The battle FOR suppression within Labour is well underway – WILL THE PARTY SURVIVE?

  “Offensive” graffiti-style mural rightly removed from the streets of East End London – an action opposed by Jeremy Corbyn  Surely there cannot be any doubt left in anyone’s mind here in the UK that Jeremy Corbyn has led the Party’s troops into the valley of death, can there? His abject failure to creditably defend […]

Being ‘anti-Israeli conflict against Palestinians’ isn’t being ‘anti-Jews’ nor being ‘anti-Semitic’ – and Jeremy Corbyn is no ‘figurehead of ant-Semitic culture’?

 Anti-Semitic HATE  in   Many of us thinking people in Britain can float between parties when it comes to voting, according to what we think is best for our beloved Country. Nevertheless, while socialism doubtless should have a significant role to play in the future of the UK, the bulk of the people here could […]

President of France ‘Marine Le Pen’ [Front National] – unthinkable?

   Traditionally, we lot in Britain don’t pay much heed to what is happening in France or occurring election-wise there over the channel, do we? No, not least because it is a country full of the French who insist in talking French instead of English when we visit, they deliberately always have a different time […]

British Anti-Semitism – what is all that about then?

 Anti-Semitic HATE  in Wide hysteria and wild accusations are adrift in Britain nowadays about public figure individuals and groups in society being anti-Semitic, a term coined well more than a hundred years ago. Previously at the start of the decade it was purported that the problem was from people from the far RIGHT and now […]

Christmas – bah humbug?

Every year it come around again without fail doesn’t it? Christmas. Most of us dread it of course don’t we? We daren’t admit it though would we, as the stigma of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge would stick to us like glue? It starts very early in the year nowadays. It is supposed to be in December […]

UK Anti-Semitism, UK Anit-Islamism – who’s fault is that?

In the UK Parliament House of Commons both the Prime Minister David Cameron on his report on the Brussels European Council conference on combating extremism, and then the Leader of the Labour Opposition Ed Miliband, condemned anti-Semitism in Britain. This emanated from a statement about Gaza and Israel’s horrific killing of well more than two thousand […]

Secret conversation – fly on the wall in Number 10?

“I’m going off on holiday – I haven’t been away four times this year yet”. “Who is going to run the Country then?” “I’ll do that while I’m away”. ”But you’ll be overseas, so a long distance away, and you won’t have much time surely?” “Look, running the Country has never been a ‘fulltime’ job […]

What is ‘Hamas’ – a barbaric “Terrorist” Organisation, a legitimate “Resistance” Movement, a recognised “Elected Government”? What is ‘Israel’ – a recognised “Elected Government”, a legitimate “Resistance” Movement, a barbaric “Terrorist” Organisation?

Mandela imprisoned 1964 as a terrorist and released in 1990, at age 71. Elected president of South Africa in 1994, served until 1999   South Africa: UK PM Margaret Thatcher, in 1987, said “the ANC is a typical terrorist organisation … anyone who thinks it is going to run the government in South Africa is […]

Israel v Gaza – its all about maths stupid?

Gaza is a ‘tiny’ overcrowded strip of land of  under a hundred and fifty square miles, so only four to eight miles wide and twenty five miles long, but home to about two million Palestinians. Occupied by military force by Israel for more than twenty five years, but now for twenty years ‘self governing’ but […]

Jerusalem’ is an ancient City certainly – but how comes the Israelis are there?

Most people of whatever religious faith, or even none, has heard of the old & historic city of Jerusalem haven’t we? It is revered as one of the holiest places in the World – whatever that means of course (it is something to do with Christians, Muslims & Jews all having history there isn’t it?). […]