The ANSWER to your weight problem – SOUP?

 verses   Many, many people struggle to control their weight, don’t they? Yep, sometimes they need to lose a few or more pounds and so embark on some kind of a ‘fad’ diet (mostly women though, as men are much more in denial about excessive weight, eh?). Other times, it is a matter of simply […]

The Christmas eating & drinking overindulgence is over, so it is now onto a New Year resolution to follow another Idiotic diet – will YOU be amongst them?

  It is that time of year when many people recognize that they have put on weight, isn’t it? Yep, men will find that their tea shirts are over tight and shirt buttons are straining, or their trouser waistband hook & bar won’t close – so they try to blame their wife for shrinking their […]

Traditional British bakery products – do YOU still ‘know’ about them?

 Bread? There are some wonderful iconic products that have been coming out of traditional bakeries in this Country for centuries, but nowadays many of us have seemingly forgotten about them, so the next generation won’t know a thing about them – let alone have ever enjoyed the taste, eh? Many families now have never even […]

The ‘XR7Diet’ – NEW, successful, going viral? UPDATED [nicknamed the 4oz diet]

    Let’s be straight about this shall we? Men DON’T diet, women DO. Why is that? Well it is basically because men don’t really care what they look like and women care a lot. Men are also downright lazy about all things except drinking beer, whereas women are obsessive creatures who get immense pleasure […]

Diet for Dieters – what are you waiting for?

What is it about women and their diets? It is a bit like an obscene obsession isn’t it? They have to be on a diet. It’s a basic requirement to be a true woman you see – it is as essential as wearing lipstick, face makeup, having hair done, wearing pretty dresses, or buying shoes. […]

Are YOU food frugal – or do you throw a lot away?

Food into Landfill   In Britain, over ten million families experienced the food problems brought about by World War 2. It was a time when the country was very short of food; a time we couldn’t import much food; a time when many foods (like meat, poultry, bacon & ham, eggs, sausages, butter, margarine & […]

Perhaps you’ve eaten some fruit cake lately – but did you make it yourself?

Rich Fruit cake is one of the ‘must have’ items for your afternoon tea or sneaky snack surely? Ah, but is it something you can actually confidently buy? Well, the shops sell it, but do you really want to eat what they sell you? The big problem with bought fruit cake is that, like all […]

Many people eat crap food – but do YOU know you are doing it?

Oh yes, many of us eat what can only be described as ‘unhealthy food’ these days. It didn’t always used to be like that though. Those were the days before the money spinning and grabbing supermarkets, which now rip you off with all their false ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘half price’ or ‘special’ […]

The Law and Justice at work – or a British fiasco continuing?

We have just allowed two vile murderer, who ran over and then hacked to death an innocent off-duty soldier Lee Rigby on the London streets of Woolwich last May, to spend an enormous amount of our money and spend weeks of court time at the Old Bailey.These cretins were Christian raised converts to Islam. They were allowed […]

Full of Salt & Fat NOT

The horsemeat scandal has highlighted the value of cooking your own food and avoiding processed food meals. Many people are busy and think that cooking is difficult and time consuming – it doesn’t have to be. You can cook a simple nutritious meal while totally avoiding a complicated cordon bleu recipe. One of the best […]