England’s ridiculous so-called High-Speed Rail (HS2) – time to finally put it out of its misery?

A post here over five years ago outlined exactly why the rubbish coalition government of David Cameron needed to scrap immediately the stupid idea of building the vanity project of a high speed West side rail line with 330 miles of track [High Speed Rail (HS2) – Another Sick Joke by a Sick ‘Out Of […]

An essential expansion of London’s airport capacity flunked again – another Government screw-up?

It has become a surprise to some but not all, but the Conservative Government has again kicked the ball of London airport expansion back into the long grass, haven’t they? They commissioned an independent full report on what to do about the County’s economically necessity to have increased runway capacity serving London. It took three […]

Car hits Cyclist, Cyclist hits Car – who dies?

Without doubt the cycle has been the best transport system invention the World has ever seen, hasn’t it? Without doubt the car has been the worst transport system invention the World has ever seen, hasn’t it? The very worst thing done in the United Kingdom (and America) was to remove a hundred years ago the […]

Our British privatised railways – a dog’s dinner or the envy of the World?

    Last weekend, there was major chaos & disruption experienced by thousands of rail commuters at Kings Cross & Paddington, two of London’s biggest stations. This resulted from ‘overrunning engineering work’ undertaken by Network Rail over the Christmas break [NR run the infrastucture of rails and statione etc]. This is just another nail in the […]

UK Immigration is a hot topic – too hot to handle?

The general public in Britain have been worried about immigration for decade upon decade upon decade. It certainly was an issue as early as the late nineteen sixties – in those days it was all about black migrant people swamping this Country – now it’s all about the Poles and other eastern Europeans isn’t it?. […]

“Great Britain” – NOT so ‘great’ NOT so ’britain’ is it?

Large areas of the World Map used to be coloured ‘pink’ to show that those countries ‘belonged’ to Britain. That means that we had sent out our ships & armed sailors and soldiers and conquered the local populations (slain or enslaved them into the bargain). Why did we do that? So we could steal all […]

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Tony Blair – who do you despise the Most?

Our Labour ex PM Tony Blair (ten years from 1997) is in the news again – pontificating on the current crisis in Iraq. What he has to say may well be valuable and right – but who wants to listen to him these days? Do you? Can any of us trust a word that comes […]

Fear Fear Fear! What is ‘YOUR’ real Fear?

In British writer George Orwell’s classic book 1984 (published in the 1949) it is postulated that everyone has a secret fear – something that strikes sheer terror into the sole of their heart! In the book this fact is used by uncovering what that fear is – and then using it to torture the individual! […]

Kids get too many Toys at Christmas – sad really!

In Britain we are a fairly affluent country, despite having been in recession and currently suffering ‘austerity’ measures. But don’t worry our children will enjoy another bumper Christmas this year with massive amounts of toys, other presents, as well as a mountain of chocolates and sweets – in fact a totally excessive amount! Is this […]

Royal Mail – another Tory Privatisation Disaster is on the Way

Penny Black – the World’s First Postage Stamp>>Old syle sorting office (Mount pleasant 1934 – now modern & the biggest Sorting Office in the World!) When it comes to the privatisation of our Public Assets, it is always the Conservatives that take the biscuit. They have screwed-up this Country time and time again. They dream […]