Renegotiating Britain’s European Union Membership – a task still stalled?

Three long years have gone by since PM David Cameron promised us that the Government would negotiate new terms for our ongoing membership of the EU – it was only said though to placate the growing number of Tory members unhappy about staying in, wasn’t it? Indeed it became a Conservative Party manifesto commitment to […]

The ‘European Union’ is going down the pan – so no need for a UK ‘In-Out’ Referendum, perhaps?

     There are currently two major EU items in the news, aren’t there? First and foremost there is the Greece massive debt crises and their desperate attempt to see off their creditors and halt the devastating drowning austerity that has brought their lovely country to its knees. Then there is Britain PM David Cameron’s […]

Survival of the Euro – a dire game of Jenga perhaps?

  Oh dear, perhaps you haven’t heard of Jenga? Well it’s a block-stacking, and finally a stack crashing game. A set of wooden blocks are first stacked-up in a sturdy tower, whence you then chance your arm, against the laws of gravity, by pulling out an individual block from the pile. When a critical block […]

The British Economy ‘fixed’ – dream on everybody?

The latest organisation to utter assurances that our economy is out of intensive care is the BCC– the British Chambers of Commerce, They are of course another lobbying group – on behalf of businesses this time, so they have some sort of axe to grind don’t they? They are predicting that our economy will optimistically […]

Full Speed Ahead on the UK Economy- straight into the Buffers?

The latest forecast from the IMF on UK growth is supposed to give some encouragement to the markets – but should it? They have issued the latest figures which predict growth of 2.4% in this next year. One might well ask what the hell do they know anyway – their forecasts have been widely and […]