The Labour Party died years ago, the LibDems are terminally ill, the Brexit Party suffered a cot death, the Tories now have dictatorial power, the Union is threatened, the EU still regulates – UK politics in freefall?


There have been a number of posts published here about the sad death of the British Labour party after one hundred and sixteen years, and indeed it was a full 4 years ago that one recorded it facing the last rites prayers following Jeremy Corbyn’s longest Shadow Cabinet reshuffle in British history.

Some six months later was noted as being Do Not Resuscitate ‘a very-very sad time for British politics as the party was in its death throes and cannot ever be saved – it can never ever win another UK General Election. It has alienated itself from those who could support it and vote for it’.

You see, when the party unexpectedly lost the 2015 General Election, it immediately suffered a heart super bug infection and infiltration of Marxism which wasn’t dislodged by an expulsion antibiotic.

In July 2016, a NEC meeting decided Corbyn could stand again as Leader without being nominated, despite his MP’s passing a vote of no competence on him, and it was recorded that ‘the Labour Party is in turmoil and facing certain death’, when Corbyn was ‘fighting for it to belong to him and the Parliamentary Labour Party is warring to deny him that right’.

Also, we have heard the death rattle with humiliations galore at all subsequent elections, haven’t we? Yes, and everything was compounded this time round by Corbyn ignoring those that told him the party’s BREXIT policy was crap and that it abandoned their core voters in the North, that plus Labour offering the Country an extreme socialism agenda, as demonstrated by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s mad manifesto proposals of widespread nationalisation coupled with wealth redistribution – akin to the social revolution enacted in Venezuela which in 20 years has turned the richest country in South America into the bankrupt poorest one

As Momentum is controlling treatment and with Corbyn and McDonnell acting as funeral directors for the past five years, the writing was on the wall for the 2019 General Election disaster, wasn’t it? So why has it come as such a surprise to the predominately anti-BREXIT media, eh? Voters in the traditional Labour heartlands reportedly have said “I haven’t left the Labour party, it’s the Labour party that has left me”

It’s too late to breathe fresh life into the Labour party corpse or for a defibrillator to work on it now, and there can be no hope of a new heart transplant either, because undoubtably it would be acutely rejected by the Marxist antibodies immune system.

The lack of any potential recovery is a sole destroying outturn for Great Britain because the wealth-creating capitalist pill needs a sugar coating of socialism to make it easier to swallow, doesn’t it?

The other essential ingredient missing in our politics these days is liberalism, which is no longer a force in our society. In this 2019 General Election the LibDems, the political party formed in 1989 by the merger of the Liberals and SDP, totally blew it big time when they had a unique chance of recovering some of the credibility, they lost in 2010 when their 47 MPs abandoned their principles for the taste of government in the Cameron-Clegg coalition with the Conservatives.

Despite the 2016 EU Referendum resulting in a ‘Leave’ decision the LibDems under leader Tim Farron announced they would not follow through with that decision but would instead keep the UK in the European Union if they could.

That total rejection of any concept of democracy was subsequently pursued next under Vince Cable and then since last July more so, by new leader Jo Swinson. The LibDems fought this election on an unhinged single-issue anti-BREXIT platform that ignored public opinion, or any future referendum vote on the issue if they didn’t agree. Well, that revoke BREXIT policy predictably insulted the electorate and alienated conscientious voters, so the feminist-style leader lost her own seat, and the party went down further from 12 to 11 MPs

Swinson had pursued a personal figurehead kind of campaign which seriously backfired, as unfortunately for her party, she actually grew less not more popular with greater exposure

Consequently, the LibDems are now intolerant and no longer a distinctive moderate voice, nor any longer warrant their name, and with their extreme BREXIT stance have brought great shame on an illustrious tradition – indeed many old-style liberal thinkers have abandoned the party. It used to be valuable as a pro-business and market solutions party that was committed to liberty, personal choice and individualism rather than conformity, together with free speech and civil liberties inside a fair, free and open society– it has to be said though that at times liberal ‘do-gooder’ interventions have done more harm than good, perhaps?

Sadly, seemingly the party has lost its soul, and is doubtlessly destined to be incarcerated for many more years in the political wilderness, eh?

On the 11 November, the Brexit party and its leader Nigel Farage made itself redundant and so will fold, when he most definitely won the election for Johnson by standing-aside candidates in all 317 Conservative-held seats to avoid splitting the leave vote, and dropping the plan to inform all voters by post that the Tory deal was not a real BREXIT. Farage is no political fool so he knew full well the monumental consequences of this betrayal of his stunned membership by allowing the Tories to con the public and gain an unprecedented victory.

Johnson has suddenly become immensely powerful and controls a juggernaut Conservative party that can now do whatever he decides on – who knows what that might be, as he has form in playing the game to win personally even if it means flaunting the rules, eh?

In Scotland, strident Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP, intends to use their election landslide north of the boarder to force a break of the Union as a democratic right, despite the loss of their ‘once in a lifetime’ Independence referendum just 5 years ago. Although Johnson has vowed to block it, who knows – can he be trusted, do you think?

Make no mistake about it but the UK will remain for the foreseeable future in the grip of the EU. Johnson has promised a trade deal by the end of next year, but he has previously made promises he didn’t or couldn’t keep. The EU says it’s unrealistic, and anyway the only way we will get such a deal by continuing to allow them to steal our fish, hand Gibraltar over to Spain, abandon the people of NI and allow the Irish Republic to absorb it, and to accept regulatory alignment with the EU so all their laws and regulations are enacted here.


[UK politics has been in freefall, a two-party gladiatorial system is defunct, and BREXIT is simply symptomatic of that. The biggest problem perhaps is that politics is centralised on London with a powerful executive in Westminster prioritising the South. Rather than spending some £4billion on a renovation of the Houses of parliament, it would be better to turn it into a money spinning centre and build a new modern one on a green field site say in Derbyshire? MPs would ensure the area has new facilities and becomes accessible]




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