The 2019 UK General Election polls predict the result – DON’T BELIEVE IT?

Well, the Election is finally upon in the morning except of course those that have already postal voted – many fraudulently, perhaps?

Recently, every day or other day recently a contradictory election poll was published, wasn’t it? Why was that, and were they worth reading anyway, eh?

Well for start, there is a inherent error in polling, as there is even in any ‘scientific’ measurement and furthermore polling doesn’t even pass that critical test of repeatability by others, does it?

Moreover, people lie, misinterpreted the possibly loaded question, or understandably, quite simply change their mind at the actual time they cast their vote, don’t you think?

Do any of us actually care anymore? Aren’t we sick to the back teeth with politics, politicians, lying people and parties, BREXIT machinations, and General Elections in general, perhaps? Rather than suffer it, wouldn’t we all rather be ‘dead in a ditch’ as someone previously soundbite’d (i.e. lied)

The polls got in wrong in the 2015 election with a systematic overstatement of the Labour share and an equally systematic understatement of the Conservative one so failed to predict the Conservative overall majority, and for 2016 EU referendum when they failed to detect the ongoing swing and predict a Leave vote, and in 2017 election when they were uniformly wrong on Labour and also overestimated UKIP and the SNP.

This time round the polls have an impossible task not only because the minor parties have given-up trying to attract voters in favour of a Remain tactical voting ploy, but Labour’s Leader with an astounding head in the sand strategy pretends BREXIT isn’t an election issue when it is de facto centre stage, eh?

Increasingly the population and many politicians are recognising that our long standing British voting system is crap and not fit for purpose – the UK general elections are decided using the first past the post system, which singularly fails to reflect and take into account the wishes of large sections of our voters, who are now being pressurised into so called tactical voting which means voting for a political group they don’t agree with to block a different group they also don’t agree with. This is a mad idea and fraught with unexpected consequences, wouldn’t you say?

What the UK needs is a new modern world voting process – one that has been denied us by Tory and Labour parties jointly over decades, but one which retains the traditional constituency member principle where MPs have a strong local link with their voters – that would be a simple form of proportional representation known as the single transferable vote. This here would be one where voters have one vote but number their choice of candidates – their favourite as number one, their second favourite number two, and so on, and voters can put numbers next to as many or as few candidates as they like. Any candidate needs 50%+1 of the votes to be elected and if not achieved in any round, the candidate coming bottom is eliminated and their votes are reassigned in accordance with their voters’ preference

A shamed and out of touch past Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and an equally discredited and public mood challenged past Conservative one, John Major, have both crawled out from under their slimy stones, to wade into the election debate to make interjections urging voters to do just that and vote tactically, to vote against their own party of which they are still a member, and to instead back any bloody undemocratic extremist person prepared to block BREXIT.

Major has to be the most self-serving and scurrilous of the two though, as he is the one person most responsible for the massive chaos that has beset the Country for the past 5 years over the European union. Yep, it was he that took the UK from a Common Market organisation into the political union of the EU in 1993, without any referendum or approval of the British people, and indeed against the expressed will of Parliament, which had rejected the proposal. He signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty that made the shift from a Community towards a Union and laid-out the foundation for life changing key political and economic changes, including integration of an economic and monetary union and introduced a single currency, the euro, as standard for most members.

After suffering defeat, he finally forced ratification of the treaty through the Commons the very next day, abusing his Conservative MPs by making it a vote of confidence in the government, so if they thwarted him, they faced certain removal of the whip, a General Election and if the confidence vote was lost and hence immediate political oblivion for them – one eurosceptic MP left the country to be deliberately absent and indeed had the whip withdrawn. Ex-PM Thatcher roasted Major on Maastricht saying that he had ‘put his head in the fire’ by signing the treaty, as he knew the EU could not be trusted on insurances it had issued him. Is it any surprise then that Major is desperate to justify his treachery by joining the airwaves to assert to the British public that leaving the European Union is the worst foreign policy in his lifetime?

Major’s other most memorable outrage was the botched privatisation of the railways, in which ownership and operation of the British Rail of Great Britain passed from government control into private hands [the Railways Act 1993], beginning in 1994 completed by 1997. Oh yes, that deregulation of the industry was initiated by an EU Directive of course – just another consequence of the Maastricht Treaty. It was opposed by Margaret Thatcher at the time and now even ardent capitalists want it renationalised. It was screwed-up because it was a rushed job as he feared being thrown out of Downing street in the 1992 election

The thing is that ex-PMs should be given two options when they go – voluntary euthanasia, or old fashioned banishment, but these days to a uninhabited desert island, one without communications or media access, and with plenty of paper and writing materials so they can spend the rest of their lives writing misleading memoirs of their imagined political successes, which we can then pulp unread.


[VOTE FOR THE PARTY ‘YOU’ BELIEVE IN, which has policies you favour, and don’t ‘lend’ your vote to a political group whose values you don’t hold and who can’t get the support of enough voters who do believe in them, and who can’t win the argument]


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