It was Davison’s ‘own personal’ “nothing to worry about mate” Plymouth killing spree – but now that private GRIEF has been superseded by public ANGER, who else should be held ‘accountable’ for the deaths?

There is one thing abundantly  clear about the dreadful murders carried out in just some six minutes by Plymouth born gun-fanatic Jake Davison in his own residential area on the evening of Thursday 12 August 2021 and that is he should never have been legally in possession of a gun, isn’t it? Be of no […]

It’s been a chaotic debacle in Afghanistan but who is responsible – without doubt the despicable ‘self-serving’ Americans? (*Updated 4 Sept 2021)

Following the tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, and shameful abandonment of Afghanistan by ‘the greatest military force ever assembled’ (as labelled by past President George W Bush), with American forces who ex-President Donald Trump branded “the greatest fighters in the world”, after 20 years of hard fighting, close monitory, and vast financial investment, there’s now an ineradicable […]