nowhere near the top of the obesity league, and it is evidenced in many other countries as well – particularly as we notice with our overweight cousins in America [33% are obese], eh? Britain has the highest obesity rates in western Europe as evidenced by 30000 associated deaths,


      1. American Samoa (7 South Pacific islands and atolls)
      2. Nauru (tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia)
      3. Cook Islands (15 islands country in the South Pacific, with political links to New Zealand)
      4. Tokelau (a remote group of atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, accessed by boat from Samoa)
      5. Tonga (Oceania, kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific islands, many uninhabited)

17.Egypt (just ahead of the US, has the biggest weight problem of the world’s 20 most populous countries)]

Obesity has become a modern day catastrophic health issue in the UK – it will overtake tobacco smoking as the biggest cause of preventable death – and is one which has been brought about by a number of interconnected factors, hasn’t it? Yep, while large swathes of the World’s population suffer from poverty and food shortages, conversely we in the West suffer from affluence and food gluts – we not only have an ‘over-sufficiency’ of food but we have an ‘over-indulgence’ of choice, which inevitably encourages excessive eating and non-water drinking, leading to excessive calorific intake which the body is geared-up to store as fat for energy use in harsher times – which NEVER come, eh? So people simply get fat and fatter, and ill and ill’er, don’t they?

The thing is that the general population in the UK leads a pretty sedentary lifestyle these days, with minimal physical activity expended in work activities [manual work replaced by machines, you see], nor indeed in home activities [labour saving devices abound including even robot floor cleaners, all remote controllable via the internet], nor either in getting around [walking replaced by cycles, replaced by cars, buses, and trains]. A good indicator of just how bad things have got regarding the common lack of physical activity in ‘normal’ life [essential for the body’s wellbeing] is the growth and widespread use of gyms which used to be the prerogative and the need of the ‘idle rich’ to try to keep fit [there are nowadays over 7,000 gyms in the UK with a membership of about 10 million (1 in every 7 people in Britain is a member of a gym – the other 6 just get fat?) – the irony is that most go to the costly gym to use a waking/running machine so users go absolutely nowhere, when they could just walk/run outside on the ground for free and actually go somewhere interesting, eh? Others are keeping fit or are losing weight by regular cycling – in some places up fourfold over the past 25 years

Then of course, the debilitating issues of excessive food consumption and lack of normal exercise, is amplified as well, by people’s changing use of their free/social time, aren’t they? Digging the garden has been replaced by using the rotavator, scything the grass superseded by the push mover, superseded by the petrol/ electric mower, cutting back the hedge or bushes by the strimmer, the sawing-off of tree branches is delegated to the chainsaw – moreover these days everybody stays indoors incessantly, so possibly suffers sunshine deficiency, and just nobody plants potatoes or grows vegetables in their gardens, however big: walking a mile or two to the cinema has been replaced by a car ride at best, or more likely an evening (or seven?) in front of the telly watching fantasy on Netflix or Sky or others playing sport: no need now for a trip out shopping and lugging a heavy load home, as it’s not just the infirm, but even the millennials that have their groceries delivered every week, and just about EVERYBODY buys their other goods online to avoid the effort of hitting the high street: visiting family and friends, however local, is totally out of the question these days, when no one communicates face to face anymore because all human contact for everyone has been subverted by the ‘must be answered’ mobile phone, texting, and the now addictive social media, hasn’t it?

Coming finally to the crux of the matter of dealing with obesity then, we have the totally un-tackled matter of the plethora of fast food outlets in our towns and cities, which not only has driven-up the UK’S obesity crisis, but is continuing to do so and will carry-on ad infinitum unless it is brought to a halt, won’t it?

Now, despite the ‘obesogenic environment’ issue, where conditions of everyday life promote obesity, being on the agenda for a decade or more, no British government has had the balls to do anything about it – not only frit of the powerful food industry but wary of upsetting the voters, as well? Irresponsible? Most certainly, so allowing incessant promotion and harmful cut-price deals, often targeting children, by the ‘conscience-challenged’ advertising brigade., conjoined with over-indulgence of the personal choice of the unwary, the weak and the lazy, to override parliament’s national duty to protect society from bloodsucking business, but they just ‘watch and wait’ as overweight and obesity has holed the good ship NHS below the waterline and will continue to take-on water fast until it sinks, has been disgraceful, don’t you think?

[Cost annually to the NHS £25billion (?), with admissions to hospital due to weight and obesity doubled over 4 years (stroke, heart decease, cancer, diabetes, mental health, asthma, gallstones, hip replacement, knee replacement, toe amputation, limb amputation, pregnancy risk, liver disease, kidney disease)]

It will not have escaped the attention of many that the Government have more recently been making some lame attempts to tackle the Country’s obesity problem, but only by trying to curtail the food industry’s panache for flooding Britain with unnecessarily over-sugared food and drink – but it is pissing in the wind because it’s not working, as evidenced by the industry’s total failure to voluntarily meet official and agreed sugar reduction targets, and that’s because the ‘couldn’t care less’ blighters who produce killer processed-food make their quick bucks by selling garbage food that has been over-sweetened to make it palatable, don’t they?

[Of the top 20 brands responsible for the greatest amount of sugar, 50% made NO CHANGE, 33% cut some sugar, and 12% simply ADDED MORE SUGAR]

There is though that single area which can be targeted instead, and one that will be much more effectively, and is that of junk and fast food outlets, as they have become the ‘in-your-face’ blight of our high streets and are turbo charging the epidemic that is dragging Britain into the obesity abyss, by their pursuit of a shed load of dirty money and while doing so are wreaking the lives of adults with over a quarter of us obese, and even crushing the futures of our youngest children [one in five of our British children are now obese when they leave primary schoolbrought up’ on fast food by irresponsible parents hence they learn to prefer it for the rest of their lives, eh?)]

The general problem with so-called ‘fast-food’ is that it includes ingredients which have almost no nutritional value in our body but can have significant negative effects on our health – it is ultra-processed [which results in higher calories than normal cooking], and also ladened with sugars, fats, sodium/salt, starches, monosodium glutamate (MSG), lacks sufficient fiber, is vitamin-less and most destructively it is just all-pervasive, easy, stacked full of flavourings, cheap & highly affordable, uses bright primary colours to attract the young, is heavily promoted & marketed, but is junk fattening food, that causes early death – a decade of life is lost by the obese

As you might guess, fast food restaurants kicked-off in the US (nearly a hundred years ago), so it is just like many bad things we in the UK have to blame America for (as well as good stuff, of course), isn’t it? As you might also suspect, the fast food chains McDonald’s and KFC were also there early into the game of making the world obese and they have grown now into multinational corporations with outlets across the globe

  • [McDonald’s have been in the UK for 40 years and are the biggest fast food chain here with some 1250 outlets]
  • Rutland is the ONLY county in Britain that does NOT have a McDonald’s, but the chain is trying to open one and a big row is underway as locals are demanding planning permission be refused]


Most people don’t realize that for those who live near to a fast food shop the risk of obesity doubles, nor that we all underestimate how much we are eating and overestimate how much we will burn off with exercise – it’s almost impossible to burn-off a takeaway!

The high streets in our cities, our towns, and our villages, instead of being the bastion of community retailers like butchers, bakers, greengrocers, clothes shops, or the like, has transformed into a haven for junk food outlets, to the extent that you wouldn’t be able to walk a dozen yards along a main road in some big centers without passing a fat-food peddling unit, would you? No, there are some bloody 60,000 of them in UK with many towns now ‘dominated’ by burgers and kebabs outlets as well as the more traditional fish & chips shops.

[Blackpool, the vintage, iconic, seaside resort, was identified in 2015 as possibly the takeaway capital of the UK with 279 takeaway shops – so roughly one takeaway for every 500 people of the town’s population].

The government needs to formulate a strategy to not only halt in its tracks the growth of that type of business, but to roll back the ones that are out-there already – there has to be a game changer whereby it is no longer profitable to be in the fast food business. The problem is compounded by cheap take-away deliveries through Just Eat and Uber

To start, the local authorities must be forced by government legislation to refuse planning permission for ANY new fast food shop/takeaway without exception and whatever justification, AND in conjunction with that require a ‘change of use’ when a junk food premises changes hand

A new sales tax at the point of purchase, which takes into account both nutritional value and calories of foods, HAS to be imposed. It needs to progressively increase year on year in a similar manner used in the fuel price escalator to reduce usage, but in this case be tied to obesity levels – and kept in place until that illness crises has been cured. [The massive funds so raised should be ‘ring-fenced’ and allocated to the NHS]

That will raise the price of fast food which MUST become much less affordable, but in doing it is going to hit hardest the low-income groups and poorest communities and areas of the Country where it is indeed the most popular –AND CAUSES THE GREATEST OBESITY and the maximum risk of diet-related disease. That therefore is a problem that the government needs to deal with in parallel so that such communities can afford healthy food and become less ill – that requires ministers to increase welfare benefit payments to low-income households, and include help through maternity food vouchers and universal free school meals

[A ‘Food Foundation’ study last year reported that 4 million children in the UK live in family households that cannot meet the government’s own healthy food guidelines for fruit, vegetables, fish and other healthy foods]

Now the food industry and its fast food corporate giants will squeal like stuck pigs and fight tooth and nail against such a move but our society already has the evidence that nothing voluntary works with them as their attitude is solely profit, profit, profit, and bollocks to peoples’ health – exactly the same bloody attitude displayed by the tobacco peddlers [who only got seen-off by debilitating legislation, eh?]

There is evidence already from elsewhere [Hungary and Mexico] that junk food taxes work by changing people’s eating habits for the better and that junk food manufacturers are forced to reformulate products to healthier recipes.


[If the UK government doesn’t immediately resort to enacting tough tax measures on the junk fast-food pushers we can say goodbye to health and the NHS within a decade]



The once great ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’ is humbled and humiliated – now to be trashed by overtly ambitious ‘’nobody’ leadership candidates?

You don’t have to be a member of the Conservative and Unionist Party nor indeed a supporter of it, to be deeply interested and overtly concerned about who is going to become the next leader of that party, do you?

No, because that person is also going to be our Country’s Prime Minister and that is of critical importance to everyone in the UK. Yep, but the population is going to have foisted on it, a man or woman running Britain who has been put in that elevated and privileged position without either the knowledge or agreement of the voters – selected by say just 105 Tory MPs at Westminster and chosen by as few as 62 thousand constituency members, eh?

Well, we may not like it, but that is the way things are run in this so-called democratic country, isn’t it? In 2016 Theresa May was both selected and chosen as PM by a mere 165 people and that shows the folly of just a relatively few idiots making such an important decision. Those 165 Tory MPs should be hanging their heads in shame but instead the bulk of them will be out there again seeking to anoint the next holder of the office. Back at that time a post published here said that May wasn’t up to the job and so it proved, didn’t it? How didn’t those MPs see it as well? Probably because they were adamant Remainers who expected her to scupper BREXIT as she has endeavoured to do, eh? It was somewhat of a surprise to some of us that the Conservatives had chosen a woman when they had had before the dire experience of Margaret Thatcher, who like May had to be hounded out of Downing Street – but after nearly a dozen years as dictator in her case and not less than the three of May’s tenure

Oh yes, in full gaze of the world, May has certainly humbled and humiliated our great nation because she was determined that it was to be ‘her own way or no way’ – she alone was responsible for repetitive capitulation to the unaccountable EU hierarchy and negotiating a crap deal that disenfranchised this Country. In doing so she has in the process also pretty well destroyed the Conservative Party because when the chips were down, she wouldn’t go – even now she won’t go immediately and that could be the coup d’état for her party, surely?

The Brexit Party has in a matter of weeks come out of the traps running and is already snapping at the heels of the Tories – we will see tomorrow night exactly what it has achieved so far and what it has done to the Conservative party, when the results of last Thursday’s EU election are announced, won’t we? Well, it is a party that has ambitions to become a third force in UK politics and that could well be evidenced in under 2 weeks’ time when it contests the Peterborough by-election – it’s a marginal seat that the Tories would have expected to seize back from Labour whose reputation has been tarnished by their MP being imprisoned. Back in 2016 Peterborough was ‘Brexit central’, with the city split 60/40 for leave, and the Conservatives had a bad showing in this month’s local elections and lost overall control of the council. The stage is set for the Brexit Party to make its mark there with its first MP, don’t you think?

The Conservatives are heading into even rougher waters though, as everyone and their dog of their MPs will be throwing their hats into the ring to become the next Tory leader and hence Prime Minister, and that is simply going to demean the whole process, isn’t it? Those imbeciles who don’t yet have the qualities or qualifications to lead a government will damage the standing of those who do – the half dozen who so far have entered the fray are Matt Hancock (current Health Secretary), Jeremy Hunt (current Foreign Secretary and ex-Health Secretary), Boris Johnson (ex- Foreign Secretary who resigned over May’s BREXIT plans), Esther McVey (ex-Work & Pensions Secretary who resigned over May’s BREXIT plans), Dominic Raab (ex-BREXIT Secretary who resigned over May’s BREXIT plans), and Rory Stewart (appointed this month International Development Secretary).

It is mooted that another dozen MPs apparently think they can do the job of PM [for example Steve Baker, Sir Graham Brady, James Cleverly, George Freeman, Justine Greening, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom, Nicky Morgan, Penny Mordaunt, Priti Patel, Liz Truss].

Some of the candidates know quite well that they have a snowball in hell’s chance of being selected but nevertheless they will stand to promote their image and boast of their credentials in the hope of a good appointment in the Cabinet – while ignoring the damage that such a bun fight will do to the Conservative ‘s image.

The Tory MPs will select two candidates for the wider party to vote on, and the overriding principle for their choices has to be that the ones picked are capable of winning a General Election. In selecting May in 2016 they blew it because she was the one politician who had zilch idea on how to relate to or communicate with, the public – and that was self-evident even in those days, wasn’t it?

The other priority is that the new Leader has to have the gravitas and clout to drive through BREXIT and that has to be fully leaving the EU and not BINO (BREXIT in name only), otherwise there will be no Conservative Party around to fight the next Election, will there?


[The Conservatives will be leaderless for months, the Labour party has a leader the public don’t trust, the LibDems seek a new leader, and the new kid on the block the Brexit party has one of the outstanding political leaders of recent times – it’s interesting times in Britain, eh?]




‘Fake News’ about the Lisbon Treaty which is ‘supposedly’ favourable of BREXIT undermines the true case against the EU – so was published by wrecker Remainers?

Not many of us, who are merely ordinary members of the British public, will have actually read the Lisbon Treaty nor know of the details therein, will we? No, and that very fact has been seized-upon by those plotters with vested interests, who are determined to halt BREXIT in its tracks and keep the UK handcuffed to the EU forever, it seems?

They have used the internet to publish a pack of lies about the content of that Treaty and make outrageous claims of its impending adverse impact and the consequential doom that will descend on this Country – ‘if we remain in the EU’

Now, the whole intention of all that fake-news is to wind-up into frenzy those in favour of BREXIT, so that they have the entirely wrong information and in a panic, publically shout-off their mouths about it all – whence they can be shot down in flames as being blatant scaremongers who don’t know their arse from their elbow, eh?

Two months ago, the organization ‘Full Fact’ [the UK’s independent factchecking charity] reported that since last December its many versions, which are getting more strident, of the load of bollocks and misleading issues about the Treaty’s 2020 implications has gone viral on multiple platforms of social media. The clear intention behind that persuasive campaign is to perpetuate the myth that has been deployed far and wide over the past 3 years by the shameless Remainers and their associated Parties, which is that those who chose ‘Leave’ in the 2016 EU Referendum “were misled and didn’t know what they were voting for”

Now, there is always a significant danger of getting sucked-in by internet con merchants and for example we increasingly we see things like adverts for designer goods at knock-down prices placed by scammers and fraudsters using clone websites and social media to steal from the unwary internet user

The specific article containing a list of invented frighteners about the 2007 Lisbon Treaty, was in particular very convincing, and in some respects quite plausible to those who are conscious of the controlling and oppressive nature of the EU – many many people will have been taken in by it, so nobody who has been duped by it, need feel guilty, but they should warn those to who they have passed it onto, that it needs to be completely disregarded – there are enough ‘true’ facts to actually condemn the EU on, without falling for the ruse of believing outright falsehoods and fake news, isn’t there?

[The rule of thumb is if something seems unbelievable then it probably is, so check the facts independently. Like, is the information originating from a reliable source (not just the one who passed it to you), or is it actually out-of-date (some stuff can be years old), or are there other sources to evaluate it against (if not don’t trust it), is the author or person publishing it identifiable and credible (anonymous sources often have an agenda), or is any verifiable evidence included (Google things to check), or even what is the reason that it’s been put out (possibly to swing public opinion or promote discrimination)?]

Some of the list of significant crap claimed about the Lisbon Treaty includes:

  • that it comes into force in 2020 – when actually the Treaty has already been in place now for a whole decade
  • that all member states lose their abstention veto in 2020 when in reality all voting changes have already been implemented and for those issues that require unanimity the so called veto still applies
  • that in 2022 all members will become federal states of a federal EU with all veto powers removed when neither assertion is in any way true
  • that in 2022 all members will be forced to join the Euro currency which is a clear fabrication as in fact the UK has a specific opt-out referenced to in the Treaty itself
  • that in 2020 the London stock exchange will move to Frankfurt to be integrated into a EU stock exchange resulting in massive job losses – when the truth is a proposed ‘non-move’ business merger between London and German Exchanges was actually ‘blocked’ on monopoly grounds by the EU itself
  • that the UK loses control of its borders and enters the Schengen region by 2022 – when this is just plain false, as the UK has opted-out of the EU area that doesn’t have internal border controls, and Britain itself unilaterally decides if that is to be changed
  • that the UK loses control of its armed forces including its nuclear deterrentwhen the reality is that this is completely made up, as the EU doesn’t currently even have an army and could only implement common defence policies by the ‘unanimous’ agreement of ‘all’ states. Not only does that give Britain a veto at the EU, but also the UK parliament itself would have agree and hold a referendum about it. Furthermore, the use of British nuclear weapons is solely a sovereign matter for the UK and one where only the Prime Minister can authorise use
  • that the UK loses full control of its taxation policy – when in actuality the EU only ensures tax rules are consistent with relevant EU policies, and all member states have to have broadly similar rules and minimum rates on VAT, and taxes on petrol, tobacco and alcohol, but the EU and has no part to play in national taxes either in raising, setting, or spending. Any future alteration to EU tax policy is subject to ‘unanimous’ agreement so Britain like the other member countries has a veto
  • that the UK loses its standing in the Commonwealths – when the assertion is meaningless mischief making, since the Commonwealth is solely a voluntary association of countries with no legal obligations to one another, isn’t a trading bloc, and the UK is merely one of 53 free and equal sovereign states which as such a community has been in place for the past 70 years [The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth – only a symbolic position]


[The creating of news stories to deliberately fool others has been around forever, but in modern times with the advent of the internet and its resultant plethora of social media platforms, it has caused an explosive rise of fake news, disinformation, propaganda, deceit, and opinion manipulation. It is regularly difficult nowadays to tell the difference between a lie and the truth, particularly when it is circulated on social media sites – where fake news travels faster, furtherer, and has a greater destructive influence. The problems created by such news which is not simply inaccurate, but is totally made up, is compounded by increasing numbers of people now primarily getting their news from social media rather than the traditional and more reliable sources of printed and broadcasted news]

Theresa May “I’m a ‘Remainer’ at heart as I have fully demonstrated – so I will REMAIN at No.10 no matter what”?






Voting has now started in the UK on the European Elections – are YOU one of the third of voters who will vote for the brand-new ‘Brexit Party’?

Postal votes are already winging their way to Regional Returning Officers around the UK

Just a month short of 3 years AFTER the UK voted to leave the European Union within 2 years, not only are we bloody well still up to our teeth in it, but the British electorate is now being called upon to elect 73 people as MEPs in 9 day’s time. WHY?

Well firstly, because the Country is led by an utterly feeble, not in control of her party, Tory Prime Minister, who seems incapable of even organising a piss-up in a brewery, and secondly, that critical factor was coupled with a Parliament stuffed with vested-interest ‘Remainer’ MPs who didn’t agree with the public, then disgracefully wouldn’t accept their decision, and so now are determined to defeat DEMOCRACY at whatever shame and credibility cost to our Nation, eh?

Last time round in 2014, these EU Elections were a disaster zone for the Conservatives who came 3rd with the lowest popular vote ever recorded for the party in a national election– it seems likely that it will be an even worse outcome for them this time round. The anti-EU party UKIP [led then by Nigel Farage] headed the field last time both in terms of voteshare and gained the largest number of seats, with Labour slotting in as second.

It was precisely that unequivocal public protest vote AGAINST the Country’s EU membership that forced the Tory party to commit to a Referendum the following year in order to get re-elected, wasn’t it?

The latest news on the wire is that for these EU Elections the Brexit Party [led by Nigel Farage], which was formally launched just over 4 weeks ago, is poised in its first election participation, to scupper the reputations of both the main parties – the Conservative party, formed 185 years ago, and the Labour party, formed 119 years ago.

Yep, the pollsters say that the Brexit Party is predicted to win not only more votes than ‘either’ Labour or Conservatives, but secure more than their total ‘combined’ votes – now that is what is called “upsetting the apple cart” and punishing the main parties for failing the electorate over BREXIT, isn’t it?

However, the popular vote doesn’t of course directly correlate to the number of MEP seats actually won and the ongoing presence in the election of UKIP is a reason for uncertainty [though that party is somewhat in popular demise because of its current extremist influence and failed leadership]

In last month’s Local Elections the main flak was inflicted on the Tory party, and that is likely be repeated with a vengeance next week at the EU polls, but Labour may well also be facing a similarly destructive shock, because Farage is targeting them in their northern heartlands where ‘Leavers’ were in the majority and now rightly believe Labour has let them down badly.

What does Labour expect their loyal supporters to do, after they voted overwhelmingly to Leave, when for example a renowned longstanding Labour MP of 22 years [an ex-Cabinet Minister Secretary of State, no less], a Remainer, who nevertheless got re-elected on a faithful promise to support BREXIT at Westminster, but instead has subsequently betrayed them and prominently played a major role in thwarting it, eh?

Or what do the Conservatives expect their voters to do in these elections when their highly vocal anti-BREXIT MP has used her position not only to denigrate in parliament their decision to vote Leave, but has become a beacon on TV and in the media to undermine implementation of the Referendum result and then has jumped ship, when her constituency had decided by a massive ten-per-cent margin to exit the EU, eh?

There have been past attempts to break the British dominantly 2 party system that have failed, so this latest one by the Brexit Party may well follow that path. However, this time could be different as it comes when large swathes of the public are pig-sick of the way that career politicians behave and demonstrate a complete disregard for their duty and their Country. People have been joining up as fully-paid-up registered supporters of the Brexit Party in droves [100-thousand of them and soon to be greater in number that Conservative members?], which is an amazing and unprecedented expansion of any political party in recent memory – anyone you know?


[Both the major parties are now operating in ‘panic mode’, as it is clear to their organisers that ‘normal circumstances’ operation has gone out of the window and reliance on previous party/tribal loyalty is a lost cause. What is critically important to Britain is though that EVERYBODY on the register does vote so that attitudes are made crystal clear – whoever that vote is lodged for]


The Perils & Pitfalls of Poker – don’t even go there?

Gambling as an addiction is a major if not increasing problem in the UK and poker is up there pretty close to the top of the problem gamblers pile. Now, many people in the UK play the National Lottery [and don’t even realise that they are gambling!], or can have a flutter now and again as a bit of fun and it plays no major part in their lives – say like having a bet on the Grand National, yet know nothing about horse racing and simply pick a name that strikes their fancy, eh? Others of course are not so casual in their approach to gambling and develop an uncontrollable dependence that destroys their lives and the lives of their families

Gambling is all about decision making and risk taking which is an innate part of mankind with some kind of biological basis – though risk seeking apparently tends to become less attractive as we age [wisdom replacing the recklessness of youth, perhaps?].

The thing is that betting, gaming, gambling or whatever you name it, is actually about playing a game of ‘chance’ which needs to be enjoyed solely as a social activity, while recognising that the excitement of winning (or losing!) is merely transient. That very fact is the root of the problem for those in society who are illusional and don’t fully appreciate the reality that chance cannot be controlled, so believe that they are somehow ‘lucky’ or smart individuals who can beat the odds – dream-on you problem gamblers!

ALL of us who have a bet regularly, or even like most just ‘now and again’, remember well the wins (however small) and selective forget the loses (however GREAT). The unfortunate truth is that those who achieve a relatively BIG win early on, in any form of gambling are more likely to keep on betting, despite heavy loses and indebtedness, as they become mentally convinced that the jackpot is within their imminent grasp and somehow they falsely believe that the string of failures is bound to reverse, when in reality the chance of a win has not altered, has it?

[No – for example, if you are rolling a dice and throw five 1s, then the odds of the next throw being a 6 (or even a 1) remains UNCHANGED (mathematically the same probability of 1/6), however lucky the player might feel, eh?]

Bookmakers, casinos, slot- machine operatives, and the like, are all of course well aware of the ‘early-win’ bounce influence on gamblers’ subsequent betting, and that is exactly why you will find that artificially you are a very “lucky” punter when you initially set out but then go rapidly downhill thereafter when actually applied the true chance factor kicks-in. Moreover, lottery operators ensure that the public have a good chance of a so-called WIN by having a multitude of so-called ‘prizes’ of a free go (which means NO money whatsoever is lost from their income fund), or the prize is simply the return of the stake money – so players ‘think’ they are ‘winners’ when that is a glaring travesty of the truth, and this is simply a ploy to mislead people regarding the true chances of winning [should be illegal?]

[For example, we are being misled by advertising that boasts a 9 to 1 chance of winning a prize in the National Lottery, because that is mostly a free ticket and the reality-check reveals that the jackpot chance is over 45 million to 1 (made 3-fold worse since 2015 by the Operators extending the number range), or for the EuroMillions jackpot it is nearly 140 million to 1 – so the odds are stacked against us, aren’t they?]

Gambling can become an addiction exactly in the same manner as illegal drug abuse, and that occurs in both situations when a mental dependence develops – with drugs it is chasing the high previously experienced (which never comes), and with betting it is the striving for the reward of the BIG win (which never comes) that will make all troubles disappear – indeed troubles for those that often reach a state of distress brought on by their earlier failed gambling, probably?

Coming then to the game of poker itself, which it has to be said the majority of people in Britain know zilch about. Well, gaming companies have over the past twenty years have put poker online and have used the power of the internet to generate a massive cash-cow. The older generation will know from watching Westerns that gambling on games of chance played the major role of entertainment in the wild west, so everyone from cowboys to lawmen ‘played’ and poker was a big part of all that.

People ought to be aware though, that past ‘committed’ poker players have faced some risk – as the legendary Wild Bill Hickok, lawman and avid gambler, found out by unwisely joining a poker game in a Deadwood saloon, when the fact that he took the only seat available (despite it being NOT ‘against the wall’ so against his personal safety rule), meant he was shot from behind by a killer who was able to get the drop on him

 Dead man’s hand: said to have been held by the murdered Hickok is a nickname for a particular poker hand, of a two-pair of black aces and black eights

Well with poker, those who seriously play it, those who are hooked on it, or particularly those earning a livelihood by it (or trying to), are living the dream that it is NOT really a game of chance but oppositely that it is a game of pure skill (which they possess?) – for them you see that fully justifies their committed involvement, doesn’t it?

There is not such a simplistic thing though as a ‘game of poker’, and that is because there are many variations of it, which have been around for some hundred years or so (mostly down to America). Nevertheless, the ‘chance’ element in all versions is indeed altered somewhat by the intellectual ability and wider experience of the individual player – that is where the false justification is thrown-in that it is a game of skill, isn’t it?

[The three most popular poker variants are Draw poker (a complete hidden hand improved by replacing cards), Stud poker (a combination of face-up cards and face-down cards in multiple betting rounds), Community card poker (incomplete hidden hand combined with shared face-up cards)]

You see, those playing in a poker game have constantly work out the potential value of the hand they hold at any particular time (based on its odds of being a winner), against their perception of the strength of the other payers’ hands. That is compounded with a strategy of fooling the others about what kind of hand they hold while making unquantifiable personable judgements on what cards the other players are holding – hence the well-known term ‘poker-faced’ which is used to describe a person’s demeanour whereby their face doesn’t show what they are thinking or feeling [inscrutable, deadpan, impassive].

A key skill supposedly employed by a successful poker player is the one of deception, whereby bluffing, semi-bluffing, and double-bluffing is at the forefront of play, with the objective of throwing the opposition off their play strategy – that can take the form of steadfastly betting high despite holding a poor hand to induce opponents to fold potentially much better hands, or alternatively betting hesitantly and weakly when holding a superior hand, to induce the others players with weaker hands to carry on betting instead of folding, and so increase the eventual pay-out

While young novice players ought to be discouraged by the ‘claimed’ relatively skilled nature of poker, nevertheless it is indeed a potentially destructive gambling activity that is better suited to a generation that has yet to assume the normal responsibilities of life [meaning young, no dependents, nor big demands on their time]. Those of us who have come across a pro poker player actually doing it for a living, will know that it provides a roller-coaster ride for their whole family – rags to riches, well off to poor, happiness to misery, in a never-ending reversing cycle?

Oh yes, some can make a living gambling as a professional poker player these days and ninety-five percent of them are single and young (under 30). Those who do so have to be extremely dedicated, more knowledgeable than most other players, fully understand the odds involved, and have time energy and space in spades – then and only then can the gambling odds be turned in favour of decent profit (over time!).

It is difficult for us non poker players to believe those that claim that in the long run, poker is actually a skill game can really be telling the truth, when the bulk of them (75 million?) are these days playing online poker [you see, casinos and other brick & mortar venues just can’t make enough profit from only rake or time charge}, so there is no practical possibility of employing the skill subterfuges that ‘might’ apply in a live poker table game, is there?


[The young, in particular, need to be aware of the lure of the game, as poker can easily become a fascination leading to obsession, and subsequent addiction with devastating effect on lives – so perhaps it is best restricted to a fun activity played for low value stakes?

In Britain just who is running the Country: is it the Government, the Tory Party, the Labour Party, a minority Party, the Civil Service, the Councils, the EU – or just NOBODY?

Well, on last Friday following the publication of the full results of the previous day’s local elections in England, the Nation was given the answer that we had all dreaded, to the ultimate question of who was running things here in the UK –and the reply was indeed NOBODY, wasn’t it?

Yep, the Conservatives got utterly trounced on an unprecedented scale that was at least twice as bad as even their disillusioned pessimists had feared [the worst outcome indeed for 25 years], while Labour rather than being able to capitalise on the Tories freefall demise and win seats, instead got a bloody nose themselves and lost seats and control of Councils. Meanwhile in a Frankenstein like parody, the rotting body of the decayed LibDems was dug up in the dead of night, and ‘apparent’ life breathed into it?

The British public then had once again had to stomach their delusional Prime Minister Theresa May trotting up to a lectern to utter gobbledegook about her performance, while showing total unconcern for her singlehanded destruction of her Party, and her Government’s complete contempt for the despised electorate.

[Delusional: characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are ‘contradicted’ by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder]

Now, you will appreciate that 2 years ago, May was invited to the Palace and asked by the Queen if she was able to form a Government that had the support of the House of Commons as it then stood, and so was able to successfully pass the legislation that would be placed before it, and do so despite any opposing forces – she assured her Majesty that she indeed was able to do just that, so thereby she was appointed the ‘Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’.

We have since found out that this PM’s commitment then of that pledge to the Crown was simply a passing mirage – just like the many things that she has promised the Country since her appointment, wouldn’t you say? No other PM in our Country’s history would have had the bare-faced cheek to cling to the Highest Office of State, when faced with personal failure after failure [which in her mind she translated into success after success], and with that combined with demonstrable incompetence of the greatest order – which has included the appointment of ‘out of control’ Senior Ministers intent on sabotaging the will of the people and the Government’s planned legislation, the destructive demolition of the 100-year-old system of Cabinet government, and all that compounded with an abject loss of power over the Civil Service which increasing is allowed to govern the Country.

In the past three years, May has not only amplified her past reputation as a ‘survivor’, but has surpassed it and is now fully ensconced in No.10 Downing Street as snail-like ‘limpet’ woman, clinging tightly to power, so there is no way will she voluntarily leave, is there? No, and those who think that a Tory Party vote of ‘No Confidence’ would shake her loose – dream-on, eh? It would seem that the only realistic way of actually getting shot of her, is by having her committed under mental health provisions and seeing her carted off (in a straight-jacket?)– and many of us think there is ample evidence for that applying, eh? [but the shortage of mental health beds she has created would probably even prevent that, as well?].

May’s crass behaviour in negotiating ‘HER’ (rather than the UK’s) Withdrawal Agreement & Political Declaration with the EU, together with her subsequent actions in repetitively trying to get it ‘over-the-line’ (as she terms it) at Westminster, when she knows (or ought to know) full well that it is completely unacceptable, is clearly indicative of someone who is both mistaken and has unwavering defective judgement in her deplorable performance

Well, as we have seen, May’s response to this latest disastrous electoral outcome for her Party and the stinging rebuke to her government, is unbelievable to classify it as merely a “challenging” result, while at the same time deciding not only to blatantly ignore her own culpability for it all, but to blame the irresponsible Opposition, the Labour Party,. for her personal failure to deliver BREXIT as repeatedly promised – furthermore she insisted voters want politicians to “get on and deliver Brexit”

[That seems to be a somewhat strange and bizarre analysis of Thursday’s election results, considering that the major beneficiary by far of the massive kicking the Tory Party has suffered, is the one party that campaigned on a platform of “STOP BREXIT” (the LibDems), wouldn’t you say?]

In reality, the devastating ‘true’ message that the electorate’s backlash decision delivered last week was that the Conservative Government was a disaster, its performance was a disaster, and that Theresa May herself personally was a disaster and that she alone was the root cause of all that.

She nevertheless has turned that on its tail and called-on Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Opposition, “to get a deal and to deliver on Brexit”. In other words, she is continuing in wretched denial that it was the Governments job to deliver the BREXIT voted-for in the 2016 EU Referendum, and is now claiming that it has been the ‘Labour Party’ who are responsible for her failure to control her own bloody incalcitrant MPs, incompetent Ministers, and divided maverick Cabinet.

Wow! The Country is in new territory here, whereby the ‘government of the day’ is no longer the ‘Executive’ running things in the UK on behalf of the people, but is now not only solely an arrogant representative of the ‘ruling elite’ but one which nevertheless has to ‘plead’ with Her Majesty’s Opposition to bail it out, and does so by agreeing ground-breaking and basic modifications to its planned and tabled legislation. What a crock-of-shit, eh?

Oh yes, May’s legacy will NOT be the one she has doggedly set out to achieve, of successfully taking the UK out of the EU, and something for which she has screwed-up all else, but she isn’t the only culpable one here, is she? No, it goes much much deeper than that, and indeed reaches the bowels of the present dysfunctional Conservative Party, doesn’t it?

Those who have orchestrated the greatest betrayal of democracy and allowed the collapse of all semblance of leadership in government, are indeed the arrogant elected MPs of the Conservative Party, wouldn’t you say?

For a start, to thwart the Leavers, they elected May as their leader, and so de facto Prime Minister, without reference to and therefore without the explicit support of their constituencies and their grass root supporters – May would NOT have been a popular choice because she is totally lacking in charisma or charm, and more importantly she has no public persona whatsoever, which are essential attributes for any successful politician, surely?

Moreover, even those of us who are not personally directly involved in politics stated in print at the time that May did NOT have the necessary experience and was NOT up to the challenging job, so just why then did supposedly experienced Tory MPs actually elect her – because the majority of them were ‘Remainers’ and they KNEW that she as a fellow traveller would screw-up BREXIT, perhaps?

Certainly, the shit hit the fan last year when May blatantly ditched BREXIT in a underhand move worthy of any subversive operator, resulting in Cabinet turmoil, so the writing was on the cards then – but those MPs together with the hierarchy of the Conservative Party simply froze like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights, oblivious to the impending doom.

When May, typically insensible to the fact that her plan has no legs, despite being repetitively warned of that by those charged with delivering it, brought that critical matter to the floor of the House, she suffered the most humiliating defeat in history – yet she simply bushed it off as being of no consequence and the Tory Party effectively did NOTHING. Oh yes, they DID indeed have a vote of No Confidence which massively failed, because she assured them that she would go to Brussels to successfully renegotiate the plan – why would they believe a Leader who had a track record of covering-up, dodging the facts and of outright lying, eh?

Even in this latest escapade, it was widely accepted that May was leading the Party into the black abyss and yet the main arbiters of action to unseat her, stayed their hand and let her self-destruct the once powerful Tory Party – WHY?

Incompetent cowards, including those already jockeying to replace her, perhaps?


[PM ‘Theresa May’s’ failure to deliver BREXIT is simply the straw that broke the camel’s back of this dysfunctional Government, and 3 years after voting to LEAVE the European Union, we are now going to vote in their meaningless elections at a massive cost of over £100million– but the newly formed ‘BREXIT Party’ is poised to win it and subsequently is it likely going to replace conservatism at Westminster at the next General Election?]



“Let my people go” was the clear message of Britain to the EU – the impending consequences for it being ignored?


The BREXIT Party – a phoenix regenerating Leave?

Those of the Christian faith will know of the biblical story of Moses, whereby he on behalf of God demanded of the Pharaoh Let my people go – the release of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt – the biblical consequences of stubbornness and heart hardening refusal, was ten plagues on Egypt [Blood, Frogs, Lice, Flies, Livestock pestilence, Boils, Hail and fire, Locusts, Darkness, and Firstborn death]

Now, it wouldn’t be proper to link the UK’s demand to leave the EU with an illuminating divine account, but nevertheless it is worth noting that it is most likely that there will be consequences befalling the EU by making this Country’s departure ‘impossibly’ difficult, then creating conditions to also enslave our Nation for further two years under its dictatorial control, and indeed now extending our membership by delaying BREXIT day by 6 months or more – a dire situation that has resulted in incandescent anger within a normally subservient population, eh?

Some may well ponder as to just why the EU leadership have acted as such shit-faces to a Country that has been such a friend and so important a colleague in terms of its contribution on all fronts to the EU, eh?

Well, for a start the answer is that the UK has never supported the EU’s end game, its obsessive ambition of federalisation, when those in charge there who are determined to see that objective achieved, can see it going down the plughole when Britain has ultimately walked-away from the game. Then of course there is the EU’s determination to dish out the maximum “punishment”, both to really wound our population for ever daring to vote ‘Leave’, as well as to cut the nation down to size and make ‘high and mighty Britain’, as they see it, finally small and belittled.

Well so far, the EU have succeeded in that quest and certainly the UK is on the ropes, isn’t it? Yep, but the weapon it has deployed is a double edge sword, so the EU as a consequence has also inflicted ‘self-harm on itself?

You see, the EU’s intransigence in dealing with the UK’s impending departure was intended to equally act as a warning signal and as a deterrent to other countries that might want to follow suit, wasn’t it?

Well, it has had the opposite effect as it has in fact galvanised widespread opposition to the EU, because it has become crystal clear just how domineering, how undemocratic, how manipulated by the few, and how out of control, the current EU organisation has become – so an action resulting in an equal and opposite reaction [as Newton would have it], just like as in Britain, many of those who had voted to Remain now want to leave on ‘No-Deal’, eh?

The architect of the EU’s disgraceful treatment of the UK over the past 3 years following the BREXIT Referendum decision, is their chief negotiator, one Michel Barnier, and he is now running scared by the self-destructive forces he has released by his dastardly dealings, isn’t he?

Yep, he thought that his nemesis, Nigel Farage, had been well and truly neutered and that the UKIP party’s power and influence had been finally annihilated. Well he has been shocked to the core to find that explicitly because of his and the EU’s deeds, Farage has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, and has created the new BREXIT Party to take over the baton from UKIP, whence it is now poised to win the UK’s EU Election race on 23 May – in a battle that is a costly and phoney exercise, but which has solely been brought about by the manipulative EU’s ambition to try to get the UK to effectively stay in the club.

Hence Barnier is now shit-scared that Farage will succeed in destroying the EU and its European Project as it stands, and he has nightmares that a Farage lookalike will evolve in every country, no less?

The UK EU election may well result in the arrival in Brussels of a revigorated army of anti-EU MEPs, who will do their damndest to undermine the work of its parliament in any way possible – mind you they won’t have the same power as the Leaver wreckers had at Westminster, as MEPs don’t actually control the EU in any which way, do they?

The EU’s own polling has shown that currently less than half of Britons support remaining in the European Union, while that was the same situation in the CZECH REPUBLIC and in crippled by €2.1trillion of debt ITALY, whence both countries could also quit the EU if given the chance in a vote – a large percentage of their voters do already actually favour quitting the bloc outright

So, rising disenchantment with the dealings of EU is not just confined to the UK and with a revival of nationalism across the EU, not least as a result of high levels of young people out work, even FRANCE could kick over the traces in these upcoming EU elections and send eurosceptic MEPs to rain on Barnier’s parade, since far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s party has snatched top spot from EU ultra-committed President Macron in the EU election poll. Then of course there is also HUNGARY which has run anti-EU campaigns so at the very least wants big changes in it [other eurosceptic countries but less so are POLAND, AUSTRIA, DEMARK]

The diehard counties apparently still ‘loving-it’ in the EU, are the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, and big beneficiary Germany]

While Barnier’s had pinned his whole potential political future on forcing the ‘totally unacceptable’ withdrawal agreement on the UK and so avoiding its disorderly exit, he now faces abject failure and the consequential wrath of some of the countries that have the most to lose by a ‘No-Deal’ BREXIT – like Germany (its manufacturing industry continues its decline and it already has export troubles), Ireland (who will have shot themselves in the foot by supporting the EU’s hard line), Slovakia (major car exporter to UK), Belgium, and Spain – when it is widely thought that the eurozone may not survive the next recession


[The problem with the European Union is that it was ‘conceived’ by the French, who might be renowned for their food but are NOT for their administration, nor commitment to democracy, nor for making friendships, nor for an unchaotic approach, while unfortunately Britain played no part in its planning and construction, because Attlee’s suspicious and unreceptive Labour government wouldn’t engage, so turned-down the godsent opportunity in 1950 to create a mould that would have produced a working democratic EU model]

“.. we must never cease to proclaim in fearless tones the great principles of freedom and the rights of man which are the joint inheritance of the English-speaking world and which through Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the Habeas Corpus, trial by jury…

All this means that the people of any country have the right, and should have the power by constitutional action, by free unfettered elections, with secret ballot, to choose or change the character or form of government under which they dwell; that freedom of speech and thought should reign; that courts of justice, independent of the executive, unbiased by any party, should administer laws which have received the broad assent of large majorities or are consecrated by time and custom. Here are the title deeds of freedom which should lie in every cottage home.”           Churchill    (Fulton, Missouri March 5, 1946)