The Labour Party died years ago, the LibDems are terminally ill, the Brexit Party suffered a cot death, the Tories now have dictatorial power, the Union is threatened, the EU still regulates – UK politics in freefall?

   There have been a number of posts published here about the sad death of the British Labour party after one hundred and sixteen years, and indeed it was a full 4 years ago that one recorded it facing the last rites prayers following Jeremy Corbyn’s longest Shadow Cabinet reshuffle in British history. Some six […]

Whakaari/White Island volcano eruption – an ‘avoidable’ tourist disaster just waiting to happen?

At the best of times, volcanos are destructive beasts that when they erupt, brings devastating death and destruction, sometimes over an extensive area, aren’t they? Well, those of us that are able and sensibly fearful, give them a wide berth, eh? Those of us who have been fortunate enough to spend some time in Indonesia […]

The 2019 UK General Election polls predict the result – DON’T BELIEVE IT?

Well, the Election is finally upon in the morning except of course those that have already postal voted – many fraudulently, perhaps? Recently, every day or other day recently a contradictory election poll was published, wasn’t it? Why was that, and were they worth reading anyway, eh? Well for start, there is a inherent error […]

The polls close on Thursday at 10pm for the 2019 UK General Election – when though will you get the result in your constituency?

It would seem that some authorities take an excessive time to obtain and count our votes in the UK General Elections, don’t you think? How comes it takes only an hour or so in some places and some twelve hours in others, eh? Logic makes one suspect that it is down to the diverse size […]

The Millennials indeed have the vote and will doubtless skew Britain’s December General Election – pity they know & understand nothing about the world of politics though?

A post here in April outlined some worries by Baby Boomers about the British millennials cohort, age from about twenty to forty, and their scant knowledge of the past and their abject unappreciation of our Country’s democracy and the sacrifices made by their ancestors to establish it, eh? Well, the UK now faces ANOTHER General […]