Britain’s wonderful NHS has just had its 70th birthday – will it still be with us to see its 80th?

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There was much flag waving and badges wearing four weeks ago when the National Health Service turned 70, as understandably it was a big opportunity to celebrate, wasn’t it?

Some of us though instead had a tear in our eye.

That was because we have been around a long while, we have been there since inception, we have from those early days been looked after rigorously by its caring & knowledgeable GPs, we have seen firsthand the wonderful things it has achieved, we have been forever grateful for it safely bringing-in new life and ongoingly sustaining it, we have prayed while it has snatched a loved young one from the jaws of death with ground-breaking surgery and wonderful medical care, we have been amazed at its achievement in restoring a lost existence, we worried incessantly while it has successfully delivered cancer treatment amongst us, we have benefited from world class operations & procedures, we have been uplifted by the dedication of the ITU teams that pull-back patients from the brink, we have witnessed the delivery of the very best of medical care to our sick or dying family and friends, we have been saved by its outstanding diagnostic equipment and skills of their operatives, we have been there for the magical treatment for our dislocations, our broken bones, and joint replacements, we have had a great and emotional close relationship with dedicated doctors and nurses, from the most senior to the most junior, we have been astounded by it being at our beck and call day and night, year after year after year, and we have suffered from concern when sometimes it has let itself down a few times over these past seventy years. We hurt inside now with worry about it.

Also, some of us are lucky enough to also have had close contact with some of those in the medical profession, so have seen at first hand just what a difficult profession it is to meet the standards of, to get into, to gain the immense knowledge acquired, and the effort needed to perform well in it, and the dedication displayed – enough to know that we could never have countenanced it for ourselves.

The NHS is now on its knees, it may well be terminally sick with a number of complications that make recovery problematical – how can that be do you think?

Many remain convinced that the Conservatives are ideologically opposed to the Health Service because it was a Labour initiative – if they are not, then surely this is exactly the time to bloody prove it in spades, isn’t it?

Well, there are many many problems of the NHS lurking under the skin, but the main diagnosis is one of devastating starvation – MONEY. Don’t believe a word of what the Government liars tell our population about increasing funding going in year on year, because that is like feeding a growing child solely on a little extra milk, which we all know would simply lead to severe malnutrition – as has the NHS displays from its limited financial support. Oh yes, now the patient is in a critical condition, some solid food is being promised, but EXTRA CASH, too late, will not in fact revive the patient, only extend its agony.

[The NHS has to be annually properly funded in future with a percentage of GDP that matches the money that other developed countries are spending on healthcare.

For the NHS, it would seem that the dream is at an end and without a god-sent miracle, ‘end-of-life’ care is going to be the inevitable way forward.

One of the biggest factors that is dragging the NHS down is also its greatest asset – it is a free service, available to the whole community. The BIG problem with that is that it is increasing abused, and successive governments have allowed that to happen and have done absolutely nothing about it, let alone reverse it. WHY NOT?

  • Perhaps, some of them are NOT as proud or supportive of the NHS as they need to be?
  • Perhaps, some of them are NOT as committed to having the NHS in its current form as they pretend?
  • Perhaps, some of them ARE in favour of increasing privatisation of the NHS?
  • Perhaps, some of them ARE determined to replace the NHS with a Private Health Care system [and cut taxes]?

[Note: US healthcare is private and the ‘costliest’ anywhere, but its outcomes overall are relatively poor].

The problem with anything given away as free (particularly in unlimited quantity) is that the recipients don’t then value it, because they didn’t have to put in any effort to get it (like they don’t even bother to turn-up for GP or hospital appointments, do they? Cost yearly to the NHS £1 billion+?). It is only when they have to sweat blood for something that they REALLY appreciate it, don’t they?

In the early days people WERE indeed most grateful for the NHS, and they wouldn’t dream of troubling their sole Doctor unless they were really ILL, so in those times, people just wandered down to the surgery and were seen (and treated!) practically within 5 or 10 minutes; but nowadays that is all changed, because many people are never out of the blinking practice surgery, and are there with everything from a sore finger to a cold or a headache, demanding antibiotics by the crate-load, so the rest of us can’t get an appointment for a couple of weeks at best; or they drop into the local hospital’s A&E with a stubbed big toe demanding an x-ray or just a cold even (if it’s out of hours and their doctor’s is closed). Everybody unnecessarily indulges themselves with medical care simply because it is free – self rationing doesn’t exist in a way it would if people had to pay an attendance fee or something else.

The whole situation is compounded the more so, by the fact that nobody has to have or show even a membership card to get treatment, however expensive [what other members club can you just walk into without your card, eh?] – that simply means that amongst other things, all and sundry including those who haven’t paid a penny in taxes, or perhaps are undetected illegal immigrants, get free treatment and drugs, while the foreign ill or the pregnant can land at Heathrow and get the tube into London and their medical problems are over, even if it’s a birth or an abortion.

The excessive demand on ALL services of the NHS is killing it, so that has to be addressed with immediate vigor – the extra money going in soon, will simply not solve it, because usage is like a cancer destroying all else, including A&E and Operation Waiting List times, plus the physical and mental heath of doctors and nurses who are being completely overrun.

The Government should start by requiring all valid patients to carry a newly issued NHS card establishing their treatment rights – that could ultimately be varied according to status?), which has to be presented & recorded at every appointment, whether at the GP surgery or Hospital – users, if they know it is being monitored, might just apply some self-restraint, so that we will see some major drop-off in abuse.

People visiting the UK should be warned to get travel insurance to cover medical expenses – just as WE have to when going abroad.

If that soft approach doesn’t work then stronger steps MUST be taken – and a charge might be the answer (particularly for missed appointment)?


Other issues need to be tackled as well – the things that are helping to destroy the NHS so cannot continue: one in particular, it doesn’t work when we have our community funded NHS providing free the necessary wide-ranging difficult expensive stuff medically, being dragged down by an expansive private sector, which is simply creaming off the easy money making stuff for profit, can you? NO, so

  • Reverse all privatisation within the NHS, which is simply lining it up for widespread takeover by City health sharks
  • Regulate the UK’s Private Healthcare services [provided through insurance] to stop it being a parasitic money spinning machine being incapable of providing comprehensive health care and require it to provide fully capable hospitals [as in America and other countries]
  • Stop Private Healthcare patients using  their insurance cover to jump the NHS waiting lists and stop them dipping in and out of the NHS system, as it suits their personal medical situation – patients should be either NHS or Private, not both.

[In the UK, Private medicine just provides hotel style facilities & food with privileged medical care, while investing nothing in real health services; it filches essential medical staff resources from the NHS; it leaches off the research results obtained by the NHS’ financial investments; its hospital admitted patients needing specialist intervention are immediately dumped back onto the NHS; they only do the easier operations.

It doesn’t train Consultants, Surgeons, Doctors or Nurses; it doesn’t provide ITUs & HDUs; it doesn’t do transplants or brain surgery or the like; it doesn’t fund its own medical research; it doesn’t even always provide all its own facilities – if frequently squats in NHS premises].


[The NHS has been neglected by the uncaring, abused by its users, taken advantage of by the wealthier, been inadequately funded, and driven the loyal NHS staff into the ground – is there still time to save it all?]



Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Russian novel ‘Crime and Punishment’ now re-written in English – ‘UNABATED-Crime and NO Punishment’?

Police-Victorian-1256         criminal

The rule of law in the UK is going down the toilet these days, isn’t it?

Yep, crime is rocketing-up, in conjunction with offenders being charged dropping like a stone, and the biggest surprise about all that, is that it is happening before our very eyes, under no-less than a ‘Conservative’ Government – the supposed bastion of Law and Oder? This is just another fine mess that lies at the door unfortunately of our beleaguered current Prime Minister Theresa May, wouldn’t you say?

Oh yes, she will doubtless blame others (and there are others), but while we citizens can only recount, or only remember, that it was indeed she that spent 6 years at the Home Office and now 2 years in Number 10, while this was all coming to pass, eh?

Crime, as we all know, is an unlawful offence committed by an individual (or individuals), or group, or company, or organisation.

Punishment, on the other hand, is society’s response to a crime that has been committed and is ‘intended’ to melt-out an appropriately unpleasant outcome for the criminal, and the purposes of that are five-fold – incapacitation, retribution, deterrence, plus restitution and rehabilitation.

Those two elements are at the base of the British criminal justice system, and to make it all work in practice, requires a great deal of effort and resources [not least, commitment and money].

As far as crime goes, it first must be detected (and recorded), second it has to be investigated (properly), and third the perpetrator(s) must be identified through evidence (legally obtained).

That done, it comes down to punishment, and that starts with laying charges (based on the evidence), followed by preventing further crime being committed by restraining the charged (by some mechanism), then putting the accused in front of a Court of Law (appropriate to the alleged offence), next sentencing of the guilty (in accordance with the prevailing statutes), and finally the carrying out of the judge’s sentence (to achieve justice).

Well, the whole system is falling apart at the seams, as current figures show? But that is not the whole story, is it? No, because below the surface of those appalling figures, lay some disturbing matters that have greatly contributed to this resulting out-of-control situation.

Most of the underlying trouble here, it has to be said, emanates from the do-gooder’ brigade – and over many decades to boot. There can be no doubt the historically justice system in Britain was just as brutal as elsewhere else in the world – but it was no worse though.

Certainly, as our society became more stable, more community orientated, and certainly more civilized, there was a great need to reform all elements of the justice system.

However, here we are in 2018 and instead of doing just that, we ‘have thrown the baby out with the bathwater’, as the saying goes.

The do-gooders have succeeded in watering down everything to do with the justice system, and that would be include the whole thing starting from crime detection, through to punishment which has now become a dirty word.

Furthermore, criminals are now for some incomprehensible reason regularly deemed to be more ‘victim’ than ‘evil’ so accordingly are treated with kid gloves after they commit offences, and if not that, then they mustn’t be upset as that would breach their human rights.

Across all parts of the UK, there are large pockets of individuals, who don’t work, never have worked, will never work, who will forever live off welfare, and will unless stopped in their tracks, continue to supplement that free income by committing crime. They have no respect for anything, nor anybody else, nor their society and without question certainly no respect whatsoever for the Police, the Courts, the Prisons, and the Law itself.

We need to shake criminal classes out of inherent belief they will get away with it, don’t we?

A major contributing factor to all of it, is that the levers of justice have been badly tampered with, and unless they are restored to working order, we are heading full-tilt towards chaos and a lawless society, which will make the Wild West look like a picnic.

The unsavoury facts of it are glaring us all in the face, aren’t they?

Well, in England and Wales, though many may not be directly experiencing it themselves, the country has seen the first sustained increase in crime for 15 years, and its largest annual rise in a decade. Nearly five million crimes were recorded by the police in the last year – 458,021 more than the previous year:

  • crime levels of the most serious violence are rising – up by 18%,
  • use of weapons in crime is mounting
  • murder (up 12%) and manslaughter have been rising year-on-year since 2014 [a total of 723 homicides in the past year]
  • there is now a spike in the old-style crimes of burglary and car theft [despite it being in long-term decline for around 20 years]
  • knife crime numbers soaring to 40,000 last year
  • robbery (up 30%)
  • sex offences have increased by 14%.
  • the total number of crimes reported to and recorded by the police rose by 10% between April 2016 and March 2017 to almost 5,000,000
  • only 9% of crimes result in someone getting charged and only I in ten of them see court, and conviction rate?

The liberal fighters against effective punishment of the criminal have brought about a situation whereby the police’s hands are tied, as are the courts and indeed the jails or the probation service.

Whereas incapacitation [stopping the criminal from further offending], would be seen by the general public as an essential priority, they are instead out on our streets ready for business, when let-off, cautioned, bailed, escape justice, not jailed at all, or only serve half their due prison sentence if they are.

As for retribution [intended to make the criminal suffer in return], criminals are increasingly given just community service, although they no longer fear jail anyway, because it’s become just ‘a walk in the park’ and not a humbling experience to be avoided.

Although deterrence [prevent criminality through fear of punishment (the severity, the certainty, and the swiftness of it)], is crucial to halt crimes including major ones, it no longer is a fear factor in the UK.

There is never any hope of restitution (a criminal providing compensating for crimes) not least because the courts hardly even consider it.

Then, when it comes to rehabilitation (re-education of a criminal to give-up criminality) it is a busted flush, and indeed a false dawn in the UK – the convicted see no reason whatsoever to give-up a life of crime, do they?

The UK has done away with threat of the death penalty, so not only is murder not deterred by it, but at trial ALL the murderers plead ‘not guilty’ (nothing to lose, you see?), and moreover they are allowed out of prison after a part-served sentence, while still withholding information about the disposal of, or whereabouts of a hidden body. In America where it is retained (but rarely carried-out) that results in their murderers pleading ‘guilty’ at court to avoid it, as well as cooperating in finding hidden bodies – what would our suffering British families with someone murdered would give, for that outcome, do you think?

Then, there is of course the punishment spoilers’ successful curtailment of “stop-and-search”, which has as a direct consequence resulted in gangs and individuals incessantly carrying blades – as the statistics show, multiple preventable stabbing murders have been caused.

The annoying thing is, you see, that there was sheer ignorance behind the campaign against ‘stop-and-search”, because the policy wasn’t just about ‘finding weapons‘, it was equally about ‘deterring’ the carrying of them, and it was effective on both counts – not finding a weapon was just as important finding one.

The justice system has been starved of cash, resources and support, so its hardly any wonder that it is not fit for purpose, is it? Or that the police have lost control of the streets, crime gangs bound, crimes aren’t investigated, valuables theft is ignored, supposedly low-level crime (like shoplifting) isn’t prosecuted, criminals operate and escape across county boundaries, and crimes are committed often by those just out to prove to their associates that they can do it?


[Still feel safe in your home, your street, your village, your city, your county, your country, knowing that the numbers of police protecting us all, is down to its lowest level for over 30 years (just 123,142 officers across all ranks in England and Wales)?]

England’s housing disaster was ‘man-made’ – by successive incompetent UK governments?


A post here three years ago “England’s housing crisis is now in fact a disaster ¬ can it ever be resolved?” November 5, 2015 by dadman007, outlined major reasons why England was experiencing the vice like grip of a housing shortage.

The question now is has anything changed? It seems NOT, doesn’t it? Yep, NO new initiatives (like a commission on housing?), and no new laws nor new regulations, that get to the roots of the numerous problems causing the current disastrous situation. You see Britain’s track record at consistently building enough homes has been nothing short of disgracefully short.

Now, it needs to be said that it is the Westminster Government who carries the responsibility for housing in England [but not in the rest of the UK (as housing is devolved)].

A year ago, the statistics showed that a derisory average of 127,000 homes a year have been built in England plus Wales since the Tories took office in 2010 – the lowest level for nearly 100 years .

Latest figures generally available, show that just 184,000 homes were built in 2016/17 [compared with the 2007/08 pre-recession peak of 200,000], with just 163,000 started in 2016/17 .

Oh yes, the Government have as usual made false (?) election promises on building homes – this time to averaging 200,000 homes per year built in 5 years from 2015 – NO chance as there is less than 2½ years left [after that it is to be an average of 250,000 for the following 2 years (which is what has been NEEDED for decades)].

It’s all pie in the sky of course, despite it being inadequate and ‘unobtainable’, because the government (of any persuasion) isn’t actually in control of house building, is it? No, the parties constantly have appealed to voters by promising housing policies they cannot deliver on, because they have totally outsourced that responsibility to the private house builders, with the big ones raking in massive profits [like Barratt, Taylor Wimpy, Persimmon, Berkeley, Redrow Bellway, Galliford Try, Bovis]. The builders don’t want to build more houses nor cheaper ones for that matter, because it isn’t in their commercial interest to do so, is it?

No, because

  • inability to meet demand pushes up prices (and profits)
  • building ‘affordable housing’ (social housing) is exactly what we need, but it isn’t as profitable as mansions
  • a shed load of land already with planning permission is simply mothballed by builders because its value increases exponentially with time and that is good for the balance sheet, share price, and directors’ bonuses
  • the builders don’t get punished for putting self interest before the Country’s needs and the government’s commitments


It is well past time to bring-back state-funded housebuilding – the councils will do a great job and into the bargain they will only build houses that are desperately needed as homes, not trophy houses for the better-off.

This disaster is largely driven by both political parties’ tendency to appeal to voters by promising housing policy they cannot possibly deliver on, and certainly cannot see through, in the five-year term all governments are now limited to.

Despite all the rhetoric, or the politicians’ building-site photo opportunities with them sporting hard hats and hi-vis jackets, the Government doesn’t really give a damn about housing, so it is very low if not bottom of its priorities – how else can you explain the ‘no cohesion on housing policy’ with there being 17 Housing Ministers in the past 21 years [Armstrong, Rainsford, Falconer, Rooker, Hill, Cooper, Flint, Beckett, Healey, Snapps, Prisk, Hopkins, Lewis, Barnwell, Sharma, Raab, Malthouse], eh?

The inadequate and inappropriate house building over past decades has had multiple effects, including a dire shortage of decent lower-cost houses [the governments term ‘affordable’ is laughable when it comes to houses – they bloody well are ANYTHING BUT, are they?

The current unreasonably high-price situation, means that not only is home ownership unfairly denied major elements of the population (the typical worker no less, and in particularly the young), but it results in unaffordable and soaring rents, or slum-like poor living conditions. That itself is a major factor that leads to rising homelessness.

Furthermore, the resulting increasingly massive housing benefits part of welfare costs, are also definitely crippling our suffering communities.

In the last 10 years, the average cost of a home has spiked nearly 50 percent, to a record of £226,906 this year, and while numbers for sale have dropped to record low levels, so new buyer enquires have progressively stalled. [The Government’s DISGUSTING Help to Buy scheme, supposedly aimed at helping first time buyers, has greatly contributed to the soaring property prices and lack of stock].

It is said that if we keep building at the current rate then by 2025 the house of the average owner occupier in the South East will increase in value by £1,000 a week.

The household debt burden here is growing again like Topsy – the world’s 2008 financial crisis that brought banks to their knees, resulted from just that kind of situation.

Despite the governments’ much-publicised goals for increased housing delivery, the property market remains a racket, don’t you think? Well, within a culture of property speculation, prices have gone-up 10-fold in just some 40 years (double the rate of inflation) and 10% faster than wages in the past 8 years. Now, in any civilised society with equality values at its core, it wouldn’t be allowed, would it?

Ah, but those already ON the housing ladder [which includes ALL the politicians and those rigging the market] are in clover, so they aren’t going to alter any of that– so for those who haven’t made it so far, and never will, bugger the ones with aspirations, they will continue to be shat-on, eh?

It’s a significant injustice, a social failure, and a dangerous society division between the haves and have-nots, wouldn’t you say?

We must be quite clear though, that this whole crass situation isn’t ‘just about’ house building, because there are other factors which have equal weighty impact, so which need to be addressed alongside of it.

In Britain, we must absolutely do whatever is necessary to reach the essential objective of a stable- price house-market – indeed, as other countries have already successfully done, eh?

Has the current Government though, got the balls to grasp the nettle and manage the pain – probably NOT?

First the government urgently must get a grip, and start it by setting a target for future house price inflation (starting at zero), then identify relevant policy levers, enact legislation, and put organisation in place, to achieve just that. – which means building an incentive framework and it will require those in the housing market to play a full and responsible part.

Then there is the very relevant issue of the (excessive?) availability of cheap credit for house purchases, because analysis shows that it is having a rampant effect on increasing house prices. That would indicate that house inflation can be capped, simply by being much more discriminate with lending, plus making it much more expensive to lend against property – we need simply to reduce housing’s supply of credit, don’t we?

Yep, make it more beneficial to lend to British businesses rather to invest in speculative property ownership, surely?

What house funding is made available shouldn’t be heading for the musical chairs crowd of the forever upsizing wealthy who double-dip houses, or buy to rent, and increasingly move the ladder higher off the ground for ordinary folk, but instead focus on the genuine first-time buyers seeking an-affordable home and give them a leg-up into the bargain [and ditch ALL help for the likes of those who are wealthy but were still  allowed to use Help to Buy]

The low available housing stock is being further depleted by foreign buyers with their hot money speculative incentives, and corporate owners also, so a curb needs to be put on that pronto, and its easily done – other countries have [like Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Switzerland].

Moreover, while frontmen of foreign companies have been buying-up our most exclusive properties, no one has any idea of who the owners are. Furthermore, foreign criminals through shell companies, have been laundering their dirty money in the property market, which they can then sell or lease, equally anonymously. Well, at least, new laws are now going through parliament to force them all to give the names of owners, to go in a register – BUT THAT ISNT ENOUGH.

[Reportedly, some four and a half billion pounds of ‘suspicious wealth is currently invested in London property].


The post conclusion statement of three years ago STILL APPLIES in 2018 – so it is repeated here below:

[Our chronic housing problem needs fixing urgently, and requires vision and big thinking in government – and that has been badly missing hasn’t it?]

Can May survive her BREXIT blueprint’s mauling by the EU – YES?


As you will know, the fresh out of the box, ‘NEW’ Exiting the EU secretary, Dominic Raab, trotted off last Thursday to Brussels to meet his fate in commencing his first BREXIT negotiations with the EU’s aggressive chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Also, you probably know, or have guessed, that he is facing a Barnier who has throughout refused to ‘actually’ negotiate, so despite Theresa May’s calls of desperation for the EU to ‘evolve’ its Brexit position [aka, the plea she made in Florence when she donated major concessions to the EU], he will ‘not be moved’ – the UK’s heavy expectations are built on a foundation of sand, aren’t they?

Oh yes, we can expect Brussels to enter ‘constructive discussions on Britain’s latest proposals’ – that is Eurospeak for to ‘pull it to pieces’, dissect it and remove major elements’ – just those very things that May wants and needs, to make the deal look-like any kind of BREXIT, eh?

Moreover, Barnier also knows that he really can’t even rely on the PM’s ability to actually deliver her plan, as he has watched with glee the turmoil in the UK created just in producing it [and that isn’t over yet by a long chalk, is it?].

On top of that, we have ‘snake-in-the-grass’ committed Remainer, Chancellor Philip Hammond, angrily quarrelling at Cabinet with Home Secretary Sajid Javid, because Javid has said NO to his demand that free movement continues with EU workers getting preferential treatment.

In Brussels, Barnier’s immediate response was to disparage the UK’s proposal as ‘giving UK firms a competitive edge’, but that is only a start to his denigration process, isn’t it?

While May hasn’t diluted her Red Lines, but instead HAS turned them into Yellow Lines, Barnier will be sticking like glue to his Reds, won’t he? That will cover not allowing “cherry-picking” by the UK of its favourite parts of the EU rulebook, as well as requiring full jurisdiction of the European court of justice (ECJ).

First on Barnier’s hit list is likely to be Britain’s plan’s intent to circumvent the EUs freedom of movement for workers obligation, which is at the core of EU policy as one of the four economic freedoms, together with free movement of goods, services, and capital.

Then of course, he will get a good laugh at what he will think is a joke, the idea of outsourcing the EU’s customs responsibilities to the UK (or even the 27 collecting our tax) involved in complex and untested customs proposals.

He will equally have concerns about the prospect of the UK compromising the integrity of the EU’s single market, as there is strong opposition to any attempt to water it down.

Furthermore, when Britain leaves the EU, we can say goodbye to any ‘associate’ involvement in the EU bloc’s security systems like the Galileo satellite navigation, and military & emergency system -despite our investment in it, eh? [well we didn’t even demand our rightful share of the EU’s substantial assets, did we?]

Many in the UK think that after the summer recess, May will NOT be able to survive the onslaught and fallout brought about her ‘non-BREXIT’ plan that she has offered the EU. Its on the cards it will come back from Brussels so heavily modified that the PM will accept that it is a dead duck in the water anyway, wouldn’t you say?

The PM will have to give-in to the EU much further and theoretically that would see her ditched by the real LEAVERS, wouldn’t it? Well, the Remoaners are shit-scared of that, and see their so-called ‘pragmatic plan’ go down the toilet, so they have come-up with a strategy to allow May to hang-on in there.

They are putting it around that, however hard the bargain extracted by the EU, everyone, including those determined to see a proper BREXIT, could just go with the flow, and let the horse pass the finishing post on March 29, 2019 as currently scheduled.

It is being suggested that then they can sack May and replace her with a PM who believes in BREXIT. Then in the 21 month ’implementation period’, the UK should renegotiate the deal, and if necessary break the treaty we have previously signed [despite the fact that we aren’t a Country that does things like that] .

Sound like a dastardly plan to you – just the kind of thing you could expect from desperate ‘Remainers’? It won’t happen though, because ‘Leavers’ have proper standards of trust – even if 2 cabinet members (the Chief Whip and the Tory party chair) don’t, eh?

[Anyway, there IS a simple way for ‘Theresa May’ to save herself as PM – by lying (well she’s bloody good at that) by explaining she put out the Chequers plan to demonstrate to Remainers that the EU just won’t give the UK a fair deal – so it has to be NO-DEAL]

The UK’s whole future is dependent on ‘BREXIT’ – now in the hands of an amateur?


Negotiations with the EU were today underway again in Brussels, but the positive, upbeat, LEAVE campaigner, and WIDELY experienced politician David Davis, the ‘Exiting the EU’ secretary no less, was forced out of Office (intentionally?) by Theresa May with her unacceptable, surreptitious, Chequers plan, so is no longer leading those TORTUROUS negotiations, is he?

No, May has appointed Dominic Raab as Davis’ replacement. He is a competent  ‘confirmed’ BREXITEER [nonetheless another one who has meekly ‘accepted’ May’s secret plan], but who is a ‘wet-behind-the-ears’ minister, who will be up against ‘immovable’ frenchie Michel Barnier, who is the EU’s chief negotiator – who will eat him for breakfast, won’t he? He is on-track to ignore May’s pleading to recognise her concessions and evolve his own ‘not-negotiable position

[Raab spent a year as a junior minister, and was then sacked by May after she become PM [hardly a sign of confidence in him, do you think? He was though brought back from the backbenches into government and spent 2 years as a Justice minister, before six months ago himself getting a non-Cabinet department – ‘Housing’, indeed (however, you ought to know, it is a government role hardly considered ‘high profile’, or a stepping stone to greater things –a merry-go-round turnover of ministers with 15 in 20 years.

On the other hand, Barnier, is a vastly experienced ex-French cabinet minister [progressively for, Environment, European Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture], and as an EU commissioner [for Regional Policy, then Internal Market & Services]; he also has been Vice President of the European People’s Party for six years]

Now as you will know by now, not everyone here has accepted the democratic decision of the Country to leave the EU, so have tried to derail the train before it reaches its destination, haven’t they?

They have been consistently aided and abetted though by May herself, who has repeatedly interfered and intervened in negotiations – like at the outset disastrously compelling Davis to accept the EU setting the talks agenda. That was followed by allowing the NI border to become a pivotal issue on which the whole future of Britain with the EU was hinged – the EU have used it mercilessly as the biggest stumbling block (and continue to do so), haven’t they?

Then, outside the negotiating room, she ‘out of the blue’ made a speech in Florence 10 months ago to double the UK’s time remaining in the EU from 2 years to 4 years {masked as a so-called ‘transition period’]; also agreeing in that outpouring that the UK would pay the EU’s ridiculous ‘divorce fee’, hence the UK will save no money from leaving over the next five years and could be paying the bill until at least 2064 (circa £50 billion?) – with the spending to replace European funding in the UK, the cost to the country is just as much as full membership, eh? (the NHS can go hang); furthermore, significantly, she offered to write legal protections for EU citizens living in the UK into the actual exit treaty (nothing about reciprocity, then?) – so OUR Parliament can’t ever alter EU citizens’ rights (taking back control, eh?);

May has also agreed to accept a role for the ECJ in settling rights disputes, and for UK courts to ensure consistent interpretation with it.

Last December May agreed with the EU to write into the withdrawal agreement a backstop solution (ie safety net) to guarantee an open border in Ireland in the event that a solution cannot be found on a future customs and trade deal. May’s proposal last month would involve, according to the EU, the whole of the U.K. remaining subject to the EU’s common external tariffs and remaining aligned to single market rules for goods until a new customs relationship is in place [but ‘should’ [note: no ‘would’) not extend beyond December 2021, so a year after the end of the Brexit transition period – some will say the U.K. could be trapped in a EU customs union in perpetuity, eh?].

And now we have the May ultimate surrender of offering the solution of a shared rule book for trade [that will get the EU to 80% of their goal – while they will demand the other 20% before agreement is reached, because they know that May is a spent flush (who will accept any ‘bad-deal’), won’t they?]

In return for all May’s major capitulations over the past 2 years, the EU side have responded with NOTHING, haven’t they? So, she has achieved nothing – WHAT A CRAP NEGOTIATOR, eh?

When the public were given the responsibility of deciding Remain or Leave, it was a binary choice, and they chose the latter. There was no talk of having to negotiate a ‘good deal’ to exit the bloody EU, was there? After just 2 years, we had expected the UK to simply become an independent Country again – and for the Government to deliver just that, not some kind of fudge. Oh yes, we DID know that there would be a short-term price to pay and had accepted that to achieve the greater long-term gain – so we expected a complete BREXIT with whatever consequences that brought.

The Establishment with the Remoaners and those with vested interests, weren’t going to have that though, were they? No, so they introduced a Country-wide smog of Soft-BREXIT and Hard-BREXIT and have driven the electorate mad with frustration, when they just wanted it done.

We are All sick to the back teeth of it all, so much so, that some 30% want the farcical negotiations to end or expect Britain to exit with NO-DEAL, whence Britain uses WTO trading arrangements with the EU’s remaining 27 – that is how the majority of countries in the world trade anyway, isn’t it?.

[Regarding the EU itself, there are 24 countries or territories with which the EU trades on WTO rules alone. Moreover, 159 countries (ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe) are currently members of the WTO, with a further 24 countries currently negotiating membership].

The United States is Britain’s biggest export market nowadays, without any trade agreement so that is already WTO based – what would it be like WITH a UK-US trade agreement, which the EU doesn’t have, eh?

Meanwhile, the likes of the IMF & the LSE (who in the past have got it all wrong, anyway?) insist in releasing figures like showing the adverse financial impact on the economy of BREXIT (but DON’T THEY REALISE THAT IT IS ALREADY DONE – WE HAD VOTED ON THAT IN 2016?), with the UK suffering more than the EU – well that is self-evident anyway, because their 27 countries will have a bigger GDP than 1 country like ours, However, countries like Republic of Ireland (why are they a pawn on the EU side?), Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Hungary and even Germany, will feel the pain, won’t they? Yes SOME countries in the EU will be desperate to avoid a NO-DEAL, won’t they?


[EU’s Michel Barnier always firmly insists things are ‘NOT NEGOTIABLE’– hence the EU will NOT change their position, and require further concessions, whatever Britain gives them, with nothing in return]

Those who now ‘trust’ Prime Minister ‘Theresa May’ on BREXIT – EXPOSED?


In her 2 years at the head of government, with an unblemished record of ‘appeasement’ (at the EU & everywhere else), and her inexplicable embrace of mediocrity within her Cabinet, her Cabinet and other ministers biting the dust, rebellions breaking out on all sides, many many people in the Country, while admiring Theresa May’s resilience, have at times been very unsure about reliance on her honesty & integrity, haven’t they?

Now that, just before last week, because of her ineptitude and lack of spunk in dealing with the EU, inevitably, the shit has hit the fan over BREXIT, with her skulduggery self-evident, it is time to take stock of exactly ‘who’ still trusts her with BREXIT, or indeed any other bloody matter that the PM is responsible for [like NHS, Defence, the Economy, Welfare State, Tax, Law & Order, Education, Asylum & Immigration, Housing, Care for the elderly & disabled, Equality, Devolvement of Power, etc].

Can anyone believe, rely-on, or have confidence and faith, on any bleeding polished word that comes out of that lying woman’s mouth? She has been allowed to survive so far only because of the public’s lack of faith in Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, coupled with the knowledge that much of the traditional Labour vote has been alienated by the misplaced determination of the Party’s ‘Remainers’ hierarchy, so won’t turn on the Conservative party.

Many in the Country now think though, that events have shown that May, ‘couldn’t organise a bun fight in a bakery’, or ‘couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery’ (as the urban saying goes).

Below are the names exposed of those who still have faith and confidence in her leadership.

THOSE IN THE CABINET [stacked with the underperforming, the incapable, the implausible, and the tossers] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:

Theresa May

THOSE IN THE PARLIAMENTRY TORY PARTY [MPs] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


Theresa May



THOSE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS [MPs] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


Theresa May



THOSE MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


THOSE IN THE UK CONSERVATIVE ASSOCIATIONS [Members] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:

Maidenhead Constituency: Theresa May and Philip May

Other Constituencies:           blank


THOSE IN THE BRITISH POPULATION [Voters] who ‘still’ trust Theresa May ARE:


Theresa May and Philip May




[The general view seems to be that ‘Theresa May’s’ judgement, her party management, with her lack of credence, has brought about such widespread distrust and mistrust within all elements of our Country, that to avoid destroying the public’s faith in democracy, she needs to ‘bugger-off’ NOW].




Closet “Remainer” Theresa May is in a corner, on the ropes– and simply awaiting a knockout punch?


Well, Prime Minister Theresa May, behind her BREXIT department’s back, so with David Davis, her chief negotiator with the EU, kept completely in the bloody dark, as well as misleading all those in Parliament (Leavers & Remainers alike) who had come to ‘accept’ BREXIT because that was the democratic decision of the public, surreptitiously had hidden teams of the Tory apparatchiks Establishment, self-serving civil service (ALL committed Remainers) sweating blood in back rooms and burning the midnight oil, simply to produce a White Paper proposal to scupper BREXIT once and for all, and so run-up the White Flag to Brussels.

This was going on at the same time over the past two months while Davis’ BREXIT department was preparing the White Paper in accordance with May’s stated policy (now in the bin, of course).

This is the so called “Chequers plan”, because it was at that PM’s country house in Buckinghamshire, where May sprung her latest ‘capitulation’ trap on the BREXITEERS in her Remain dominated Cabinet.

May has admitted that she has put forward her crap plans for a shit-Soft BREXIT because the EU wouldn’t negotiate [indeed HER failure and her fault], but nevertheless she naively insists that her plan is the final offer to the EU, so is ‘non-negotiable’ – dream-on Madam, eh?

Even her conditional surrender will not be accepted by the EU hardline negotiators – they will demand an “unconditional surrender”, won’t they? [requiring an unconditional surrender puts further psychological pressure on a weak adversary (the UK under May)]. When the UK’s replacement negotiator Dominic Raab (the new BREXIT secretary was Housing minister) actually gets to the Brussels table later this week, he will be told by Michel Barnier to piss-off in no uncertain terms. That will be because Britain’s plan breaches their red lines of removal of the EU’s holy grail of ‘free movement of people’; outsourcing the EU’s customs responsibilities to a UK not in the customs union; compromising the integrity of the single market; involvement of Britain as a non-member in the EU bloc’s security systems like the Galileo satellite navigation system (also under development for military and emergency services)

While May was able casually to get Cabinet agreement to her secret strategy, while they relaxed and chattered outdoors in the bright sunshine, or indoors in the sumptuous lounge, she will find it a bit more difficult to get it through Parliament itself, because when the chips are down, many Conservative MPs may well rebel (whatever the consequences?), and she can’t expect much help from the Labour ranks, as Jeremy Corbyn sees this as a ‘god-sent’ opportunity to bring this disjointed Government down, and finally purloin the keys to Number 10, eh?

There is increasing evidence that Remainers (never mind BREXITEERS) are unhappy with the plan, demonstrated by the likes of desperate unrepentant Remainer Justine Greening MP who served as a senior Minister for 8 years until last January [progressively in Treasury, Transport, International development, Education (plus Women)]. She says the proposed deal will be unworkable, and is “the worst of both worlds”.

Mind you she is calling for another referendum, despite the fact that 2 years ago the BREXIT decision was put clearly and firmly in the hands of the people, whence ‘One side WON the vote!’, didn’t it? [Note that the EU has indeed in the past employed the tactic of having a second referendum when the first gets a negative result].

However, Tory MPs may well want to save the Government, while forcing May to stand down, so that a true BREXITEER can withdraw the UKs proposed final surrender, redress the balance in Brussels, and make them understand that we will either Leave ‘Without any Deal’ OR Leave with a ‘Good Deal’ for both sides, and certainly Leave with an ‘EU One-sided Deal’ is now OFF the table.

Before the ‘unveiling’ of May’s Chequers plan, it was being widely leaked that Number 10 expected BREXIT Secretary Davis’ resignation that day [and he would have to call a cab home?], and when it didn’t happen, May thought she was ‘off the hook’ – but he had simply waited, bided his time, and then just went, so as to (successfully) achieve greater impact.

That first resignation quickly prompted exits by a further 8 MPs intent on seeing the referendum result respected – Boris Johnson (Foreign Secretary), followed by Steve Baker (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Chris Green (PPS Department for Transport), Conor Burns (PPS Foreign Secretary), just at the weekend Robert Courts (PPS Foreign and Commonwealth Office), and today even Scott Mann (PPS HM Treasury), plus and significantly (?) MPs who are Conservative Party vice-chairs Maria Caulfield (for women) and Ben Bradley (for young people), joined the resignations group.

Just why previous ‘Leader of Leave’ Michael Gove (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)is still in post, god only knows (ambition?), and more so Andrea Leadsom (Commons Leader) who is staying loyal to May despite the glaring fact that she is NOT rated by the PM, has already been demoted, and is heading back to the back benches as soon as May needs her government slot for someone else, eh?

The word on the wires is that there are that there are a couple of senior ministers at risk of joining the revolt, and as many as a dozen junior ministers across government, who might join the others [covering the Treasury, Home Office, Defence, Education, International Trade, Work & Pensions, Welsh Office, International Development]

In addition, just last month May lost Greg Hands (junior trade minister) over her proposed Heathrow expansion.

It is difficult to see how May can survive in post if she compromises-on or loses the applicable important votes due in the Commons this week, isn’t it? [eg Customs Bill tonight just scraped through by 3 votes on one vote (she had caved-in to accept the 4 (wrecking?) amendments from major BREXIT supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg]


[PM Theresa May has been astonishingly dishonest and has lied through her teeth, as everyone knows, claiming that there is no alternative to her plan, and worse still, that her plan actually is consistent with and meets the BREXIT she promised the Nation]




The London protests against a ‘disgraceful’ Donald Trump – “disgraceful”?


A previous post here Donald Trump ducks his London visit – ASHAMED?” January 13, 2018 by dadman007 outlined the general adverse attitude of people in Britain to US President Donald Trump, with some reasons why.

However, it was made plain nevertheless that while many of us don’t have any respect for the man, or what he is, or what he stands for, we should ALWAYS respect the office he holds and should formally treat him civilly with good manners and hospitality in England or elsewhere – that didn’t happen in London yesterday, did it? No, and that has been followed-on by elements of the gutter press filling their rags with abusive raging against the elected American President.

The ONLY criticism that Trump should have faced here was a muted one about his personal ‘scaredy-cat’ lack of spunk by sneaking into the UK on a so-called ‘business trip’, rather than the much more appropriate ‘State Visit’ he was offered and expected to undertake, that was followed by a derisory involvement within London (OUR Capital indeed), apparently avoiding potential demonstrations there. He would have done his image an immense favour if he had simply faced-down it all [but draft-dodgers don’t have the balls, do they?].

The UK’s image may be tarnished by the brash (but insignificant) public street demonstrations against the man, but it is really damaged by individuals overstepped the mark, like the Labour politician and elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, a Muslim who for months has been having a Twitter included, unnecessary unseemly ‘war of words’ spat with Trump (which Khan is bound to lose?).

You see Khan took umbrage and reacted scathingly to Trump’s (terrorist or was it RELIGIOUS & RACIST?) restrictions against visitors from certain Muslim countries entering the USA – now, Khan might not like the policy, but what the hell has that got to do with him anyway (or any of us Brits for that matter), because after all it is America, not Britain, and their Highest Court has deemed it to be perfectly legal there, hasn’t it? Khan also has made clear public statements that Donald Trump is ‘not welcome in London’ – he seems to think that it’s HIS city, when he is in fact only a (temporary?) incumbent as Mayor, eh? ANY American President, of whatever persuasion, or however crass, whether we like them or not, IS bloody-well welcome in London and everywhere else here, as the US are Britain’s closest (only?) ally, and we together with much of the World rely on them (even when their Presidents have their strange moments).

Trump understandably responded to Khan by pointing out (rightly?) that instead of shooting-off his mouth bigtime on matters in the US, he should do a proper job of running London, which was what he was elected to do, surely? Khan is on thin ice on keeping the Capital’s population safe, due to his “mealy-mouthed politics” and in particularly his abject failure, and slow reaction, to tackle London’s crime – with shocking violent crime figures that includes the murder rate climbing higher than New York’s, and loss of control over abounding moped gangs, those making 10s of thousands of surprise and violent attacks willy-nilly around the City [up 30 fold in 5 years, with hotspots West end, Camden, Brompton & Hans Town, St James’s, Southbank: reportedly, last year one gang carried out 30 robberies in the capital within an hour period; so, motorcycles and the like are being used in crimes involving phone snatches, gem store raids and acid attacks]. These things are happening on HIS watch, and he seems clueless on how to put a stop to it, or how to establish goals to achieve it.

[Of course, Trump has taken the opportunity to also (unjustly?) point the finger at Khan over the terrible terrorist 2017’s attacks in London (leveling the accusation that he did “a terrible job” afterwards)].

In an unseemly petty spiteful action, demeaning of his office, Mayor Khan allowed schoolboy behaviour Trump protestors, to float a large 6 feet ‘angry baby Trump in a nappy ” blimp as a figure of fun insult, over Parliament Square, no less, during his working visit to the UK [as if Donald would give a damn, anyway?]. What the hell are our elected senior civic chief executives coming to these days, eh?

Perhaps Khan could spend his time doing the much-needed things that fully demonstrate the positive qualities of followers of Islam, which is increasingly being destroyed by Isis, and the others, who are  trying to exterminate other religions and abolish our way of life, don’t you think?

What we ALL here in the UK have to appreciate, is that Donald Trump simply represents the prevailing view of (the lowest common  denominator) American electorate, because he was elected by them.

The other factor is that Trump campaigned on precisely the policies he is actually implementing – how exactly can us Brits complain about that [probably because our PM reneges on hers, eh?].


[If anyone has a grouse about the cretinous politics being implemented over the pond, it should be against the American people and their vile attitudes, and NOT simply focus on President Donald Trump, surely?]

The European Union Cup ‘BREXIT trophy’ 2019 – Britain now being ‘setup’ to lose the FINAL?


Own goals WINS!


This competition, contested by 28-member states located primarily in Europe, was established in May 2015. The Brussels’ qualifying rounds were then held until February 2016, when the British manager of the time announced to the Nation that the UK needn’t compete because he had obtained assurances that we could win without playing the match – however, the supporters didn’t believe him at all, and on 23 June 2016 voted decisively for the Country to undertake the match in two years time from then.

You see, the British supporters were sick & tired of having no control, nor say, with the EU’s unelected ADMINISTRATORS making the rules,  running football here, and all damn else in our Country, plus their Countries’ massive populations forcing uncontrolled migration here, fueled by our indulgent welfare, thereby endangering our health provision and supressing the poorer supporters’ wages, that all coupled together with their excessive annual affiliation fees.

The manager though was aghast, as was the ‘behind the scenes’ UK football administrators, who had threatened the supporters with fire & brimstone if the vote went that way, so he resigned in the huff and went off to make his fortune, pontificating around the World about his ‘self-serving’ football stint.

A new manager was ‘anointed’, but as she was someone who had served beforehand as the team boot-cleaner, and had agreed with the previous manager’s playing strategy, including indeed voting against the BREXIT match being played, many supporters didn’t believe a word of her claim that she had changed her mind and would-go on to lead the team to victory, did they?

The wet-behind-the-ears manager announced that there would ‘have’ to be a delay to the date of the Final by 9 months, as the previous manager, in an unbelievable dereliction of duty, hadn’t ordered any team kit, nor footballs, nor for that matter made any preparation whatsoever for this upcoming big match that would determine the whole future of football in Britain.

She proceeded however to stuff her team full of those who didn’t ever want to play the BREXIT match in the first place, then aided and abetted by fifth-columnists in the Club and the football administrators, she encouraged all and sundry to throw the match when the time came.

Rather than just playing the Final after 2 years, when it would be won by a ‘walkover’, whence our football within Europe would be played under World Tournament Organization (WTO) rules, the manager pronounced that she was going to negotiate a “good deal” [though ‘no-deal’ was better than a ‘bad-deal’], with the manager of the EU combined team, and therefore all supporters would get an improved outcome.

While those talks were ongoing over the past two years, she has repeatedly undermined her appointed chief scout negotiator, and [in conjunction with other traitors], starting that with allowing the EU manager to set the rules for the game as well as choosing the referee, then subsequently she has repeatedly punctured the match ball, so that the EU manager knew quite well the UK wouldn’t be able to play their game, nor the match effectively, when it was finally played (after all Britain had agreed also to stay in the federation for an extra 2 years to ongoingly pay those excessive annual affiliation fees).

In the latest turnaround of the betting book, the manager has arranged with her hand-picked first team [her latest line-up is made of 17 players who were against the Final challenge to the EU, with only 8 who actively supported it] to propose a fresh deal to the EU manager that would give him a massive 6-1 win over the UK (to the immensely pleasure of the British football hierarchy and administrators). This has caused immense anger amongst loyal Club BREXIT supporters so the Chairman and Secretary of their club has resigned in protest

However, the manager doesn’t give a sod about all that, because she (naively?) believes she can weather the storm brewing – can she? She is certainly on a card – is it Yellow or Red, though?

Meanwhile this manager is claiming, in complete contradiction of the facts, that this is precisely the ‘good-deal’ that she has always promised BREXIT supporters, time over time again, and moreover she is now (over?)-confidently indeed promising all supporters that the UK will come away from the Final with a ‘consolation’ goal – what a result, eh? ALL the football pundits with any common-sense know full well that it will NEVER happen, because the EU manager sees that her card has now been marked, and he will demand a 6-0 outcome even if he has to wait until kick-off, wouldn’t you say?


[The EU Cup Final for the iconic ‘BREXIT trophy’ kicks-off at 11pm UK time on Friday 29 March, 2019 – the result (and score) will be known well before that though, and it looks as if the UK’s ambitions to win it have been utterly sabotaged by the team manager, doesn’t it?]





England soon finally ‘coming home’ defeated by Croatia in the World Cup 2018 ‘Semi Final’ – did they make the nation proud?



A post here at the time of the first game against Tunisia set the criteria for this tournament of most importantly of all though England need to play for a change in a manner that makes the nation proud – win or lose’.

Well, in the battle against Croatia in this first England semi-final for 28 years [itself a fine achievement], that was well and truly delivered last night, wasn’t it?

The nation’s high expectation of actually reaching the Final was not only realistic, but it was one that excited and unified communities around England in a manner that hasn’t been evident for many many decades – with  some 37 million men, women, and children watching the game, feeling sick with enthusiastic worry, fingers well chewed, comforting chocolate consumed, many not even serious football fans, nor understanding-of the ‘off-side rule’, eh?

The euphoria of it all was not lost in the least when the final whistle sounded at around 9.30 last night with England defeated but not crushed, because the tears were not just those of dire disappointment, but were those of fantastic pride in a team of brothers who had fought like the lions on their shirts for the win, only to be thwarted in extra time.

Oh yes, we all knew that this Croatia game was going to be a tough physical one and that’s how it turned out, but England built-up a head of steam and worked their cotton socks off, despite some very harsh tackling, and were unlucky when things didn’t go their way on the night, losing 2-1.

Perhaps the team’s bulldog spirit emanates from manager Southgate’s selection of a fifth of the squad from the less-fashionable clubs (and not in top 6 of premiership) and playing the less experienced Jordan Pickford, Kieran Trippier, Jesse Lingard, and Harry Maguire as key players, eh?

England play their last game in Russia against Belgium on Saturday [Saint Petersburg stadium 3pm] for the honour of 3rd Place, and it should be an enjoyable game to watch – certainly less stressful for us! All we ask is that they play with the same spirit and same determination, and show the rest of the World that it WILL be “It’s coming home” next time, eh?


[Not everyone had a great game last night, but they ALL can hold their heads up high – THEY DID THEIR COUNTRY PROUD, didn’t they?]



World Cup Final  15th July                 France v. Croatia


THE GOLDEN BOOT 2018 [Remaining contenders]

Rank                              Player                            Goals

1                            Harry Kane                              6


2                            Romelu Lukaku                     4


5                         Antoine Griezmann                    3


5                              Kyhan Mbappe                      3