“FREEDOM Day UK” JULY 19th 2021 – FREEDOM for proably twelve thousand to DIE/ FREEDOM for some forty  thousand to be ILL/ FREEDOM for numerous thousands of all ages to suffer LONG-COVID for countless years to come???

Such freedoms in England we could all have done WITHOUT and though this chaos was avoidable, it was incurred because Health Secretary Sajid Javid courted popularism by abandoning England’s crucial virus defences by dropping virtually all COVID-19 restrictions last July, hence England reopened despite skyrocketing Covid cases, warnings of supermarket shortages, and Boris Johnson himself being in 10 days forced self-isolation after he came into contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient, and when the U.K.’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty warned “I don’t think we should underestimate the fact that we could get into trouble again surprisingly fast” Nightclubs and sporting events were free to function at full capacity in England, and the government NO LONGER advised people to work from home— Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland devolved governments took a more cautious steps and did not reopen fully.

Wet behind the ears Javid through this irresponsible action and his following inaction is undoubtably ACCOUNTABLE but like the others before him, he doesn’t take responsibility, does he? NO AND WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO SAY NOW TO THE DEVASTATED BEREAVED?

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