“Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” – balderdash?

Many of us know of the phrase about men being from Mars and women from Venus, and ‘get’ the basic message that the sexes are a bit different, don’t we? However, many ignorant or discriminatory others take it a bit further than that – or to be more accurate they take the differences between men […]

Art lovers – village idiots?

‘Normal’ people are expected to look-up to often the upper crust rich elite who populate the so-called art world, aren’t they? The ‘Arts’ these days has apparently moved-on from being just the traditional two biggest visual fine arts of painting and sculpture, to include a multitude of skills in crafts, photography, ceramics, amid all kind […]

The demise of the Arts in British Education – who cares?

  It is a strange thing how we behave in this Country, isn’t it? Responsible caring parents see the development of their children in the early days to be through arty type activities. Out of the cupboard comes the paper, the coloured pencils, crayons, felt tip pens, paint & paintbrushes, colouring books, fuzzy felt, puzzles, […]