Aberfan – where was God?

Many-many people in Britain will this week have shed a tear. Shed a tear in memory of the 116 young children, of Aberfan who lost their lives 50 years ago in a tragedy beyond comprehension. Little boys and girls who had their future smashed, smothered, and snatched away in a instant of heartbreaking horror. That […]

The United Kingdom Miner Strike 1984 – time surely for a ‘Full’ Public Enquiry?

  Some thirty years ago the British coal miners went on strike. The miners were a large group of workers admired by the general public for their courage working in dangerous conditions miles underground, their backbreaking hard work in foul gruelling environments, their contribution to our Country in providing a main source of energy, their […]

Margaret Thatcher shut our Mines – Why?

Many people, even of the older generation, ask themselves in puzzlement why did Thatcher close Britain’s coalmines when surely coal was a valuable enormous natural resource for the Country? It is certainly a question that deserves an honest answer, doesn’t it? First let it be said that the Conservatives had at the front of their […]

‘National service’ – time we brought it back?

‘ The old fogies in Britain have gone on for decades about the need to bring back ‘National service’, whereby youths are required to join the Military for a couple of years. But there is a groundswell of the new generation coming round to that point of view! Why is that? It is because many […]

“Great Britain” – NOT so ‘great’ NOT so ’britain’ is it?

Large areas of the World Map used to be coloured ‘pink’ to show that those countries ‘belonged’ to Britain. That means that we had sent out our ships & armed sailors and soldiers and conquered the local populations (slain or enslaved them into the bargain). Why did we do that? So we could steal all […]

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Tony Blair – who do you despise the Most?

Our Labour ex PM Tony Blair (ten years from 1997) is in the news again – pontificating on the current crisis in Iraq. What he has to say may well be valuable and right – but who wants to listen to him these days? Do you? Can any of us trust a word that comes […]

State “Oppression” – the powerful tool of the Dictator?

We read about it, we hear about it, we see it on the television. We are aghast, disgusted, and left feeling sick and powerless at the dreadful treatment of their peoples by the tyrants of the World and their organisations’ implements of oppression! Sometimes we find out about it historically, and are in disbelief about […]

Fear Fear Fear! What is ‘YOUR’ real Fear?

In British writer George Orwell’s classic book 1984 (published in the 1949) it is postulated that everyone has a secret fear – something that strikes sheer terror into the sole of their heart! In the book this fact is used by uncovering what that fear is – and then using it to torture the individual! […]

WARS – when is the next one? Bring it On. NOT!

Tomb of the Unknown Solder >>>>>WARNING – WARS MAY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH! >>>>>>WW1 1916 Well, we in Britain know all about Wars – we are a Country that has been in quite a few in our time. We started a very long time ago of course so we are good at it, and our records […]

Destruction of the Unions – Who Did It?

The power of the Unions is not what it was 50 years ago. How did that happen? Well, a number of factors played a part. Mostly because the Unions screwed-up. Also though because Conservative governments targeted them and rightly or wrongly introduced legislation to curb their power. The Unite Union is currently in the national […]