New health guidelines say alcohol drinking gives you cancers – time at least to bring in Prohibition in the United Kingdom?

 USA style There is a link between drinking any alcohol at all that brings with it the risk of cancer say researchers, so the UK’s Chief Medical Officer now advises drastic and tough reductions in consumption – logically she should though be proposing complete abstinence if there is no such thing as a safe level, […]

A UK Political Party – ill & in terminal decline?

A crisis has transpired in the world of politics. An important party is in trouble, in trouble of going under financially. No, despite all their money problems NOT Conservative, NOT Labour, NOT LibDems, NOT Greens, NOT even the new kids on the block UKIP! No, it is the UK’s ‘Official Monster Raving Looney Party’ [OMRLP] […]

‘Dandy Jock’ – still swimming without doubt!

Dandy was a Springer Spaniel who died a couple of years ago – 13 years old, quite aged for a dog of course. My wife described him as the ‘dog from heaven’, and he was! Risking life and limb I scattered his ashes into the sea at the end of the beach groyne opposite our […]

Unbelievable, Interesting, Useless and Amazing Facts – True or False?

Sometimes we are told things that we simply cannot believe – but our world is a strange place isn’t it! Some, but not all, of these items have been verified by this blogger!   There are more atoms in a teaspoon of water than teaspoons of water in all the oceans The World’s oldest creature, […]

Kids get too many Toys at Christmas – sad really!

In Britain we are a fairly affluent country, despite having been in recession and currently suffering ‘austerity’ measures. But don’t worry our children will enjoy another bumper Christmas this year with massive amounts of toys, other presents, as well as a mountain of chocolates and sweets – in fact a totally excessive amount! Is this […]

Rip-Off Vet Charges in England – they are getting away with murder!

Anyone in England who has a pet will have experienced the massive and unwarranted charges when you have to take your pet to the Veterinary Surgery. There is no real price competition between Vets– they ALL charge sky high prices and get away with it. Vets have created a mammoth ‘unregulated’ market to be exploited […]

Dogs are not human but …………………!

It is said that “dogs are man’s best friend”! Dogs have a special place and role with humans. They are an animal that has over centuries become successfully domesticated – from wild dogs or wolves. They used in past times to have a purely working role – hunting, retrieving, protecting livestock, and guarding, helping fishermen […]